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“What should we get for dinner?” David asked. “Uhh I’m not sure. Let’s consult the list.” I replied. The list we made of all the restaurants in town David and I enjoy was hanging by a magnet on the refrigerator door. David and I are roommates; we have been best friends since college and have been living together for about three years. He can be a bit of a slob, but it’s nice having another gay guy to live with. David and I have never been anything more than platonic, which I’m fine with, even if he’s ridiculously cute. David has dark, tan skin, a beautiful smile, and is in great shape. Or at least, he used to be. David has put on a little weight recently, but honestly that just makes him even more attractive. “We could go to Reginelli’s again” I suggest. “Ehh yeah I could go for some pizza.” David says while absent-mindedly rubbing his little belly. I can’t help but stare. Even his already muscular arms look beefier since he gained weight. “Alright cool. You’re driving.” I say, throwing him his keys with a smirk. We were making our usual route to Reginelli’s when we passed an unfamiliar sight. “I don’t remember this being here.” I say while pointing out the window at a new building on the side of the road. “Looks like a new fast food joint. I think an antique store used to be there?” David said while craning his neck to get a good look at the restaurant as we passed it. “Fatboy’s.” I say flatly. “Really hitting the nail on the head with that kind of name for a fast food place.” “Haha yeah they must have a pretty bold marketing team. I’ve never heard of that chain before though. I wonder if it’s any good. It’s so close to our apartment.” David remarked. “I try to stay away from fast food. It always makes me feel like garbage after I eat any.” I replied We pull into a parking space outside Reginelli’s and go in. We seat ourselves at our usual booth and place our order. I always get a sandwich and David gets a 12-inch pizza for himself. I watch David wolf down his pizza in no time at all. I’ve eaten only half of my sandwich by the time he’s done with his entire pizza. David sits back on his side of the booth. “Oof, I hadn’t eaten anything all day, man.” David says with his eyes closed while rubbing his stomach. “Yeah, I could tell with how quickly you destroyed that pizza” I say with a poor attempt not to laugh. “I’m just going to get the rest of my sandwich to go.” “Alright sweet. I’m ready to head home and change out of these pants. They’re getting a little tight” David said with a laugh while blushing. It had gotten dark outside while we were in Reginelli’s. The streetlights had come on as we got in the car. We were driving home when we passed by Fatboy’s again. The sign was lit up with red and yellow neon lights. A generic looking cartoon man was in the center of it holding his sizeable belly with both his hands while smiling ear to ear. It was kind of hard to look away from it, the way that it glowed in the night. “Hey, I’m still kind of hungry. Do you mind if we swing through the drive-thru at Fatboy’s?” David asks without looking away from the sign. Without giving me a chance to answer, David turns the car off the main road into the Fatboy’s drive-thru. There are quite a few cars already lined up, waiting to get their food. “What kind of food does this place even sell?” I ask while trying to see the drive-thru menu. “It’s probably just a burger place.” David says as we pull up next to the menu “Or not.” The menu had pictures of all kinds of food on it. Burgers, fried chicken, fries, pizza, sandwiches, pastas, you name it. “Is there anything this place doesn’t sell?” I ask with an incredulous laugh. “How do they have enough space inside to make all this food?” “Hi, welcome to Fatboy’s! What would you like to order?” A chipper voice says through the drive-thru speakers. “Um, I’ll have a Fatboy burger with fries please.” David says through rolled down car window. “Why aren’t there any size options for any of this?” I say under my breath while inspecting the menu. “What a bizarre restaurant.” We pull forward to pay and are greeted by an incredibly handsome Fatboy’s employee at the window. David and I just kind of stare at him for a second, taking in how unreal this man looked. He had flawless skin, a gorgeous smile with well-groomed, thick hair and beard, a body made by the gods with a uniform that showed off his perky ass and broad, muscular chest. “Hi, boys.” He said with a deep, intoxicating voice. “Here’s your Fatboy burger and fries. Enjoy.” He handed David a huge greasy bag with the Fatboy’s logo on it and gave David a wink. “Th-Thanks!” David sputtered as he took the bag. David handed me the bag and closed the car window. We looked at each other in astonishment. “Was that guy actually there or did I die and go to heaven?” “What the hell. That guy was so fucking hot. Wait, did we even pay?” I ask David, but he was already driving back towards home. “This food smells so fucking good.” David says with a dreamy smile while sticking his nose in the bag on his lap. “Yeah, it really does. Why is the bag so big? You only ordered one meal.” I say with a confused look. “Yeah, it feels kind of too heavy for one meal. I don’t know. We can see what’s inside when we get home.” Luckily we only live a few blocks from Reginelli’s and, I guess, also Fatboy’s now. I unlock the door to our apartment and walk past our living room into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I return to see David sitting on our couch unpacking his Fatboy’s bag onto the coffee table. “Yeah they definitely gave us the wrong order.” David says as he pulls three huge burgers out of the bag with two orders of fries and a giant milkshake. “Well, we didn’t pay so I guess that’s just karma. Why are the portions so gigantic?” I say laughing while walking over to get a closer look. “I know! How could anyone possibly need this much food? Ugh the smell is driving my stomach crazy though. I gotta take a bite.” David says while unwrapping one of the burgers. “Well you have fun being a fatboy.” I tease as I pat David’s little belly. “I’m going to bed. I gotta get up early tomorrow.” David was too busy stuffing his burger in his mouth to say anything. The following morning I groggily walk downstairs into the living room to find a bunch of crumpled up Fatboy burger wrappers scattered around the couch. “Did David eat all of these?” I say to myself when I hear someone unlocking the front door behind me. David walks through the door carrying a greasy Fatboy’s bag with an egg and sausage biscuit held in his mouth. “OH HEY” exclaimed David with his voice muffled by the biscuit and spraying crumbs everywhere. “You got more Fatboy’s?” I ask with a mixture of concern and incredulity. “Oh man, it’s so good! You’ve gotta go get you some. I had to go get seconds last night after you went to bed.” David immediately sat down and started shoving greasy sausage and syrupy pancakes into his mouth. I notice that his pants are undone and his belly is looking particularly distended. “Um, yeah I guess I’ll get some after I run my errands today. I’ll see you later.” I wipe something wet off my face and realize I had been drooling from the smell of the Fatboy’s. I snap myself out of it and walk out the door to my car. Driving around all day, I saw a lot more Fatboy’s all over town. Each one had a line of cars wrapped around it for the drive-thru and that oddly hypnotic neon sign. Every time I caught a glimpse of it, I’d start drooling while thinking about those burgers David had last night. My stomach started to growl. “Maybe I should stop by one these Fatboy’s. The lines are so long though. David probably wants some more; I should go pick him up before I get anything. He certainly doesn’t need anymore though.” I laugh to myself, as I get closer to home. I do a double take as I pass by Reginelli’s. Or at least, where Reginelli’s should have been. The restaurant was replaced with another Fatboy’s. “What the? Why would they need another one 4 blocks from the one David goes to? How did they convert Reginelli’s into a Fatboy’s so fast?” I quickly drive home and walk through the door to find David still sitting on the couch. Only something is different. “Hey buddy!” David says with his goofy smile and a mouth full of Fatboy’s. There were Fatboy’s bags and wrappers scattered all over the living room. David had two triple Fatboy burgers in his hands and was taking bites from each one. He bent over to take a sip from his giant milkshake sitting on the coffee table, but he was having a little difficulty. David’s belly was getting in the way. He looked like he had gained 50lbs since I saw him this morning. “David, what the fuck??” I ask in astonishment. “What happened to you??” “What do you mean? Oh, yeah, I got some ketchup and grease on my shirt.” David says as he looks at his shirt, which didn’t even reach past his belly button. His newly formed double chin bulging out while looking down, his mouth still full of Fatboy burger. He was sitting in his boxers with his shorts on the floor. I doubt they’d even get past his thick, chubby thighs let alone that fat, cushiony ass spilling out around him. I think about feeling up his plump arms as I watch David scoop up a glob of cheese from his shirt with one his now chubby fingers and sticking it in his greedy mouth. “Hey, since I got so much Fatboy’s today, they offered to deliver to me for free from now on! Isn’t that awesome? I put in an order about 15 minutes ago.” David said while polishing off the rest of his two enormous burgers. He leaned back with his eyes closed. One hand rubbing his round belly, the other pouring fries into his mouth as his moaned in bliss. I tried to be horrified by what I was seeing, but I couldn’t help being turned on by the spectacle in front of me. And the food… It smelled so good. I had to have a bite, but would I turn into a fatass like David? Did I want that? I just knew I needed something to eat. That’s when the doorbell rang and three men came through the door holding bags of Fatboy’s and tin trays of buttery mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. “We have some more in the car!” One of the Fatboy’s delivery boys said with a smile. Each one was as incredibly gorgeous as the man working the drive-thru. “I hope you’re hungry, fatboy.” Another delivery boy said with a grin that made both David and I melt. A delivery boy came back holding three buckets of fried chicken. I look at David as the Fatboy’s employees start setting up the feast around him only to see him licking his lips in delight at all the food in front of him. “Open wide, big boy.” Said one the beautiful men as he brought a huge spoonful of mac and cheese to David’s face. David gladly obliged while another delivery boy brought a piece of fried chicken to David’s mouth for him to take a bite of. The delicious smell was too much for me to handle. I had to go get some Fatboy’s. “David, I’ll be right back.” I say as I hurry out the door to my car. My erection was throbbing at this point. It just made me want to eat even more. I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was Fatboy’s. Waiting in line at the drive-thru felt like an eternity. I was so hungry. When it was finally my turn to order. I got three bags worth of food. I got triple Fatboy’s burgers with cheese, fries, a tray of pasta for later, a super-sized milkshake… If it was on the menu, it was probably in one of the bags. I couldn’t even wait to get home. I pulled over into the parking lot and started stuffing my face. I didn’t know food could taste so good. I felt like I couldn’t cram enough of it in my mouth at once. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough to keep up with my hunger. I was making a mess, but I didn’t care. I needed to eat. I finished three burgers and didn’t feel even remotely full. I started to take gulp after gulp of my milkshake, when I noticed all the men around me parked just like I was, stuffing their faces. They all looked to be over 300lbs, each wearing clothes that fit about 150lbs ago. I unbuttoned my shorts to make room for my distended gut. Noticing that I had drank all of my milkshake, I tossed the cup into the back seat with the rest of my food wrappers and containers. I looked over at my huge tray of pasta smothered with alfredo sauce. “Maybe one bite wouldn’t hurt. I can always go get more.” I said to myself as I grabbed my fork and plopped the tray on my lap. My belly definitely looked bigger, and my clothes were feeling pretty tight. I started shoveling the pasta in my mouth without a second thought, and let out a huge burp when I had licked the tray clean. “I need seconds.” I say to myself as my stomach growls for more. By the time I got home I had seconds, thirds, and fourths of Fatboy’s with my fifth helping managing to make it home with me. The Fatboy’s employee working the drive-thru told me they’d deliver to me, so I got home as quickly as I could. I struggled to get out of my car, which reeked of Fatboy’s now. I was as big as David was when I left two hours ago. Ok, maybe I was a little bigger than he was, but it was worth it to eat this delicious food. I walked through the door to find David in his usual spot, only he had gotten even bigger. David had to be around 350lbs at this point. His shirt was only big enough to cover his huge moobs, and the sleeves had ripped around his pillowy arms. His boxers were ripping too around his tree trunk thighs. His enormous, soft belly spilled onto his lap and jiggled every time he brought more food to his mouth. “Looking good, big guy!” David exclaimed between bites of greasy food. “Come have a seat. Oof.” David scooted over on the couch to make room. His whole body jiggled with each effort to move over. I sat my fat ass down next to his and started eating. David was watching TV while the delivery boys from before were picking up more food for him. Every commercial was about Fatboy’s. One commercial in particular caught our attention. “Hungry?” The narrator said, to a handsome young man on screen. The man rubbed his chiseled abs through his shirt while nodded his head with a grin. “Then stop by Fatboy’s! We have everything you could ever want and more!” The man was now walking out of a Fatboy’s about 100lbs heavier with a satiated, dumb grin on his face. “Still hungry, fatboy?” The narrator asked. The now fat man excitedly nodded his head before reaching into his takeout bag and taking a huge bite out of a burger. I was so turned on. I look over at David and see him reaching around his huge belly as he’s jerking off and playing his one his nipples, now spread wide along with his sizeable chest. He looks over at me and then down at my fat belly, still jerking off. I pick up one of his burgers and bring it to his mouth. “Eat up, fatboy.” I whisper in his ear. David starts taking bite after bite, moaning in pleasure between each one. I struggle to get down on my knees beneath him. I bury my face in his crotch, his dick now buried in fat. I start sucking him off. David, still playing with his nipple, grabs a piece of fried chicken and starts chowing down. Licking the bone clean, he cums in my mouth and I greedily swallow it all. I stand back up with some effort and kiss his greasy mouth before sitting back down to continue stuffing my face. Without missing a beat, David leans over and grabs a personal pizza to rest on his belly and starts shoving slice after slice in his hungry mouth, still out of breath from cumming. The doorbell rang and a whole team of Fatboy’s employees walks into the house carrying both of our orders. “Looks like someone’s hungry.” One of the men says as he crouches next to David and rubs his fat belly. “We’ll keep you fatboys nice and full. Don’t you worry.” The delivery boy said as the rest of them set up the food on the coffee table. “We’ll put the rest of the food in the kitchen for now. You’ll need to make room for more on this table by stuffing those beautiful, fat faces.” He said, giving my chubby cheek a gentle pat. I couldn’t help but blush and dumbly smile back at him. David and I were each surrounded by ridiculously handsome men feeding us delicious, fattening food. I was being fed buttery mac and cheese like the one David ordered earlier, and quickly polished it off before shoving two enormous Fatboy burgers down into my growing belly. I washed it down with some soda and couldn’t help but grab a slice or two of pizza for my hungry stomach. Oof, I felt so heavy. I’d never been so fat in my life, but I couldn’t stop. I was so hungry and it all tasted so good. I looked over at David who was only getting fatter. He was shoveling food into his mouth with reckless abandon. Finishing burgers in two or three bites, gulping down milkshakes in seconds. He only stopped eating long enough for him to roll a pizza up like a burrito before taking massive bite after bite of it. He and I ate like pigs for over an hour before we had finished everything the delivery boys had brought us. Or so I thought. “Time for dessert, fatboys!” One of the handsome men said with excitement. The rest of them started carrying out all kinds of sweets from the kitchen into the living room. There were donuts, cakes, ice cream, cookies, and all kind of pastries. David looked at all the food with a big, dumb grin and licked his lips. “Oh, I bet you’re hungry, big guy” One of them said to David. “We’ll keep that belly nice and full.” He turned to me and said with a wink “don’t worry, chubs. You’ll be just as big as you’re friend in no time.” David and I both dove into the delicious desserts brought to us. While cramming chocolate chip cookies into my mouth I felt my shirt finally rip off along with my underwear. Fuck, I was getting so fat. “That’s a good boy.” One of the Fatboy’s employees said to me. He took off his tight pants and underwear to reveal his 9-inch, thick cock. He put four donuts on it and brought it right next to my greedy mouth. “Eat up, fatboy.” He said while pinching my huge nipple. I grabbed my other moob and moaned as I ate all of the donuts off his dick. “Now suck me off, handsome.” He said, slapping his cock on my fat cheeks. I eagerly wrapped my lips around him, and he put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing it down on his throbbing dick. I was so horny; I needed his dick inside of me. He pulled my head back and shoved another donut in my mouth before sticking his dick back in. “What a hungry boy we have here.” He said. “You better swallow every last drop.” And with that I felt his cock pump warm cum down my throat and I greedily swallowed it all. I felt my stomach rumble before letting out a loud burp. I suddenly started to rise up higher on the couch, as my ass got fatter. The rest of my body was swelling up too. I felt my belly push further over onto my lap and my wide love handles were now touching David’s next to me. I looked at my hands and saw my fingers get pudgier too. I had to have gained at least 50lbs in just ten seconds, and it felt incredible. I heard a loud creaking sound, when the couch collapsed under the added weight. David and I were now taking up the whole couch between the two of us. “Alright, boys. We’ll be back in the morning with your breakfast. Enjoy the rest of your dessert in the meantime.” And with that, the delivery boys promptly left. I look over at David who is cramming cake into his mouth his with bare hands. He’s gotta be at least 600lbs. His calves are bigger than my thighs were this morning. He’s completely naked since his clothes ripped off of him, and his belly hung past his knees. He has a thick fat roll on the back of his head and his cheeks are so fat that they make him look like he’s squinting. I was probably 500lbs or maybe even 550lbs. I felt so heavy and soft. I grabbed a couple cookies and crammed them in my mouth before attempting to stand up. I had to rock myself back and forth to build up momentum. With a loud grunt, I was standing with my legs spread apart by my gigantic thighs. My arms hung at an angle now, and I had to lean back a little to keep my balance with my huge belly pulling me forward. I waddled to the kitchen and the sides of my fat ass brushed up against the doorframe. Just walking ten steps was exhausting. In the kitchen were two beautiful cakes, which I excitedly waddled towards. My whole body jiggled, as I got closer. Forgoing utensils, I dug my hands in the cakes and started stuffing my fat face with them. God, I had become such a fatass. I didn’t even want to stop though. All I could think about was eating more and more. After licking clean the plates holding the two cakes. I braced myself for the arduous task of waddling back to the living room. This time, I almost got stuck in the doorframe. My fat ass was so wide now, and I loved it. David had almost polished off the rest of the dessert except for a few delicious looking pies. David was so sexy now. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He looked up at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. He struggled to get off the couch and onto all fours on the ground. He stuck his wide, soft pillow-like ass in the air and kept staring at me with those beautiful eyes. He wanted it as badly as I did. I grabbed the pies off the table and put them down in from of David for him to snack on. I got behind him on my knees and picked my belly up and put it on David’s broad back. David moaned with his mouth filled with pie, and his belly touching the floor. David’s ass was so fat but I managed to get my dick inside of him. Fuck, it felt so good. David was eating the pies face first, with his dick throbbing and dripping with precum. Both of our bodies were jiggling with each thrust before I finally came inside his greedy ass. That’s when I snapped out of it. “Wait, what are we doing? David, what the fuck?? We’re humongous!” I said, panicked. “Yeah, and we’re out of food until tomorrow morning. We’re going to starve.” David said glumly. “David, focus. We don’t even have clothes that fit us. What were we thinking eating all of that?” “I was thinking about how delicious it all was. Do you think you could drive us to get some more Fatboy’s? I don’t think I can fit behind the wheel.” David said. “David, we need to get help. I’m calling the police.” I picked up the phone and dialed 911. “Hi, welcome to Fatboy’s. Can I get your order?” A man’s voice said on the other end. I quickly hung up. “What is going on?” I said as I turn on the television to the news. It was the usual male newscasters but they were both hugely obese. “In related news, Fatboy’s is mmm delicious!” One of the newscasters said between bites of pizza. “You all should go get some more if you’re hungry.” “See? He has the right idea.” David said, gesturing to the TV with his fat arm. He had fat rolls on his elbows and wrists now. “Ok we’re going to go find some help. Let me help you up.” I arduously pull David to his feet and grab my car keys. It must have been something to see the two of us waddle over to the car without any clothes on and attempt to get in. We were both so fat that our bellies covered our dicks anyway. I had a feeling no one was going to be outside to see us though. I saw our neighbor through his window, and he was about 500lbs heavier. He probably couldn’t even walk anymore, but he was excitedly stuffing himself with greasy Fatboy’s cuisine. I managed to get myself in the car with my belly pushing up against the steering wheel. David was having some difficulty, but eventually managed to get in. The car was bending a lot closer to the ground with the two of us in it. “I hope the tires don’t pop.” I half joked. “Yeah, we’d have to walk to Fatboy’s.” David said as he tried to fit the seatbelt around himself, but his belly was too big. I couldn’t even find the seatbelt clasp under my gigantic ass. “David, we’re not going to Fatboy’s.” I said firmly. “We’re going to look for help.” We managed to get as far as where Reginelli’s used to be before my stomach started to growl again. David’s was growling too. We both looked up at the neon Fatboy’s sign for moment. It was almost hypnotic, the way it glowed. My mind started to flood with images of the delicious burgers and pizzas and donuts Fatboy’s served. The fatboy on the sign looked so happy holding his big gut. Maybe being this fat isn’t so bad. After all, I don’t really need to walk to get food. They deliver to me for free. Maybe being a fatboy is a good thing. I look over at David who is still staring at the sign, drooling. “Hey, David. Wanna go get some Fatboy’s?”
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