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Explorer James Delgado stood in front of the mirror looking at his chiselled chin and cheekbones. He stroked his Pecs and Six Pack and smiled, He had been working on his six pack for ages. He was quite famous for a 23 year old explorer with a lot of experience under his belt. His father and mother were anthropologists and famous in their own right. He was always told he would become an anthropologist like his parents, but he was always more interested in finding ‘The Perfect Place’, ‘His Perfect Place’. He wiped the rest of the shaving cream off his face leaving his chiselled face cleanly shaven.

  The Boat rocked violently, James immediately knew that he had arrived at the island The Island Chubee. This was confirmed when Mid Shipman walked in. He was of average height amazing looks and a slight curve under his shirt. "James we have arrived at the dock, Good Luck” he said reassuringly.

"Daylight, finally” he said as he stepped on the dock it took a bit for him to regain his balance. At the end of the dock there stood his guide Tontin. He was made of muscle with shoulder length blonde with small piece of cloth wrapped around his crotch. Which even James could tell was to say the least well hung. 

Tontin and James walked through the Tropical Forests of Chubee until a villager ran up to them he looked similar to tontin in appearance but more beefy. "Why is he… so exited Tontin?” I asked. The villager was speaking what appeared to be a fractured version of English, which Tontin Translated.

"He wants’ us to come see his brother, I think there has been some sort of outbreak.” I nodded "His house is on the next hill” Tontin said reading my mind. It wasn’t that far a walk I thought. 

"This Outbreak, Has it happened before Tontin?” He nodded

"If it’s what I think it is, Belliebaloonus occurs every two generations or so.” I looked at him "We are almost there John.” Tontin pulled the curtain open of the hut my jaw dropped.

"My God” in front of me was a man well of 500lbs his tan skin tight over his voluptuous belly, Stretchmarks everywhere over has tanned hairy skin. His Loin cloth no longer covering his large crotch which seemed to be considered large by normal standards it’s girth appeared as big as a car exhaust and the length of a German sausage. "The…The…This Man is huge” I said stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me and was stirring up feelings I had never felt before. Tontin and the villager’s two helpers helped him up off his bed of cushions. I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Tontin was trying to explain he was my size two weeks ago but it was hard to take in "You’re telling me that two week’s ago this man was my size” I said still trying to grasp the idea.

"Yes and by tomorrow he will be bigger still” Tontin held the villager’s body still. "See? Look He’s Still growing” and he was I could see Tontin’s fingers slowly start to sink into his stomach.

"Oh my God! You’re right!” I helped him back onto his cushioned bed "This is the weirdest virus I’ve ever seen! Tontin is it Contagious?” Tontin nodded.

"Very much so but not fatal. In fact the victims remain perfectly healthy, just bigger.”

"Amazing absolutely amazing!” My curiosity peaked "How BIG do they get exactly?”

"They grow so fat that they cannot walk and the village must feed them continually until their bellies are full and bloated.”


On the way to the village Tontin explained that they are a village of males the females live on a separate island. Then once a year the men and women are blindfolded and aloud to make love on the sacred place. The women who give birth to females raise them in their village and the males are sent in boats across the bay where they are raised by the males. We walked over a steep hill into a valley where the Village sat at the bottom surrounded by high hills like a meteor at the bottom of a smoking crater. Tontin showed me to the large hut put aside for me. All my equipment was flown to me and put inside the hut.

   The Villager who I first met who was called Olumbe, and taken to my hut where I continually supplied him with food and measured his rates of growth. "Another 50 Pounds wow” he weighed now about 670lbs. I couldn’t believe it, the more food you give them the Quicker and Faster they get bigger. "Tontin!, Olumbe has gained 50 pounds or more a day since he’s been here! Amazing” I called to Tontin in the next room. 

"Oh…Ok I’ll..I..I’ll check his blood samples… After I…I lie down for a minute” I walked to the back of Olumbe and undid his loin cloth as I could see it was about to break. I ran my finger down his spine and felt his buttocks tenderly and felt my penis press against my pants. I was about to kneel down to Olumbe and touch him when I heard a crash from the next room. I ran in to find Tontin sweating and swaying. I felt his forehead. 

"My God Tontin you’re burning up!” His forehead was hot and covered with sweat.

"OoOh…” he groaned "Am…I…Okay?”

"You’ll have to lie down here until you feel better. I take care of you, Good Friend” I carried him down onto my bed at the corner of the hut "look you rest, now I’ll get your stuff from the boat. In the meantime I’ll let the villagers look after you.”


It had been two weeks return walk from the boat with Tontin’s stuff. For the first time I walked through the village and the Disease if you want to call it that and I saw how many people were affected almost every man was affected to some degree. It seemed to affect men over the age of 16 and the most oddest thing was that the bigger they get the happier they seem. As if they were being fulfilled in some way, Some of the islanders who had a constant stream of food The Virus’ effects seem almost instantaneous. One man was talking to a villager and suddenly his loin cloth snapped he was growing bigger every second! It was surprisingly arousing to watch he belly flop down covering his dick like an apron. I wanted to go jump on him feeling and caressing him all over. Where were these feelings coming from? It was so arousing to be in a village full of either very muscular or beautifully fat.  I arrived back at the lab, I called to Tontin in the next room "I’m back with your things Tontin, How are you?” I walked into the room where Tontin was laying on his bed "Tontin!! You’re...You’re infected!!” Tontin looked at me ashamed.

"Yes James I am! Stay Back!” I helped Tontin sit up and gently caressed his silky blonde hair and rubbed his now enormous belly, I grabbed a chicken wing of the Plate Tontin was eating and placed in his mouth between mouthfuls Tonin explained.
"It’s my fault…., James I’ve been sleeping… with Olumbe since he came here. His body is so plump and corpulent it’s so beautiful and so Sexy and...” I smiled and inside something that I had never felt before slowly started to engulf me.

"I Understand” I said rubbing his back slowly.

"You, you do?”

"Yes, It’s just how I feel about you.” Suddenly the immense pleasure building up inside me built up and I couldn’t resist anymore. "Come here”

"What? MHHPH” I was suddenly kissing and caressing him grabbing and feeling his belly and love handles. Groping and sucking his corpulent figure. I saw the pleasure in Tontin’s eyes as he pinned me down onto the bed. "James are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you want to take this chance?” I stared deep into Tontin’s eyes a deep meaningful stare.

"I’ve never been more sure of anything, Tontin.” The immense weight of Tontin lying on top of my body was the biggest ecstasy. I was all over Tontin, we were all over each other Grabbing, Caressing each other, rubbing and massaging. Two men full love and lust. Tontin started to move above me resting his immense belly on top of me as sucked and massaging it with my mouth. Tontin could feel my cock growing beneath him as he massaged my pre cum all over himself as His beefy cock made its way into my mouth.

"I’ve waited for this so long, James” he said groaning with pleasure.

"Ohhh, I can feel you growing bigger and bigger…” I replied muffled by his amazing immense body above me.

"Then feel This, Little Man!” suddenly my mouth filled with sweet cum. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I could feel Tontin Challenging me to gulp it down and I was up for a challenge”


Two explorers Parker and Dalton pulled their boat up onto the shore. The grabbed their rucksacks and supplies and headed into the jungle. After hours of walking the came to a clearing "According to Delgado’s wire, we should be near his compound at the edge of the village” Parker Said looking down at his map.

"I hope he’s all right, Wait! Look just over the hill there it is” Dalton replied. They walked over the hill and on the other side was James’ cabin. The proceeded to walk up to the door and pulled opened the door half expecting to find a body.

"James? Oh My God!” Parker was speechless

"Wow” In front of them was the two large lumps of flesh sitting on piles of cushions eating through enough food to stop starvation.

"Parker! Dalton! You made it” they stood there speechless mouths open at the hulking lumps of Flab which was now James and Tontin. "Well don’t just stand there FEED US!” James said beckoning the over.

James could see on there faces two giant smiles not of laughter but of Pure Pleasure because at the same time their cocks grew in size.

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