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Full service
It was a hot night around midnight and 
I was driving home on a lonely 2 lane road
in the Nevada desert. It was a clear night
and I was trying to keep cool with the 
top down when all power went out and the
engine died.
I coasted to the side of the road and sat
for a moment thinking why me. I tried using
my cell but like I said
I was in the middle of nowhere. I could see 
a light up ahead about amile
and decided to walk toward it and get some
It wasn't too bad a walk, hot and on level
ground and I had bottled water with me. As I got closer
I could see it was an old service station and the
lights were on in the service bay. Sitting at the
pumps was a sedan with the doors open. I turned toward
the service bay and saw that all of the windows were
covered by white sheets from the inside, still
allowing the glow of lights to come thru, but not
allowing anyone to look in. I could hear faint voices and
started to call out when I had that feeling that
something wasn't right.
I walked quietly around the service bay
and found one window with a small hole in the
sheet and was able to peer thru. At first
glance it appeared to be a normal service bay,
A lift, air and water lines, tools and oddly
an old glass cylinder gas pump ( you know the type,
tall red and usually made into fish tanks
later in life) it appeared to be
filled with water and I could see a water
hose hooked
up to the side.
As I was looking around a large very muscular
bald guy in tight fitting coveralls chomping on an 
unlit cigar came into my view. he called out to 
someone just out of my line of vision. "pull forward" he
called out.
A good looking naked stud crawled forward on
his hands and knees head bowed down. Still chomping 
his cigar the big guy asked loudly "what'll it be, an oil
and lube,fill up or full service". The stud, shaking
slightly mumbled something and the big guy yelled out "WHAT". 
"Just an oil and lube sir". With that the big guy
directed him to the lube rack and told him to lay
spread eagled, the rack appeared to be custom made
because it was much narrower then a standard rack 
allowing the stud to drape his arms and legs over
tire rails.
That's when I saw the second big guy come into
view. He walked over to the rack and helped the first
guy lash down the studs arms and legs with duct tape.
" I'll be damned, Identical twins" and what are
they going to do to the stud on the rack.
The first big guy, or was it the second
walked over to the pump and called out "Pull forward"
and a second naked stud crawled forward to the front
of the pump. The big guy called out "what'll it be, 
an oil and lube, fill up or full service".
Shaking visibly the stud said a fill up. 
I soon determined that these studs were from
sedan at the pumps and I don't think they were here
their own free will. I couldn't tear my eyes away
wondering what was going on.
One of the twins called out that it was going to
be a busy night of service at the station. 
One of the twins walked over to the rack and
pulled a lever and the rack slowly rose with the stud on
top until it was just high enough for the one twin to walk
The studs cock, balls and belly were hanging between
the rails. The twin walked under him an inspected him as if
he were looking under a car and pulled on his cock
and balls. "YUP! Looks like you're low on fluids".
The second twin wheeled over a 55 gallon drum with
a spigot on it and a hand pump attached to the
spigot and a length of hose with a long narrow nozzle at
one end. He handed the hose to the first twin who reached
up and inserted the long nozzle into the studs hanging
cock. The first twin nodded and the second twin started
cranking the pump. The stud squirmed a little.
Physically it should have been impossible but 
I saw the studs ball sack start expanding as the
second twin kept cranking. The first Twin said
"I should see to our waiting customer".
He walked over to the shaking stud who had been
watching what was happening to his friend. The twin
asked him how big a tank he had for the fill up.
The stud looked dazed and glanced over at his friend
whose ball sack was now about the size of a basketball 
and still growing as the second twin kept slowly
"I don't know sir" the stud seemed close to sheer
terror. I'd say let's start you out with about 25 gallons
then go from there.
The twin pulled the nozzle from the old pump
and shoved it in the studs mouth then duct taped
it in place. He next set the water in the gas pump
cylinder for 25 gallons (the old pumps used gravity feed,
thats why they were tall) once set set the gallons
he turned a valve and water started flowing thru
the hose into the stud.
Once again the laws of physical nature didn't
seem to work here. The studs belly started growing as
it filled from the pump. What a sight, one guy is
getting his nuts filled with oil and one getting
his belly filled with water.
The stud on the racks balls were about 2 times
the size of a medicine ball and hanging down quite
heavily. The one twin stopped cranking and both twins
stripped and walked over to the hanging balls (these guys
were ripped and had very hard very fat cocks that they
couldn't even get their hands half way around and
about 7" long, adding to the illusion of very fat
They started man handling the huge hanging ball
sack and stroking themselves and each other. Meanwhile
the other studs belly was now resting on the floor
when a bell dinged to indicate all 15 gallons were
loaded. The twins smiled and went back to their posts,

the one started cranking the pump and the other went
to the gas pump. The second twin inspected the studs
belly the said " you're good for another 15 or 20
and then reset the pump for 50 gallons and fast feed.
After he turned the valve on the studs belly started
expanding quickly and slowly started lifting the stud
off the floor.
The one twin quickly got behind the stud and rammed
his fat cock in the studs ass. He started pumping
his cock into the studs ass as the stud quickly grew
bigger and rounder. The twin had started out on his
knees fucking the stud and was now standing. As the stud
grew too big the twins cock popped out of his ass with
a very noticable pop sound and stated cumming buckets of cum
all over the stud who was still growing immense. 
The other twin turning the crank started laughing
and turned the crank even fast for now the stud on the
rack had his balls touching the floor and he too was
still growing. The twin that came stepped out of my
line of vision so I focused on the other twin. 
As he turned the crank it suddenly spun free indicating
that the 55 gallons had been transferred to the studs
ball sack and it was huge.
The twin walked over to the enormous balls and
jacked until he too came buckets all over the studs
huge ball sack.
As this ended I heard a ding and looked over at the
stud by the pump,he had taken a total of 75 gallons
into his belly and his hands and feet were no longer
touching the floor. 
The whole scene was so perverse and yet such
a turn on that I had cum in my pants quite a few 
times when I realized I should get out of there
. As I turned to leave I came face to face with
one of the twins.
Grinning while chomping his cigar he grabbed
me and yelled out to his twin
"we got a customer that wants FULL SERVICE".

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