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Gaining Revenge
Rick goes through the grocery store in a rush as he grabs up all the food and drink he can handle in the shopping cart. The shopping cart itself was filled to overflow with chips, dip, cakes, ice cream, butter and other items. The way Rick moves around the store, you would think he is getting ready for a hurricane. But for Rick, it is much bigger event than that… 

A few months earlier… 
Rick was working on his computer while online chatting with a guy from Chicago by the name of Mark. They have chatted back and forth about everything, even gaining weight. Rick realized that Mark was what online site and communities would call a gainer, one who enjoys getting fatter. Rick was intrigued by this and wanted to help Mark with his gaining. Mark sent Rick a picture of himself and Rick was damn near flattered to be talking to him. Mark was an older bear type guy. The picture showed Mark without his shirt and his round ball belly exposed. His belly was round and furry all over with an innie bellybutton. 

Rick saw this and started to drool instantly from it. He knew that a sexy bear like him would be a great guy to fatten up huge, especially since he was only four hours away from Chicago. Mark told him that he wasn’t looking to stop growing even at immobility. Mark said he was 48, 5’8” and a little over 300 pounds, the picture showed him sporting a salt and pepper beard along with his thinning hair. A true fat daddy if Rick ever saw one. Rick himself was a husky Latino at 27, 6’0” and 230 pounds. From then on, they keep in touch but never met in person. 

But then one day, they were chatting on the phone when Mark reveals something to him that would change Rick’s life forever. 

"I don’t think we click very well,” Mark said. 

"Huh? Why did you say that?” Rick said. 

"Well to be honest you don’t have a certain chemistry that I’m looking for to get fatter,” Mark said. Rick’s face was in a puzzled look and wondered why Mark would say such a thing after knowing him and wanting to get with him for almost a year. Mark was silent about saying much more and wanted to be friends with Rick. And so that’s what they were left as, until Rick found out the reason why Mark was like that. Days later, Rick realized that Mark wasn’t fully truthful with him as another encourager named Steven, one who encourages a guy to gain, was telling him about Mark while shopping at the mall and for eye candy. 

"Mark is just a prick! He gets close to wanted to gain weight and then backs off from doing so. He gets off on playing with guy’s emotions that way,” Steven said. 

Rick hearing this filled him with rage. He couldn’t believe someone that handsome played him for such a sap. "If you ask me, Mark should be blown up so huge that he never get out of the house again!” said Steve. 

"Someone should,” said Rick while scratching his goatee. 

That night after coming back from the mall, he did a people search and a reverse phone look up for Mark’s address. He remembered that Mark gave him his full name one day during chat: Mark Haxller. He rushed in typing the name and clicking on the submit button, the anxious waiting for the results was beside him cause he wondered if the name was actual. 

PING – The computer result came up with one single name and address. This has to be him, thought Rick. He printed up the address quickly and decided to do a stake out for Mark’s house early in the morning. At 7am, he was waiting in his black car as it was tinted so no one can look in. And sure enough, there was Mark. He was getting into his car and getting ready to head off to work. Rick waited awhile before moving in on the town house that Mark came out of. 

The town house was massive and wonderful; a perfect place for Rick’s plan to work. 

Time passed by and Mark headed home, He entered through the front door and click on the lights…. there was no power. Mark stood there a bit puzzled but continued into the house since he knew where everything was. He went to the fuse box that was in the basement using the mini flashlight on his keychain, he was able to turn the power back on including the ones that was in the basement. 

"Odd…I didn’t have the basement lights on,” Mark thought to himself. 

He turned around and stared into the waiting eyes of Rick. Rick grinned a devilish grin as Mark looked in shock. 

"What the HELL? What are you doing here??” Mark shouted. 

"OH, you didn’t know? I’m here to make your dreams come true,” said Rick as he rushed Mark with a tainted washcloth. He placed the washcloth over Mark’s mouth and straddled him tightly as Mark took in the chlorform into his nose and mouth. He started to get dizzy and sleepy all at the same time as he started to drift off into a slumber. 

The only words he heard from Rick was "This will be the greatest moment in my life, can’t say the same for you my fat pig man.” 

"Where am I?” said Mark as he wakes up from his forced nap. He looks around the room and found out he was in his bedroom. He struggled to get up. "What the hell?” he said as he realized that he was strapped down with leather belts and suspenders on his legs and his arms along with handcuffs to each part of the headboard to the bed. He panic as he doesn’t know what to do and wonders where Rick is…then he remembers the last things Rick told him before he was put to sleep in the basement: "This will be the greatest moment in my life, can’t say the same for you my fat pig man.” A look of worry comes over his face as he can do nothing more than sit there and wait. 


Rick works on getting a few more things from the supermarket as he reaches the lady cashier who was finishing up the last of the items Rick planned on buying. 

"My goodness, this is a lot of food. Almost 12 bags worth! You planning on having a party or something?” said the lady cashier. 

"Something like that…” said Rick with a smirk on his face, "Just celebrating the return of an old friend of mine. He loves to eat.” 

Rick paid off the amount of 350 bucks in groceries as one of the supermarket personnel helped him with getting the stuff in the van. Moments later, he arrived back to Mark’s home. It was still dark in the house as he left it. Mark heard the noise coming from downstairs and yell for help. 

"Oh I’m going to help you all right you fat bastard!” shouted Rick to Mark. 

Meanwhile, Mark worried for his life as he tried to remember who it is that has him captive. Suddenly he heard the footsteps coming up the stairs, he waited for the shadow like figure to come into the bedroom. The light flicked on as Mark’s eyes tried to adjust to the light in the room. He gazed upward and looked in shock to find it was Rick standing there! 

"What the hell? RICK? What are you doing here?” Mark asked. 

"Oh you know damn well why I am here! I’m here to fulfill a promise to you. And don’t worry about any interruptions, your family: they gotten a voice mail from you about going on vacation, I faked your voice to do that. Your Job: I told them that you quit, once again faking your voice,” Rick smiled devilishly as Mark feared for the worst. 

"So what will you do with me now?” asked Mark as he remembered the last thing he heard before going under from the chloroform. Then it hit him. His eyes grew wide as Rick nodded his head in a devilish fashion as he presented the equipment for Mark’s feeding: Long clear rubber tube, huge funnel, several containers of gainer shake mix already made, several bags of Mcd’s and Jack in the Box, KFC Popcorn chicken and pizza by the boxes. 

"And that is only for starters,” said Rick as he ready the pizzas by mashing the two slices together as one. "Now open up fat boy, it is time to start.” 

"NO, NO, YOU CAN’T MMMMMPHHHH!” said Mark while being stuffed by the pizza slices. Hand feeding started the whole session followed by grabbing his member and jerking it to make it hard as Mark was being overstuffed with food. 

he session went on for over two hours with breaks in between to rub Mark’s overblown round gut and pulling on Mark’s member to get him horny. "I’m going to make you the horniest and fattest fucker I’ve ever had the pleasure of fattening!” said Rick as he began again with the bags of fast food burgers. 

What was once 11 pm became 7 am. The session went on for that long as Mark was stuffed, stuffed again and stuffed even further by Rick. Rick grew relentless with his feeding as he watched Mark’s gut that was only 56” ballooned out to a whopping 64”! Rick untied Mark about 7:30 am for him to go to the bathroom when it didn’t have to do with peeing since he had a bedpan next to the bed for him to do that. Afterward he would put Mark on the scale and watched the number go up higher and higher. The once 300 pounder was a huge 350+ pounds and still expanding since the gainer shakes was the last of the food for the moment in his gut settling and swelling him out further. 

Rick patted Mark’s gut with glee as Mark was in a full daze. 

"The best is yet to come my pig boy,” said Rick. 

"What the hell? I’m 350 pounds! How is that possible?” exclaimed Mark between his groans and holding his rounded ball belly.

"Easily my plump porker.” said Rick, "The food you have been forced to eat and the drinks you have drank. They all have some compound of weight gain, appetite enhancement and muscle relaxant all rolled up into one nice powder into your food and drinks.”

Mark stood there in shock as he felt his belly gurgle and expand ever so slightly in his hands while Rick told him all this.

Mark felt the room spinning again like before when Rick put him under and then suddenly he passed out.

Moments later, he awoke to find himself in the bed yet again but without ropes, handcuffs or any kind of bondage on him. This is it, he thought, I could get out of here. But as he tried to get off the bed, he was unable to move. He had soon realized that he was pinned down to the bed by his own bloated girth.

"Trying to get away?” said Rick as he came through the door with a cart full of fattening goodies and drinks in 2 liter size pitchers.

Mark could only grunt and struggle as he worked his way to only a half sit up until he felt flat on his back, panting hard and totally out of breath.

"Oh, the poor hog is out of breath now,” said Rick as he raised the pitcher up to Mark’s lips as the bloated fat boy squirmed, "Maybe you need something to drink.”

And with that Rick start to pour the mixture down Mark’s throat and if done by magic, the bloated ball belly started to expand with each gulp. The size of the monster gut started to swell larger and larger in size as it began to look totally tight and rounded out from all sides.

The grunts and squirming from Mark started to slow down and stop altogether as he gave into drinking the mixture down one pitcher after another. Rick was almost amazed how he was able to fit over 6 liters of the weight gain shakes into the monster gut. He continued the session with feeding Mark several containers of melted ice cream from single liter tubs as he mixed the powder compound he told Mark before into it.

This went on for several days and several nights. The weight of Mark’s ball belly started to climb higher and higher as the gut grew without bounds from 60” of gut to a whopping 85”. Mark’s belly overfilled the bed that was once able to fit two full size men in it. His hairy gut engulfed his lower half of his body while his throbbing cock became buried in the hard but ballooning fat.

The only things that Mark could do were groaned and take in the food and drinks that Rick gave him day in and day out. The only free times that Mark had to relax was during his jerking off time to shoot his buried load all over the underside of his gut by Rick’s hands on his belly and shaking it violently until they both heard a hard splat sound as the cum hit the skin of Mark’s ball gut.

"Do you like that oinker?” said Rick as he smacked the ball gut growing in front of him hard as he stuffed Mark with more food by the handful.

Mark groaned and never begged to stop the feeding cause whenever he did. He would be stuffed with more food.

As I tell you this story to this day, I don’t know what became of Mark and Rick. But what I’ve heard from Steven who usually visited them on occasion, he has to walk into the room almost sideways just to fit into the room to see Mark.

…Well at least Mark’s gut with Rick on top of it like one of those Entity pictures.

Source: http://www.bellybuilders.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5016
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