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Growing Love

"Black bean chili, Chicken fajitas, Double Beef Burritos, Guacamole and Extra Monterey Jack Macho Nachos. Plus White chocolate bread


pudding and two six packs of Corona Beer. What do you say!!!"


Ken slumped his powerful shoulders on the door frame and crossed his arms in front of his chest. His biceps bulged impossibly, straining the fabric of his ragged shirt as his powerful forearms locked under the ledge of his rising pecks, resting on the beginnings of the sexy belly I was trying to feed.


"Every time I open this door for you I found you with your arms full of food!" he said.


"The Mexican restaurant down the street was having a carry-out special and I didn't feel like cooking today. I didn't feel like eating alone either."


"It smells good! Come on in."


And so it had been two or three times a week for the past month. I'd met Ken a year or so ago at the gym where we both work out. I've been working out since my wrestling days in college, but my passion for food and mass had taken me in a ultimate quest for size. At 6'3" and 275 pounds of muscle and belly I still wanted to grow bigger and stronger, so I often went for super heavy workouts.


Most of the pretty muscle boys at the gym left me alone, dismissing me as a strange kind of power lifter, but Ken and me took to each other immediately. He didn't seem to mind the huge and round belly that accompanied my overdeveloped muscles, and often complimented me on my progress. From then on, we became sort of unofficial workout partners, helping each other whenever we coincided at the gym. Ken was a sweet caring person with a blond-blue eyed corn-fed type of innocent beauty, and a body that seemed to respond to training with a vengeance. I felt myself falling for him, but his constant talking about his girlfriend kept me at bay.


The girlfriend was a white trashy red headed bimbo with a big set of knockers and a bad attitude. The way she strutted her stuff in the gym lobby while she waited for him to finish his workouts was shameless. The result was inevitable. A month ago I missed Ken at the Gym a couple of days in a row, and when I finally went to see him at his apartment, I learned the bitch had dumped him and left with Alan, a scrawny looking guy that worked the juice bar at the gym. He had opened the door wearing only a dirty bathrobe and with a bottle of vodka in his hand. Drunk was an understatement.


We talked a while and I sent him to the shower while I tried to fix him some supper in the kitchen. The  fridge was empty and I ended up ordering pizza. Two large meat lovers pies laden with sausage, ham, pepperoni, beef and pork. Watching Ken eat his troubles away had me hard as a rack, and I knew then that straight or not I had to have him. I thought I knew just what might do the trick. After all, my Mama always said that the way to a mans heart is through his belly! From then on I'd made a point of keeping Ken well fed and the results were showing!


His once chiseled abs had softened considerably and a slight coat of fat covered his chest, arms and thighs giving him a luscious round ripeness that made him more sexy than ever. His belly was rounding over in a slight paunch, and you could see definite love handles from the back. As I watched the round expanse of his ass walking in front of me, it was almost all I could do not to drop the bags of food in my arms and grab those ample cheeks.


"That smells good!" he repeated. "I ate a sub after work but I think I'm getting hungry again!" He took the six packs of beer from my hands and put them in fridge. Each of us got a beer and tore into the bags of food with gusto. I loved to watch him eat. The way he opened his mouth to receive the beef burritos, the exaggerated movements of his jaw and the grunts of pleasure that escaped him. The boy was fine and could do no harm! I had brought huge quantities of food, but with both of us going at it, the containers were empty before we finished the first six pack of beer.


"Boy, those nachos were great, but they sure went away to fast! I'm going to need something else to finish that last six pack" I said.


Ken finished licking bread pudding from his finger, in a gesture so lewd, my eyes bulged. Then he proceeded to get up and bend, presenting his ever growing ass to my face. "Not to worry" he said with his head in the cabinet, "Yesterday I went by the Super Save Club and stocked up on snacks. I knew you would be over." And so he put a pair of two pound bags of chips in the counter.


This was a surprise. Up to now Ken had accepted my frequent offers of food with a reluctant complacence, but as far as I knew, when I was not there he stuck to his usual tuna and chicken training diet. I had never seen anything fattening in his house, unless I had brought it there. This was definite progress.


We each grabbed a bag of chips and moved to the den. Ken brought the remaining six-pack with him and turned the TV on. The couch was small and when we sat down, our weight dipped it in the middle, bringing us closer. He started surfing the channels and found one of those strongman competitions, where a bunch of bellied hunks in tartan skirts throw rocks and lift logs in an impressive display of raw masculinity.


"Wow" Ken said. "Look at the belly on that guy!"


I have to admit it was a thing of beauty. Red hair sprouted from a V-neck white shirt that stretched  impossibly over a huge round belly that hanged sexily over a rather skimpy skirt. The hunk started spinning while lifting a chain attached to a huge iron ball. As the hunk let the chain go, the ball went flying into the distance.


"Yeah!" I said belching, "That is a big one.!"


"Not as big as yours" Ken said, extending his hands and rubbing my expansive gut. "I'm sure you could take that guy anytime."


Flattery and surprised flustered me. Could he be flirting with me? The opportunity could not be missed.


"May be." I said looking at his own distended belly. "But hey, it looks like you are working on your own production!"


Ken looked down and lifted his swollen flesh with both hands. "Yeah, look at this man! But you know? I haven't been happier in years. Or stronger" he said making his pecks flex and bounce while looking at me with a mischievous glance.


Yep. That boy was flirting.


"You know? After the bitch left I thought I would die, but thanks to you I got out of the funk and here I am. I'm sure glad you took the time to be my friend." What a pair of eyes, looking at me big and blue and clear and sincere. Left me gasping for air and before I knew what I was doing I blurted out...


"God, you are beautiful!" What the hell did I do now! "I... I mean..." I continued my stupid stuttering, looking down and trying desperately to find a way to dig myself out of this hole.


"So are you" he whispered also looking down.




"So are you baby" He said touching my face and getting closer, drowning me in those blue eyes. I gulped and opened my mouth to the most passionate and tender kiss of my life. The seducing roles had been turned around on me and I was enjoying every minute of it. We came together in a bear hug, crushing the remains of the potato chips between our bellies.


Finally we came up for breath. "I have been hoping for this for a couple of weeks now! he said while I kissed my way through his chest, latching to his left nipple and rubbing his belly. He started emitting the same pleasure grunts he gave while eating and it drove me wild. My hands fished down and released his cock from his gym shorts. It was big and thick and sheathed in silky skin like the man it belonged to. I breathed on it and it jerked his head slapping Ken's distended gut.


"Suck on it Baby! Let me feed you like you feed me!"


I opened my mouth as big as I could and nursed on his glans darting my tongue in and out


of his obscenely large piss slit. My hands went looking for his balls and my thumbs pressed on the  ridge bellow his ball sack, as he slid down opening his legs wider and wider. Slowly I engulfed his dick until my nose was buried in his silky golden bush, an proceeded to swallow, moving my throat muscles around his shaft.


"That's it Baby! The bitch never could take it all. 'I cant! You are to big!' she use to say. I guess it takes a big man to do the job, and you do it so well Baby. Ahh! Mmmmmh!"


I came up. Just to the head and started slowly down again. It was not often I could munch on such prime beef and I was going to make this meal last. At least that was my intention, but after several minutes of my slow treatment Ken was getting other ideas and started bucking under me. I lifted my head farther and farther from his lap, while he started lifting his but up from the couch trying to keep my face stuffed. Finally, I gave up and pinned him down swallowing him to the hilt. He put his powerful hands on my head and started fucking my mouth with all his might. My hands crept up his torso and grabbed his pecks pulling his nipples towards his belly. Ken yelled and moaned trashing his head from side to side and shot his load down my happy gullet.


After several minutes of panting bliss we started recovering and Ken started getting up. "That was incredible Baby!" he said pulling me towards him and tasting himself out of my mouth. He moved his hands down to my dick that had up from the waistband of my low ridding sweatpants. "Good thing you are ready Baby!" he said, "Because you sure aren't finished here tonight. Big Ken here needs more feeding and Baby is gonna give it to him."


I still don't know what was the matter with Ken that night, but when that boy came out, he came out something fierce! He had me rolling and tumbling the whole night. Not that I'm complaining, you understand. If I was infatuated with him, the next morning I left his place fully in love with him.


By the way, that morning we left together. We went to Denny's for breakfast and then to get my things. I moved in with him and we have been a couple for five years now. My love for Ken is till strong and growing everyday, and that is a good thing, because the boy sure has grown also. His muscles are larger than ever, lately I'm even looking small at his side, but the best part is his belly.


Just thinking about that mountain of flesh gets me hard! People see us going down the street together and stop talking to gawk. Like the time we went to New Orleans for Southern Decadence Weekend and went down Bourbon street shirtless and in matching white denim cutoffs......... But that is another story.

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