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Haunted House Part 2

A few weeks later. . . 

"Ronnie, I made a doctor's appointment with the doctor in town."

"For you?"

"No hon, for you."

"Why? I am not sick. . . "

"Hon, you have gained so much weight, I am worried. . ."

"Mom. . . I am fine. . ." but he knew it was a lost cause.

"Well, he has gained some. I think the best thing to do, is for both of you to eat better, and get more exercise."

"Are you sure there is nothing wrong?" his mom asked, looking for a simple answer, he thought.

"I am sure. He just needs to get out more."

"Thank you doctor."

His mom had put him on a restricted diet, which he hated not because of anything related to weight, but because it infringed on his freedom. His stomach rumbled. As he lay with the sun streaming down on him, he fell into a restless sleep. Then the feeling of dreaming came, yet awareness fell over him again, and he felt the weight press down. This time, it didn't startle him. It felt good, like his own weight did, only more so. He explored the feeling. . . it felt expansive, substantial. . . he relaxed, and then it was too late. He had opened the door. This entity condensed into him, he resisted briefly, but it was too late. He awoke suddenly. 

A dream he thought. Had to be a dream. He felt uncomfortable in his own skin. Strange. He definitely did not feel like himself. 

A week later, his mom asked him to weigh himself to see if he had lost. He had been following his diet. He had little choice. The food his mom bought, was all he had to eat. 

The scale read 261 pounds! He had gained around 1 pounds in two weeks on a diet! Something was not right. 

That night, he had another dream. . . and awoke suddenly. . .the presence was there

"I am you, you are me. . ." he felt it, more than thought it.

"I will sustain you." Then he awoke. But he felt different. He felt the presence within him. His stomach rumbled telling him it was empty. "I wish I had something to eat he thought. . . ", and suddenly, his hunger faded. He felt full. Not stuffed, just content. Strange. Very strange. The presence was there. . .it was like someone eavesdropping on his thoughts, and whispering in his mind. "Man, I wish I could be full, really full", he thought, exploring his sense of having eaten, when he hadn't.

He felt a warmth in his gut, and then his breathing was suddenly labored. He felt so full it hurt. Stranger yet. 

Two months later, he was turning 16, and weighed 300 lbs. 

"Ronnie, I don't understand why you are still gaining weight - I just don't get it."

"Mom, don't worry about it, I am still healthy. . .I feel good."

"Yes, but 300 pounds? That's a lot of weight."

"Well, just don't worry mom, and honestly, I sure wish you'd lay off on the diet, its OBVIOUSLY not doing any good."

"Well, I can't even imagine how fast you'd gain if you ate more. . . "

He laid on the bed, sprawled out, the sun streaming through the skylights. He felt fat. Really fat. He loved it. He had just turned 17, and weighed 400 pounds. Give or take. He didn't take the stairs anymore, just the elevator. Even that, he did rarely. His friends usually came to his house; it was a great place to hang out. He had fat all over now. . .it was soft and blubbery. . . it jiggled all over. . . it rolled and folded when he sat. . . and spread out when he was lying down, as he as now. He often caressed it, and rubbed it when he laid there. . . and sometimes, it was as if someone else was rubbing and caressing. . . it was both frighteningly real, and exciting. His friends joked about his weight, but only in good fun. Those that would have been bothered by it, he had not befriended. Some even enjoyed seeing how much he could eat. He could eat quite a lot nowadays. His mom had finally eased off the diet. 

At age 18, he took his GED, basically his diploma, since he was home schooled. He weighed 550 pounds. He was huge. Later that evening, he was lying down on the huge bed, which still dwarfed him. He began jiggling his body a bit. . . he couldn't reach all of it anymore. . . and he got that feeling again, like it was someone else rubbing him. . . it always startled him. Then he felt rubbing where he could not reach. . . his heart began to race. . . . Was someone in the house? It was so real. . . .

IT was a hallucination he thought, had to be. "I am you, you are me." Once again, it felt like someone else's thought. Then he felt the weight pressing down on him. . . as if he was three times his size. . .and someone rubbing him all over... .He was excited, and scared out of his mind. "You will become me, and more." Again, not his thoughts. . . 

Then he felt the sensation of flying again, and he was looking down on his bed, at himself. Only he was huge. . . 2000 pounds, maybe more. . . .The image shimmered, and it was someone else, then shimmered again, and was him. . . he suddenly felt sick and with a rushing sound, was wide awake, his heart pounding. He had seen the future and the past. 

"Was uncle Erik very heavy, mom?"

"How do you mean?"

"Was he fat?"

"Well, actually yes, he was stocky, but not nearly as big as you."

"Did he have dark hair?"

"Yes, he did, why?"

"And he was tan?"

"Well, he had naturally dark skin, I suspect, why are you asking, what did you see?"

"Oh nothing."

It was all he needed to know. Uncle Erik had given him a gift. 

It took three years before Ronnie used the bed as it was meant to be used. He weighed 1200 or so pounds then. He could walk if he had to, but rarely did more than to his tub, or the toilet, behind the large Chinese privacy screen. Often, he would get that feeling, at night, of someone else rubbing, and jiggling. . . it still scared him. . . and excited him. It gave him goose bumps, as if that person's hands were a bit too cold. . . his fat flowed over the bed, and even rolling over was difficult. . . his breathing was not too easy. . .he had the feeling of weight that he had experienced, on the first night here, all the time now. He suspected he would get bigger

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