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Heavy Service

Mike wandered into the leather bar, he was a little nervous, this wasn't his normal space. His smooth tan form was wrapped in a tight tank and jeans. He had grown tired of the club scene, the endless train of identical Calvin-Klein ads and knew he wanted something different. He wasn't sure what that different was, but he figured this might be an interesting place to start looking.

He made a quick circuit, watching the men. Pretty typical of the leather crowd he had imagined, more with large hairy guts than he was expecting but he found that bothered him less than he thought it would. The powerful masculinity the thick beards and jutting guts projected kind of distracted him.

He wandered up to the bar and ordered a beer, just one for tonight, he had to keep those washboard abs to impress the gym boys later. The bar tender handed him back his change with a grin, "Be seeing more of ya later." Mike wasn't sure what to make of that but shrugged it off, he was used to men coming on to him in wierd ways.

As he moved away from the bar he noticed his jeans felt a bit tight, his movements seemed a bit awkward, but passing it off. "Damn, must still be sore from the gym, he thought to himself."

After making it a ways through the bar towards the back, Mike realized he was still holding his change, he moved to put it back in his pocket but his hand absently brushed against something. Looking down he realized that the something was a ring of fat that had somehow appeared around his waist. Shocked, Mike moved his hand across the still fairly small spare tire that surrounded him. As he shifted he could feel his now larger ass shift in his pants, see a belly starting to protrude.

Absently he scratched at his face, noticing a faint itching that he now realized had been there for a bit. His hand encountered a faint beard, short, but far thicker than his normal sparse covering. Looking down at where his small belly was beginning to push out the bottom of his tee, he saw curls of hair starting to push out of the top.

Mike move off to a corner, starting to panic a bit. His body was starting to feel heavy, over stuffed. He could feel his legs starting to brush together as he walked. Worse yet, he could feel his gut still pushing, starting to swing in response to his walk. It had pushed his tight tee almost to it's limit. He had to adjust his movements to compensate for the mass growing on his front end and realized with horror his starting to waddle.

Once in the corner Mike stood there, his mind reeling, trying to find a space to hide and figure out what was happening to him. As he turned he could feel his belly scrape the shelf, beginning to jut out from under his shirt as it pushed up the fabric. He could feel the scratch of his beard on his neck, as it filled out, getting larger, more bear like. "What the fuck is happening to me?" kept running through his mind again and again. He stared down at his shirt, watching the hair from his lower belly begin to emerge from underneath. He couldn't resist moving his hand down there, he could almost conceal it's entire width beneath his new girth. His now slightly pudgy fingers moved through the ever thicker fur that covered his underbelly, stroking, feeling the warm mass. Mike had never had an ounce of fat on him before, much less body hair, and the feeling of having his belly rubbed and kneaded was intense. Even, he suddenly realized with a growing terror, erotic.

"Damn it", he thought to himself, "I've got to figure some way out of this." Looking around, trying to figure something out, he saw a hugely beared man with a giant gut headed his way, a slight smile at the panic he saw in Mike's face. The man was massive, his belly contained in a strap harness, jutting out for everyone to see. He looked to either side but it rapidly became obvious that man was heading right for him. He moved up to Mike and reached past his massive belly to pull up his shirt, watching the gut spilled out like the shirt had been the only thing containing it. Mike nearly fell over as his new addition expanded in it's newfound freedom, he found himself leaning back a bit to compensate for the mass that was jutting out a good two feet in front of him.

He stared in shock at his massive gut just as the man rammed his even large belly into Mike's smaller one. He could see the two rub and push each other, but worse yet he could feel the fat shift in his own body, feel it jiggle and pull all around him, encasing him. "You want to stay like that forever boy?" he asked in a low rumble. Mike looked at him in disbelief, "You did this to me?" "Come with me or you will", he ordered.

Mike tried to follow him to a door at the back, his new belly swaying before him, he could see the other men staring at the fat pig he'd turned into. His beard brushing his chest now, it didn't seem to have stopped growing. He reached up and ran his fingers through it, feeling the thick course hair that covered his face now, up his cheeks towards his eyes. He had never even had a mustache and now his beard stretched nearly to his pecs, or the sagging tits that his pecs had become.

Mike waddled into a back room following the man that he knew was, for the moment at least, his Master. The man closed the door then striped off his pants, his gut hanging low and still hiding his crotch. He reached over to Mike and did the same to him, removing his shirt as well. Then he swiveled him so he could see himself in the mirror, the site there taking Mike's breath away for a moment. He saw a hairy fat man with a heavy beard, the beard blending in with the thick pelt on his sagging tits. Mike could see his normal face around the eyes and nose, peaking out at him from this fat man's body. "Please sir," he saw this fat bear-man stranger in the mirror say in his voice, "what do you want sir?". He could see his huge beard shift as he spoke, feel it move on his hairy tits.

"You see what you are now? If you don't serve me well, this is you forever. I control you now, see?" With that he placed his hand over the small of Mike's back and he saw his ass expand like his gut, a big counterweight. He could feel it's mass hanging off of him. The heavy cheeks rubbing as he shifted. Mike's belly then shifted and lept forward, still hard and round, but now expanding down to cover his crotch as well, he could feel it on his dick. Mike stared at his new change in the mirror and realized in horror than he was truly obese now. He could feel the rolls of fat under his arms as he moved to touch his sagging tits, the nipples now large, and round. "Damn, I have tits!" he thought to himself as he watched them swing and sift as he moved. His stance was wide legged now, his thighs and underbelly preventing his legs from moving close together, he could only imagine how he would waddle now.

"So you better please, or this is your new life." Mike slowly rotated, his movements were akward as he tried to steer around the sudden fat that encased him. Carefully he lowered himself to his knees, feeling his belly rub on the floor. He could feel his fat spread as his belly hit the ground, a flowing softness he'd never experienced before. He pushed his face in the other man's gut, lifing it up, buring himself in it looking for his dick to service him, to regain his old body. He could feel his fat rubbing against the other man, and it freaked him a bit that he felt it getting him off, the feel of the fat against fat, his flesh soft and rippling. His belly began to swing in rythmn with his head buried in his Master's gut, he could feel it stroking his hardening dick. Mike realize with some revulsion that he was fucking his own gut, and that it was getting him off.

Finally, after kneading his way through his Master's underbelly, Mike found his dick and start sucking. He could feel his body rocking as he sucked him off, his heavy beard made things a little more difficult, he wasn't used to the mass of hair that covered his face and ran down to his tits, rubbing against his master's fat crotch.

The hot, dry expanse of the huge gut rubbing his head as he sucked the Master off combined with the feeling of his own massive belly rubbing his dick was bringing waves of pleasure through Mike despite himself, and he tried to reach himself under that massive gut, but he couldn't get his arms under the blob he'd become to do it. He felt himself struggling with his own fat as shifting and sagged, concealing his rod even from him. He finally managed to get one hand on his tool and rubbed the bottom, the top still stroked by the hairly expanse of his underbelly.

Finally he felt the Master's dick kick and surge, cum streaming onto his face, Mike came at the same time, leavning a stream of his own on the underside of his own gut. He fell back on his fat ass, feeling his belly fall between his legs. The Master stepped back and considered him. "Not bad boy, not bad at all. But I think you make a pretty nice fat man, and at some level I think you like it. So no dice boy, you're a fat bear now, get used to it." And with that he moved out.

Mike tried to grab him, to do something to escape his new body but as he reached the Master looked behind and waved his finger, "I don't think so fatboy." Mike felt a surge in his middle as his belly shoved out to his knees. As he looked in shock at his again new body the Master exited out the door.

Mike slowly stood, feeling the mass on him, hanging off every part of his body. He slowly reached up to feel the double chins under his nearly two foot long beard, running down it's furry length to where it blended with his thick pelt of chest and belly hair. He slowly dressed in clothes that now seemed adjusted for his massive form. Struggling to fasten his pants under the heavy poundage that reached nearly to his knees.

Moving at a carefull pace Mike moved out and into the bar, adjusting to the new gait his wide thighs and swaying gut and ass required, he could see the men looking him over. Some shocked at his obesity, but some with a hungry sort of desire. Mike leaned back against the wall and ran his hands over his heavy new addition, imaging those men doing the same, surprised as the wave of pleasure that moved through his body as he stroked his belly fur. "There may be some advantages to this after all" he thought to himself and steered his gut towards to bar.

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