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Recently, I've hit a low point in my life. I've always been a big kid. I wasn't obese, but I was certainly overweight. My upper arms and thighs were beefy and thick, but not sagging with fat. My pecs and stomach pushed up against my large t-shirt. And my neck was as just slightly less thick than my head. Due to my weight, I got picked on quite a bit, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. Just the occasional slap in the gut followed by a "Large dinner last night, big boy?" Luckily, my frame was perfect for a linemen on the football team. I wasn't super passionate about it, but I thought it might help lessen the harassment. And it did. I played in high school my freshmen and sophomore year. Unfortunately, my junior year a teammate found out I was gay, and there was a lot of pressure for me to quit. Senior year I didn't play, and now there wasn't a lot of bullying but just general avoidance of me. Fine, I said. I never really cared about most of you anyway. However, the diet I got from my football years caused me to gain a few more pounds. By this point I was about 180 lbs. My sizes increased to an XL, as I could feel the strain my increasing gut was putting on my shirts, and my ass was close to ripping a hole in my jeans. I cruised through senior year with average grades, and no real interest in any subject. I had no scholarships for any schools, and my family didn't really have enough money to send me to college anyway. So I didn't go. I took up a job at the local burger joint. It wasn't exactly a high paying job, but enough to squeak by my rent every month. Plus, I could eat there whenever I wanted, as my dad knew the owner, so it payed the bills. However, the constant stream of burgers and fries didn't exactly help my current weight. I think in the span of 1 year I had gained up to 250 lbs. By now I had rotund stomach with a couple stretch marks, and a small pair of moobs that poked out and rested on top. My ass was two big bubbles that expanded outward when I sat down. My arms were thick and my fingers were a little chunky too. And my thighs were broad and heavy as well. I didn't really bother me that much. People expected that when ordering fast food. I had no real friends and nobody really talked to me besides when ordering the number 7. Life was plain Two years later, and now I'm sitting on my couch munching on some pizza while watching crime shows. It's about 6 and I've decided I'm gonna go out for the first time in months. I desperately need a relationship with someone, whether that be platonic or sexual. I got a nice pair of jeans that still fit me and a dress shirt that was a little tight but still would work. It accentuated my belly and arms but I didn't really care at this point. It was hard work getting ready to go out at my size. I thought about a tie but then figured I wouldn't really be able to tie it. I comb my hair a bit and set off for the nearest bar. I arrived at the bar in my car and it looked a little dilapidated. I figured it be best to go for a less crowded bar, fearing the scorn I'd get for my size. I half walked half waddled over to the entrance, and stepped inside. It was more active than I thought, mostly guys spanning the room. A group of guys was in the corner at a table talking, a couple playing pool, most were sitting on the stools at the bar and sipping on their drinks. I took one look at the stools and dismissed them. I was not going to break any furniture today. Most of the guys there were broad but not my size. Good. I didn't want to feel alone. I took a seat at the booth and ordered a beer. I was halfway done with my drink when a guy from the group approached me. Thank God, cause I never would have had the confidence to talk with someone: "Hey dude how's it going?" "Fine, How bout you?" "Great. I'm here with a couple of my friends. We're all taking a little time off of our desk jobs to have a drink. Wanna join?" "Nah, I'm not really into groups." "Alright. We'll probably be here for most of the night if you wanna join." What an idiot. That was my one chance to actually have a conversation with someone, and I just threw it away. Besides that, these guys probably had a few nights out before. They all had beer bellies that pressed against their shirts. Their arms were a little less thick than mine. Quite a few had thick beards that they scratched quite often. Suddenly I could feel my unit stiff up in my jeans. I wanted so bad to take one home with me for a fun night. But I sat their quitely After I finished my beer, the same guy approached me: "Listen, we all can tell you're into us. We've caught you giving looks as us for that past hour. It's alright, we're all gay anyway. Come over here and join us. You don't have to be scared of your weight, we're all on the same track that you've been on, as you can see." He patted his stomach and gave a hearty laugh. "Just come over here" "Alright, but don't let me have too much. Can't add on to this gut." I followed him to the table and introduced myself: "Hey, my name's Roland." They all responded with heys and laughs of acceptance as I plopped down into the chair. The guy that talked to me already told me his name was Ben. I hit it off with them and they were all super nice to me. They began ordering drinks for me, but I told them I couldn't have any. They insisted and soon enough I had another beer. And then another. And them some shots. And soon enough I couldn't stand straight and my vision was blurred. I couldn't really hear much but I heard the bartender ask if I was ok, and the guys answered for me. The bartender then told them to take me out, so I got up and almost tumbled over before two of the guys grabbed me by the arms and began to lead me out. As I stepped out of the bar I turned towards my car but the guys turned me the other way. I walked with them as I took a couple more steps. My vision began to darken. And everything went black ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I woke up, I was definitely not in someone's room. And also I could not move my limbs. As my eyes focused, I realized I was restrained on a table. The room I was in was concrete and only lit by strip lights in the creases in the ceiling. There was a circular hole in the ceiling closed by two panels. I was facing a mirror, and the table was tilted downward so I could see my helpless, chubby body strapped down. From the mirror I could see my beard had fully grown in again. As the memories of the bar came back, I also remembered that I had shaved a few days before the bar, so it had to be a few days after that day. Panic began to ensue as I had no means of escape. The leather straps around my ankles and wrists were thick and tight. I was only in tight briefs that cut into my flesh backside. Suddenly, I heard what I assumed was a door behind the table open. I heard the crunch of boots on the floor walk over to me. The man now standing in front of me was probably my size maybe even more. He had a beer gut that stuck out far and his limbs were thick and sturdy. Looked like he lifted weights cause arms were firm. He had a buzz cut and a thick beard. He was only wearing cargo shorts and sunglasses. As I watched him walk around and take some notes, I yelled at him to try to get some answers: "Who are you?" "What are you doing to me?" He didn't answer and continued to observe me. After that he took out a tape measure and measured me everywhere. He got to my gut and measured around. 42 inches he said. Moved to my weight and said 256 lbs. Then hollered out the door: "Ready for prep!" Two normal weight guys in jump suits walked into the room, carting over a table with medical supplies on it. One guy stood behind the cart working with a box with all sorts of buttons and levers, and the other walked over to me. He turned the table to be completely vertical and stuck an IV in my arm. The other guy turned on the machine and thick liquid flowed through the tube from the table into my arm. I flinched as the stream entered my body. The other guys strapped on gloves and spread a pale cream all over his hands. He walked over to me and began rubbing the cream all over my stomach and sides. It was cold at first but soon it was warm and made my belly feel fuzzy. The two guys left the room and kept the table pumping me full of chemicals. About an hour passed and suddenly my heart began racing. My dick shot up and pushed hard against the briefs I was in. All of a sudden an intense wave a sexual desire rippled through my body. My mouth got watery, and my dick was leaking precum, creating a wetspot on the briefs. At the same time a wave of hunger also came across me, as my stomach growled loudly. I need sex and food badly. The machine beeped, and as soon as it did the same jump suit guys walked in and took out the IV. They brought the cart out of the room and came back with a harness. However, the harness looked like it could be loosened massively, as long straps hung from buckles. The harness consisted of thick leather which looped around my waist below my stomach, and a strap ran up my back which attached to two other loops which went around my shoulders. This exposed my entire front side and everything from my waist down. The jump suit guys tightened the buckles so they were pressing into my flesh. Two heavy chains lowered down from the hole in the ceiling. The jump suit guys attached the chains to thick loops in the leather on top of my shoulders and one in the loop at my waist. Then they finally released the straps around my limbs and removed my from the table. Now I was hanging from the ceiling by the harness, just high enough where I couldn't reach the ground with my bare toes at all. I slowly swayed back and forth as the jump suit guys packed everything up and left me in the room alone Despite all of this, my intense lust and appetite persisted. My body was shaking and my heart racing. I needed to satisfy my cravings immediately. Suddenly, the lights in the room turned off, and I was left in the pitch black. After a few minutes, the hole in the ceiling finally opened. As soon as it did, I could hear shouts and hollering from above. It sounded like a huge crowd was above. There was also the distinct smell of sweat and beer. I couldn't see because a bright light was shining straight into the hole from above. The chains attached to my harness hung all the way up the hole. The chains began to retract and life me higher through the hole slowly. The sounds got louder and the smell stronger. I realized the hole lead to a large room, based on the ruckus above Just before the chains pulled me into the room, the hollering became even louder, as if they were anticipating my presence. And I was in. Spotlights flashed on me and the crowd roared with applause. As my eyes focused, I saw what was happening Surrounding me were hundred of big, hairy, shirtless men. All had huge guts that protruded outward and were tight like a drum. Most looked like they had weightlifter to keep the rest of their frame in tact. Some, in addition to their guts, were flabby and thick all over. Their stomachs were pooling in their laps as they sat spread-eagle on the ground, with another man standing over them and feeding them decadent treats. Other pairs decided a tube running into ones stomach while the other poured in thick liquid that looked like straight lard. Many of the men were chugging mugs of beer and holding each other and laughing. They were crowding around where I was hanging and laughing at me. When I scanned the room, I realized there were others hanging by chains as well. But they looked massive. Their bellies stuck out probably five feet in front of them and sagged down. Their moobs were huge and nipples the size of the palm of a hand. You could barely see the harness as it pushed so deep into their skin fat had engulfed it. Their clothes were long gone as they had ripped off and their dicks hung freely, if you could even see it. Their arms were so thick and fat they were propped up, and the pudgy fingers at the end of their arms were as thick as sausages. I doubt they could wiggle their fingers at all. Their thighs were like tree trunks and legs were padded with fat as well. Their heads sat on top of their triple chins, and their faces were pudgy and bulging. Some were so obese their eyes were slits as the fat pushed their eyebrows in. Most of the hanging men had wide tubes running into their mouths with thick, creamy liquid running down straight into their stomachs. Some men who still could chew were being force fed lines of donuts, cakes, burgers, and pies. A loud voice resounded across the room: "WELCOME TO THE IMMOBILICON! WE HAVE A NEW PIG READY TO BE STUFFED. HIGHEST BIDDERS GET TO PICK HIS MEAL!" At this news, I began struggling against my harness. Although my lust and appetite were still raging, my logic knew I couldn't become like one of the other victims. I had to get out, but in my heart I knew there was no chance. A few minutes later. the voice came back: "LET THE FEEDING COMMENCE!" Three tubes began to descend from the ceiling, all with huge donuts lining them. The began to align themselves with my mouth. In a flash, a tube shot straight into my mouth forcing a donut in as well. I tried to pull it out, but it would not budge. I tried to struggle, but my hunger overcame me. I began to bite the donut a swallow. After I finished, the next donut slid along the tube into my mouth. I ate that one. Soon, I was barely even chewing and just swallowing the donuts whole. Every one in a while, the tube would spray what tasted like melted ice cream into my mouth to wash it down. Soon, I was finished with the first tube. The next tube did the same thing, and then the next. After maybe 30 min, I had eaten around 60 donuts. The entire time, the crowd was yelling and shouting at me. "Eat up you fat pig!", "Swallow it all hog!", "Aren't you full yet, swine?" After my enormous meal, my stomach had expanded significantly. It was perhaps stretching out 2 ft. I was basically a blimp hanging from the ceiling for all too see. However, my hunger still persisted. Another tube came down from the ceiling, this one thicker than the others. It forced its way into my mouth and down my throat, into my stomach. Then the thick, creamy liquid flowed down into my stomach, I could feel my gut expand as it filled me up. What was strange was I was digesting extremely fast. In addition to my stomach, my ass was growing and my limbs were thickening as well. By now I must be 400-450 lbs. I could literally feel my fingers plumping up as I was losing movement of my own body. Suddenly, RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPP. I felt my briefs shred to pieces and fall to the ground. My dick, still erect, shot out and continued to drip. I was now fully naked in front of thousands of horny, wild men. Even though my stomach was expanding beyond possible, it was not hurting. And now my lust was getting more powerful. I felt so powerless, I was hanging from the ceiling and being pumped full of delicious, fattening cream. I was becoming immobile and useless, but I needed release. Every minute with the tube in my mouth added another 5 pounds onto my heavy frame After a hour of pumping, the tube retracted and left me to dangle their, still dripping precum from my dick and the cream from my mouth. The added pounds on my body had filled out the harness and it was close to tearing as well. My waist was almost wrapping around the waist strap as the leather was digging into my ample flesh. The straps around my arms were so tight now I couldn’t feel my fingers, but they looked like sausages. And my stomach was stretching out now 3 ft. Suddenly, the chains began to lower, and the crowd began to heat up again. Something was happening, and I could tell it would involve me. There was a pedestal below me, and just before I could touch the floor the chains halted. Then, the chains attached to me arms began to give slack, while the chain on my waist pulled up. This continued until I was horizontal, still unable to touch the floor. Two men walked up onto the pedestal, one carrying a funnel and the other bringing a cart with a mountain of fattening food piled on top. One had a large stomach that looked packed with beer, and two tight moobs resting on top. His arms and legs were huge and muscular, and he had a dark black beard with a bald head. The other was slightly smaller, but still with a massive stomach and muscled arms. He had a full head of hair and thick eyebrows, and his skin was tanned. I strained by head to look up at them to see what they were doing, but my triple chin was limiting my movement. The bearded man went behind me, while Eyebrows walked up straight in front of me. He grabbed my chin and pulled my head up, looking me straight in the eyes. His smoky looked made my dick throb even harder. “You are going to eat everything, you huge pig. When you’re finished, you’ll get what you want.” Suddenly, he grabbed a burger from the cart and shoved it in my mouth. Before I even had a chance to take a second bite he shoved it in father, till my chubby cheeks were bulging with food. I swallowed as quickly as possible as another went in. After maybe 10 burgers he took the funnel and put it in my mouth. Melted butter filled my mouth and ran down my throat. As I was swallowing the butter, I felt the bearded man pick up and rest his gut on my lower back. As he grabbed my ample love handles, he forced his lubed dick straight in my ass. My eyes widened and I almost choked on the butter. The crowd went wild. I almost came right there, but my immobility stopped me. The pleasure and pain in my backside sent waves of ecstasy through my body as he came in my ass. I moaned through the still flowing butter. When the butter stopped, the funnel came out of my mouth and Eyebrows stuck his dick in my mouth. I was so overwhelmed I began to suck his dick and swallow the loads he was shooting down my throat. I was being fuck on both ends. After the double entry, the men took turns feeding my whole cakes, burgers, pizza slices, and handfuls of ice cream. One shoved food in while the other massaged my moobs turning me on even more. By the time they were done, I was covered in frosting and grease. My stomach was inflated massively. I could hear the leather straining to not break as my body was expanding in the harness. “Your reward for being my obedient piggy” Eyebrows crawled underneath my body and I felt his hands on my stomach moving it over to find my dick, still erect. His fingers hovered over my dick. One tug was all he needed. I exploded straight into the floor of the platform After that, the two men loosened the harness until it was tight enough to hoist me, but loose so the leather would not snap. They cleaned themselves up, leaving me covered in food and cum. They left the pedestal, and the chains brought me up for all to see. After looking around at the crowd laughing at me, I realized this would not be ending soon. I had lost all sense of time, because the room had no windows. I was dripping grease and cream from my chin, and cum was dripping out my ass. My body had swelled to probably 600 lbs at this point. I couldn’t see my dick anymore, but it was pitiful compared to my gut. My arms were padded and my fingers were poking out now, as I could not bend them. My thighs were as thick as my ass had been before this, and my meaty legs hung their, useless. And my moobs were the size of volleyballs that hung along the top of my bulbous gut. The same feeding tube from before descended from the ceiling again and approached my mouth. But now, I wanted more. All my life I hadn’t cared about anything, and now I found something I could become. I forgot about everything that mattered in life, and only focused on expanding my waistline. Even though I was already bigger than them, I was now all the men in that room’s little piggy. I was a slave to my hunger and lust. All I wanted now was to be controlled by the others and blown up till I couldn’t move at all. The tube entered my stomach, and I waited as the lard flowed into my stomach. I looked at all the wild men in the crowd and saw their eyes of dominance and greed. As my last shred of personality faded away, I embraced the pounds. I dangled there, with no control over what happened to me. As I was being pumped. I closed my eyes and let myself stomach fill and my body expand.

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