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His pipe hung from the corner of his mouth, the bowl resting on his third chin. Many heads turned as he waddled into the smorgasbord. He stopped at the counter as the young girl spoke, "Back for more?"

"Always am!", he said with a smile.

She took his money and handed him his ticket. He then waddled to the buffet tables with his pipe in hand. His mouth was filling with saliva as his broad hips brushed the chairs as he passed. The manager, Stan, met him at the buffet and whispered, "Hello Billy, and how are we feeling today?"

"Hungry as ever. And you?", he added.

"Just dandy, by the way, I have to ask you to put that out when you're not in the smoking section."

"No problem, it's out now anyway.", Billy said,

"Have you lost weight?" Stan was a large man, well over 300lbs, but looked svelte next to Billy.

"No," he said chuckling, "I've gained 20 lbs in the last month. My lover likes it though, he says it's his job to keep me fat and happy."

Billy chuckled knowing how Stan's lover was quite fat himself. Stuffing the pipe in the pocket of his nearly skin tight slacks, Billy stroked his beard with his hand. "Maybe he should meet me?"

"Oh no!", Stan chuckled handing Billy a large plate. "If she got a look at you and he'd want ME over 600lbs! By the way, I'd get a new pair of pants if I were you.", noticing the outline of the pipe on Billy's bulging thigh, "you're about to burst from them." Billy slapped his thigh sending ripples through his girth.

"Don't worry, I'll try not to moon any of your other patrons." Stan smirked and let Billy get on with his grazing.

Billy piled the plate with enough food for two and proceed to the smoking section. He pushed the table to one side of the booth and sat down on the other. He reached into his shirt pocket and produced a long plastic film bib. He tied the bib around his thick neck and proceed to eat. Within ten minutes the plate was clean, but his cavernous belly was far from full.

Eight, mountainous servings later, Billy felt full. He tried to rise twice, but was unable. So, he leaned back, pulled out his pipe and relaxed. Stan came out of the kitchen to survey the carnage. "Only 8 plates?", he questioned. Billy took a long pull on his pipe and seemed to inflate before the Stan's eyes.

"Nine actually. Think you can help me out?", with that Billy let out a thunderous belch, "Room for about 2 more I think."

Stan rolled up his sleeves, "Oh, I think four at least, maybe five." Stan smiled broadly as he pondered his estimate.

He called for Dave and the young man exited the kitchen. Billy met Dave before, he started working for Stan about a week back. A large boy, he could pass for Billy's prodigy. He had chocolate dripping from the corner of his mouth as he was sampling some of the rich mousse, by the pound. Stan hired him after a friend said their cousin, a gainer, needed a job. Since his hiring Dave's job was to do dishes by day and empty the leftovers on the buffet each night. Stan had told Dave to expect Billy and to help him in his expansion project, so to speak. Stan instructed Dave to fill four plates of the richest food left on the buffet. Dave started immediately. He wanted to see a true gaining pro in action.

As Dave got to work, Stand moved the table and proceed to massage Billy's mountainous girth. Stan was a decent gainer, but an incredible encourager. Stan's lover, Terry, did feel it was his job to keep Stan fat and happy, but Stan had only gained about 100lbs in a few years whereas Terry's weight tripled to almost 600lbs! Stan once told Billy that he felt it was his job to help men get fatter than they ever imagined, and that was why he ran a smorgasbord. Billy was one of his most honored projects.

Dave returned with the plates his groin bulging beyond what his apron could hide. He watched as Stan scooped some of the chocolate mousse with his hand and stuffed it into Billy's gaping mouth. Dave reached around his girth and rubbed his crotch. Stan motioned for Dave to come closer. He whispered to Dave and the young man waddled into the kitchen. When he returned he held a huge pastry bag filled to the point of overflow with pounds of the mousse. Dave held it over Billy's head as Stan inserted the end into Billy's mouth. Stan made a playful squeeze and Billy's cheeks puffed out like an glutinous chipmunk. Stan then started at the top and slowly squeezed over 3 pounds of mousse into Billy, after which he instructed Dave to hand him plate after plate. He continuously and lovingly stuffed the food into Billy's expanding girth. Dave had never seen such a beautiful sight, Billy's belly bouncing and stretching as it filled.

Finally After Billy gurgled a bit, Stan decided he was full at last. Stan stuffed Billy's pipe, put it in his overworked mouth and lit it. Billy puffed away as he sat sprawled, almost covering the wide both seat. He had a fully satisfied look on his round face. Now fully expanded, his girth covered his whole lap and his knees were barely visible.

As Dave rubbed his crotch again, Billy half whispered, half gurgled something to Stan who motioned Dave over. "Help me get Billy on his feet, Dave.", Stan said winking to Billy. Dave moved the table out of the way and pondered a moment where to grab hold of the rotund mass named Billy. He tried to get as much in a sort of bear hug as he could. He felt his own ample girth mingle and press against the mountain of flesh. Stan tried to hoist the immense rear as the whole package giggled and shimmied and a loud rip was heard. Billy sighed as his hips and rear expanded like he'd been inflated, now free of the tight slacks that was holding their expansion at bay. Stan gave Billy a loving squeeze, grabbing as much cellulite in each hand as possible. Then just as Billy seemed to get his balance Dave felt him shift forward. Suddenly Dave had over 650lbs of flesh pushing him back into the other booth bench. As he landed with a thud the tidal wave of cellulite came down upon him. Billy had complete control of his situation, but Dave hadn't a clue of what was happening or what was to come.

Dave was awestruck as Billy said, "Oh my! I don't seem to be able to rise." He sounded of mock concern as he felt Dave's "chubbie" pressing into his belly. "But Dave seems to be able to." He quivered, sending a wave of movement through his flesh, teasing Dave's hormones to bursting point.

"Stanley, do we have something we could do to get me upright?" Stan chuckled and his own chubby chins bounced.

"I think so. Since we can't seem to pull you up, Dave will have to push you up." Billy smiled as Dave looked at Stan pleading

"But how, he's much too heavy. No offense." Billy smiled broadly,

"Offense? That's a complement, boy!" Stan came up behind Billy and played with his fuzzy chins.

"Well, I didn't mean by pushing with your hands." With that he went into the kitchen and returned with the pastry bag, once again filled to the rim with mousse.

"But!", Dave pleaded, "Why feed him more? He's full!"

Stan paused, "But you're not!" With that he stuffed the tip in Dave's mouth and Billy lifted one hand to keep it in.

Soon Dave's cheeks were stuffed with more mousse than his ever-hungry mouth could handle and it oozed out of the corners over Billy's thick fingers. He frantically gulped it down and before he knew it, the bag was empty. Now his eyes pleaded for more. Soon he had devoured the contents of eight bowls and three plates of food most of it was deep fried to, as Stan put it, enhance personal growth. When Dave finished his fifth plate, Stan surveyed his two bloated companions. Dave was stuffed so much he just lied back and moaned, smiling, in contentment. "Well, how do you two human blimps feel?", Stan asked.

Dave moaned a satisfied moan as Billy pulled the pipe from his mouth and grimaced, "Well..", he belched, "....hungry!"


Dave hadn't seen Billy for about a week after the feasting they shared and he was eager to meet him again. He continued working at the smorgasbord and eating anything and everything he could get his pudgy mitts on. But another problem was hovering over the young gourmand's head. His lease was almost up on his student apartment and not being a student, due to wanting to eat instead of going to class, he had to find lodging.

After finding that there weren't any apartments available in his price range Stan, his boss, suggested that he try Henry's boarding house on 5th and Main. Dave trudged there Monday afternoon and knocked on the owner's door. The door opened and a belly seemed to protrude out followed by the rest of a rotund older man.

"What can I do ya for?", the old man asked.

"I was told you had a room for rent, sir.", Dave answered politely.

"Well come on in boy, I was just settin' down for lunch, care to join me?", the fat old man gestured towards a table covered with sandwich fixin's.

Feeling a bit hungry Dave said, "I'd be glad to."

As they approached the table Henry spun his belly around colliding with Dave's own girth.

He thrust his hand out, "The name's Henry, Henry Biggins, and yours?"

Dave paused, "David...er..Dave, Dave Smithe."

The old man smiled as he shook Dave's hand, "Well, have a seat, you look like you can put away some groceries."

Dave sat and the two dug in. Dave hadn't eaten anything in well over two hours and was famished. The two polished off a dozen rolls and pounds of lunch meat in less than an hour. Henry took his roll and said, "Dave, have you ever tried this?" He cut the long roll and covered it with almost a third of a jar of mayonnaise. He added cheese, Lebanon bologna, and stuffed potato chips in between slices. He then closed it and brought it to his mouth. With some effort he opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth into the sandwich. He moaned as he bit off a piece and licked the mayonnaise off his bushy, white mustache. Once swallowed he took another bite almost stuffing half the sandwich in his mouth. As he bit down mayonnaise oozed out over his fingers, he chewed for a while letting out quiet moans of ecstasy that drove Dave's loins wild. This old boy liked to eat, he thought. Henry swallowed one last time and proceeded to lick the gobs of mayonnaise off each finger individually. Swirling each finger in his mouth and sucking all the mayo off like they were chubby little penises. Dave's boner was now saluting as his enormous pants formed a tent. Henry offered the rest of the sandwich to Dave, and as he did he noticed the young man's "excitement". Dave accepted gladly, but as Henry passed it to him he squeezed it and mayonnaise poured out all over Dave's pants. Dave panicked. 'What if he sees my wood?', he thought, "I'll never get the room now." Henry mocked surprise, "Aww..jeez, I'm sorry son. Let me clean it up."

Dave turned white, "That's OK!", he blurted. But Henry already stood up, and he had a thick groin staring Dave in the face.

"Naw son, I'll get it.", he grunted as he bent down and began to suck the mayonnaise off Daves crotch. Dave was in a pleasant state of shock.

This massive old man had his jowled face buried in his crotch. Henry's belly rested on the floor and spread out slightly. He finally raised his head and with lips and stache covered with mayo he stated, "Sorry son, your gonna have to take em off so I can clean this up proper."

Dave and Henry shared stares for a split second, Henry wondered whether Dave was going to bolt for the door, and Dave was afraid Henry may be testing him in some bizarre way. Dave made the first move and unzipped his pants as the greasy faced Henry plunged in taking Dave in like a lollipop. Dave could feel the mayonnaise swirling around his shlong. Suddenly Henry came back up and said, "I got one rule, boy. While I'm busy you gotta keep eating." he reached up and handed the rest of the sandwich to Dave who started in immediately. Henry continued going down on him as he watch the young man stuff himself above him. The sandwich, two bags of chips, and a gallon of iced tea later Henry felt Dave lurch, he dismissed it as a belch until he tasted something salty hit the roof of his mouth, he looked up at a globe of flesh that bounce and giggled with each eruption. Henry smiled inwardly and started a pulsating sucking motion, so as not to let Dave rest. Dave went as rigid as someone over 400lbs can and started to quake like a jello mold. Now Henry was getting excited as he sucked down gulp after gulp of Dave's fluids. Finally Henry swirled his tongue around the broad head and pulled off sucking hard. Dave went limp and gasped for air.

Henry dumped the rest of the jar of mayo on the last roll, smiling, and spread it thick. Licking the able knife he turned to Dave. "Your not full yet. Are ya, boy?" Dave followed him to the couch where Henry took down his pants and boxers laid back and wrapped the mayo sandwich around his chubby cock. "Come an get it boy!", he hollered. Dave took off his shirt revealing an impressive girth and a pair of massive tits. He then rested his tits on Henry's broad thighs and began to eat the bread. About two inches in he found the head and tongued it sending Henry into a frenzy. He ate the rest of the roll and started from the crop of white hair at the base and slurped his way up. Henry moaned with ecstasy, "Yes boy, that's it." Within minutes Dave had Henry quivering with orgasm his belly heaving with every spurt. Dave thought about dragging it out, but worried that the old guys heart may explode. He stopped as Henry's chest heaved.

They repositioned and each put their clothes back on without a word.

Both took up half of the couch. The old man spoke first, "Well, needless to say the room is your if you want it. I had to find out if you were, um as suitable as I've heard, and I think you'll fit in nicely."

Dave beemed, "Fantastic!"

"You'll love it here.", Henry said, "I only rent to large men, and I have special rates for those who seek to be larger. You do intend to gain a bit, don't you?"

"Oh definitely.", Dave answered patting his girth.

"But,", Henry warned, "If you're going all the way, immobility, I require two things, a deposit to cover rent until you get help.", he winked, " And I reserve the right to access to your apartment to make sure you don't starve to death. " Dave's head was spinning. "You'll love it here I tell ya!", Henry slapped his hand on Dave's thigh sending ripples. "I'll introduce you to all the other boarders and...." Suddenly the doorbell rung "Come on in!", Henry hollered, "Speaking of which, I think this is the guy who told me about you." Dave turned to see a massive form waddle in through the wide door.

The man closed the door turned to face them. Dave noticed a familiar aroma as the man approached holding a pipe. 'Billy!' Dave thought. The massive form heaved down upon another reinforced couch. "So, Gentlemen,", he said letting his girth settle and his pipe rest on his third of four chins, "Anyone for a snack?"

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