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Jack & Mu Shoo: STUFFED!
I grinned at Moosh as he waddled into the bathroom. "Heh, step on up pandaboy!" I said with a chuckle. Moosh got on the scale and I grinned wide at the red numbers. "Woo-ee! You're up and over your goal! 825lbs! I guess that weight gain did the trick, huh?" I patted Moosh's belly and soon he stepped off and slapped my behind.

"Step on up stud." He said with a chuckle. I got on and the damn thing rattled. That was actually a good sign to me. My sexy panda man whistled. "Wow, you're 920lbs!" 

I grin and slap my big belly. "That's great. Ready for some dinner bubba?" Moosh nods. "Aren't we always?" I nodded and stepped off the scale. We bumped bellies before waddling back to our bedroom and getting dressed. I took my time because it was fun watching Mu Shoo get dressed. So sexy. He struggled into his new pair of underpants. I shivered as I watched. I was getting hard again, but I had to contain myself. His shirt went on next. I loved how it fit over his big belly. I insisted he wear horizontal stripes from now on. They made him look bigger and rounder. His shorts went on next. Again, I insisted he wear shorts to show off those fat legs of his. After being mesmerized by Moosh's getting dressed, I got dressed. 

Fully dressed, we both waddled out to my van and headed towards a buffet we went to a lot lately. Inside were smells of every kind of food we loved. We'll eat just about anything. We even load up on salad. We don't eat a lot of it, but we figgure it wouldn't hurt. Its not like we'll change our lifestyles much. We're greedy hogs that way. Moosh and I both load up two plates each, both full of all kinds of food for growing fatsos like us: mac & cheese, fried chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, etc. You get the idea. We waddle to our favorite table in the back and gorge like pigs. 

We'll stay there for hours on end if we can get away with it. Its fun. Its really funny when our friends are there. They'll take turns feeding us and rubbing our bellies. We attract a lot of attention that way, but we really don't care. It gets us so hot. They'll sometimes have to take us home. Sometimes they'll even take advantage of us. We don't mind because we have an agreement. As long as we're enjoying it its cool. We haven't had a problem yet with this arangement.

Come time for desert we waddle over for ice cream, cakes, pies and cookies. We feed eachother all of the dry stuff and make the other one chug down the ice cream, because its usually melted by the time we're done with everything else. After that we're pretty full and we rub our bellies. We take turns doing this. At this point our clothes are stretched tight around our big bellies.

We waddled out of the resturant and are caught by surprise. Our friends Buck and Frank--a couple of big muscled huskies--were standing by my van with big smirks on their faces. Buck grinned at me. "Heya Jack. Get your fill big fella?" I blush at his words. "Heh, you know it." I glance at Frank and rub my belly. I can see him shiver just staring at us. "Heya, Frank." I say with a grin.

Buck glares at Frank and slaps his big upper arm. "Dude, Jack was talking to you." I chuckle at that. "You there, Frank?"

Frank shakes his head. "Wha? Heh...hey Jack. You two look great. Think we can get more food in those bellies?"

I look over at Moosh and rub his underbelly. "You good for some more grub?" 

Mu Shoo grins. "Yeah, I am always up for more."

That was enough for Frank and Buck. They hearded us into the back seats of my van. I gave my keys to Buck and off we went to their place. These guys really knew how to have fun with a couple fatsos like us. They love teasing us and feeding us until we can't take it anymore. Once inside of their place, they agressively rip off our clothes and shove us onto their couch. 

They went into their kitchen. A lot of noises can be heard: boxes and bags being opened, sodas snapped open and a plastic container or something hitting the counter. We both knew what that meant. We grinned at eachother and rubbed our bellies in unison. Soon Buck and Frank came walking in with a big plastic trough. They sat it down on the floor near us. It was full of twinkies, big cookies, ice cream and a bunch of candy. Moosh and I licked our lips and went to the floor grunting and squealing like pigs. We launched ourselves at the troughs and began eating at once. 

We gorged on this and that while Frank and Buck massaged our butts. Soon I noticed that the rubbing stopped and Buck and Frank started to strip out of their clothes. I shivered as I ate and grunted. "Mmmm..." I moaned as soon as I felt a hard dick slipped into my ass. "Oh ya...." All four of us moaned as Moosh and I ate and Frank and Buck rode our asses. Buck and Frank went faster calling us hogs, fatboys and blimps. We loved it. I moaned as I came just as the other three moaned with me. Buck and Frank urged us to go on gorging. We ate and ate until the troughs were completely empty. We licked those things clean.

Frank and Buck helped us up and we all went into their big bedroom and they helped us into bed. It was late and we were way too full to do much except lay in there bed and sleep. Whether or not they took advantage of us, I wouldn't know until morning, and by then, I probably wouldn't remember this night much. Its like that a lot of the time for us.

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