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When I graduated from high school a few weeks ago I had no plans on going to college.

I had always been involved in sports and to look at me you would say I might be a body builder.

I was 18, 6’1” tall 230 pounds and about 3% body fat. I didn’t have a 6 pack it was more like an 8 or 10 pack. And my name is Jim.

I worked at a credit card call center and boy were the people there big. When I would get off work I would go to Terry’s Gym and work out for several hours every day.

I was looking good. Making good money. And enjoying my life when I met Dylan.

Dylan was a monster. He was 6’ tall. But he was close to 300 pounds of pure muscle. I didn’t ask at the time but he had biceps that were huge. He was a trainer there and owned the Terry’s franchise consisting of 6 locations.

He competed in competitions and I was learning a lot about how to work out when I found out he was attracted to me and even though I had never dated women I didn’t consider myself gay. We went back to his place and it wasn’t long before we were both standing naked facing each other.

It became a mutual masturbation session he holding his cock and tugging on it and me on mine when he reached out and pulled on mine I reached over and pulled on his. Now I masturbate every night. I am young and it’s normal right? But Dylan is a bit older than I and having gone through that stage in his life it took him a bit longer to cum but soon we were both enjoying the wonderful stickiness of cumming on each other.

We had to clean up and took a shower together which really wasn’t that odd. We had taken showers in the gym often but this was the first time I had ever showered with someone in their own shower. It was a bit tight, the two of us being bodybuilders but we cleaned up and climbed into bed. playing a bit more with each other that night we both eventually went to sleep waking up to another mutual masturbation session.

We were now a couple.

It took several weeks before I moved in with him but we would find at least one or two days a week where I would come over and we would have a repeat of our masturbation session. Two washboard abs rubbing together creating a delightful friction.

It was several months in when we were sleeping together. It was about 2 or 3 in the morning and I had rolled over and had my back to Dylan when I felt the pressure at my ass. Dylan’s big arm was around my chest which wasn’t unusual since we often spooned but this time he had his hand on my shoulder keeping me in place. I was groggy when I felt his cock penetrate my anal ring and a searing pain flashed through my mind waking me up fully.

Stop! I shouted.

Calm down just take a deep breath and enjoy it.


Just try it see what it is like. You have never done this before you might like it.


Dylan caressed Me but wouldn’t let me go and soon I was growing accustomed to the invasion. I don’t know what happened but he hit something in me that felt so exciting that I came with the slightest touch. My ass spasmed and my eyes rolled back in my head. That was when Dylan pulled out of me and I got up and cleaned myself up and went to sleep in the spare bedroom.

The next morning I went into the master bedroom and said you raped me.

I thought you would enjoy taking it to the next level.

But you didn’t ask.

No but I was taking your cues. You backed up to me and I thought you might be ready for this.

I wasn’t.

I’m sorry. Did you enjoy it?

I thought awhile and said that’s not the point. You didn’t ask.

So you did like it!

I couldn’t deny it. I had enjoyed it once I had calmed down.

I sat down on the edge of the bed my back to him. He put his hand on my shoulder and started to caress my back. I’m sorry. I thought you would like it.

Next time I will ask.

There isn’t going to be a next time.

For several weeks we didn’t even masturbate together. I would cum in the shower and I noticed that as I did my ass would spasm just like that night and I was enjoying the feeling.
We went to bed and later that night as we spooned I felt his cock grow hard and I heard myself say fuck me. I don’t remember consciously saying it but it did come out of my mouth.

That was all Dylan needed and his dripping cock found it’s mark.

It wasn’t as painful this time. Maybe because I was ready for it. But it took some soothing before I started to feel that comfortable feeling again.

He hadn’t had to pump much for me to cum last time but he was pushing a bit more this time. And soon I came like a fire hydrant. He left his cock in me this time holding me like a teddy bear and letting his cock go down. I was enjoying to closeness.

I was enjoying this and soon I tried to top Dylan but he told me he would never bottom.

But you topped me without my permission why can’t I top you?

I am a top. You are a bottom.

I am not a bottom. I am enjoying this but I love to masturbate and I would like to top you.

Well that is never going to happen.

I was furious and we went to bed for the first time in months without having sex.

I had so enjoyed being his bottom for the last month that I couldn’t hold out long but I would top him sooner or later and it took a couple days and I had him fuck me again

You know I am going to fuck you one day.

I told you that would never happen.

We got back into our routine. Me being a horny teen I needed it as often as possible and Dylan gave it to me night and morning and in the day when we were home.

I always got my morning wood off before I went to work and he went to the gym. I would meet up with him after work and work out for several hours before we would go home and I would have a nice ride that night.

He started using lube to make it easier to enter me and more smooth for my ass to hold onto his cock. We used all sorts of lube even using lotion and one time using crisco when we ran out of lube.

He would work a finger or two in when he finally worked all four fingers in one night and stretched out my ass spreading his fingers. It felt so good and his cock slid in so easily now.

I began to feel my ass loosen up so that I couldn’t close as well as I use to when Dylan suggested I use a butt plug while I worked. I thought this was kind of odd but it seemed like a good idea to avoid any accidents so we did so. We found that lard worked best. It remained soft longer while the packaged lubes were not only expensive but would dry out sooner.

This was uncomfortable the first time but soon became common to me and my ass hole became wider and wider as he would work more of his hand in eventually getting up to his massive forearm. That was when he began touching that special spot deep inside of me that I felt that first time he fucked me making my eyes roll back in my head.

The butt plug became larger and larger and I had to wear a leather harness under my clothes with a strap that attached to the butt plug to keep it in during the day. He would pack me up with crisco and I would be off. There would be days when I would have to go to the bathroom but I would try to avoid that if possible and opt for waiting till I met Dylan at the gym to take care of business.

It got to be difficult to work like this and eventually Dylan suggested I work at the desk at his gym. With his business we didn’t need the income but I wanted to at least help pay my way and after having a bad incident at work I decided to take him up on the offer.

I got bored with this and would get distracted and eventually Dylan had to fire me and I began to stay at home. Like I said we didn’t need the money but I needed something to do and Dylan would keep me well satisfied sexually but while home I would browse the web and meet up with guys here and there. Many were astonished by the size of my asshole but I found some nice size men that would fuck the shit out of me or even fist me.

Why I didn’t keep working out I don’t know but I found that I began to lose the muscle mass I had and that was when I began to stay at home more. The morning meal would leave me groggy and I found out Dylan had begun to spike my meal with a sleeping pill. Not enough to put me out but enough to keep me groggy so I didn’t have the desire to go playing around.

He would add pot to my meals giving me the munchies and fog my head and soon I began to gain weight. I didn’t notice it but Dylan did. He eventually brought home a bong and said this would make me much more sensitive during sex. Our sex life had become routine and I thought about it as putting some more life into our sex.

As this became more routine I began eating more during the day. At our three year anniversary we we went out to eat.

Dylan had been buying me clothes and being foggy headed I never thought to look at the sizes but that night when we were out and my shirt became untucked the bottom of my stomach touched the cold metal chair and a clarity burst into my head.


Maybe you have put on a bit but you are fine.

I noticed my legs spread allowing my gut to sag between my legs and the bottom of my belly touching the chair. Look at this. I AM FAT.

Well if you want to go on a diet and workout go ahead. We can start tomorrow. Enjoy yourself it’s our anniversary.

Just like every person going on a diet they have that one last pig out session before they stop. But Dylan knew I wasn’t going to stop.

I ate more that night than I had ever eaten and the next morning the space that was left from the dinner the night before needed to be filled. Dylan had upped my sleeping pills because the size I had become one was just not working as well and I always had pot.

I should have notice the increase in the size of the meals I was getting for breakfast and dinner but I was back to that foggy state and I grew.

He would pack my ass daily with 5 pounds of crisco and afix the dildo. My body would absorb the crisco during the day and the meals would fill me from the other end. I was enjoying the delightful tightness of a packed ass and a stuffed belly.

Even though Dylan was more muscled I began to take up more and more of the bed.

I came out of the fog somewhat on my 25th birthday and Dylan took me to the gym.

We are going to workout again?

I got a surprise for you. We dressed and headed off.

When we got to the gym we went in the back way into the locker and he pulled out a blue tarp.

Put this on.

The tarp?

No it is a pair of posing swim trunks.

I looked at it and held it up. It was massive. It would never fit me. I am too thin.

As I undressed Dylan helped me into the trunks and they seemed tight.

Stop pulling on them. You are making them too tight Dylan.

That’s not me making them tight.

I looked down and saw that I was missing my feet.

Come with me.

I lumbered out the door and saw a big man sitting on a chair.

Jim I would like you to meet Terry.

Terry of Terry’s Gym.

The one and only.

But he is fat.

That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

I’m not fat I just put on a few pounds.

Look at yourself. He said pointing at the mirrors on the wall.

There stood the biggest man I had ever seen with my head on it’s shoulders.

I realized that it was me. I was bigger than Terry.

You are going to be our model. Terry had been for several years but you look more like Michael than Terry ever did.

Michael? Out walked the biggest bodybuilder rivaling Dylan.

You are going to be the before and he is going to be the after.

So I can lose all this fat?

If you want but I think you have enjoyed feelings at this size that you have never felt at any other size.

I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t decide whether to cry or laugh. He was right I did have more sensitivity than I had ever had before but I didn’t want to be a tub of lard.

Please Dylan I want to lose this.

If you want to go ahead. I never thought I would fall in love with a tub of lard but I did with Terry and now I have with you. You see Terry had been more muscled than you when we met and he fell off the workout regimen and began to gain. He was enjoying gaining the weight and had the idea of being the before. But you we scoped out and knew that you and Michael had the same look so we were determined to fatten you up for this but along the way I fell for you. I don’t think I could go back to loving you skinny.

I thought about it and as the pictures were taken of me and Michael we finished the session and Dylan and I went home.

I had a big decision to make.

Being near enough to 700 pounds of lard and having a sexy boyfriend or go back to my old life.

What to do. What to do.
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