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Jim's Story

I'd like to share my story with you about how much my life changed five years ago. My name's Jim, and I'm from a small town inTexas. Both of my parents left this world when I was about ten years old, and I spent some years in a very strict, but very caring orphanage. When I was fifteen, I began living with foster parents from time to time, but I really hated it. Though I wasn't a really bad kid, I was a little on the rebellious side. I hated having to get used to totally different house rules as I jumped from family to family, and from school to school.

I was certainly a pretty good-looking boy, and didn't find it difficult being accepted by other kids around me, but I also didn't feel like one of them. I felt more comfortable around adults. I guess you can say that I began getting more and more rebellious in school and around people in general because I couldn't wait to be on my own and be independant. I got into trouble for skipping school altogether, and people had a hard time getting me to comply with their oppressive "rules."

I ended up back at the Boy's Home before I knew it, and I had a really shitty outlook on life at that point. Just when I felt like the caretakers of the home were gonna give up on me, a man went to them and said that he was interested in being a foster parent to a boy around my age, and since he was a psychologist, he believed that he could handle any kid as long as they were healthy and needed a father figure in their life.

I'll never forget seeing that man walking around with upper members of the staff as he was introduced to some of us guys. He was a very handsome and powerful looking man, to say the least. I guessed him to be about 6"5, and about 230 lbs. His eyes were very dark brown, and he had a very thick, full beard. I'll never forget hearing his voice. It was deep and commanding, but also very pleasant. I could tell that he was an extremely hairy man since it almost covered his large hands, and by the sight of his chest hair almost pouring out of his shirt and over his collar. Though he didn't have much hair on his head, I couldn't help but notice how much of a good-looking bald man he was. It somehow added to his masculinity.

"Dr. Gary, this is Jim," the headmaster said to him as he was introducing us..

"Jim's had a struggle lately, but we really like him." I couldn't believe that asshole told him that right in front of me. "I thought that the two of you should meet, since you live outside of town, and we can't help but notice how much this boy seems to enjoy the outdoors."

My eyes locked with Dr. Gary's for the first time, and I felt so small and intimidated by him that I looked away and down towards my shoes. "Are you a shy one, boy?" I stuttered an answer, something like "sometimes I guess." He asked me how I'd like living with him for a while. He said his property had lots of trees surrounding it, and that he owned some horses. He said that he could use some help around the place, and since school was almost out for the summer, it might be good for me to "get outta the city" for a while. I agreed. I would be under his care right after summer vacation started.

When he picked me up, I was nervous. He had a pipe with a very large bowl in his mouth. I couldn't help but notice how natural the pipe looked on him, and how wonderful it smelt. As he smoked it, I could tell that he thoroughly enjoyed it. "I hope ya don't mind the pipe smoke, son. It's one of my biggest vices." "No, it's alright.," I said, "I'm just glad to get outta that place, and I don't mind stuff like that." He patted me on the back like so many fathers do to their sons and said, "Well, I'm glad you don't mind. Just take my advice, never start smoking. It gets harder and harder to find a public place where smoking is allowed, and it's a damn hard habit to break.. Not many people out there can put up with smoking, let alone the unmistakable smell of pipesmoke."

When we arrived at his house, I thought I'd gone to heaven or something. He was right, the place was litterally surrounded by trees, and there was the most awesome river running down below, and not far at all from the house. His house was huge! I couldn't believe how a single man like this needed such a large house with so much land. He showed me to my room and then he said that after supper, we'd discuss the rules. Again that word that I hated! "Rules." We cooked steaks outside, and he was definately skilled at grilling. I couldn't remember having a better steak in my life. We sat down on the porch, and he took out another one of his many pipes and lit it as he began laying down the law. The pipe he was smoking was much different than the straight one that he'd been smoking earlier. This one had a curvy bent stem, and the bowl was even larger than the last one he puffed on. "It's important that we understand each other. I've been around for 54 years, and I've learned alot from this life. When I tell you to do something or not to do something, I expect you to obey. I'm a patient and understanding man, but I won't tolerate anyone going against my word. We'll get along real well as long as you do your part around here and learn some discipline. This means feeding the horses and keeping the place clean. You make a mess, you clean it up." I was amazed at how much I felt respect for this man. He was very nice, but seemed fairly strict. We finished our talk, then went to bed.

I loved doing all the chores, and I loved the peace about his place. I was hoping that he'd let me stay there for good. One of my chores was to keep his pipe collection organized and cleaned. He had a very large space for his collection. It was almost a small room. He had dozens and dozens of pipes, and I rarely saw him without one. He showed me how to clean them, and I really enjoyed doing it for him. Sometimes when I picked one up, my dick would get hard. I didn't know why, it just did.

After I'd been there for about a month, I felt really comfortable. He asked me if I wanted to go out riding the horses along the river, and I loved doing that. We rode for hours and talked. He smoked his pipe and educated me alot about nature. "So tell me, Jimboy, do ya like living out here so far?" "I do very much, Sir. I feel right at home. I hope you don't mind me living here." My eyes just couldn't look away from him as the sweet, but strong-smelling pipe smoke slowly came from his mouth, and occasionally from his nose.

He let out sort of a laugh, and told me that I was a nice kid. "I think you're fitting in well here. I feel like you're the son I never had. I'm going out of town for a few days, and I trust you to take care of everything while I'm gone. Do you think you can handle that?" Hearing him say that made me feel good about myself. "Sure I can." With that, he stuck the pipe back in his mouth and said, "Fine then. I think you can be a good boy and handle yourself. Let's get back home."

The first day he was gone, I couldn't resist my urge to get into his whiskey cabinet. I felt so grown up. I poured myself a glass of whiskey as I'd seen him do, and took my first sip. It was awful! It burned all the way down my throat and almost made me sick, but I told myself to drink it and kept thinking how much of a man I felt like. I drank another glass, then another..

I was getting drunk. I tripped on the coffee table and broke the expensive vase that was on it. "Oh, shit!" I thought. "Now I've done it!" I put the broken glass in the trash and then forgot about it. Something else was tugging at my insides. Finally I realized what it was. I wanted to try one of his pipes. Since he had so many of them, how could he notice it if I smoked one, especially since I had become so good at cleaning them? I went to one of his many pipe racks and picked one out. I chose one of the really big ones. It was a Peterson, one of his favorites, he had said once. The kind he seemed to smoke the most of. Instantly, my cock grew into a full-fledged raging hard-on as I put the stem in my mouth and clenched it with my teeth. It was the stiffest my cock had ever been. I went into the den where his favorite chair was, and grabbed my drink and a lighter. I then followed his ritual of filling, packing tobacco, and checking the bowl for a good even fill. When I stuck it in my mouth, I noticed that pre-cum was forming on the head of my cock and making a spot on my jeans. It was time to light it. I puffed on it while the fire in the bowl fully lit the top layer of tobacco and the smoke filled my mouth. Then I really got a strong mouthful of smoke, and the taste nearly knocked me out of my chair! It was one of the worst tastes I've ever experienced! It was strong and powerful, and it was making me really dizzy!

Once again, I decided to keep trying. Just as I was taking my fifth or sixth hit off the pipe, the Dr. walked in the room! I was seriously busted! "What the fuck are you doing!?," he yelled. I felt myself shrinking and almost slid off of the chair, and under the table. "I.....I'm sorry, Sir. I.....uh, didn't mean to...." "I asked you what the fuck are you doing! Don't you remember what I said about smoking?! I trusted you to do the right thing while I was gone, and you've completely let me down! What's that? Is that whiskey in that glass?! Huh?! Where's the vase that goes on this table?"

I felt so bad that I almost passed out. "I broke the vase, Sir. I didn't mean to...I just tripped on the table." My words were slurred and he knew that I was wasted off my ass. He told me to stay where I was, and then grabbed a cigar and went out side for a while. He told me he'd be back to discuss my punishment. I was to sit there and think about what I had done. When he returned, he took his chair and told me to sit on the floor in front of him. "Look at me, boy. You need to look me in the eye and face your punishment. I want to know why you felt like you needed to drink whiskey and smoke one of my pipes, when I specifically told you not to. You broke that vase that's been in my family since my great Grandfather. You broke it because you're drunk and staggering. So tell me, boy, why you did it?" I sat there in silence for a while, then fumbled through my answer. "I just wanted to see what it's like, Sir. I...I just wanted to feel like a grown man. I know you told me not to ever do it, Sir, and it'll never happen again. I'm sorry." He took a long, slow hit off his pipe and cleared his throat. After an uncomfortable silence, he looked very calm and composed. "So you think you're old enough to smoke a pipe and drink. Is that it, boy"

"No, Sir, I.." "Nevermind the excuses. I don't even wanna hear them anymore. I think I have the perfect punishment for you. Since you think that you're old enough to be a pipesmoker and drink whiskey, then that's just what's gonna happen. I'm going to make you a pipesmoker. Since you feel like it makes you a grown man, then that's just what I'm gonna make you." I had no idea where he was going with this. My eyes widened as he laid out the rules. "What did you think of the pipe, boy? Did you like it?"

"Not really, Sir, it made me feel dizzy and I didn't like the......" "Don't worry about that, boy. You'll have plenty of time to get used to it, because starting tomorrow, you're going to start smoking pipe and take all the responsibility that a grown man has. Everytime I light up one of my pipes, you'll smoke one. If I so much as see you whince, your punishment will be extended and your workload will double. If I ask you if you like smoking a pipe, you will say Yes, Sir! You will work like a man on hard labor to make up for the price of that vase until I feel that you've paid the price. Now go get some sleep because you're gonna have a long day tomorrow."

He woke me up at 6:00 am, and told me to fix breakfast. He told me to brew a full pot of coffee, and we sat down to eat. "Where's your coffee, Jim?" He called me Jim, not boy. But coffee? I never drank coffee, I hated the stuff. "I don't like it much," I said. "You do now, Jim. Drinking coffee is something that grown-ups do. Pour yourslef a cup." I did as he asked, and we finished our breakfast.

After I cleared the table, he came away from his pipe collection with two big pipes with bent stems. The bowl looked like it could hold enough tobacco for a good hour and a half smoke. He handed me one and said, "Here, Jim. Let's grab the paper and finish our coffee." We sat down and he lit his pipe. I just stared at him. "Light your pipe, Jim. Now." I nervously did as he said. I suddenly remembered everything he had said the night before. I lit the pipe and took the smoke into my mouth. Once again, it tasted terrible. I almost cringed, then I remembered what would happen if I did. "How's your smoke, Jim? Do ya like it?" "Yes, Sir," I said. "Good. That's one of my favorite blends. It's a nice strong English blend that you're gonna learn to love as well. Be sure to savor the smoke as you draw on the pipe. You'll find it become very pleasurable.

The next few days were some seriously hard work. He stayed with me the whole time and made me smoke pipe after pipe. I must admit that the more I smoked those big, heavy pipes, the less and less I thought that they were terrible. The taste of the pipe tobacco never left my mouth.

After the 1st week passed by, I woke up and went to the kitchen to start our morning coffee. My new foster entered at the same time, as usual. He sat down at the table and asked me how I felt. When I answered, I couldn't believe the sound that came out of my mouth. I had responded with, "Very well, Sir," but the voice I heard wasn't mine! It was deeper and more masculine than I ever heard! I thought that I was dreaming at first, then said something else. "Was that me? Wow! Something must be wrong with me. Do I sound different to you, Sir?" "Yeah, you do. You wanted to become a grown man, so that's just what's happening to you, I guess. It happens sometimes. Don't worry about it. Let's celebrate your young man hormones with a really good and strong smoke. Would you like that, Jim?" I suddenly felt very grown up. "Yes, Sir!" I still could not belive the sound and feel of my deep voice. As I went to get our pipes, I noticed that the step in my walk had changed. My steps seemed heavier and different than I was used to. Something was really weird here. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I could not believe what I saw! I looked I'd put on a good 15 pounds, and my face was covered with thick and course beard stubble. I shaved about once every 2 weeks, and now I was looking in the mirror to see not only a seriously thick 5 O'clock shadow, but fuller cheeks and just a tiny bit of a receding hairline! I closed my eyes and pinched myself. It didn't work. I still looked and felt like I'd aged 8 years overnight! I looked like I was bulking up and getting not only thicker, but taller too. It was a good thing I was wearing a robe, because I knew my clothes wouldn't fit.

When I returned with our pipes, he told me to light up, as if nothing had changed. I reminded him, in the daze that I was experiencing, what I had noticed, and he told me to just relax and smoke my pipe. He told me that many young guys experience puberty at such rapid progression. I believed him. He also said that he'd like to become my official legal guardian. He said that we would need to do the paperwork fast, since he felt that I was going to mature so rapidly, I might not be recognized by the staff at the Boys Home before too long. I was told that I would be tutored at home. Before even a week went by, and after fully breaking in about 7 new pipes, I was legally his boy, so to speak.

I woke up exactly one week later since my last transformation, and I felt really, really strange. I felt every muscle and fiber in my body ache. Like I had stretched and contorted all night. The first thing that I could think of was to go to the bathroom and piss. I groaned, looked at my reflection as I started to reach in my shorts, and the entire world seemed to come to a halt!

What I saw in the mirror defied any scientific explanation. I had a thick, dark, and extremely full beard on my face! My forehead was much larger, no, I was starting to go bald! I was not just looking alot older and far more hairy than I ever thought I could, but I was looking so much like Dr, Gary, that noone would ever believe that I really wasn't his son! My chest had so much hair on it, that I thought I was looking at a Dr, Gary, not a mirror! I looked at by belly, and noticed that I'd put on about 20 pounds while I slept. I had a definate Bears gut! I had to piss so badly, that I reached in my pants and grabbed my dick for the zillionth time, and I felt ALOT more flesh there than I ever did! I looked down, pulled down my boxers, and saw that my cock had grown to such thickness and length that I could not use just one hand to aim at the toilet. I lifted up my cock with both hands, and it was heavy. It looked even more different than just being much larger, I had a foreskin on my cock! It completely covered the head of my dick and extended into about an inch of overhang. This was way too much! I was circumcized. How could this be? This new cock of mine was the most awesome tool I'd ever seen. I wondered if Dr. Gary's was like that. I looked at the mirror again to notice that hairs had grown on my shoulders and my back.

All this was happening, and yet I was overcome with only one thought: I HAD to smoke a pipe. Not just any pipe, I needed the heaviest, largest pipe I could get my hands on. I knew that just an average sized bowl full would not be enough. I walked to the kitchen in a daze, and he was there, with a big grin on his face. "Sleep well, Jim? Here, I just got you a very special new pipe that will make you feel alot better and more awake." I couldn't even speak. I just looked at him with this expression that I can't describe to you now.

Finally, I feverishly grabbed the pipe and lit it. I couldn't believe how incredible the smoke tasted to me. I almost had an orgasm as the smoke filled my mouth and how incredibly natural the big pipe felt clenched in my teeth. The dazed and freaked feeling began to rapidly subside. He looked at me and asked me what was bothering me. "Can't you see what's happened to me? Look at me! I'm starting to actually look like I could be your son. I look like I'm at least 30! I shaved yesterday and I have a beard that would surprise Grizzly Adams! I couldn't take this pipe out of my mouth if I tried! What's happened to me?"

He looked at me and, after a long pause and a very long pull on his pipe, he spoke. "You wanted to be a man, and now you are. You thought that you were old enough to smoke a pipe, so now you not only look like a pipeman, I've turned you into a truly a serious pipesmoker. You always will be. Just wait until the month is finished, you think that you look like a man now, just wait! You're gonna be the hottest, hairiest, and most virile pipesmoking Bear you've ever seen!" I could not believe anything that was happening. I began to stutter, and asked, My......my, uh.....Your cock look a little different to ya? Yeah, that's the best part. I've given you a nice Daddy cock. I plan on even making it a little thicker, not quite as big as my own cock, but I want you to have one off the hottest pieces of Daddymeat around. I might even give you a longer foreskin, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

I noticed that my cock had become at least 10 inches long. It was thick and heavy. Everytime I lit up a pipe, I would get hard and feel the most incredible desire to smell and lick flesh that was not unlike my own new self.

"Since you're a man now, I think it's time to enjoy what only a man can give another man. I'm gonna make you my hot and hairy pipe slave. You are going to do what I say, you're going to suck my cock, and since I've already made you one of the most avid pipesmokers there ever was, I'm going to enjoy fucking you all the more! Now, grab my hard dick and feel what it's like to feel a man." I put my palm on his basket. I thought that my new big cock was impressive! His was HUGE! I suddenly felt so attracted to this man, and so incredibly horny, that it seemed like I would do anything he said. I had never had sex with anyone in my life, and now all I could think about was pleasing this man! Did he also make me gay? I knew that I had entertained the possibility of sex with a partner before, but now I knew that all I wanted was men. I knew that I was now made only for the love and passion from men. Beards, fur, the sound of a really deep voice, and lots and lots of testosterone!

"Put it in your mouth as if your sucking on a big cigar and suck it furiously until I shoot so forcefully down your throat that you feel the back of your neck thumped!"

He put his pipe in his mouth and moaned as I choked and gagged on his huge cock. I also could not believe how amazing and huge his balls were! They were not just any set of nuts, they looked like they belonged on a bull. "Oh, yeah, Boy! Swallow my hard cock! You like that, don't you? Your throat was made for this big Daddy cock. Oh, yeah, suck it good. I can feel my Boy loving every second of this! Yeah, you're my Pipe slave alright. You're gonna get another surprise in a minute when I shove my big, fat dick in your ass. Would you like that? You wanna feel your Daddy's dick buried deep in your hole? Yeah, you're gonna love it so much, you won't want me to take it out! I'm gonna cum on you and make you fully mine. I'm gonna mark you with my manjuice, and then you will fully be mine. You want that? You want Daddy to cum on you and make you his Boy forever?"

I could only moan at first, then the very thought of that was making me feel like exploding all over the place. He stopped for just a second and told me to take some long puffs on his pipe. I did as he asked, and then he reached down and touched my balls.

Then he pulled his hand away from them. I suddenly felt something strange happenning to my ballsac. "You feel something going on down there, Jim? Look down and grab your balls. I think you're gonna like this." He slowly pulled himself out of my mouth and I did what he said. I cupped my nuts in my hands and saw something incredible happen. I watched as my balls grew larger and larger. They were becoming heavy in my hands, and hanging really low. The next thing I knew, I had a set of bullballsjust like him. "Now I gave you a mans set of nuts, Boy. When you cum, you're not gonna believe how much cum can shoot outta your cock. You'll spray and spay just like me. You ready for that? You ready for me to make you my Boy?" Oh, shit I was!

He shoved his cock back into my hungry mouth and told me to suck it good. I did! I sucked and swallowed his huge dick until I thought it would hit my stomach.

"I'm getting ready to cum, Boy! Oh, yeah, Boy! Daddy's gonna give you his load! Jack your cock, son. Jack it good. I you need to cum to! Are you ready, Boy? Oh YEAH! YEAH, you're my pipeBoy! That's right, Pipeboy, suck it good! Oh FUCK YEAH! AHHHHH!"

I felt the most incredible feeling in my nuts in the world! He sprayed squirt after powerful squirt down my throat as I shot too. It was not an orgasm I thought I could ever have! My body tensed and shook as his was, and I didn't think I'd ever quit cumming! More and more shot out and we both trembled and shook.

"You're Daddy's Pipeboy now, Jim! Did you like that? Do you think you're gonna like being a real Manboy now? "

"Oh, yes, Sir! Oh, fuck! Look at all this cum! I can't believe this!"

He just looked at me and laughed. "You don't think we're finished, do you, Boy? Now for the best part. I'm going to fuck your furry hole and make it hard for you to walk for a while. You ready for that? I'm going to fuck you up the ass and fill you with more cum than you just saw errupt from my Daddy dick. Bend over!"

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