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Kevin Earns Money

Kevin's mom read the ad several times and decided it just might be the thing for her 12 year old son. The local clothing manufacturer, ChubbWear was looking to expand their teenage clothing line and had advertized for some slender children who would gain weight so they could go through all the sizes of clothing. Kevin was not fat and hadn't been chubby since he was a baby, but he was a bit more wild than his mom would have preferred since she had divorced his dad, and he wanted something to do to earn money. She called the company and talked with Linda in the product marketing division. Linda said ChubbWear would pay the kids $200 per week to test their new clothes, but they would have to agree to the following terms: 1) wear the clothes exclusively, 2) take the special medicine provided by the company, and 3) spend most days in the company's center for observation.The parents understood that the medicine would stimulate the boy's appetites so they should be prepared to feed the kids as much as they possibly could so that they would gain. Since it was summer vacation, Kevin's mom saw no problem with the conditions, so she told Linda she'd talk with Kevin and see if he was interested.

When Kevin came in from bike riding for lunch his mom showed him the ad. "You've got to be kidding. I'm not a fatty and I'm not going to hang out with a bunch of fat kids!" Kevin yelled at his mom. "$200 per week couldn't change your mind? Besides, if anybody saw you, you could tell them you're doing it for profit, and not because you're just getting fat." "How much?" Kevin asked? After his mom told him again, he asked what exactly he'd have to do. She then told him about her conversation with Linda. Kevin wasn't thrilled with the idea, but heck, $200 would buy a lot of Nintendo cartridges and skateboard and bmx stuff. "How many weeks would I do this?" His mom said she didn't know, but if he wanted, they could go visit Linda and discuss it. Kevin agreed, so his mom made an appointment to visit Linda at ChubbWear. When Kevin and his mom got to ChubbWear, Linda showed them the new products they wanted to test.

There were a lots of really rad looking clothes that ranged from fairly normal sized to some that would have fit a small hippo. Kevin asked if he had to act like a fat kid or was he just supposed to wear the clothes. Linda said he could act like he normally did, but that he'd have to eat all the special food. Kevin said he never overate, but Linda said that the food was really great and that she would give him something to help his appetite and he could eat or not eat as much as he felt like. Linda also mentioned that he would need to spend several hours a day at the ChubbWear center so they could observe him and record his progress. While part of Kevin's brain kept saying "Get the hell out of here!" another part kept saying $200 a week. Kevin asked Linda how many weeks would he do this. Linda said she would like him there for at least4 weeks. Kevin quickly figured out the money and said "800 dollars!" He was sold! He asked his mom what she thought. His mom was delighted. She had thought Kevin would never go along with the idea. She also had some private thoughts about Kevin's not having to get really fat, but maybe if he gained just a little weight it would slow him down and he wouldn't be so wild. She told Kevin she wanted to discuss the details with Linda, so Kevin left the room while the two ladies worked out the arrangements.

When they left, Kevin had several packages to take into the house. His mom said he was to start right away, Kevin took the packages to his room and found they contained the coolest set [pants, shirt and vest] he'd ever seen. They were really comfortable too. A little big but he liked his cloths a little big. After he showed off the clothes to his mom, she gave him a little white pill and a big glass of chocolate milk. The milk was good and cold and sweet. A little thick but really good, and Kevin drank it all. Then he went out to play, but put a copy of the contract in his wallet. When his mom asked why he needed it, Kevin said when he got fat he'd need to prove he was doing it to make money, and not because he was a slob. His mom smiled and thought to herself, "For now anyway. We'll see."

After Kevin had been out for a while riding his bike, he realized he was hungry. Knowing that he had to gain weight to get paid, he said goodbye to his friends, telling them he had to do some errands for his mom. Nobody had noticed his new clothes yet. On his way home the urge got stronger so he stopped in front of a BaskenRobbins and went in. He'd never been that much of an ice cream fan so all the choices sort of confused him but he sure was hungry. He asked the teenaged guy behind the counter what was his favorite and to just make him one of them. So, in just a few minutes Kevin was sitting at a booth scarfing down a double banana split. Keven couldn't believe he was sitting there shoveling all this ice cream down but it sure tasted good.

When he got home, he told his mom he was hungry. Mom was thrilled and took him to the dining room Kevin was surprised to see she had cooked enough to be a Thanksgiving dinner. There was piles of fried chicken, mounds of mashed potatos, gravy, corn on the cob, rolls, a stick of real butter handy by his plate, and he thought he smelled the fragrance of apple pie coming from the kitchen Kevin sat down at the table and his mom first looked him over to get a clear picture of her slender son in her brain. Then she did something she hadn't done since he was a toddler. She started helping his plate for him, piling on more food than any three boys could have eaten. Before he'd realized it, Kevin had cleaned his plate and was halfway through seconds. Kevin finished that and asked his mother if he could have dessert before he got too full. She looked a little hurt that he wasn't going to have thirds but went into the kitchen and emerged with a huge slab of steaming pie that had a big scoop of ice cream on top. Kevin couldn't believe his mom was cooking like this. She hadn't done much more than zap frozen things in the microwave since his dad left. After dinner, Kevin waddled to his room and plopped down infront of his TV to play Nintendo.

After a few hours, his mother came in and told him it was time for bed. She had another little white pill and a big glass of chocolate milk for him. He started to protest that he wasn't hungry but that wasn't exactly true. Kevin gulped down the thick sweet milk and one hand slipped down to his belt where to his surprise he noticed that the pants which were so loose that morning weren't all that loose anymore. Kevin stripped down to his underware, brushed his teeth, and got ready for bed. This had been one weird day but he just thought about all that money he was going to have and looked like some cool clothes too as he rubbed his tight belly and drifted 
off to sleep.

The next morning Kevin woke up to the sound of his stomach growling. The medicine had worked and Kevin was starving. The smell of bacon filled the house. He threw on the new sweats that were laid out for him at the foot of his bed and padded toward the aroma of food. There was bacon and sausage and pancakes and a big glass of chocolate milk and a little white pill beside his plate. Kevin wasted no time digging into his breakfast. As soon as he finished a stack of pancakes, his mom had more fresh off the griddle plopped on his plate and was pouring melted butter and syrup over them. Kevin lost count but after a while his stomach started to feel rather tight and full so he pushed his plate away. His mom just pointed to the pill still next to his plate and refilled his glass with chocolate milk. Kevin somehow managed to drink it all without bursting and sat a the table dazed just rubbing the round tight belly that stuck out several inches over his pants thinking about nothing in particular for a long time before he struggled to his feet and waddled to the bathroom to take care of an urgent call of nature.

After breakfast she took him to ChubbWear center. Linda took Kevin and introduced him to Michelle, who was in charge of the center. Kevin met Dave and Scotty who also were participating in the study. Michelle told the boys they could play with any of the games there and there were lots of good ones too, including a Sega and some other games. As the boys settled down to their video games, Kevin noticed that the other guys weren't huge fat boys like he expected. They were all just about his build and both wearing some really nice clothes that looked brand new. The boys played video games and watched TV all day and some of the center assistants kept bringing in snacks: platters of cookies and brownies, donuts, little sandwiches, juice, pop, chocolate milk and ice cream. It was all good and Kevin was kind of hungry and it was a little boring just being there all day playing games so Kevin didn't really notice just how much food he put away and he kept reminding himself about the $200. Pretty soon it was time to go home.

Dinner was another feast and Kevin dug in with gusto. Before he even realized it, he'd finished thirds and was starting on dessert like it was the normal thing to do. After dinner, he took his medicine and settled down to watch TV until time for bed. By nine o'clock, Kevin was getting hungry so he wasn't even surprised when his mother brought him a big bowl of ice cream and a package of cookies. Bedtime finally rolled around and Kevin took his nighttime pill with a big glass of that thick chocolate milk he seemed to be getting so much of.

When she tucked Kevin into bed that night, she laid a candy bar on the night stand next to him without saying anything. Kevin didn't say anything, but after she left he put it in his mouth. Later, his mom looked in on him and saw him sleeping with the candy wrapper still clutched in his hand. She then called Dave and Scott's moms on a three way call and they discussed their growing boys. They were all surprised at how well the medicine was working to stimulate the boy's appetites and at how much they were able to eat. None of the boys had gotten into any trouble since they'd started the program and if they kept eating like they had been the past three days, it wouldn't be long till they'd be so fat they wouldn't cause any trouble at all.

The next day at the ChubbWear center, Kevin didn't tell Dave or Scott how much he'd been eating or how much he liked it; but he didn't know that Davy and Scotty had also succumbed to the treatment. All three boy's stomachs were so stuffed with food that they stuck out even though they weren't really fat yet. Then as the days went by Kevin started noticing that every morning that although his stomach had srunk from the previous day's gorging that it was getting fatter and rounder. He noticed that Dave's belly has started lapping over his belt and that Scott's thighs had gotten so big they rubbed together and made him waddle a little when he walked.

Over the next several weeks, the three boys played regularly at the center, and occasionally would spend a night at each other's house. All three became totally hooked on food and soon were gaining at the rate of two pounds a day. Their moms were quite pleased because the boys all had become much more well behaved. One day Kevin was playing with Glenn and Bill one day when his new tshirt rode up a little and they noticed his belly sticking out over his belt. They started laughing at him, calling him a fatso, until Kevin showed them the copy of the contract he carried around. Glenn and Bill were shocked to see how much money Kevin was making and decided that, if anything, Kevin was a pretty smart to take advantage of a deal like that: all that money and new clothes every day.

By the time the 4 weeks were over, Kevin had gained 75 pounds. Scott's and Dave's moms had been just as successful; so they desided that having a really fat boy for a son wasn't such a bad thing. So they told Michelle it was okay feed the boys as much as possible. Michelle brought in a nurse who had the boys swallow these clear plastic tubes which were attached to big bottles of thick milky liquid hung near their recliner chairs. The guys at first didn't like it. Although they were all really fat and had gained so quickly that while they could still walk around the center, they really couldn't run any more. But they were all so hungry, and it was kind of nice to be able to take care of their hunger without even having to bother to eat something. And who wanted to run around all the time anyway. So they for the next two weeks they boys spent their days at the center lying in their chairs, playing video games, napping, and being pumped full of thousands and thousands of calories. When they left the center in the evening, they were treated to their nightly feasts and snacked in front of the TV until bedtime.

Near the end of the sixth week the boys had all topped 275 pounds, and Linda came in to talk with the boys and their parents about another opportunity. Since the testing had gone so well, ChubbWear was ready to distribute the new products, and they wanted the boys to participate in print and television ads. They would be paid even better than before. All three quickly agreed.

In a few weeks, Glenn and Bill were watching TV when they saw an ad for ChubbWear. There were Kevin, Scott, and Dave, who all weighed well over 300 pounds by now, riding their bmx bicycles, playing ball, and doing other typical guy things. The announcer was talking about how children with weight problems had trouble finding clothes and how ChubbWear had a solution. The scene shifted to Kevin in his bedroom and Kevin was standing in front of a walk-in closet full of cool looking clothes. Kevin removed his shirt and Glenn and Bill's mouths fell open when they saw how obese Kevin was. He looked like a 12 year old sumo with a big round belly that hung wabbling several inches over his belt and tits that started under both his swollen arms and rested on top of his bloated belly. Kevin selected a really cool new shirt from the closet and started putting it on saying how he was much happier that he didn't have to worry about what to wear because all the clothes from ChubbWear were so cool and fit him so well. The scene then shifted to Scott's mom showing Scott in his backyard waddling around their swimming pool and talking about how ChubbWear made swim suits that fit even her growing boy so he wasn't ashamed to go to the pool anymore. The final scene showed all three boys dressed in ChubbWear sets playing Nintendo.

Glenn and Bill decided that those guys had guts for going going on TV fat as they had gotten, and it was cool that they'd made a lot of money and had all the new clothes and all but they were glad they weren't fat like that. But deep down inside, both boys wished they were...

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