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L & H Escorts Epilogue

Epilogue; two years later:

"L&H Escorts; how can our big boys serve you?”

Alex was updating the stable profiles. He and Scott had been life and business partners for two years now. Duke’s had folded a year ago. Alex looked at the new ad on the back of "The Beat” while he listened to the nervous caller. A big shirt less bear had his right index finger up to the third joint inside his navel, eyeing the camera. He filled the page. "Our big boys know what you need.” 

Todd was one of their top dogs. He had left Duke’s when he stopped purging and kept binging and hit 190. They had stopped giving him as many referrals. Typical Todd, still thought he was a god (he was) and knew he needed a new audience. At 241, he was still getting fatter, and his regulars list was growing. If Todd would let him, Alex could schedule him 24-7. He had outstripped his old records over at Dukes. Best of all, Todd was actually a nice guy now. Seems he wasn’t cranky any more since he wasn’t throwing up all the time, he looked better than ever, and he and Alex had become friends. Todd’s new greeting was: "Look man, look how its hangin! I’ve gotcha beat!” Todd still had to one up ya. Just like queer-bashing teens; seems like the ones who give the most grief are the closet cases. Alex didn’t mind Todd’s belly outgrowing his, Alex wasn’t a gainer. His pride was Scott.

Alex and Scott had developed more than a mutual lust for each other of course, even though that was how they got started. Alex had found that stubborn 5 pounds he once worked so hard to lose, the 5 extra Scott had wished for, and Alex was happy with that. It had filled in right around his navel, where it always reappeared, preserving that perfect cone, deeper, wider, extending his noontime shadow by an inch. Since he no longer believed the myth that jocks only went for other jocks any more, he threw away his diet plans for good. Scott was happy with Alex’s gain too, so long as Alex wasn’t shy about where Scott could nibble. This seemed like Alex’s natural weight. Course, he could never again squeeze into those jeans he wore on the night they met. For the first time in his life, this didn’t scare or worry Alex. For his part, Scott had worked hard at putting on some more muscle; chest, arms, butt. And he stopped shaving his chest and belly at Alex’s request. Now they were each other’s version of a truly sexy man. They both wore tight shirts to show off their assets. When they hugged, there was a ying-yang way their bodies fit together, puzzle-pieces. Friends didn’t seem to care that these guys were physical opposites, they just noticed the glow between them. 

With Scott at his side, or sometimes on his own walking through the park on a nice summer day, Alex took off his shirt. He had a great tan now. He stopped hearing the people who sniggered or made rude remarks, and he started noticing the people who gave him approving looks and hints. The comments hadn’t changed, but he had. He was free now. Scott was too. His eyes had stopped roaming. Because Alex would always be more man than Scott could handle. Scott told him this almost daily. Scott’s big arms wrapped around Alex every morning, with both thumbs sunk deep in that delicious belly button. Alex was Scott’s pride. And, on top of that, Alex was helping people. Life was good.

"Um,” came another nervous voice on the other end. "I’m new to this...”
Good, thought Alex, another newbie, another closet door opens. My life is good.

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