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Love, Gaining, and Maturing
17 year old Jason was looking forward to his summer vacation that his rich wealth and privilege was going to accord him. He really did have it made.

Jason, who had just finished his junior year at high school, was arguably the most popular kid at school, truly gorgeous with nary a pimple in site, with a great athletic body that enabled him to be captain of the softball team, and the star player on the basketball team as well, not to mention president of the student council. He seemed to the embodiment of a young Tom Cruise.

His family had always been filthy rich, residing in a great big mansion, and Jason certainly thought well of himself - to put it mildly. He often told people how great he was and bragged of his accomplishments. The girls would do anything to date him, the guys anything to be him. But Jason wasn't that nice to those that weren't so perfect like him. He made fun of the fat kids, the nerds and the geeks on a regular basis, just for the fun of it. Anyway, Jason thought, they deserve it because they are SO pathetic.

Jason knew he was going to have the BEST senior year ever, but that wasn't for a few months - first he was going to spend the best summer ever in France. He would be staying in an exclusive high-class villa. At that villa he met the person who would turn his life around completely. His name was Jean and he was a few years older than Jason at 21 and he was, as it turned out, a phenomenally gifted chef in training at one of the France's best cooking colleges. He also lived at the villa.

Jason had never met anyone like this before. When their eyes met it was like magic - there was an instant attraction and they immediately began a close friendship. Jason had always been up front with his cockiness and as he began describing himself and his position at school and how cool he was, Jean corrected him and made him see how mean and selfish he had been acting to his classmates.

Jason had never met anyone as kind or sweet or understanding as Jean, he had fallen completely in love and under the spell of this charming Frenchman. He believed Jean and realized that he been wrong to behave the way he used to - he promised Jean he would change.

"I hope so." Jean said. "You are a long way from maturing and it may take you a long while to truly discover your humanity."

Jean was also falling in love with Jason, and they began to spend all their time together - every moment - and as Jean was always working on getting recipes right, he was always cooking food and baking cakes and tarts and cookies and all the best dishes in the world, all day long. And since they were always together, Jason tried to assist Jean, but mostly what he did was sample all of Jean's concoctions - all day long mind you. In fact, Jean often used to feed Jason his tarts and cookies right into his mouth and say, 'You like? Have another one, my cupcake.'

Jason was so hopelessly and deliriously in love and drunk with happiness in Jean that he didn't notice that he had been gaining weight while he was in France. After the first month, Jean did notice and thought to himself, 'WOW Jason is really packing on the pounds from eating all my cooking - he must have gained 30 pounds this first month! I had better make him stop eating all my dishes. But on the other hand... Jason is looking hotter than ever with this added weight. It makes him look so cute and much sweeter. But Jason is so incredibly vain. He lives for his looks - they are everything to him. I must stop his eating! But wait, in order for Jason to mature I think that this would be a great life-lesson for him to learn. To go from being Mr. Perfect Heavenly Bod, to a more average down to earth physique.'

Jean decided to not say anything to Jason about his increasing chubbiness. In fact, Jean began to cook even fattier and sweeter concoctions to feed to Jason, and Jean began to delight in seeing Jason gain such a jiggly belly and prominent double chin. It made him so aroused and their passionate lovemaking was stronger and wilder than ever. Jean was constantly telling Jason how gorgous he looked and the two were so into each other it was as though time stood still, especially for Jason. Jason had completely forgotten his other life and indeed his other personality as well. He had altered his mindset and now was open and not judgmental. Jean began to feel a bit guilty because now the 2 and a half month summer vacation was nearing its end, and Jason had undergone a transformation that had Jean breathless with love and admiration but also kind of nervous too.

Jason, who at 5ft 11 had arrived in Paris weighing 150 pounds, had ballooned to 225 pounds and indeed since he had not worked out all during his stay in Paris, Jason had really gained weight everywhere on his body. His arms had thickened incredibly as had his thighs and legs, and his face had really blown up with fat, and with the massive change in Jason's diet, came the arrival of some major acne as well on Jason's face. His new belly was quite flabby and round and too big to hide under any shirt now. Gone was his once washboard abs and in place were jiggle lovehandles.

One day, Jean said to Jason "You're going home in a week and a half, aren't you?"

At that moment, Jason was rocked back to earth from his heavenly romance with Jean, and all of a sudden began to realize that he would be going home soon. Said he "Home! Oh my god! How could I forget that it was coming so soon! I need a mirror - Jean, take me to a mirror - quick!"

Jean grabbed Jason by the shoulders and said, "Jason, get a hold of yourself! You don't need a mirror." Jean grabbed a big portion of Jason's flab from his stomach "You're FAT now Jason! You have to accept this. You don't look anything like the Jason who first came to Paris. You have plumped up big time from eating all my cooking I think. I'm sorry - I should have never let you eat all of it, but it was so much fun feeding you! And in truth, I find you better looking than ever. Truly all this extra flab enhances your hot looks more than ever! Even your pimples are cute!

"Oh my god, don't tell me I am breaking out too!" Jason began to whimper in Jeans' arms. "How am I gonna face them all back home and in school?!"

"Like the MAN that you have become, Jason!" Jean exclaimed. "Like the man that I have fallen in love with and become so proud of because he changed how he looked at everybody else. So stop crying and be proud of who you are now! When the people back home get to know the new you who has changed so much, believe me they will be better for it and love you!"

Jason had no choice but to believe Jean, and they had a tearful goodbye at the airport.

The first day of being a senior did not go as Jason had anticipated, back when he had finished his junior year. It was a nightmare. Jason was greeted by loud shocked gasps and laughter everywhere he went. His cool clique dropped him immediately. He was kicked off the softball and basketball team for being too fat, and when he had vainly tried to prove that he could still play basketball, it turned out to be a humiliating fiasco in front of the team and his coach as they all laughed at him huffing and puffing dribbling and running with the ball.

"I'll show them when I dunk this basket," he thought, but as he came up to the basket and jumped, one of his former teammates cruelly lifted Jason's shirt right off, and then they howled with laughter as they all saw that the abs of steel that Jason used to brag about had now become cinnamon buns of flab, and as Jason tried to get his shirt back they played monkey in the middle with it, laughing as they kept watching Jason jump to catch it and his wobbly belly bounce and jiggle up and down. One of the guys then took off right and ran with it right into the lunch room, which was filled to capacity. Jason followed and when all the school saw Jason without his shirt on they screamed with laughter and Jason left the school in tears, not attending for the rest of the month!

He refused to, and having raised him as spoiled brat, his parents didn't know what to do about it. All Jason did that September was EAT EAT EAT, and cry about how he missed Jean. By the end of the month, Jason had ballooned to 260 pounds and now was seriously fat.

Jason's parents decided to fly Jean over from France and have him live with Jason in the mansion since Jason loved him so much. Well, seeing Jean worked, Jason was so happy he burst into tears and gave Jean a big hug when he saw him, and Jean was very worried about Jasons state, even as he felt himself getting a huge hard on at Jason much fatter body was pressed against his. Now that they were both together though, Jason began to feel better about things, and he now realized how much his taunts and teasing had hurt others, and Jason relocated to another school to finish his senior year off, and to say it all was a humbling and incredible learning experience for Jason is an understatement. But now he could handle anything with Jean, and he even began to admire his much fattened body, after all since Jean was so turned on by it, it must be sexy right? And they lived happily ever after.

The End

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