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Matt's Summer at Camp
Matt was 16 and just finishing his sophomore year in high school. Matt had always been a jock but always just a little on the skinny side about 5'11" and only about 135 pounds, very skinny. I late april Matt recives a letter in the mail from Summer Camp for Athletic boys" inviting him to spend the entire summer at camp. He thought it would help him get ready for football in the fall. Matt went to school the next day and asked his friends if they also recived the letter but none of the others had. Not wanting to brag he failed to tell his jocky friends that he would also have a "personal trainer". 

School came to an end and Matt was off for the summer at camp. The bus pulled up to a charming summer camp but something was missing; there was no athletic equipment to be found. Matt got off of the bus and saw a hefty man holding a sign with his name on it. He walked over and the man said 

"You must be Matt, my name is Nate and you are my special project this summer. you should feel very special." 

"Cool, i cant wait" replied Matt.
At that the walked together to the gathering hall for welcoming and rules. As the campers filed into the gathering hall a huge man walked across the stage and took his place at the mic. Matt thought to himself how weird it was that all of the people that worked at this camp where over weight. 

"Welcome" boomed the big man "We are gunna have some great fun this summer i just know it but before that we need to know the rules. But before i tell you that you should know that the second you walked through the gate you became ours and you are in for the ride of your life. Now on to rules. 1. you must do as you are told by your councilors' 2. you must eat every meal and snack and attend every scheduled activity in your day. 3. you must take at least one 2 hour nap a day, and finaly 4. bed time is 10pm and your are not allowed out of bed until 10 am. Now for the fun, we are going to start the summer with a milk shake drinking contest."

All the boys walked over to the mess hall and took their places at long tables with milkshakes all over them taking up every inch of every table. Matt's spot had a name tag because all the shakes around him had been spiked by Nate with a strong appetite booster to ensure that he drink a lot. Unknown to the campers each milkshake contained 3200 calories, the number of calories required to gain one pound of fat. 

"On your marks...get set...DRINK" and at that the boys started to drink. Matt chugged his first milkshake and began to feel hungrier than he had before and he drank and drank and drank. 10 15 20. He looked arround and saw that there where only a few left drinking. 25 there where 2 left, 27 the other dropped out. Nate whispered in his ear "do 30, set a record". So he did and slammed 30 milkshakes. 

By this time Matt was very tired and full he looked down at his bloated belly and was amazed that he drank that much. It was 9:30 and everyone walked to their cabins and went to bed.


The next morning Matt was awoken at 10 am by Nate telling him that it was time for breakfast. Matt found that it was very hard to lift him self so he sat on the edge of the bed, wiped the sleep out of his eyes and looked down. In amazement said "Oh my god!!! Where did that come from!?!?" Nate laughed "Good start kid, ur still too skinny though" Matt pulled on a pair of basket ball shorts they where a little snug as was he t-shirt which reviled the 30ish pound gain from the night before. Over night Matt went from a slender 130 pounds to an almost chubby 160. Matt looked in the mirror and saw that his face had slightly filled out just as the rest of his body had. He also noticed that he was starving so he and Nate walked to the mess hall for breakfast. 

Matt walked in first and was amazed by the feast that was laid out before him. He sat down and gorged for an entire hour on bacon, eggs, ham, hash browns, and the protine shakes from the night before. After breakfast Nate told him that it was time to see a movie. Matt and Nate walked to the movie theater and found a seat close to the front. Matt sat down and Nate went to get a bucked that was meant for pop corn but instead was filled with popcorn butter 

"Drink" said Nate. Matt didn't say anything he just drank and for 2 hours did nothing but watch "Super Bad" and drink butter. 

Lunch was just as amazing as breakfast with pizza and brownies and milkshakes everywhere. Matt sat there and pigged out for the next two hours. After lunch Matt found himself exhausted and took his daily nap. he woke up to Nate telling him that it was time to go to the bakery. Matt thought to him self "I could get used to this but I hope i can still play football when school starts" 

Matt and Nate arrived at the bakery and Nate told Matt to sit in a recliner and open his mouth. Nate shoved cake after dough nut into his mouth for about an hour each one filled with appetite booster to make sure that Matt would eat a hefty dinner. At 6 o'clock the bell rang for dinner and the now chubbier boys filed into the mess hall which was filled with deep fried everything and Matt was as hungry as he would be if he hadn't eaten in a week. He gorged himself with everything in sight, he didn't even take time to use a fork he just shoveled the food into his mouth, and Nate made sure that Matt always had something fattening within reach. After two hours of dinner, desert was brought out. Matt's mouth watered. Every cake and treat you could imagine was set before the boys and with only 2 hours before bed time they went to town. 10pm rolled around too fast and Matt went to bed for the night completely stuffed.

Matt woke up the next morning at 10 o'clock and found that once again that it was very difficult to get himself out of bed and that he was very lazy feeling, so he lifted his new softer body out of the bed and cought his reflection in the mirror he saw his new 185 lb body with its blooming man boobs larger soft thighs and huge new soft gut. "Holy Jeeze" he said to himself "where did that come from?" He did not like that he was getting to be fat but also knew that he didn't have a choice but he thought to himself that he would escape that night. Matt spent the day sitting around being fed by Nate the whole day untill bed time. All day he had thought of how he would get out and finally he decided to scale the fence. 

Once everyone had been in bed for about an hour he made his move and exited his cabin and made his way to a part of the fence which was dark and out of plain sight. But not known to him, the whole camp was wired so the second he left the cabin he was being tailed. When he reached the fence he noticed that he was winded from only a 100 yd walk; that was odd for him so he took a break before he started his climb. All of the sudden Matt felt a strong man grab his arm, a prick in the other one and he fell straight to sleep.

Matt woke up about an hour later to a brightly light room and bound to a chair with a tube hanging from the ceiling. Nate entered the room. "You know Matt that was the wrong thing to do if you didn't want to get fat now you will be 10x fatter than you would have otherwise". Matt started to panic he loved his athletic body and didn't want to give it up but now there was nothing he could do

Nate slid the tube into matt's mouth and sent gaining fluid down into matt's expanding gut. 

At first Matt gaged on the fast flowing liquid entering his mouth until Nate told him to breath through his nose. From then on he just kept up with the quick flow of liquid that was steadily filling up his expanding gut. After about an hour Nate removed the tube from Matt's mouth and Matt fell straight to sleep. Matt woke the next morning to find that he was still restrained to the same chair. Nate walked in with a smile and said "good morning sunshine. Ready for breakfast." Matt didn't reply. "well you don't have a choice. Here it comes" Nate went on and put the tube back in his mouth but this time the flow was a little faster. Matt just kept on swallowing. After about a week of 5 a day force feedings Matt found that he now had an enormous appetite and had gained about 30 more pounds. When Matt was finally freed form his chair he caught his reflection in the mirror he saw that his moobs sagged onto his squishy belly and he noticed a nice double chin that had sprouted under his once chiseled face. He also noticed how hungry he was so Nate and Matt walked to the mess hall for breakfast. Matt went to town and didn't care he just piled everything in with about 5 shakes but since he was still being punished he had to spend his day in bead with his gaining tube, but he no longer resented it he now liked it because he loved that full feeling without having to put forth any effort. By the end of 2 months matt had ballooned to 250 pounds and was lazier than ever, he still had another extreme month of camp left to go. 

The first half of August was a mixed blessing for Matt he loved being full and loved laying around all day, but he soon found that it was hard to get out of the bed. After exploding to 300 pounds Matt found it hard to walk up steps or see his toes. Nate looked at him proud and realized that they still had two weeks to fatten him to the max. So Nate found a bogus excuse to punish Matt by telling him that he was seen running to breakfast one day. Running of any type is strictly forbidden. Nate took Matt by the arm that morning and lead him to another brightly lit room but this one didnt have a comfy recliner in it, it had a hard laboratory table in it with restraints. Matt was tied to the table and a feeding tube was lowered in to his mouth but the fluid that flowed into his mouth this time was slightly different from the last, this time the gaining fluid had twice the calories and had two special enzymes; one designed to attack Matt's metabolism to ensure that he never lost the weight and the other made his appetite grow out of control making him constantly hungry. The warm fluid started rushing into Matt's mouth and he drank and drank, but this time it took him about two hours to become full of to the point of falling asleep. but every day for two weeks Matt would be fed for two hours then take an hour nap and the pattern would repeat it's self until the last day of camp. Matt was let off the table and realized that it was hard to hold his mass up he looked down and realized that he had huge man boobs and an enormous gut the wobbled as he walked (wattled). he looked back and saw that his butt had grown to huge proportions. When he looked in the mirror he saw that he had a round pudgy face, he could no longer distinguish his jawline from the rest of his neck and noticed that he and a nice double chin. He thought to himself "how am i going to go to school like this? Everyone is going to make fun of me and ill never be able to play sports if i dont get this weight off...how much do i weigh now...oh well it dont matter i have a fast metabolism i can lose it by the end of the year." Little did he know that his metabolism was gone and his appetite would not allow him to ever lose any weight or partake and any sport ever again. The last thing all the campers did before getting back on the bus to go back to school the next day and all found that they had all gained at least 100 pounds none were very happy and wondered why this had happened to them. When it was Matt's turn to be weighed the scale read 355 "holy shit!" Matt said out loud but then solemly got on the bus and dreaded school the next day where he would get the shock of his life

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