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Mu Shoo's Fattastic Adventure:I Smell Sex & Food
I dunno if its confusing or not, but Mu Shoo's a Panda, Jack and Don are both grizzly bears. ^_^

Mu Shoo's Fattastic Adventure: I Smell Sex & Food

Don showed up right on time. Jack grinned at the chubby bear. "Heh, he looks like he could be my brother." He said looking the bear up and down. "Only I don't have any brothers I'd wanna sleep with, which is pretty gross actually." He said blushing some.

Mu Shoo hit him on the shoulder. Jack grinned at Mu Shoo sheepishly. "Sorry Moosh, but the guy's hot. I can see why you messed around with him."

Mu Shoo blushes. He didn't know why he told Jack, but he knew it would turn him on. "Just be nice."

Don got closer and grinned some at Jack. "Wow, didn't know bears came in your size." Jack smirked and held out a beefy paw to Don. Don took it and shook it. "Nice to meet you." Jack grinned. "Likewise."

Mu Shoo smirked at Don and Jack interacting. Jack winked at Don, leaned over to Mu Shoo and they kissed eachother good by. Jack gave Don another look and waddled out of the place. Mu Shoo blushed. "He's such a flirt." 

Don smirked and nodded. "Yeah, I noticed." He said and went behind the counter, got his apron on and started cleaning tables. "Heh, when the boss goes out tonight, we should have Jack join us for some closing time fun, eh?"

Mu Shoo blushed. "Really? I know he'd love it, but he might feel weird about raiding a sushi bar. Sushi isn't really his thing." 

Don shrugs. "Eh, I guess we can close and just go to a 24 hour buffet or something. I wanna have some fun with both of you fatsos."

Mu Shoo grins some. "I'll have to call him up after the boss leaves then."

Don smirked. "Good man."

Later that night...

The boss finally left at 9PM. It was great to see him leave at last. Mu Shoo grabs my cell phone and dialed up Jack. He answered right away.

"Hey Jack. I was wondering if you'd like to hang out with Don and me."

"Really, Moosh? Man, I'd love that. Maybe we can get some extra food in him. He's too skinny next to the likes of us."

Mu Shoo chuckles. "I know, really. So you're in?"

Jack laughs. "Of course baby. Count me in."

"Good, come here to Sushi Sushi and we'll go from there."

"Okay, I'll be there. See ya."

And with that Mu Shoo hung up. He grinned some and gave Don the thumbs up. "Its a go, man. Can't wait. It's going to be so much fun."

Don smirks. "Yes it will be."

Fifteen minutes later Jack showed up. Mu Shoo let Jack in and was imediately greeted with a big donut in his mouth. Mu Shoo grins and eats it greedily. Jack grinned at Don and shoved a big cruller into his mouth. Don grinned, eats it and rubs Jack's big belly. He uses his other hand to rub Mu Shoo's belly. "You two sexy fatsos ready for a fun night?"

Don and Jack nodded. Don lead them to a buffet down the street. He payed for all 3 of them and loaded up plates full of food. He sat them down at big booth and started stuffing food into both of their mouths. Don smirked and rubbed their bellies.

Mu Shoo and Jack were really turned on by this. They moaned as they were stuffed like the pigs they were. Don was agressive and shoved lots of foods into their willing mouths. He stuffed them full of mac and cheese, pizza, chicken, pasta salad and so on. With their bellies full of food, Mu Shoo and Jack turned the tables and fed Don full of fatty food. They took turns feeding him pasta and pizza. He moaned from their belly rubs and force feeding him.

All three of the fatsos waddled toward Mu Shoo's and Jack's place. Don was bigger than he was earlier that day. He must've packed on a good 50lbs from his being fed. They made sure he had a lot to eat. Once they were home, they shoved Don onto their large bed and fed him donuts. Jack fed Don while Mu Shoo sucked Don's hard-on. Don came quickly from all this attention.

Don went on to please Mu Shoo and Jack with food and sex too. He force-fed Mu Shoo twinkies while he rode Mu Shoo's big ass. Jack jerked off while he watched. Once Mu Shoo came, Don force fed Jack left over pizza while he decided to ride Jack's ass too. Don came quickly, as did Jack from the pizza and having his ass filled.

With everyone spent, the three fatsos spent the rest of the evening spooning. Don layed between Mu Shoo and Jack who rubbed his belly. They grinned at Don and then eachother. They leaned over Don to kiss. They snuggled close to their new friend and slowly dozed off.

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