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Mu Shoo & Jack: Morning Treats
Knocked out from the night before, my dreams were filled with food and eating. My dreams usually are, but this one was different. Buck and Frank were both force-feeding me donuts and laughing. I ate whatever they gave me until I was too fat to move or speak. The took turns having sex with me--or rather my fat folds. It was kind of hot and disturbing at the same time. 

I woke the next day in our friends' bed. They had their paws on our bellies. I guess they slept that way. The minute Buck and Frank woke up, they masaged our bellies. Moosh was still asleep, but it didn't mean much to them. They were so turned on, but then so was I. These sexy huskies could wake me up any day if it meant being fed and serviced all day.

Frank got up and left the room. Buck smirked and rubbed my belly. "Feel up for some grub fatboy?" He asked. I nodded groggily. Soon Frank came back with a bag. He unloaded the bag on the bed. I froze when I saw the white boxes layed out. They were donuts. They looked so good, but they made me think of my dream. There were a lot of boxes of donuts. Sure Moosh and I would eat them, but the images of my dream scared me.

Frank ripped open a box and plopped right down on my belly and started shoving in donuts. I ate them, but as soon as there was room, he shoved another one in. I tried to watch Moosh and Buck, but I couldn't turn my head much. It seemed like Buck was forcing donuts down Moosh's big gullet as well. I ate down everything Frank stuffed into me. Frank slipped out of his clothes and started rubbing my belly. I blushed upon seeing his hard-on. He pushed my belly which made me burp. He grinned. "Heh, roll over tubby." I grinned some and rolled onto my belly so Frank could ride like the whale I'd become from all of my recent eating. He mounted me and after a few thrusts he rolled off me and told me to roll back over for more food.

After a couple hours of eating and fucking, he lead me to the bathroom while Moosh and Buck finished up their fun. I was in a food and sex haze to notice what he was doing to my sexy panda man. I frowned some and waddled on in. He made me step on the scale. Frank grinned. "You're 1,010 lbs, fatso. Damn. Heh, good job." I grinned and nodded. "Heh, I hate to do this, but Moosh and I better go. We have work to get to." Frank nodded and we went back out. Moosh hefted himself up and grinned at me. He waddled over and hugged eachother. We loved Buck and Frank, but they can both be a bit much sometimes. We only let them help out if we're bored, or in this case, ambushed.

"Heh, we need to get us some new clothes." Moosh said. Buck and Frank lent us some bathrobes for the time being. They barely fit, but it was enough till we got back home. We rolled into our big van out front and headed back home. Once inside the confines of our own home we collapsed together on our big bed.

I sighed and looked at Moosh. "I am sorry big fella. It was kind of hot, huh?" 

The big panda nodded and grinned. "Yep, I am up to 825lbs now. It was more or less worth it. Next time though, lets stay home for Chinese or something." I sighed. 

"Deal, sexy." I said with a grin and drifted off to sleep.


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