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My Creation
The Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I'm doing this once and expecting only one result.

-Don't call me insane.

As I walked into a bar I noticed a young handsome guy sitting all alone. It was time for me to make my move. I made my way to the back of the almost empty bar and sat down next to him. I asked him "Hey, whats your name?". He replied "Mike. What do you want?". "Nothing, I just thought you could use someone to talk to" I answered. I couldn't stop looking at his cute little face and how much I wanted him as my test subject.

As I was fixated on him he said "I came to the bar to get away from people. Now if you can excuse me, I'm going to go grab another drink". I replied "Hold on. How about I buy your drinks and save you the trouble". He said "Fine". A few hours went by and he was wasted. I thought to myself, this was easier than I thought it would be!

I somehow managed to get him to my house not knowing what to do next. I had a special bed made for him down in the basement so I hauled him down there. It was a king size bed that was put on a scale and had a custom toilet in the middle. I heard laughing from Mike as I brought him downstairs. "You have got to be kidding me?" he said. I replied "Nope".

I striped his cloths full of puke off and tied him to the four corners of the bed with an elastic band. His body was in great shape! He had big lean muscles that I wish I had so badly, but a beer belly is good too. All the possibilities I could do with him, but there was only one thing to do.

I weighed him and found that he weighed 170 pounds. I thought maybe tripling that number would be satisfying. Before I forgot, I took his wallet and phone and did what had to be done. I text every person who had text him in the last week so they would all know he was safe. I burnt his wallet and everything in it. Now comes the painful part.

I choose to use a feeding tube because I knew he wouldn't eat the food. I shoved it down his throat, from his nose to his stomach. Then I took a sewing needle and thread a piece of string through the feeding tube and his nose so that If he tried to yank it out he would be in for a surprise.

The next morning came with yelling, Luckily I thought ahead and made the basement sound proof. I was so excited to give my first breakfast to my first bf. I loaded the blender with whatever I could grab my hands on. I estimated around 5000 calories where in that breakfast special. I brought it downstairs and all could hear was a bunch of nasty words.

I simply walked into the room, plugged the feeding tube into the shake, and then sat there. The shake was gone and so was Mike's voice. I loved watching his abs disappear knowing they would never exist again. He wasn't to bloated so I went back upstairs and made another shake.

I hooked up his feeding tube again, but this time, instead of crying, he said "Why?". That one word woke me up from this unbelievable fantasy. I stuttered and replied "I do, I, I don't know". What was I doing to this poor kid who had his whole life ahead of him. By that time, I just needed some time to think so I went to go bye some food. As I went to a fast food place I realized I was going to hell so why stop there? After all It's one man out of seven billion people.

I ordered lunch for me and Mike. Mikes order came up to be thirty dollars! I guess it was a good thing I won the state lottery a few years ago. I got home, threw everything into the blender, and fed it to him. This time there was a clear bloat that grew bigger than my belly! He groaned "Aww it hurts! Make it stop!". Of course I didn't. I followed a routine of feeding him six times a day with 5000 calories or more in each shake. By the end of the first couple of days he threw up, but he got use to getting fed so much. Time went by and so did his muscles His stomach grew and grew making it harder for me to resist.

The month went by so quickly and I couldn't wait to weigh him! He had gained 60 pounds, which seems almost impossible. His love handles now filled in the space between my fingers and the once cute little face had turned round and chubby. He started to grow some man boobs which slightly poked outwards from a side angle. His big muscular arms now lost almost all of it's definition, but they still looked strong.

I could tell in the last couple of days that he had lost all hope as no one had come to look for him. He spent most of his time sleeping and crying which gave me an idea. I asked him "How would you like a TV?". He shook his head yes. I said "I will get you a TV only If we can have sex". He shook his head no, but I didn't take no for an answer.Since he was already naked, I just curled up next to him rubbing his body that once again I wish I had. I wasn't willing to go through, what looked like torture, to look like him, but I knew I was in love with him. The sex was amazing, but it's even better when your partner is forced against their will to do whatever you want.

As I promised I got him a TV and he seemed in a better mood. Another month went by and this time he gained 70 more pounds! I started gaining too but only gained 20 pounds. I realized that force is stronger than will and that I would never let him leave until I was satisfied. Another two months of sex and worship went by and now he was up to 400 pounds.

I started to see that he was fascinated just as much as I was to see how big he could get. And I noticed our relationship getting stronger so I asked him "Would you like me to get those straps of your arms and legs?". He yelled back in disbelief "Yes! Are you serious?" I replied "I am and I truly care about you".

I took out his feeding tube and cut the thread that had now been sealed in his nose to find him breathing easier. One by one, I took the straps of with each one making me think if this was the right thing to do. With the fourth strap off I couldn't hold my breath any longer. "So, how do you like your new body?" I asked.

He sat up noticing it hard to sit at a 90 degree angle. "Interesting. I can't believe you did this all for me" he replied. He turned his thick lumpy legs to the edge of the bed where he tried to stand. I helped him up and couldn't believe what I had made. My creation standing right before my eyes. I said "I love you". He replied "I know". He leaned in for a kiss and I backed away.

"Why are you so nice? Why aren't you calling the cops?" I asked. He replied "Because, that night at the bar I had walked away from my family, my old life. You made a new life for me and I thank you". We kissed, but this time it wasn't through force but through our hearts.

I told him to take a shower because I couldn't stand that smell any longer. I had bought the biggest cloths to fit his surprisingly smooth round belly that covered his dick. I looked like I wasn't even half his size which made me wonder. After he got out of the shower I asked him "Do you think you could help me gain some weight?" I replied. He said "Do you really want this though?". "Yes, anything so that I can be as good as you. I'm never pleased with the way I look. Maybe that's why I used you?".

We both stood there looking at each other as I finally thought I knew how he felt. "Yes, I'll do it" he said. From that point on we've been together ever since, enjoying the wonders of gaining together.

The definition of creation is the process of bringing something into existence.

-Don't call me a creator.

-Call me human. We all make mistakes.

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