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My Dad and I
My name is Kyler. I am a 15 year old teenage guy. Me and my Dad live by ourselves. I have always been a skinny guy, but I guess you could say I’ve been gaining a little recently. I am 90 pounds. My Dad however, is the definition of manliness. He is hairy, slightly muscled, and has a firm figure.

But the best thing about him was his gut. He was 300 pounds, or even a little bit more than that. His gut must have stuck out about a foot from his body. It was really firm and tight, so it was in a huge ball shape, like a beach ball. It never slumped or anything.

One night, I was sitting watching television on the couch. Dad had just got done showering, and toweled off. He grabbed a beer and came in the living room with me. He couldn’t fit the towel around his massive beachball gut, so it just stuck out.

He sat down on the couch, near the end. The towel just fell off, but he didn’t care. He just left it lying on the ground. There he was, sitting next to me, completely naked, drinking a beer, his gut sticking out like a sore thumb.

“Dad, shouldn’t you put some clothes on?” I asked politely. I was only wearing underwear myself.
“Why?” He asked, rubbing one of his hairy pecs. “We’re the only ones here.”

I figured he was right and didn’t ask him again. It was actually kinda cool, sitting next to my Dad in his natural state, his birthday suit.

Dad had pasta cooking in the kitchen. He burped as he finished his beer. “Hey Kyler, can you get me another beer?” he asked.

“Sure.” I said. I went into the kitchen and retrieved the beer.

“Thanks” He said, opened the can, and chugged it down. He slouched, his beachball gut perched under his two apple-sized pecs. He had his legs spread, giving me a good view of his penis.

I tried not to get an erection, but I couldn’t help it. He asked me to retrieve another beer, and I obeyed. He did this three times, and I obeyed. One part of me liked the idea of my Dad chugging down lots of beer, and his stomach bloating up beyond belief.

Already his belly started to stretch out a bit, having been stuck out about 3 inches more than before. The timer went off in the kitchen. The pasta was done.

I went in to prepare the food, however I poured my bowl into his before I gave it to him. I watched him eat the whole thing. He ate two more bowls.

His belly was getting seriously stuffed now, sticking out 5 extra inches instead of 3 now. He was slightly tipsy, so he didn’t even notice me taking off my underwear. We were both now completely naked.

“Come here, son.” Dad said, and pulled me towards him. His hairy pecs rubbed against my face.
I thought.

We pressed together, his arm around my shoulder. A naked boy and his hairy naked Dad watching TV together. He asked for another beer.

I went into the kitchen, excited, and got six beers. I brought all six into the living room but gave him one. As soon as he finished the first one, I gave him another without him even asking, and another and another until all six were down in his giant hairy belly.

His belly was now the size of a large watermelon, rather than a beach ball. He was completely drunk now, I could do whatever I wanted.

I got the rest of the beer from the kitchen, three cases, and brought it in the living room.

“Get on the floor.” I ordered.
“Oooookaayyyyy” he answered, laying face-up on the floor. His belly stuck out to an amazing size. It was about two feet up from the floor.

I opened nine beers and poured them into a pitcher, I opened his mouth and poured it in. I sat on his belly like it was a horse’s back. I could feel it expanding from underneath me as all the beer increased the size of his gut.

I began to massage his pecs. He groaned in delight and in slight pain as his gut ballooned.

Then another pitcher went down. His stomach was rapidly ballooning under me. He was getting bigger and bigger, his hairy gut brushing up against my testicles. I got harder.

I retrieved the last of the pasta and shoved it down his throat, he got bigger.
Another pitcher. Bigger.
Sponge cakes, leftover cake, a whole can of whipped cream. Bigger.

His gut was the size of a large bean bag, but firmer. His gut always stayed firm. He looked very strange, with his gut sticking out nearly three feet from his body. Then I noticed, his pecs were growing, now looking much like breasts. They were beach ball sized, like his gut was before.

So hot. I had stuffed him so good his pecs were the size of his belly.

The stuffing continued all night, and until noon the next day. I was too excited to sleep, and I kept shoving beer into him to keep him drunk.

His monster gut reached all the way up to the painting on the wall. His man boobs had expanded to huge levels, and I couldn’t even see his penis anymore.

This continued for weeks. I would get my Dad drunk, shove food into him for hours on end.

One day, he got finished showering, and walked in the living room, where I was watching TV naked. Ever since that night we were always naked, and I liked it that way.

I had a gut of my own growing now, I was up to 130 pounds. While stuffing my Dad I also took breaks to stuff my own growing belly. I had small man boobs that were golf ball sized now.

“Kyler, do you think I’m getting fat?” he joked, and turned to his side.

His gut stuck out 6 feet, and was as tight and firm as ever. It probably took up a fourth of the room. His man boobs slumped over his gut.

“No, Dad.” I said.
“I’m up to 700 pounds now.” He said.
“Wow, that’s amazing!” I said.

Suddenly he ran into me, his gut squishing me against the couch. It was painful but pleasuring. He laughed and backed off, sitting down on the couch, his towel dropping to the floor.

He had to sit sideways now, his gut would pull him off of the couch if he sat forward. I flipped on the TV. We looked at each other. He patted my belly, and I gave his a short rub.

“Kyler, I love you. Thanks for helping me get this big.” He said.
“You like it?” I asked.
“Yeah, it just sticks out so far, and it’s so sexy.” He said.
“I think it’s sexy too.”

From that night on, I was determined to help my Dad reach amazing sizes.


Three years later, Kyler began drinking beer, and ballooned up to 280 pounds, his gut tight and firm like his Dad’s. His Dad had reached 1800 pounds, his gut taking up a whole room. He stopped working, but their family was rich, so Kyler could afford to buy beer and stuff his Dad. His Dad mostly stayed down in the basement.

Whenever Kyler and Dad watched TV his Dad sat against the wall, his gut stretching to nearly the other wall, his man boobs slumping over either side of him and were each four feet around. Kyler could lay down on his Dad’s belly, naked like always.

Years went by, and his Dad became a blimp, growing to 3500 pounds. They moved into a new house where the rooms were gigantic. Kyler had to wheel his Dad around in a cart, and Kyler himself had reached 600 pounds.

However, since Kyler worked, he had to be mobile, so he stayed at 600 pounds. His coworkers always commented on his amazing tight gut, and he always ae a box of donuts before work.

On his Dad’s 50th birthday, his Dad was 7000 pounds. His titantic gut could reach 50 feet into the air and was 65 feet wide. The rooms of their mansion were huge, so this was never a problem. Kyler quit work and ballooned up to 1000 pounds.

At 60, his Dad was 15,000 pounds. His cart was huge. Kyler himself was 1600 pounds. Clothes didn’t fit anymore, but they didn’t need them. Life lost all meaning, it was just Kyler and his Dad forever blimping and growing and ballooning. Life was great and amazing, and Kyler knew that they were the luckiest guys, or rather guts on earth.

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