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My fat fiction
"Make way make room..."

When entering Jeff's home, the first thing one noticed was the aroma of cooking food: pies, cakes, muffins, and breads piled high on a restaurant serving tray. A 15 course meal for a crowded table. There was a hint of spices in the air as well as a slightly unpleasnt body odor almost like Del Taco burritos.

The odor came from the Sack of Lard on the futon in the living room of the apartment.

The Sack was so named because his feeder Jeff chose the moniker after the feedee boy X used to devour Manteca brand Lard by the pound sack back when he was 295 pounds. Now his bloated baggy fold covered stomach had "S-A-C-K" tatooed across the third lower roll near and above the navel.

The feeder Jeff cooked a lemon cake in the kitchen big enough to feed 6 people. The cake was filled with egg, butter, and lard. He noticed as he checked the rise of the dough how much the cooking batter center of the cake resembled the Sack's own middle:
jiggly, pooling forward over the rim, slightly yellow in the upper region and center like his fifth belly roll. As Jeff stuck a toothpick into the blubbery treat, a moan and pleading roar came from the living room on the futon with mutliple pillows:

"Please!! I can't STAND it! Please feed me..."
The Sack squirmed loudly as the sweaty squishy rolls slapped against the sides of the safety gates of the futon.

"Be patient." Jeff admonished the ball of chunked dough. Jeff could hear the Sack's stomach rumble and gurgle like a cow's bleat from the kitchen.

As the cake near completion, Jeff added a bonus glaze onto the frosting: Proconvertase 1 and MC4R. 
Proconvertase 1 is an enzyme that plays a critical role in converting inactive forms of hormones that control appetite and regulate energy metabolism into active forms.
These hormones include insulin and glucagon, involved in the metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates, as well as a third molecule that signals to the brain that one has eaten enough. This third molecule has been switched off with Jeff's lipozyme binder: Blubberpose.
MC4R orchestrates appetite and energy expenditure. Meaning the Sack will stay hungry and not want to move at all.
The special glaze added to the frosting included estrogen to increase nipple circumference and fat cell replicators.
Jeff was a scientific genius in the field of weight gain. The fat cell replicators did their job all too well when hidden in fatty snacks.
The Sack's fat cell count has increased 100 fold when the experiment called X day began on August 26th, 2008.
Nearly 3 months after the starter meal at a Hometown Buffet that lasted 5 hours, the Sack now lay flabbily atop the futon in the living room at over 870 pounds and growing hourly. His weight and chins had tripled since that summery day when Jeff walked up to swimmer X at the beachand asked if he wanted to eat however whenever and whatever he wanted for the rest of his life.
The Sack had responded with a furtive nodding of his head making his double chins into quadruple chins and his pasty pudgy middle droop lower towards the ground more.
Jeff examined the already saggy pooling middle noting that this was at least 45-48% fat weight for this build and would be quite a good candidate for experimenting on. "These have room for improvement:" Jeff's meaty hands grabbed and massaged the slightly springy and stretch mark covered love handles that exceeded 11 inches wide already.
He hastily pinched the fatboy's engorged and saggy nips at the tips of each doughy sow teat.
A trashcan behind the Sack's head held numerous wrappers:
discarded boxes, crinkly plastic wrappers of hostess products, pizza boxes licked clean of sauce, and cake frosting tins emptied of their treasure.
Before Jeff marched into living room witht he tray of treats he stated loudly:
"Make Way...make room..."
This post-hypnotic suggestion caused the Sack to begin to sway side to side and try to sip upright. The Sack had no recourse.
"Make way, Make room..."
The posthypnotic suggestion had been uttered every time a plate was cleared, a weight goal was reached, a new fold dimpled and formed, or climax was acheived.
The Sack attempted to wiggle his arm free of his 70 pound right teat
off of his forearm but luckily Jeff was there to assist with a spatula.
The grease lactated onto the spatula and made a spray onto the Sack's face.
Jeff whispered in the Sack's ear which was nearly buried in cookie dough like rolls of face fat: Make Way Make Room..."
Fatty Sack lowered his jaw involuntarily and belched loudly.
25 seconds later his 5th and 6th rolls slightly contorted (if you can call that any muscle reaction due to the sheer volume and weight pulling downward) on his middle and he farted loudly into the futon's edge. He was barely on the futon anymore.
The expulsion of gas shook his jiggle rolls all over.
The butter glaze was poured down his gullet first causing hunger intensity and the Sack gurgled it down like a fish gulping water.
Spaghetti, pizza, cake, bread by the loaf, muffins, doughnuts,
cookies, ice cream sundaes, and nutella.
"Down the Hatch" Jeff uttered the other post hypno suggestion and 
Sack Boy performed WELL!

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