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My good fat life part 1
It all started of when i was 13 years old i had a six pack and i win alot of stuff in school and i was popular as well oh just to tell you im decklin anyway after a few years later i graduated from school then it all began i was in collage one day eating packed lunch then i asked to myself "what would it be like if i brought some hot food" then got up then went and brought some then sat where i was sitting then i had a bite "OMG THAT WAS NICE" then had hot lunch every day he had 1sts like macaroni chesse and more at first then i went out of control and had 2nds and 3rds first 2 weeks his packs turned into 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then had none at the end of the month then at freshmen 15 i had a hairy chest and stomach then i liked it the ladies liked it then one day dessorts put me of the diet rail i nom down on cakes pies and more oh and i work at a basketball court being a star player and getting alot of money back to before i still exercise thats good but then one day i left it off because i had to much work in doors then the next day during lunch i pigged away as usual then i had my lunch in my box and had hot lunches then i felt my belly expanding a little bit then got back home my trousers felt tight then took them off then i felt relieved but then had a good snack like i normally do but i don't want to exercise tonight then the next day i gained a little more wright because i could barely fit into my trousers but when i finally got them on the thousers rip inside and button pops i had to go and get another pair then the next day i went out and my packs are gone then went to the gym then after that i heard there was a all you can eat buffet so after collage i went out with my friend john and bill then when i got there i had a all you can eat and i had a binge belly then i went home had some snacks then went to sleep then the next day woke up and when i got up and looked down i could see a little bit formed out then the same thing happened with my clothes then after i had it changed for larger size i weighed 12.1 stone i used to be 12 stone then i went to eat a fried breakfast out this morning then went to collage then most of the people around me was like that to then after i went into my IT classroom i did my work as usual but i felt my belly a little bit on my legs but my legs was not fat yet but i had a feeling they will then at home i had pigout in the fridge but forgot to go to gym oh well later on to next week i woke up i looked a little bit more fatter i had to try to hold my belly in now but my clothes were tight and my belly and thighs were expanding but not so much then the day went a normal and had his normal pigout then a week later he started to develop love handles and it tightened up his jeans and shirt then after collage i went to the restaurant then i pigged out and as i was pigging out my suit was too tight and i had no room so i lowed my jeans and unbuttoned my shirt then i had more until i couldn't move then after 10:00 i got droved back home then i went in then went to sleep then the next day i had a big breakfast then i went to collage no use hiding it im fat my thighs are getting bigger and i have a 1 roll of fat belly it was hanging over the waistline a little bit and i am developing a double chin then went to class then when i sat down on my chair i heard a squeaking sound the teacher was shocked and said "what happened to you" i said "nature" then the teacher knew that freshmen 15 this will happen then then during the hallway people said questions like "what happened to your skinny body " i said "i did this to know how it feels and im keeping it and getting fatter" well i must have a benefit to it then later i was at the gym for 5 hours but i felt like a sweaty elephant after that i stopped the losing and make the gaining because my fat is gonna stick on to me no matter what then after a week when i woke up i got out of bed and now i am 13 stone i am now one stone heavier my butt fells jiggly and big my belly has a good overhang and my thighs were touching where ever i run i jiggle and run out of breath faster after that i got my clothes on and i couldn't get my trousers over my belly then when i got to collage i was ready for IT then when i got in my seat it was a little bit too tight so i had to ask the teacher for a new seat and make it more loose then after IT then i went to the buffet again but before when i was home i went into my suit it felt like the buttons were about to pop then i put my trousers they were to tight because of the thighs then while i was in the buffet in my suit then i pigged out on 2 starters 2 main meals and to desserts then while i was having a main meal my buttons decided to pop on my suit so i didn't worry about it and carried on then after my second pudding my trouser buttons went and i felt so good then i went home after i went out and i eat more because i had no limits then i went to sleep i felt full and jiggly then next week i was definitely obese and all i had was flab basically when i thought my carrier was over then a hot dog competition was on by next year then i had a erge for going to the gym so i gave up fat foods for now but it didn't work so i took pills to lose weight a after 6 months i was ready... look for part 2

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