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my good fat life part 2
i was a 6 pack again which felt good but it not the same as having big thighs, big belly, big man boobs and big love handles but i will have that soon anyway i went to sign up then after that 6 months later of having the pills and going to the gym then today was the day a competition to remember a hot dog i had a suit that fits me which is bad for later now the competition was starting i munched though a lot of hotdogs then i felt wierd but that didn't bother me and carried on then me and other competitors bellies expanded and they had the same wrong idea as me then our trousers were too tight so we popped them by eating more hotdogs then my binge started to get big then eat more some competitors dropped out because they had enough then people started cheering for me 30 hot dogs later i felt as fat as a overloaded barrel then i was still going 50 hot dogs later i felt light head my knees were throbbing and my belly was big and round then i was up to 100 hot dogs my competitor gave up and everyone liked me well i can't have sex but who cares anyway then while i was walking i was jiggling all over the place and i can go to the gym anymore when i got back home i got a letter the letter says you have a very big mansion for winning showing address then he went there and it was paradise and i retired years later as a happy man The End :)

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