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my new body
hi baby says daddy. today we are going to change you. we I say. yes me and other chubs. daddy takes off my clothes and ducks my cock for a little bit then he feeds me donuts and milk shakes. 3 other chubby guys come over nude with food. and hand feed me brownies and cookies. mmmm hand feeding is always nice says daddy. then they put on on a swing and duck my mouth and butt. mmmm baby shah yes good boy says daddy you are going to be a gainer cumdump now and forever. I swallow the cum. mmmm yes daddy I love you. I love you to baby we say to each other. many chubby guys will want to feed and fuck you. awww thank you daddy. you will be naked every day ready for feeding, love and bath times. I love big fat baby says. then we kiss with cum and he massages my fat body putting me to sleep. I... love... you... to... daddy
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