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My Santa
I've been dating Chris for a while now. It's the holidays, and I wanted to give him something special... while giving myself something special in return.

It's Christmas morning and we're exchanging gifts. I give Chris a big blue box. He opens it up and takes out a red robe with white trim that I got from a thrift shop. They said the big man wore it himself. Chris giggles. "What's this? "
"A robe! "
"It's nice. " I smile at him as he stands up and takes his shirt off. he puts the robe on and poses like a model. "How do I look? "
I laugh. "Hot. It shows off you tattoo. "
Chris rubs his defined stomach where a tattoo of the word Angel is printed just above his belly button. He then takes off his bottoms leaving him in his underwear. "How about now? " He poses again. I sit, entertained by my boyfriend's actions. "Even hoter. "
"I like it. I think I'll stay in this all day. "
"We are not going anywhere, so why not? "
"Exactly. Come on, I'm starting. Let's eat. "

We both go into the kitchen for breakfast. "You know, I could really go for some eggnog. " Chris says. He goes to the fridge and takes out an unopened container of eggnog, riping it open and chugging all of its contents. I watch in awe. Not because he chugged the whole thing, but his belly. It expanded with every chug. "Chris? "
"Ahh.. Yeah? " I point down at his belly. "Oh well. Do we have candy canes? " Chris left the room into the living room, opening three boxes of candy canes i was going to save for later and sitting on the floor munching on them. I sit down next to him. The word tattooed on his belly started to curve upward from his expanding belly. Not only did his belly grow with every bite of the candy canes, but his chest started to soften as well as his thighs and arms.

Athough I was alarmed by all of this, I was strangley attracted to it. I placed my hand on his belly and started to rub it. Chris moaned as he stuffed his face with candy canes. Chris looked like he had put on 30 pounds from just the eggnog and candy canes. And he wasnt done.

After he finished all three packs of canes, he got up with a small wobble and ran back into the kitchen. He found everything that was christmasy and ate it. After an half hour of nothing but eatting, he looked like the big man himself. He rubbed his new gut that was covered in crumbs and smeered with chocolate. He scrached his facial stubbles and spread out his legs letting out a huge burp. I wal over to him and sit on his lap. "Wow Chris... You're like my own Santa. " I rub his new belly, my shaft stiffining. "Looks like I am. " Chris puts a hand on the side of his gut and smacks it. It giggles lightly. I lean down and lick the chocolate off his gut. Chris grabs both my ass cheek and leans forward to kiss me. "Now, Mike, what do you want fo Christmas? " I grin. "You. "

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