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N'kwame, The Cannibal

N'kwame, the cannibal boy, was walking down the beach of the island his people had inhabited for centuries. He was gathering small sea-animals left behind by the retreating tide. Some of the things he found he ate himself, but most of it he put in a sack he carried round his neck. The last years had been harsh for N'kwame's tribe; persistent droughts had destroyed all of the crops, and the once-so-rich fishing grounds were now near empty. It was not just this island that had suffered, warriors had taken prisoners on expeditions to their island, and, while some had been captured by his tribe, but they had been just as skinny as N'kwame's fellow tribesmen and their scarce flesh had been of little satisfaction.

Suddenly N'kwame noticed that there were footprints on the sand. He studied them curiously; he hadn't seen anybody for hours. It then struck him that there was something peculiar about them: the prints were deep! He compared them with one of his own and saw that it was twice as shallow.

The man that had made those prints must have been very heavy, N'kwame thought. But he knew of no-one on this island who wasn't as skinny as himself. What could this mean? He tried to imagine a man heavy enough to make those prints. Excited and licking his lips, N'kwame followed the prints.

Presently, he heard distant voices. He looked ahead and saw a number of figures moving towards him. Quick as a snake he hid behind some bushes and watched them approach. When they had come close enough N'kwame's mouth filled with saliva as he realized that he was looking at the makers of the footprints: they were the three fattest men he had ever seen. They were pale as milk and their bellies were huge and fat and round. Their arms and legs were plump with succulent fat. So fat they were, that the flesh hung down from their bellies, arms and legs, almost like liquid.

N'kwame's stomach groaned as he thought about the vicinity of such an enormous amount of fat meat. One of the heavy white men was young; about N'kwame's age. But where N'kwame could count his own ribs by sliding a finger over his chest, the ribs of the fat boy were covered with many layers of delicious fat. The skin of his belly and his sides looked hardly able to contain the abundant lard. N'kwame gazed with his heart bouncing and his penis stiffening. The other two were older: one of them was balding and had a bushy mustache, his chubby body was covered with small black hair that seemed to stress the beautiful curves of his swollen paunch as it bulged over the belt of the only garment they wore: a short, leather pair of trunks. The third man was the largest and heaviest man N'kwame had ever seen, as he rubbed his own thin belly with hungry desire. The man's neck was invisible for the folds of his double chins and his breasts looked like two fattened piglets. Two tribesmen could not have encircled his wobbling waist with their arms and even his hands and fingers seemed to have eaten themselves full as they gestured to the other two nutritious men. N'kwame wondered how his legs, fat and meaty as they themselves were, could bear such a delicious weight of flesh. Saliva ran freely from N'kwame's lips now, and he could barely hold himself from running towards them and starting the feast. A bird flew up behind him, squawking, causing him to jump. The three men looked his way. N'kwame was frightened, but they did not seem to see him. They continued walking in the direction of the footprints N'kwame had been following.

N'kwame followed them from a distance, his thin starving body easily hidden by tree trunks. There was no chance of them hearing him. Their feet made a loud padding noise over the sandy earth and even more noise was caused by bushes and tree branches being forced aside or crushed by their enormous, heavy bodies. N'kwame limberly slipped between trees, barely disturbing the forest as he followed. As a hunter, he was trained to be quiet and agile. The three large men (easily the combined weight of a dozen tribe boys like N'kwame) stopped at last, at large rock cliff face with a wide opening on one side. N'kwame watched from a bush as they walked through the entrance, the fattest man grinning as he had to squeeze past the entrance, through which N'kwame would not have been able to extend his arms to reach both sides. There was the sound of a wooden gate opening and shutting. N'kwame peered into the opening. A man stood guard behind the gate, his large muscles covered with so much flesh that they were barely noticeable. Through the gate there seemed to be a long path, so well traveled that it sank a foot beneath the rest of the ground.

Obviously a path to a secret village, N'kwame thought. All the time his tribe was starving, this village fattened themselves on some unknown food supply! If he could get in, he may be able to find his tribe a good meal for a week. He did not want to tell his brothers about this. He would show the tribe that he could hunt for himself, no matter what the odds!

Maybe there was another entrance: a broken fence or a tree he could climb over. He searched along the natural rock wall. Those villagers must be so fat, they wouldn't be able to put up a fight anyway, N'kwame convinced himself. His penis lengthened again at the thought of fighting with one of them. This had never happened to him before. Although he had not yet killed a human being himself, his penis had never reacted to the thought of his prey before.

His thoughts were interrupted when he spotted a small cave! Just the thing. I'll bet those fat villagers wouldn't even be able to fit through here and never even noticed it, he thought. I'll hide here and wait for them to walk past. The cave was more like a tunnel, no more than three or four spans wide, enough for N'kwame's thin body and even his brother's to fit through at the same time! He crawled on his thin belly, scraping and bruising himself. His ribs bumped against every piece of rock that stuck out. An opening appeared before long, but there seemed to be something filtering the sunlight through the opening.

No sooner had he emerged when he found himself trapped in a wooden cage! A trap door slammed shut behind him, blocking off the tunnel exit. He had fallen for an old trick! He must have been spotted in the forest and led here on purpose. The three men he had seen in the forest were only now emerging from the path and ran to the cage and the hapless N'kwame.

The two older men yelled at the fat boy in a strange language that was new to N'kwame. The boy replied in a quieter tone as he gingerly lifted N'kwame out of the cage and held him easily in the air in one fat arm.

N'kwame kicked and screamed but even the kicks that he was able to land had no effect on the enormous boy, except to momentary jiggle the flesh on the boy's legs and stomach. The boy laughed, causing his whole body to jiggle in several directions at once, continuing for several seconds after he stopped. N'kwame was then placed tightly but comfortably on the fat boy's abundant tummy as they walked along a short path, the two fat men at his sides, to the village. He knew then there was no way he could escape his fate, so he relaxed, resting his head comfortably on one of the fat boy's breasts.

There were several thatched huts in two long rows at each side of the village. The doors were much wider than any N'kwame had seen before, obviously to allow the enormous girth of the dozens of corpulent villagers that were milling around the huts. Both males and females had abundant flesh and wore the same leather thong, but nothing on their immense upper bodies. The only difference between them was that the men had slightly larger bellies, while the women had wider hips. Looking up, N'kwame saw two steep rows of hills encircling the village. Each was perhaps five times the height of the huts. If I get free, it should be easy to escape over those hills, N'kwame thought.

As they passed one of the huts a boy come out with the darker complexion of N'kwame's own tribe, but he was almost as fat as the rest of the villagers. He heard him say something to the villagers. N'kwame recognized the voice. "K'koon!" he yelled in shock. It was his cousin, younger than him by two winters, but he had taken on such folds of flesh that N'kwame had not recognized him. K'koon had disappeared a few moons earlier. It was assumed he had been taken by the warriors. How had he arrived here and been transformed so? K'koon had been slightly smaller than N'kwame, and N'kwame often had picked the lighter boy up during their play fights. Now his cousin's belly was as big as N'kwame himself! As soon as his cousin saw him he looked away in torment and went back into the hut.

N'kwame tried shouting again, but a fat soft hand was placed over his mouth, almost choking him. He was led to another hut, further to the back of the valley, one with a large hole in the roof that poured out a continuous stream of smoke. The smoke wafted over the whole village, shutting out some of the sun. This must be why the villagers are all so pale, he thought. He was carried inside, and dropped roughly on the floor as he heard the door shut behind him. There was only a bowl of berries to eat. N'kwame, crying, ate them hungrily and fell asleep, exhausted.

When he awoke, it was late afternoon. Fear took him immediately, but he was still in the hut alone, and the hut door was locked. He looked at his surroundings. It was a very comfortably furnished room. There were rugs on the floor, a soft straw mattress was at one side of the room, on the thickest of the rugs. The walls also were adorned with tapestries showing the huge light-skinned tribes' people in various battle scenes. There was a large empty ceramic water jug, and a large pot for human functions.

There were no lamps or candles of course. Then he noticed a volcanic spring in the floor at the far end of the hut. He saw that the smoke was actually steam, coming from the spring. The steam made the whole hut foggy and warm. As N'kwame approached the vent, he noticed a tingly feeling all over him. He knelt and touched the water. It was warm. He stepped into it and took a drink. The water was very refreshing, despite its warmth. And he no longer felt hungry and his stomach actually felt full, although he did not remember eating for a while. He looked down.

His tummy even looked full, sporting a little bulge as if he had eaten a big meal! He relaxed, feeling truly content for the first time in several summers. Thin as he was he still may be eaten by the villagers, but at least he was no longer suffering at that moment. And if he felt worse later, maybe there wouldn't be a later anyway. But he would also never see his tribe again. What if they fell into the same trap as he? And there was also his cousin. Had he joined the villagers? What deal had he made with them? Had he given away the location of their tribe? Having a choice between starvation and never being hungry again, which would he himself pick? This made him sniff a little again. Just then, K'koon came in and sat down heavily beside him, his ass cheeks flattened against the floor, and his breasts lying on his belly, his belly creased between his legs, almost touching the floor.

"Stay away from me, K'koon!" N'kwame said in a quiet voice, not bothering to look at him.

"Don't be afraid of me, cousin. I'm a prisoner too," K'koon said softly. His voice sounded different, almost as if his mouth were full.

"Sure. That's why you look like them, right?"

"They mean to fatten us up first. If you don't believe me now, you will. Why do you think they went to all the trouble they did? You'd be barely a snack to them now."

"Just go away and leave me alone!!" N'kwame shouted. K'koon looked at him and, grunting from the effort, got up slowly and walked out. The guard outside guard locked the door again.

In the evening N'kwame was very hungry again, and a few more berries were left for him, barely enough for one meal, but N'kwame didn't complain.

Whatever they had in store, the berries were tasty and seemed to fill him up. He drank some more of the spring water too. It was only the second morning that N'kwame realized something was happening to him. He was reaching hungrily for the berries, when he noticed that his hand seemed different. The back was smoother, rounder. It was harder to see the knuckles. He looked down; he could no longer see his ribs. His tummy, which he had thought was merely full from eating, did not seem to get thin again when he was hungry. In fact, it was growing larger, and it was making his leather thong uncomfortable. It stuck out a little over the thong like a full bag tied with string. He had to loosen the thong.

His arms were a little thicker too. His elbows no longer stuck out from them. His breasts had grown lightly so now he could pinch them a little, and they vibrated a little when he moved suddenly. Finally on the third morning, he looked into the small pool created by the spring. His face had changed! His checks were no longer hollow, and had become round. A little extra flesh appeared under his chin. Even his earlobes looked a little thicker. On the fourth day, the thong of his leather loin cover broke completely surrendering to his growing ass and abdomen. He could now see his new tummy and breasts sticking out very noticeably, quivering a little whenever he moved. He fixed his loincloth to allow his belly to hang over it a little, as the cursed villagers wore them.

That evening, after he had eaten the berries, the two fat men and the fat boy who carried him in four days earlier came in with a long piece of string with knots spaced about one span apart. They said nothing as the two men grabbed N'kwame roughly and held him in a standing position, his arms and legs held outward. Then the fat boy began wrapping the string around N'kwame's new gut. N'kwame shouted out in anger. He felt humiliated. Using his fingers, to keep count, the boy counted the knots around N'kwame's belly. N'kwame could see from the boy's fingers that his belly was between 3 and 4 spans around. Once the ordeal was over, the men let him go and walked out, locking the door behind him.

N'kwame was angered by the experience but somehow excited. He tried experimentally squeezing his nipples, which had also seemed to have gotten bigger. It didn't hurt even when he grabbed his whole breast and pressed hard, in fact it felt good! He also grabbed his new belly beside the deepening belly button and found that it felt good to squeeze there as well. His penis was growing to full hardness by now and, despite (or perhaps because) of his fear, jerked off while grabbing his stomach flab.

In the 6 summers since he had started rubbing himself, he had never felt so good before!

Was he to become like them? He decided not to eat the berries the next day. But when the bowl was left for him, he felt such an overwhelming hunger that he was in agony! He finally grabbed the bowl and swallowed the berries down. The next day his cousin K'koon walked into the hut again.

He had grown too, from 5 days ago. He was nearly as big as the boy who had carried N'kwame here. His belly hung so low over his groin that he could have had his leather pants down and N'kwame would not have noticed. His face was round and sported a sheath of flesh all around his jaw that jiggled when he walked. The rest of him jiggled too, and he walked like he was carrying pails of water over his shoulders. His breathing was noticeable, sounding labored. "Do you want to talk now?" he said. "I guess you have figured it out."

"Are you going to eat me?"

"No, cousin. But they might eat us before long. I don't know."

"Am I to become like you? Like them? How is this possible?!"

K'koon shrugged. "I think it has to do with the spring. When we drink from it, we seem to need to eat very little, but it makes everything... well... fattening." N'kwame thought of staying off the water, but dying from dehydration did not seem to be a very painless way out.

"How did you come to this place, K'koon?" N'kwame asked. "We thought you taken by the off-island warriors."

"I had been. It was a full moon that night, but I managed to escape by slipping out of their camp before they left the island." N'kwame imagined K'koon, as slim and agile as he had once been, easily able to hide and escape, even with a full moon shining. It was hard to imagine his enormous fat cousin before him could have been the same person. "I tried to get back to our village before sunrise, but we had traveled a long way, so I found a cave to hide in." K'koon paused and N'kwame nodded. It had been the same cave he had found. "The villagers began to fatten me up. I tried to escape, but I couldn't get past the guard outside this hut. A boy took pity on me. I befriended him and was able to learned a few words of their tongue. His name is Bagoob. He told me I was going to be fattened for the festival they hold yearly. He says when I reach 10 knots I will be ready."

"But why do they allow you to be free and not me?" N'kwame asked.

"When they let me out, I tried to escape back through the cave, but I was already too fat to fit through the opening."

"What about escaping over the mountain?" N'kwame asked, trying to consider all possibilities.

"I've tried. I'm not strong enough to carry my own weight up those hills. I can't even run very far any more." K'koon looked down at himself in shame. "It is too late for me, N'kwame," K'koon said sadly, "but you may be able to escape, if you can get out of here before..." he said glancing down and shaking some of his huge belly with his fist.

"How long do we have?"

"Not long. Less than half a moon. I am already..." K'koon swallowed in embarrassment. "...nine knots. You?"

"Five." N'kwame said quickly. "I won't leave without you, cousin." N'kwame put his now fleshy arm over K'koon's soft swollen back. His penis tingled again. K'koon seemed to tense at the contact, conscious of his hugely chubby body, but he could feel N'kwame shaking. K'koon looked at him with realization, seeing the bulge in his overly tight loin cover.

N'kwame remembered all the play fights he used to have with his younger cousin. He had wished there were more of K'koon to play with.

"I never was attracted to you before, but..."

"I understand. It is OK." K'koon said with complete understanding.

K'koon pulled his cousin into a soft embrace, breast on breast, tummy on tummy. It felt wonderful and new to N'kwame. He could not tell where his new soft flesh began and K'koon's abundant fat began. It all felt like soft warm cushions. K'koon licked N'kwame's belly. The fat skin jiggled back into place. N'kwame buried his apple face into K'koon's vast tummy, feeling the fat shape around his face, even his ears. K'koon grabbed N'kwame's filled-out ass and pinched it. The flesh gave easily. N'kwame felt K'koon's fat fingers grab his behind, despite all the flesh there.

Then K'koon lifted up the leather covering his tense penis. There was now a little fat under the hairy parts. He licked the bush and then N'kwame tensed up when K'koon took his penis into his mouth between his fat cheeks.

It felt wonderful! K'koon's large breasts played over N'kwame's chubby legs. N'kwame maneuvered around so that his face was under K'koon's breasts. They were large and a little heavy as they pressed down softly on N'kwame's face, covering it. N'kwame could not stand it any more. He felt the familiar feeling of coming, but it felt so much better this time! His whole body tensed up and he shot a lot of come onto K'koon's neck. The come dripped down onto K'koon's ample breast making it glisten. K'koon had been propping his huge torso up by his arms but he lost his hold and fell with most of his weight on N'kwame. N'kwame gasped at the shear pressure of his cousin. He couldn't breath! K'koon, sensing that he might hurt N'kwame, rolled over with great effort onto his back. K'koon's vast tummy, arms and legs flattened out a little on the floor and his breasts rolled into his armpits, but his tummy still stuck up pretty high. The flab around his face bunched up especially under his chin. K'koon tried to sit up a little, grunting even more from the effort. N'kwame helped him by putting his hands under K'koon's armpits. The fat there was so soft that it made it difficult to keep a good hold but eventually K'koon was using the wall of the hut for support. K'koon's breasts hung down over his tummy, creating a large crease. His tummy was now pressed very hard over his pants, although they held.

N'kwame began to untie them. It was difficult finding the knot as some of K'koon's belly covered it. When he finally had it open, he saw that K'koon's penis, though almost hidden by the large amount of flab at his crotch, was erect enough to stick out a little. N'kwame pushed back the flab revealing the whole penis and discovered that it was quite large.

Then N'kwame buried his face in K'koon's chubby crotch, feeling the soft flab under the bushy area and licked K'koon's large hard penis; somehow, the flab had not reached there. K'koon shuddered, making his whole body jiggle, and it was not long before K'koon came, splattering cream all over N'kwame's apple face. It seemed very thick. They lay together for a long while. Finally, K'koon spoke. "I have a plan. I will have to talk to Bagoob, but if he listens, there may be a way out. I will get you some pants tomorrow."

The next day, N'kwame woke up, and felt even heavier. He sat up and heard a rip. His fat behind had ripped the leather thong he had worn. He pulled it off, freeing his stomach, which still had red marks on it from where it had been pressing against the edge of the leather. K'koon had left him new pants while he had slept. They were very large, made of some thin but strong material. He put them on and he found that they opened up with several more folds to allow him to grow into them. He tied them around his growing belly until they were comfortable.

In the next two days, the Bagoob returned with the other two men, and they repeated the measurement, and N'kwame found he was now almost 7 spans around the middle. This time, when the Bagoob and the men left, they left the door to the hut open. N'kwame stepped heavily to the door, his tummy and breasts shaking with every movement, and looked out. There were people walking to and fro outside, and he caught a glimpse of Bagoob disappearing into the gigantic mass of flesh that was the villagers. The men all had large bellies hanging down to their thighs and the women had slightly smaller tummies, but much wider hips and thighs so thick that the flesh bunched together in creases all around their legs. Everyone had huge wobbling breasts. People bumped against each other all the time but nobody seemed to notice let alone get bruised. It seemed that all the flab protected them from harm. Nobody seemed to notice N'kwame so he walked out of the hut. N'kwame walked around the village but only saw more huts and more hugely fat people. He found the edge of the village that he remembered being first brought to and remembered the cave. He tried to run but after a few steps he found his weight kept shaking so wildly that he couldn't balance and it also tired him out, so he waddled until he reached the cave opening.

The opening of the cave was unattended and there was no cage in front of it. He tried to squeeze into it. The sides of the cave seemed very close, and before long he had jammed himself into the mouth of the cave.

He was too fat! He couldn't believe it was possible. He pulled himself out, wiping the dust off his chubby hips and tummy. He sat down next to the cave and cried. K'koon found him and led him back to the N'kwame's hut.

K'koon looked at N'kwame sadly. "I guess it's too late for both of us, K'koon", N'kwame said.

K'koon only muttered "I will think of something, cousin, I promise you."

Unlike K'koon, who was probably trying to find a way out, N'kwame stayed in the hut most of the time, being too tired to move his growing bulk anyway.

Every day N'kwame would get used to his body, and then the next morning it would change again! He now felt the weight very much on his arms and legs, but especially his tummy and ass. The flesh hung down from his limbs and shook when he walked. His thick arms no longer hung down vertically, but rested at an angle on the new soft flesh under his armpits. Walking was also a little uncomfortable. His new pants, which K'koon had brought him, constantly rubbed on the inner thighs and crotch, not from their design, but from the added flesh on his thighs and crotch. His balls were sometimes squished by his thighs! The new weight on his belly and ass had also changed his center of gravity, so that he was constantly in danger of tripping. He had to walk purposefully, each slow step shifting his entire mass carefully. He was having more and more trouble bending over to pick up his food bowl. He discovered eventually, that the pants had several folds in them to allow a wide range of girth. As his legs got fatter, he could release another fold of the pant legs to allow for it. The top part of the pants also had extra folds of leather to allow for his now wide hips and ass and had a soft material to rest his ever-growing tummy, although most of his tummy now began to stick out quite far from the pants, to hang down--so much so that he couldn't see the ground right at his feet any more, let alone his feet. What he could see were his ample breasts which hug down lower and lower, tapering with nipples which were once merely dots on his flat chest, now large circles hanging away from his chest that pointed slightly downward. And he had though only women could have such large breasts!

His own now waved around frantically at his slightest movement (he felt them heavily bobbing even when he didn't look). He grabbed them when he looked down and noticed his the palms of his hands were almost like balls with thick swollen fingers sticking out. When he gazed into the pool, he could barely recognize himself. His cheeks had ballooned out and his neck was hidden by his double chins. His ears had a soft flesh all around the rim but especially the lobes, which were thick and round and stuck out sideways. He could feel a fold of skin even at the back of his neck!

His ass now was so wide and large that he found sitting to be a problem. When he sat back in his chair it was as if he were forced to sit on the edge of a chair with a cushion that was much too thick, but he couldn't get rid of it! Also when he sat, his tummy would press downward between his legs so he would have to open his legs wider to allow his tummy to hang down naturally. The chair he was provided with was wide, but he was now wider.

A few days later, Bagoob and the two other men returned for his measuring, but this time accompanied by K'koon. The measuring tired him out more than it did them, even though he did not put up a struggle at all.

Just having his enormous weight (much more than twice what he had once weighed) bounced around took all the breath out of him. He now registered 8 spans. The two men said something and nodded and left. Bagoob stayed behind with K'koon and talked to him. K'koon went up to N'kwame, who was sitting on the floor. All the flesh was bunched up around his torso just because he was sitting, his wide soft legs hidden beneath his belly.

"Bagoob has agreed to help. He says you will be ready in 3 days, when you reach 10 spans. Then we are to be sacrificed. But Bagoob has a way out. It won't be easy though. Do you agree to help? I cannot do your part because I am the only one who understands Bagoob."

"What is the plan?"

And so K'koon told N'kwame their plan.

"But Bagoob wants to know where we will go," K'koon said finally.

"I don't know. We can't go back to our tribe like this."

"I say we form our own community. Bagoob says there are berries that grow near the village that will help us lose enough weight to travel. If we succeed in escaping, he would like to come with us."

N'kwame looked at Bagoob. Bagoob was staring at the two boys expectantly. N'kwame could not believe it, but Bagoob began untying his pants. As he did so, gobs of light fat flesh spilled into view. The lower half of his enormous belly was now completely visible, but little else. Bagoob put both his hands under it and lifted it up. Beneath was more flesh--a huge mass of lightly hairy flesh between his huge fleshy legs.

He pushed that back as much as he could revealing a hard penis. He then grabbed his penis and rubbed it up and down. He let his tummy fall back over his hand, as he couldn't hold it with one hand. N'kwame saw him shaking and was pretty sure he was still rubbing his penis under his enormous stomach, so he grabbed Bagoob's stomach with both hands and pushed it up so he could watch Bagoob as he jerked his penis. Bagoob soon shook violently, his entire body quivering, and came soon after, shooting his cum onto his quivering underbelly. N'kwame let Bagoob's tummy fall back over his penis, his cum somewhere underneath. Bagoob then began pushing his tummy up and down over his dick. From the ease of motion, N'kwame could tell that the cum was making Bagoob's tummy slide easily over his penis.

Bagoob shook again and relaxed. The next day Bagoob himself brought N'kwame his bowl of berries, but this time he had added several large fruits to the bowl. N'kwame first ate the berries then tried to eat the fruit one by one. They were much more filling than he thought. He managed to put the last one into his fat face and swallow it. Hit large belly felt really tight and painful but he held his food in. Later, N'kwame and Bagoob came in and helped him up.

N'kwame could already feel himself expanding so they had to hurry. "Will I be able to move?" N'kwame asked as they led N'kwame by the arm down the main walkway.

K'koon replied "Not very much. But do not worry, cousin." The three large boys walked to the end of the village where there were some large huts. Inside one of them was a large flat cart with four wheels. What a strange boat, N'kwame thought. K'koon explained "It is a cart. They use it to move the people they are to sacrifice, when they are too large to carry." N'kwame already saw his breasts had grown since they had left his hut.

They hung down to his waist, and his tummy now hung down to his knees. He was growing too fast! K'koon and Bagoob used all their strength and helped N'kwame onto the cart. N'kwame lay on his back and waited. His gigantic tummy spread wide over the wide cart, threatening to spill over the sides. His breasts lay over his face and he couldn't breathe! K'koon picked them up and pushed them to the side. They slapped down over his arms like fish into a boat. Bagoob and K'koon watched as N'kwame grew larger still. His tummy was now hanging over the edge of the cart, but the cart held the enormous weight. N'kwame felt he was floating in a large pool. He could no longer move or feel much. Even lifting his head was impossible now.

Darkness fell. Bagoob left for a few minutes and came back. After talking to Bagoob, K'koon came over to the side of the cart. N'kwame felt a fat hand on some of his flab. He couldn't tell where it was resting. He heard K'koon's voice. "It is time. Wish us all good chance."

Bagoob and K'koon began to move the cart. The door to the hut was no match for N'kwame's mobile weight. Even the slow motion of the cart with N'kwame was enough to flatten the door to the ground. Bagoob kept pushing the cart with all his might. The cart was gaining momentum. A small hill added to the cart's speed until it was moving at several dozen spans a second. They entered the village and passed by several surprised villagers. N'kwame could not see much from his position but he could hear shouts all around him. He tried to yell out for K'koon but his mouth sounded like it was full and it came out as a moan. K'koon answered anyway "I am here cousin!" from behind the cart.

K'koon and Bagoob ran behind the cart as fast as they could. Bagoob held onto K'koon's arm to help him along. They neared the gate to the valley. The guards stood their ground. The cart, moving very fast at this point, knocked them down and rolled right over them. N'kwame felt several large bumps but even that was not enough to lift him off the cart. The cart finally crashed through the gate and rolled through the narrow passageway, getting stuck at the entrance.

Bagoob moaned as he pushed the cart on its side, spilling N'kwame onto the ground outside the outer entrance to the village. The guards, hardly hurt by the cart (thanks to their girth) shouted as they waddled quickly toward the cart from behind, but Bagoob was already on the other side.

Bagoob ran past the two cousins and disappeared into the bushes. K'koon was worried. The guards were starting to break through the wagon. Bagoob returned with some strange smelling flowers. K'koon ate one and handed the other to N'kwame.

"Bagoob says to eat these. They will give you the strength to walk," K'koon said.

N'kwame ate the flowers, which tasted quite good. He immediately felt revived. Just then the guards broke through and advanced on the three fat boys. N'kwame found he could stand up. One guard landed a fist in N'kwame's gut. He didn't even feel it. He stepped up to the fat guard and hit his belly against him. The guard fell back against the wagon, unconscious. The other guard ran back into the passage to the village.

The three fat boys ran, flab jiggling back and forth wildly, into the forest. N'kwame felt, for the first time, in control. He was able to walk again, although his body was hugely immense. His breasts hung down over his belly to what would be his hips and the nipples were hidden entirely. His belly hung down below his knees almost to the ground, and his legs were so fat that he had to spread them as wide as possible in order to stand. The flab hung down from his legs in large rolls that almost touched the ground. His arms hung down with fat also to his hips as well. But he somehow had the strength to walk, thanks to the special flowers that Bagoob had given him. K'koon, almost tiny by comparison, although quite fat himself, also seemed to be faring much better as they kept up with Bagoob in their journey through the forest. They traveled several days until they reached a small clearing beside a river. Bagoob and N'kwame taught each other's languages so they could communicate directly.

"We are a long way from both our peoples--we are safe. We will build our camp here," Bagoob said at last.

"What will happen to my cousin?" K'koon inquired of Bagoob. N'kwame said nothing, having part of his right breast in his mouth and sucking it absent-minded.

"He will lose much of his flesh as we travel for food and perform other strenuous tasks." N'kwame added, "but until then, we can enjoy it", and he smiled. Bagoob and K'koon smiled back and they lay down together, a gigantic shivering fat mass and cuddled for the rest of the afternoon.

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