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Never Enough

As Mitch sat in his room and peered out the window, he remembered how he used to walk up and down the street five or six times a day. Up the street to go to the deli, down the street to catch the ice cream man. He wasn't doing much of that anymore. You see, at close to 1000lbs, even getting out the door would be a struggle. His massive girth encased him, holding him prisoner and keeping him comforted at the same time. He honestly wasn't sure how he ended up so big, and he frequently tried to put the pieces of the puzzle that lead him to this point together.

His earliest memories are waking up early in the morning to the smell of bacon or maybe fresh waffles coming up to his room from the kitchen.

Mitch lived with his grandparents and knew that every morning grandma would have a nice big breakfast ready to start his day. Even though he ate pretty hearty, Mitch wasn't really a fat kid. Stocky or a bit chunky but never fat. Until ninth grade, when his buddies started getting into girls, and Mitch started working at McDonalds. He convinced himself that he needed the money, and the fringe benefits of free burgers weren't bad at all. He made a few attempts to date some of the girls in his school but never really followed through on them. And as he gained more weight, he began to feel that his selection was dwindling even more...but he didn't stop gaining.

By the end of high school, Mitch had gone four years dateless and needed two graduation robes sewn together so that he could march with his class.

He weighed over 400lbs! All those nights of closing the restaurant alone had had an impact. He'd lock the doors and turn off the golden arches; then when he was sure to be alone he'd load up the grill with burgers and fry up a basket of greasy fries. Then he'd eat them all.

By now you, the reader, are probably thinking, "C'mon, this guy must know that he likes being fat. And he also must wonder why he's avoiding women." Good thoughts, but not accurate. Mitch assumed that he wasn't interested in dating because no one would like a "fat pig like him." Off course he'd be thinking this while he sat with his belly hanging between his legs munching on a box of donuts waiting for breakfast to be ready.

He didn't make plans for after graduation, he figured he'd work at McDonalds for a wile and then who knows? That all changed the day he met Karen. She came into McDonalds on her work breaks especially to see Mitch. And after a few weeks she finally asked him out. Mitch didn't have any internal reaction to her proposition. He knew that rationally he should want to go out with her but he didn't want to. Why? Instead of considering why he might not want to date her, he just said "yes" and told himself that maybe he'll learn to like her. Sixth months later they were married. Mitch was a 450lb virgin afraid of what was going to happen on that wedding night. He decided to marry Karen just to get everyone off of his back because as soon as any of his friends heard that Mitch had a date they'd heavily encourage this heavy guy to grab her while he can. His best friend Tim, who was his Best Man, even got in on the pressuring. His last words to Mitch before the wedding were, "Make me proud." He could only in his most frightening fantasies begin to assume what Tim meant, but it probably involved the bedroom.

The day of the wedding was beautiful, Karen in a delicate white dress and Mitch in a huge black tux that made him look like a walking grand piano. The wedding banquet flew by, Mitch ate more that day than he had ever had before. He figured the longer he stayed there eating the later it would get and the less chance of "anything" happening with Karen. He ate chicken, sucking the meat from the bone, by the plateful.

Heaping mounds of potatoes loaded with butter, and rolls by the dozen. He even ate almost a whole layer of the cake himself. Mitch burst two buttons off his shirt, and began to tear the seams of his pants. He felt like a swollen fat pig, and surprisingly he was horny as hell.

Every other time that Mitch and Karen would attempt sex Mitch couldn't get into it. He'd try to excited but couldn't so he'd give Karen any excuse just to pacify her. But here he was on his wedding night, ready to hump the floor. What was the secret? Before he knew the answer, he and Karen rushed up to their honeymoon suite.

Karen asked, "Mitch are you sure?"

And Mitch replied, "My gut may hurt from all that eatin' but I'm more ready than ever." As he lay silently after, his massive gut rising and falling in the darkness, Mitch had a moment of realization. When he was full with fabulous food, he got hornier than he ever had been in his life. That was the key.

Back to the present...Mitch and Karen are still together but they're relationship is strained. As strained as the floorboards of their house when Mitch waddles around. He's now a whopping 950lb, a mountain of blubber. He works out of their house doing data entry and Karen is still in retail sales. At first Karen found Mitch's size exciting, but when the weight really started to pile on she found herself unable to compete with his love of food. Mitch's only sexual satisfaction now came after meals.

When he would take his overstuffed self into his room, pour some baby oil on his blubber and start moving his gut around with his hands. The motion of his humongous rolls of fat would cause his cock, buried in fat, to spring to life and explode like a fire hose. He and Karen sleep in separate rooms, the king size mattress and box spring Mitch sleeps on has no room for Karen.

Mitch isn't sad about anything. He doesn't miss sleeping with Karen because it was never about him and her, he just couldn't see that. Karen on the other hand is miserable. She has to work and take care of everything that Mitch can't do. She begs him regularly to lose weight so that he can be more self sufficient, because then she wouldn't feel guilty if she left him. Finally, after a bad fight Karen decides to seek help. She writes a letter to popular diet plan, begging for help with her morbidly obese husband.

Susan's letter attracts national attention and soon Mitch is on the cover of every tabloid and paper, with the headline, "1000lb Man is Fighting for His Life." Letters and cards poured in from supportive individuals.

Mitch didn't know what to do. He didn't want to stop eating, it made him feel good. But if he didn't go on the diet, the media attention might double. So Mitch decides to lose weight...

Mitch's weight dropped incredibly quickly. In the first two months he was down to 750lbs. The more weight he dropped, the more depressed he got.

But he kept up a good front, smiling for the cameras and even showing affection to Karen. Within a year, Mitch was down under 200lbs. Mitch was contacted by the people from the Guinness Book who wanted to confirm his weight loss, and when they did he was told that he now held the World's record for quickest weight loss. He told everyone that he was following a well balanced plan of diet and exercise, but in truth he was avoiding food almost altogether.

Mitch was miserable, and it soon began to shine through. He'd get cranky and yell at someone for nothing. Karen didn't know what to do, she traded one hell for another. "Mitch may be self sufficient now but he's not a nice guy," thought Karen as she pushed open the doors to the lawyer's office. One week later, the divorce papers were filed and Karen had moved out. Mitch was now alone, except for the letters and calls that continued to pour in after every TV appearance he'd make. He'd let the answering service screen most of the calls, but he decided that he could use the peace and quiet of answering the mail. Many of the letters were from people in conditions similar to Mitch's past. They were 600, 700, 800lbs and spent their days doing nothing but eating. Some of the letters were from people who had just five pounds to lose, but felt that Mitch's incredible story was inspiring. Mitch was shaken by one letter that said, "You looked better before." It wasn't signed but did have a return address. So Mitch decided to write back and ask for an explanation, not knowing what to expect.

A few weeks went by and Mitch had all but forgotten about the strange note. Then one morning after Mitch had finished his breakfast of three crackers and some grapes, a package arrived. It was from the anonymous letter writer. Inside the package was a letter and a box that was taped closed and labeled, "Do not open until after you've read my letter."

Mitch sat back in his chair and began to read the letter. It began, "I remember what you used to look like. I used to watch you waddle around in McDonalds eating like there was no tomorrow. When your belly was full, you'd get such a look of joy on your face..." Mitch stopped reading. Who was this from? Why had they been watching him? The only thing cutting through his confusion was the rock solid erection Mitch developed when he began to let himself remember the past. He decided to read on.

"Then after your wedding, I'd catch glimpses of you in the supermarket loading your cart with gooey cakes, pounds of fried chicken, and ice cream by the gallon. I'd follow you out to the parking lot and watch you park your lardass in the back seat of your car. You'd sit there and gorge yourself until every shopping bag was empty and your belly looked like an over-inflated balloon ready to burst. No matter how much food you ate, it was never enough? Am I right?"

"You don't need to answer that because you already have. Your weight went from 450lbs to 950lbs in a few short years. You were the ultimate glutton until the media circus began and you had to tell the cameras what they wanted to here. But it wasn't the truth. Can you say that you're happy barely eating anything? Happy that your once tight clothes drape over you like a tent now? From what I've seen you're miserable, and I want to help you with that. And this time, no more needing to pretend with a wife. You can finally do this right."

The letter was signed, "Still Proud." Mitch didn't understand, but he was more excited and worked up than he had been in a long time. Was this all a joke? Or could this letter writer be serious? Mitch decide to open up the mysterious package. Inside were two 2lb bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms (Mitch's favorites) and something else underneath...What? A framed picture of Mitch at his highest weight, posing by the pool with his best friend Tim! Is Tim "Still Proud"? Just then the doorbell rang. Mitch dropped the picture back in the box and jumped up to open it. It was Tim.

Standing at the door with a case of beer in one hand and a huge sack from McDonalds in the other. Mitch just looked stunned. Time entered and asked, "Well, do you accept my offer? You made me proud when you burst those buttons on your wedding night, what will you burst this time around?" Mitch exploded with questions, rattling one off after another.

Tim calmly answered each weaving together his tale of unrequited love for Mitch that began in High School when Mitch first began to expand.

"But what if I get too fat again, like with Karen?"

"You and Karen should've never been together. And besides, who says I thought you were anywhere near too fat before?"

"Really, you mean you're not lying!"

"How much clearer can I make this for you? Mitch, I know that you want to be supremely fat and that a full belly makes you hornier than hell. I also know that the prospect of feeding a whale-like man to weights no one's ever reached before makes me as hard as a rock."

"I don't know what to say."

"How's about I do the talking and you start swallowing."

Tim unwrapped a few of the greasy cheeseburgers and began to feed them gently to Mitch. Almost instantly Mitch felt his body respond. It was as if he had awaken from a long slumber. Every calorie he consumed was going blow up those thousands of dormant fat cells once again, and help produce many more.

In less than a year, Mitch once again his fat, horny self. He even broke the scale that Tim had purchased that went up to 1000lbs. Once again he was paid a visit by the Guinness people. This time to confirm Mitch's position as the record holder for the fastest weight gain in history, and when their heavy duty scale weighed Mitch in at 1575lbs, he was crowned the fattest man who has ever lived.

The media circus had swarmed again, except this time they labeled him a diet failure. This time when the letters of support and inspiration poured in, Mitch did not fake sadness or pretend to hate his blubbery form. Instead he had a photo taken of himself with Tim sitting on his giant belly. He sent this photo to everyone who contacted him. Oh yes, Mitch would sign the back of every picture with the same words of wisdom:

"Life's too short to not eat hearty. Stop losing weight, and see what it feels like to gain a few pounds. Like me, you may find that there's never enough!"

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