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Once Given, Many Times Gained

"There is no other way out."

M'bana said this without anger or fear, speaking as one who had literally come to the end of his rope. The Spirit Man looked down sadly at the young, handsome man who sat before him. He had seen cases like this before - folk who traveled through the jungles and braved the wild beasts and swamps with a bravery born of despair, in order to consult with him or obtain a spell for relief. Indeed, the Spirit Man had settled as a hermit isolating himself in order to avoid the greed of men, knowing that the men who truly needed him would somehow find him.

M'bana was clearly one who truly needed him.

The young man was a farmer in a small village. Hardworking, friendly and kind, M'bana was respected and loved by the townspeople for his generous and noble character as well as admired by them for his looks.

Loved by all - except by Baru, a man that everybody agreed was the best and handsomest hunter/warrior in the land. For some reason his hatred of M'bana was unbounded. Some people said that he hated that such respect could be given to a "dirt scraper." Others claimed the M'bana had once rejected Baru's offer of union. Then again, some assumed it was because so many of the younger men idolized M'bana in a way that Baru felt was only worthy of a warrior.

There may have been some truth in all these assumptions, but the result was that Baru would try anything to make M'bana's life miserable. The warrior often insulted the farmer, sabotaged his work and tried to show his contempt in any way possible. M'bana in turn would infuriate Baru by simply going on as if nothing had happened. As a result, the villagers treated M'bana with even greater admiration, while leaving for Baru a respect born of fear and hatred.

M'bana could have continued, for all the troubles caused by the jealous Warrior, if it hadn't been for the drought that has been ravaging the land for the past few years. Like all prudent farmers of the region, M'bana had set aside a large share of seed grain as a cushion to fall on in such bad times, but when he saw his neighbors going hungry from the miserable yields of their own fields, he threw open his stores. When the seed was gone he had borrowed money to get new seed grain from afar. Alas, the crops had kept failing and M'bana had kept borrowing. The lenders had been willing to trust this man of honor, but eventually the bad time affected their fortunes as well and they soon had to resort to selling their debtors notes to make some living.

M'bana's debt was purchased by Baru.

For one full year Baru had been harassing M'bana, for repayment of the loan. If M'bana could not pay soon, the Warrior would be more than happy to force the poor man off the lands that had been farmed by his family for generations. The villagers had done what little they could do to help, but how can one give something when they have nothing?

It was a bad situation, one desperate enough to force M'bana to try to seek out the legendary Spirit Man for help.

After hours of preparation, the Spirit Man held a gourd full of a fizzing brew. He presented it to M'bana.

"Drink it!"

To the young farmer's surprise the liquid tasted very pleasant. He drained the container in a few swallows.

"Now my friend, so long as the wish is for your benefit, anything you wish for will come true. I give you this spell, because I know your soul can handle such power."

M'bana looked at the Spirit Man in surprise.

"This is too much for me, I only asked for help on one thing."

"The fact that you could say that, proves I am right. You will solve your problems and in a way that will be more pleasurable than you know."

M'bana had only gone a mile from the Spirit Man's hut when he heard that sneering voice.

"Running to the Spirit Man to seek help, Farmer?"

Baru, stood in front of M'bana, his tight-muscled hunter's frame glistening with the sweat of the jungle upon him. The Warrior had a spear leveled at his enemy.

"If you made it this far, I'm sure you know what I have done."

"Yes, and if you want to live to make any wishes, you had better do what I say."

M'bana could have wished himself at home, or that Baru's spear became a vine, but tired and shocked as he was, he only nodded in agreement.

"Anything you wish for, I want to have four times of. That should keep me above you and prevent you from wishing hurt on me. After all, a wish to harm your enemy will be repeated four times upon you."

The young farmer made the wish. He felt a shiver and knew that the request would be fulfilled.

It was late in the day when M'bana returned to his hut. Angrily he berated himself - how could he have done such a stupid thing? His enemy would always have four times as much as he did!

But he had another problem to solve first.

Wishing for the money to pay his debt, M'bana suddenly found a small bag of gold at his feet.

At Baru's hut, the farmer found the Warrior sitting on a huge bag of valuables, exactly four times as large as the bundle he was bringing in.

"A piddling amount, Dirt-Scratcher, but leave it with me and take your papers."

M'bana did as he was told, all the while looking at the huge sack that was four times as big as the one he had supplied.

Four times as much! Suddenly he realized the wisdom of the Spirit- man.

As M'bana left, Baru frowned.

"Turn around farmer."

M'bana face the man with a smile. Baru began to rage.

"You are happy!"

"Of course, all I wanted was to be free from my debt."

"But you'll always be giving me more than you will get!"

"So? Remember there can always be too much, even of the best."

With those words, M'bana left his furious nemesis, quietly chuckling to himself.

"M'bana, may I walk home with you?"

K'tan a handsome young man of M'bana's age stood next to him. K'tan was a friendly face that the farmer was always glad to see.

M'bana gladly nodded yes and the two handsome young men walked home in the dim light of the evening sky. As they reached the door of the M'bana's house, they fell silent and just stood there. Gently K'tan reached up and stroke the farmer's attractive face. Before long they were both in bed, appreciating each other's smooth wonderful forms. At M'bana's gentle urging, K'tan had soon entered and began surging into the man as he had never done before in his life. It was sex that was better than all other sex.

At the same time, Baru was holding the figure of the shy Masfar in his bed. Masfar had such a beautiful ass and Baru could hardly wait to try it out. However, before he knew what had happened, Baru felt Masfar entering him. Pleased that the youth was not as awkward as he had assumed, Baru allowed him to continue. Suddenly he felt a shaft like a post inside him.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"My cock is growing!!!" the frightened Masfar shrieked. He was too big to pull out, and the motions of sliding back and forth as he struggle to be free, just made him get harder. As the young man's penis pressed firmly against Baru's prostate, the warrior began to shake as the waves of pain and pleasure washed over him.

"Unghghnnnn!!!" Masfar grunted. Suddenly the young man's fear and shock melted away as he felt a wave of gratification and release unlike anything he had ever known. Of course, Baru felt a river of come flood his insides, rushing in with an unceasing intensity.

"Stop, Stop!" Baru's slim abdomen began to round out as the fluid filled his middle.

"I-ah, ooohhhh, I can't!" the youth upon him cried between moans of body-shaking surging.

The Warrior shook trying to free himself from the monstrous servicing he was undergoing, but alternate waves of body numbing pain and orgasm shook through him.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two men were separated. Masfar staggered away, the member that had released such a stream, limp and reduced to its original size. Baru could only lie back on his cushions, his come- swollen middle held in his hands like a small barrel. Exhausted and sore he could barely move.

Unfortunately, with his system filled with fluid, Baru had to do a lot more than lie back that night.

After a night of perfect lovemaking, M'bana kissed K'tan and set off to work in his fields. Passing by Baru's home, he saw the Warrior stagger unsteadily out of doors. Seeing M'bana, he tried to straighten up and walk with his usual proud stride, but it was too much for his reamed-out rear and he nearly collapsed from the pain. M'bana was not a vengeful man, but he had to smile when he realized what must have happened.

As the farmer sowed grain, he made an new wish. He wasn't greedy and simply hoped that his work would give him plentiful yields. Of course, from then on, when Baru went out to hunt, not only did he come back with more meat than he and his men could carry, but animals would constantly wander up to his hut, frightening everybody until the beasts were killed. At first this was considered a blessing for the village. Teams of men and women were hard at work to trying to preserve what had been killed, but they could not keep up with the amount of meat and skins that Baru was bringing in, and a stench of decay began to settle upon the village. Meat was no longer the precious item it had been. Furthermore, Baru angered the villagers when he stubbornly refused to accept M'bana's offer to bury the rotting meat in his farmlands to use as fertilizer. Soon the Warrior found himself forced to cut down on hunting as his importance as a provider decreased.

By harvest time, M'bana seemed to be truly blessed in his crop. Although he was well on the way to becoming the most powerful man in the village, his needs remained simple and his wishes were made most infrequently. Baru's hatred by now was overwhelming - not only had he lost his importance, but the man he wanted to crush was succeeding without even benefiting him. After all, what was a fighting, hunting man as he was, able to do with four new plow blades, four wagon-loads of well tiling and all sorts of farming and domestic goods, all of which were in sets of four? As far as some of his other activities went, he was very careful to bestow his company upon men of very small endowments and limited ejaculation abilities. The sex was far from the great experiences that Baru had come to demand, but at least he would be safe from being bored out and filled with cum like a water-skin again. Then again, there were times when he himself shot out like a wild river, pumping up men, spraying his hut and unable to find relief as his member grew into a huge, steel-hard club that burned for sex but could not be satisfied. Soon he found himself shunned by many of the bottom-men who had once flocked to his bed. What was worse was seeing how many of the men in the village still flocked around M'bana as the rumors of his skill in bed was added to the other praises of his virtues.

One afternoon when M'bana was walking to his field, he felt a sharp blow on the side of his head. It was nearly evening when he awoke, the gentle hands of his neighboring farmer, K'tan, placing a cloth on his painful bump.

"Wha - what happened"

After calming him down and assuring M'bana that he was not severely hurt, K'tan showed him the club that he found. It had been thrown into some tall grass nearby, but it was obvious what the club had been used for.

M'bana stared at it in silence. Clearly Baru was no longer content to hate quietly.

"K'tan, I feel a bit hungry."

In his hut, the Warrior laughed together with the small group of his remaining followers. Stew boiled in a pot on the fire and one of the men gave Baru the first serving. Greedily, he stared down at his portion. He had never felt so hungry before. Wolfing down the food, Baru frowned. His stomach was burning from hunger. With a groan, Baru motioned to the lad by the stew-pot, grabbing the next bowl out of the servant's hand and gulping it down. His tongue and mouth scorched from the heat, but the heat of desire in his belly was worse. Forgetting himself, the Warrior, walked over to the stewpot and began to eat out of the pot, using his bowl as a giant spoon. He ignored the feeling of hot food spilling onto him and just kept stuffing his mouth. Only after he had scraped the bottom of the pot did Baru feel satisfied. Smeared with food and holding his mouth open to cool his burnt tongue, the Warrior stood up unsteadily, like a drunken man.

He felt the stares of the men around him.

"What are you looking at?"

The men quickly averted their gaze, but in truth Baru was a sight. The handsome, carefully groomed man was now a slovenly mess of food. His usually trim middle bulged out uncomfortably from the load of stew that had been pumped in it and had snapped off his loincloth which now lay bundled around his feet. All he could do was rub his belly uncomfortably and try to figure out what had happened.

Suddenly Baru felt exhausted. He could barely think straight and just managed to drag himself to his cushions when sleep came.

At that moment, M'bana had gone to bed and wished himself a good night's sleep.

Baru slept peacefully for two full days.

M'bana and K'tan lay in bed together. They lay contentedly as they heard Baru's few remaining faithful men, marched by to meet at the Warrior's hut. K'tan might have worried about the mischief that Baru might be planning for his wonderful farmer, but M'bana's unworried demeanor put him at his ease and let him enjoy the presence on the man besides him.

To look his most impressive before his men, Baru had put on the full Warrior's garb the he alone had the right to wear. It did look majestic upon the man, but there were some certain parts of it that no longer sat right on him due to the binges he had gone on. Baru could not control his hog-like raging appetite and as a result he was beginning to show signs of fatness. All the men could see how his leather body cover had to curve over a round middle and strap over two plump pectorals. Where the fastenings had once fastened the leather pieces in a close fit, they now had to curve over a wide gap of flab at the belly, hips, thighs and ass. Baru's new double chin even prevented him from tying on his head-covers completely. As he stood before the gathering in his hut, Baru spoke about how he would not rest until the dirt-farmer was gotten rid of.

Even Baru's most faithful followers were shocked by this declaration of hatred.

"Great Baru, why must we kill him? He is bothering no one." one man timidly asked.

With a howl of anger, Baru slashed at the questioner with his spear narrowly missing the man's head. The other men, disturbed by the Warrior's demands and already worried about his odd behavior in the past might have turned away.

"M'bana, have you fattened up a little?" K'tan asked as he stroked the handsome man's middle. M'bana had been wishing himself a hearty appetite at every meal and it was beginning to show.

"A bit. Does it bother you?"

"No, you were very nice with your small waist, but," K'tan buried his face in the soft flesh of his partner's small paunch, "I love how your softness feels."

"Would you like me to get fatter?"

K'tan nodded with a smile and squeezed the love-handles that were rounding out over M'bana's hips. Magically, the small pads of fat that the young man caressed, began to grow. With delight, K'tan grabbed M'bana in his arms, hugging and kissing him and pressing himself against the growing man's figure as hard as he could. He could feel the farmer's belly swell out and the hard thighs, push out and soften over the hard field trained muscles. Under K'tan's very kisses, the straight jaw-line rounded out into the beginnings of a double chin. The heat of passion rose in the two men. Soon, M'bana felt K'tan sink his straight, firm cock into the swelling, plump cushions of the once tiny ass.

The men gasped as they looked at Baru. The Warrior himself looked down in a fascinated horror at the snapping fastenings. The gaps widened further as the fattening flesh poked and pressed out against the leather. With a quick surge, Baru's belly flowed forward, the fat ripping through the very hard leather. There was no sound in the room except for the ripping and snapping of Baru's outfit. The pectorals swelled out over the inflating paunch, their tits becoming larger and sagging down. His neck, muscular under his growing jowls, thickened and blended as the bulking shoulders and chins hid it. Ceremonial arm bands stretched and strained as the biceps and forearms filled out and widened, finally falling off, one after the other, leaving indentations that rapidly vanished. With the snap like a gunshot, the Warrior's ass broke out and cracked the hard leather binding thongs. Thick thighs crumbled the leggings and popped off the large codpiece that covered Baru's well-sized cock. Soon his cock itself was hidden under the flabby coverings of belly and thigh flesh.

Baru was huge and still growing.

With a grunt, Baru staggered back, his fat, swelling body wobbling unsteadily. Unused to the sudden shift of gravity in his figure, the Warrior lost his balance and sat down hard upon his cushions. With a soft bursting noise, the skin covers gave way, spilling out the soft grass stuffing as Baru was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor. Baru began to yell.

"It is magic - the farmer is using wizardry to destroy me! He will destroy us all!"

The men picked up their spears, their knuckles gripping tensely upon the wood of the shafts.

M'bana's hut was quiet as he and K'tan lay inside, enjoying each other's presence. M'bana was beautifully chubby now and his belly formed a soft dome upon which K'tan lay his head. The younger man tickled the fat man's soft large thigh and was rewarded a sensual gut shaking laugh.

"Oh fat man, you are even better than when you were slim."

M'bana looked at the admiring face near his.

"I bet you'd be the same."

K'tan didn't even hesitate.

"Then fatten me up too! Let me push my big belly into your face."

M'bana smiled at the eager man. With a chuckle, K'tan looked down and watched his clearly defined abdominal muscles begin to soften. He pulled his partners arms around himself, enjoying the pressure of the fleshy paunch pressing against him as he felt M'bana's hands kneading and caressing his own fleshing figure.

Silently the Warrior's men approached the farmer's home, Baru following behind. With his belly swollen into a mammoth, swaying paunch that reached towards his knees, his pecs drooping into quivering nipple tipped sacs of flab and his fat engorged ass, Baru had become a huge, naked mass of fat that bore almost no resemblance to the tall, lithe hunter he had once been. Unused to his rapidly grown blubber, Baru's gigantic body was helped along by two of the strongest men, as he spurred his gang along. There was a tension in the air as the men prepared to carry out their unpleasant mission. Slowly moving forward, one man heard a soft ripping sound as if fabric was being torn and looked down.

"What's happening to me!"

"I'm growing!"

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

Startled by the cries outside, M'bana and K'tan rushed to a window. They gaped at a scene that was shocking and yet very arousing at the same time.

Out in front of the hut, Baru's followers were all immobile in shock looking down at their fattening bodies. Spears, arrows and shields clattered down to the ground, ignored by the stunned and bloating fighters. The smallest of them was now sporting a tremendous round gut and each of them was clutching at their armor and clothes as the spreading hips, abdomens and buttocks broke through the coverings.

A little further back, the moonlight illuminated the immense form of Baru laying sprawled upon the ground, his massive wobbling legs thrashing in the air in front of the towering mass of his jiggling girth. The two men who had been the Warrior's supports were nearby, one man cupping the sagging, pillowed pecs that were now sprouting out of his once-muscled body, the other man sitting on the ground trying to stand up upon legs that were unused to the soft, shifting belly that was rapidly spreading out towards his knees.

The small army of would-be assassins was getting fatter and fatter.

M'bana and K'tan stared at the scene before them. A smile spread across M'bana's face as he wished. Immediately K'tan's cock became rigid. The young man grinned as he looked down and then approached his partner. Gently but firmly, he pulled M'bana down to the floor and started to kiss him, gasping as the fat farmer touched his sensitive flab.

The pack of chubby men saw their would be victim making love. They felt their own cocks firm up and reach out against their just grown bellies. Reaching under their flowing fat, they touched the engorged members, shuddering as their fingers handled the yearning, straining cocks. Lust and desire quickly took the place of shock over their still increasing fatness. A tongue gently played over the soft round lips of one man as he looked at the smooth filled out figure of the man next to him.

Within minutes the men were all over each other, sinking themselves deep in each other's fleshy physiques. As M'bana and K'tan came, their happy cries were echoed by the crowd of men as they all shot long and steadily into each other.

"What about me?!"

Baru's angry voice roared over the intimate noises.

Several men waddled towards him.

"It's about time you fat fools. Now help me up!"

Looking into their faces, the Warrior saw that their intentions had very little to do with helping him up. Soon he was surrounded by fat men, all of whom were holding up their bulging guts to show the long, massive hard-ons that had already returned after their first explosive releases.

Before Baru could say anything a warm mouth clamped over his lips, kissing him hungrily. Other mouths were kissing his tremendous tits. Eager hands played with his massive gut, enjoying the wavelike sensation of the fat within while other large bellies pressed against him. His massive thighs were spread wide apart and soon he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of being serviced and servicing an army of handsome fat men.

"More! More! More!"

Baru's happy demands floated through the air. M'bana and K'tan smiled as they watched the chubby orgy outside.

"I don't think Baru will be too much trouble now," K'tan whispered as he snuggled next to M'bana's large frame. The farmer patted the round of fat that rested in between his lover's legs, barely covering the head of his cock.

"He wanted four times whatever I got. I think it is a fair arrangement."

M'bana smiled. K'tan chuckled as they both began to fatten up further. Soon, they were kissing passionately and lost to the cries of the expanding orgy outside.

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