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Pete and Franklin

Pete and Franklin

It is important to know that neither Pete nor Franklin had ever met each other. They hadn’t talked. They hadn’t texted. They hadn’t even visited the same web sites.

No there was no connection between the two at all. For all intents and purposes neither one know of the others existence.

And that what makes this whole thing very curious.

You see Pete was a young freshman at Arizona State University in Tempe. He was average. He had dark curly hair and that wide eyed wonder that comes from a new high school graduate ready to conquer the world.

Franklin was a construction worker. Not too much older than Pete but with a somewhat muscled body and a bit of fat from way too many beers with the bros.

Now Pete had never really had a sexual experience but he had a few dates to school dances and they were always with girls but this seemed a bit forced when he considered the events, which he tried not to consider.

Franklin was a dominant bear and would lord over any man that he came in contact with. He knew who he was he made sure you knew who he was. Being part Italian he had a large cock and he used it.

These simple facts I give so that you can know who these two were in the fall of 2014.

As Pete was getting settled into his dorm with his roommates and use to his schedule and Franklin was continuing on to another year of a somewhat mediocre construction.

Late at night after several beers for Franklin and a long day of studying for Pete, Franklin began having a very vivid dream. This was not an unusual thing for Franklin, his dreams often had a sexual content and this part wasn’t the unusual part. His ass twitched, which started the unusual nature of this dream. Franklin never bottomed and he felt a digit seem to probe him and some nice wet lips wrap around his cock. Since it was a dream he went with it and began to really enjoy this vivid dream he was having.

Pete was having a dream almost at the same time. He was sitting up, leaning back on what he thought were his pillows and an invisible hand was feeding him invisible food. Eclairs and meatloaf. Washing them down with beer and shakes. Pete was always an average guy and never was excited about eating and this dream came as shock to him. As he slept he shifted and eventually laid on his side because there was a strain at his midsection and his cock was hard as a rock.

Both Pete and Franklin stayed in this semi dream state for several hours each night.

When Pete woke the next morning the memory of the night soon faded but there seemed to be an effect that he would be unable to ignore. It is common for Freshmen to gain weight. It is called the Freshman 15. And the hunger in the morning created by that imaginary night of being stuffed soon called his name. Pete went down to the cafeteria and got breakfast. An unusual event in itself. Even though Pete had been at school for over a month he had never gone to breakfast. This would not be his last.

Franklin had an itch in his ass that he found himself rubbing throughout the day but there wasn’t much that changed. His coworkers were familiar with him playing with himself down there and chalked it up to Franklin being Franklin.

That was the first night that Pete and Franklin had strange dreams. Similar in nature but such different effects on each one.

Pete hit the Freshman 15 in a week and by the time Thanksgiving break came he was well over 250 pounds. This shocked his parents when he came home but he brushed it off, telling them that they knew that people gained weight when they started at school and that he was just getting his stride and it would all come off when he was able to work out more. Begrudgingly they got him some new clothes having for the first time had to go to a big and tall man’s store. Not a single member of the family was fat and although Pete wasn’t your what most would call fat he was chunky he couldn’t fit in any of the clothes at the local walmart.

Franklin on the other hand was spending some time at a porn shop checking out dildos. This was not something he would have ever bought for himself but his ass twitched at times and he needed something in it from time to time. He would go out and cruise the bars finding himself a little twink, a cub or just a random guy to shove his cock into and make them scream in pain and ecstasy but now he did it at times with a dildo up his ass.

Pete’s dreams continued. His belly being bloated to ridiculous proportions in his dreams. He remembered some cartoons where someone was stuck to a hose and their belly would stretch out far in front of them. This was the image Pete was beginning to get from his night fantasies. In the morning he would be his normal self but hungrier. And at the end of the year he had put on quite a bit more weight and the summer came and he headed home. His parents thought that they would be able to help him with his weight issues but nothing they did seemed to help. It did seem to slow a bit in the summer but by the end of the summer he was 10 or 20 pounds heavier.

Franklin’s ass was being stretched by the dildos but in his dreams he felt an arm going up his ass as he was being sucked off. The stretch didn’t hurt it felt exciting. Where Franklin’s cock was hard and stiff when he rammed it in some random boy the arm that was lodged in his ass was nice and stretchy. It eased it’s way in and although Franklin hadn’t ever been fucked his ass seemed to accept the arm with no resistance.

Sophomore and Junior year for Pete continued with very little change other than to his waistline. His parents were worried about him and took him to the Dr. since he was twice the weight that he was when he started school. They tried putting him on a diet but that didn’t seem to work. There was no drop in weight and approaching 400 pounds he was one of the bigger boys on campus.

Franklin graduated to some of the largest dildos he had ever seen. One looked like a telephone pole and as he stretched his asshole he began to have to wear diapers to work so that he wouldn’t leak. He would often shove a butt plug up his ass to help with this problem which made him walk funny.

Late in Pete’s Senior year he had his usual night terror when he felt the pillows at his back but they felt different. They had nipples and rings. As he watched his belly grow to expand to fill the whole room he looked back and there was the smile on a man that fed him the last four years. Pete thought it looked like one of his professors but different. He reached up to caress the face of this man and his hand went through him like reaching for a mist. The dreams stopped at that point.

Franklin had a similar dream several weeks later. As he looked down at his cock being sucked and an arm shoved up to the shoulder in his ass he saw a cherubic face staring up at him. He reached for the child that looked like all the boys he picked up but different somehow and as he reached the face disappeared.

Pete had already become too addicted to food and so associated it with sex that there was nothing he could do. He didn’t grow as wide as he had the past four years but he grew. As he graduated he was close to 450 pounds. His robes were use to covering all sorts of bodies but even it was stretched to capacity as he walked across the stage and got his diploma.

Likewise Franklin had become so use to having things shoved up his ass he couldn’t stop. He would mostly do the plugs himself but there would be times that he would find someone in a bar several towns away that would love to fuck and stick things up his ass. He didn’t want to blow his reputation with the boys but damn did he need it.

When Pete found a job it was quite the fluke that he was sent to New Jersey just down the street from where Franklin worked. 

They didn’t travel in the same circles and there was no chance of them meeting except by chance but as Pete wandered into a bar and sat his suit clad chubby ass on a bar stool he ordered a drink and Franklin walked in the bar. As he looked around for his newest conquest Pete looked in the mirror behind the bar and their eyes met.

Franklin walked up to him and wrapped his arms around him. Pete wasn’t his type. He liked skinny guys but there was an electricity as their eyes met and he was drawn to Pete. 

Have we met before big boy Franklin asked Pete. 

I don’t think so. Pete responded. I have just been here a few weeks.

Damn you look familiar.

They sat and talked for hours and soon Pete was going home with Franklin. As they undressed Pete saw the huge butt plug up Franklin’s ass. He pushed Franklin to the bed and pulled at the plug till it came out.

Instinctively Pete knew what he needed to do. He wrapped his lips around Franklin’s cock and shoved his arm up his ass. With no resistance it went up to his chubby shoulder. And Franklin looked down and saw that familiar cherubic face he had once seen in a dream.

As soon as Franklin got off he rested there and Pete came up resting beside him. I am thirsty the exhausted sweaty Pete said to Franklin. After a few minutes rest Franklin got up and got a few beers for the two to drink which seemed to take way too long for Pete’s thirst.

As they lay there caressing each other the doorbell rang and Franklin got up and returned with a stack of pizza boxes taller than Pete. Franklin sat on the bed and pulled Pete between his legs resting on Franklin’s body Pete felt the nipples and rings he once saw and slice after slice went down his throat.

The reason I am telling you this story is that I have had a dream. I met Pete and Franklin and they told me this fantastical story and my belly has started to grow when I wake. HELP ME!

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