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Physics Class

After a long day at work, Tom went to bed. Exhausted and tired, Tom hoped the next day at school and work would be much better. He goes to college at Indiana University, and living in Bloomington, he stays at his house.

"What a rough day, he thought to himself." And with that, Tom quickly falls asleep, like he has never slept before.

At 9:00, he wakes up to the sound of his damn annoying alarm clock, and after throwing it against the wall as hard as possible, he ensures himself heâll never have to wake up to that crap again. Then he noticed his boxers were drenched with jizz. "What the hell kinda dreams did I have?"

He quickly changed shorts, and remembered how bad yesterday had been. "Today will be another day of hell, thatâs for sure."

Tom loved talking to himself. That is practically all he had. His parents died 2 years ago, leaving him a fortune and no life. He only had a few friends, which were mostly from his job at Taco Bell.

Knowing he had a class at 9:30, Tom quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed a Pop Tart, and got into his car. He went to his Physics class, got a front row seat, and before he knew it, he dozed off.


Tom was startled as he looked up at his instructor. "Sorry teach."

Everyone was staring at him, laughing and giggling. Tomâs face quickly turned beet red, being a shy person. After the scene died down, he noticed that Mr. Kinder had his tight shirt tucked in, which showed off his perfect curving belly. Tom instantly got hard, and tried to hide it by putting books in his lap.

Mr. Kinder ignored Tom's apology, and began where he left off with the class. It was a big class, around 250 students attended daily. This always caused a considerably amount of boredom to Tom. Good thing he got a good seat today, because he loved to stare at Mr. Kinderâs huge gut. Tom always guessed he was around 300 pounds, but it was ALL in the gut! His face, arms, and legs were slightly plump, but his belly was the most prominent feature on his body. Tom loved to stare at Mr. Kinderâs huge belly, watching it jiggle as he walked around lecturing his class. When Kinder would look in Tomâs direction, he would quickly move his eyes up to meet the teachâs eyes, not wanting him to know that Tom likes his belly.

The hour long class ended quickly, mostly in part of Tomâs daydreams of Mr. Kinder. At the end of class, Mr. Kinder said quietly, "Tom, I would like to have a talk with you."

A few of the students around Tom heard it, and thinking he was in trouble, laughed and poked fun at him.

Tom waited for everyone to leave, and walked into Mr. Kinderâs office. Tomâs brain froze after thinking maybe he saw him looking him up and down. "Oh shit! I donât want my secret to get out..." he thought.

"Take a seat, boy."

He was too frightened to speak. No one knew that Tom had a thing for fat menâs bellies, and how sexy he thought they were.

"I noticed you were acting strangely today, you weren't paying attention to my lecture. In fact, you havenât listened to me in the last week or so. Do you understand the material were covering?"

This was true. Mr. Kinder has only been tucking in his shirt the last few weeks. This made Tom totally loose concentration, and constantly stare and dream about Mr. Kinderâs bulging belly.

"Sorta, I have had my mind on other things though."

"Like what?"

"Well, umm... I kinda.... I donât know."

"I also have noticed something else," Mr. Kinder interrupted, "You donât look me in the face very often." He leaned back in his chair, and stretched his arms way back, accenting his humongous gut.

This totally turned on Tom. His eyes widened as his teacher stretched. "I donât understand what you're talking about."

Mr. Kinder noticed Tom was getting turned on. Besides, what else would be more obvious than Tomâs instant erection and a drooped mouth? Sensing this, the fat teacher took one of his hands and placed it on the curve of his massive belly, and began to rub his hands underneath the fold of fat overlapping his tight belt. He knew that Tom wanted him, and wanted his gut bad.

"Well, unless I have swallowed my face, you seem to just look at this instead of my eyes." Mr. Kinder slapped his relaxed belly a few times, sending ripples through it like it was made of Jello.

Totally stunned, Tom wondered what to say, 'I- Iâm sorry, I wonât let it happen again."

Mr. Kinder stood up, turned and faced his window, so that Tom had a perfect side view shot of Kinderâs belly. He opened a desk drawer and took out a box of Twinkies, patted his gut, and said, "Damn, am I gettin hungry. Long winded speeches make we want to chow down. Would you like one too?"

Tom was shocked at first, but then realized that Kinder was turning on to him. 'Sure, Iâll take one."

Mr. Kinder threw Tom the whole box of 12, and smiled at him. Tom instinctively went around his desk towards Mr. Kinder. He was still facing the window, with his back turned towards Tom, so Tom placed his hands on Mr. Kinderâs love handles, and slowly kneaded his large, massive belly. It was a firm belly, but to Tomâs delight, it wasnât too hard.

"I bet you're real hungry, you fat pig!" Tom exclaimed while unwrapping two Twinkies. "I need to fill you up!"

With that, he shoved both of the fat enriched snacks into his teacherâs mouth, caressing his bulging gut while Kinder ate. Tom unwrapped three more Twinkies and forced them into his gaping mouth. Mr. Kinder swallowed it like it was popcorn.

"Ohhh, that feels soo good!!" exclaimed Kinder.

Tom shoved the rest of the Twinkies into his mouth, while grabbing and playing with the mound of blubber on his favorite teachers body.

"Iâm so hot, help me with my shirt," said Mr. Kinder, and Tom slowly unbuttoned his teacherâs tight button-down shirt that was ready to pop.

Tom kept on feeling his mountain of flesh, placing several fingers in Mr. Kinderâs deep set navel, while kneading his belly with the other hand. Mr. Kinder moaned, showing appreciation towards Tom.

Just then, Tom noticed that his teacherâs belly started to get larger and sagged more. It seemed as though his was gaining instant weight!! "Damn! You're getting fatter!"

"Yeah, I gain weight when I get turned on," Mr. Kinder moaned while his 60-inch gut slowly got bigger and bigger.

Tom got so turned on by this, he unzipped his pants, and shot a load from his throbbing dick onto Mr. Kinderâs belly. Kinder began to jerk himself as well, and kept on gaining weight all on his belly. He had to have gained 10 inches on his gut when it finally stopped, and Tom kept working his belly, while splashing Mr. Kinderâs neck and chin with warm cum.

After their peaks, the two friends were totally exhausted. Mr. Kinder said, "I donât have any plans tonight at my house, how about cumming on over after school?"

"Iâm supposed to work, but screw it. Your much better!"

'Thatâs good! Damn, just look at me now!!" He felt himself over, examining his own inflated belly. "We should do this more often, so I can get as fat as you want me to be."

"Weâll see how much better we can get that thing tonight."

The two of them quickly cleaned up, got their clothes back on, and Tom left knowing that heâll for sure get an A in his Physics class.

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