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PJ & Max
PJ was sitting in his and Max's dorm, eating his lunch. He'd ordered a big order of Chinese food while he did his homework. He'd put on a lot of weight since getting into college. Last time he had weighed himelf, he was 460lbs. He was disgusted with himself, but couldn't help his love of food. He'd tried diets, but they all ended with him quiting and gaining weight instead of losing. Max had tried to get him to excercise too, but that didn't help him much either. He stuffed chow mein into his mouth as he read from his text book. PJ grabbed his soda and chugged down half of it, burped and went on eating and eating.

Max walked in as PJ finished up. He saw PJ's belly strain in is t-shirt. He blushed some and closed the door. "Heya, Peej. Wow...did you eat all of this?" Max asked as he saw the empty containers of Chinese food around his friend. "Been getting your fill there, big guy?"

PJ sighed and nodded. "Yeah...I always do, but I take it a little far I guess."

Max nods. "Yeah...is it any good?"

PJ shrugs. "Its alright."

Max nods again. "Cool."

PJ nods back and rubs his belly some. "Heh, kinda getting hungry again."

Max grins some. "Yeah? After all of that?"

PJ nods. "Yeah...can't seem to get full lately." He said, rubbing his stomach some.

Max and PJ head out to the closest buffet. PJ waddles inside with Max, who pays for both of them. PJ loaded up two plates with a lot of food. He drooled a little as he grabbed a glass for soda. He put his plates and his soda on a trey and waddled to a table in the back. Max sat across from PJ with his one plate and ate. He occasionally looked up to watch PJ as he gorged and grunted. Max blushed and ate quietly from his plate.

PJ finished his plates of food rather fast. He sat back and rubbed his belly. He looked across at Max. "Heh...not that hungry huh?"

Max sighs. "Yeah, I guess not." He looks at Max and grins some as he shakes his head. "I don't know how you do it..."

"What? Eat like a pig?" He asked blushing.

"Heh, kinda...I mean I've always been this skinny guy...I'll eat a lot, but I won't gain like you do."

PJ blushes. "Trying to make me jealous?"

It was Max's turn to blush this time. He shook his head. "No...its the opposite. I like how big you are...I'd love to be as big as you are actually."

PJ paused and his eyes went wide. Did he hear what he thought he heard. "Really? You wanna get fat like me?"

Max nods. "Oh yeah...I really do, but it seems like no matter how much I eat, I don't gain much."

PJ chuckles. "Well because you're not doing it right. You don't get lazy like I do. You do your jock thing." He said chuckling some. "Try matching me tonight, plate for plate, calories for calories. Who knows, you might start gaining like crazy."

Max nods. "Sure thing." He said, and he finished off his food and headed back for more with PJ. They both came back with two full plates each. The ate and ate until they place closed for the night. PJ was bursting out of his shirt and Max was bloated. 

They headed back to their dorm to rest from all of the eating. Once inside, PJ sheded his tight t-shirt and tossed it aside. He started rubbing his belly in big circles. "Cannot believe how much I ate..."

Max chuckles. "That wasn't a normal night of eating?"

"Oh sure...but somtimes I can't get over how much I eat." PJ groaned as he kept rubbing.

Max watches PJ as he kept rubbing that big belly of his. Max got steadily up and started rubbing PJ's belly for him. PJ moaned, and let Max rub. It felt so good. Max moaned as he rubbed into the blubberous mound. "Mmm...heh, you're so fat, Peej." PJ nods and lays there, letting Max's hands do their thing. Max blushes ans his hands move lower towards the curve of PJ's belly. He kneads the fat som as he continues ot rub. 

PJ moans. "Ah man..." He shivers and holds back his words.

Max cocks an eyebrow at PJ. "You alright?"

PJ nods and feels himself becoming hard. "I am just...so...turned on...right now..."

Max blushes. "Heh, me too, Peej...you're really sexy to me, ya know that?"

PJ blushes too. "Really?" He asked just as Max lowered himself to PJ's face and kissed him passionately on the lips. PJ kissed back and pulled Max into his big fat belly. Max moans and squeezes PJ's love handles and continues to kiss PJ. He pulled away, got up, took his pants off, and PJ noticed Max was hard too. Max grinned and got back on top of PJ and shoved his hard-on into PJ's belly button. It wasn't that deep, but Max knew that that didn't matter. He began to thrust into PJ's gut. PJ moaned with each thrust. "Ah Max..." He let out. Max groaned and told PJ how fat he was. And how fat he wanted to get along with PJ's help. They moaned and soon they both came at the same time. The sighed happily and were soon fast asleep in eachother's arms.

A Month Later

PJ frowned at the numbers that his belly covered. "Max? Come see how much I weigh..." Max groaned and came into the bathroom where PJ stood. To look at Max, he wasn't that big, but he'd gained some weight recently. It wasn't a lot, but compared to what he once was, he was thicker at least. Their last weigh in had him in at 220lbs. It looked good on him, but they both knew they had just begun to put weight on him. 

Max walked over to PJ and looked down at the red numbers. "Heh, 530lbs of fatboy." He said and rubbed PJ's belly. PJ moaned. "Ah yeah....can't wait till I am 600lbs."

Max nodded, "I know, me too. You'll be so freaking sexy. Well, ya know...more so." He said with a wink. PJ jiggled his fat and grinned. "Thanks. Can't wait till we can get you this big and fat. I think we should double our efforts."

Max blushed, "Me too. I think we should look online for some sort of weight gain miracle." He said as he continued to rub PJ's belly.

PJ waddled out to the computer and sat down. He Googled the words "weight gain" and to be cute "miracle". Many links popped up after he clicked send. "Mmm...huh, this one looks good." He said and clicked one of the links at the top. Max walked over and looked at the screen over PJ's shoulder. PJ grinned some. "Heh, its a soda that makes you gain weight and makes you hungry. They mostly use it to battle anorexia. It says its availible for anyone, but they warn people not to drink a lot of it. A six pack is enough to get someone who needs to gain weight. Heh, I am sure we can do better than a six pack."

"Are you sure about that, PJ? I mean if it says..."

PJ chuckled, "I am sure. I think this is the same stuff that guy in my English class drank. It looks like the same logo." He licked his lips at the mere thought of the guy. "He's bigger than me! 700lbs at least." The guy was 700lbs of sexy flab; he loved helping Max get fat and loved the sex they had, but PJ dreamed of that big sexy fatso a lot too. "I'll order us a big box of this stuff." PJ said with a big grin.

"Sounds good, Peej." Max said, and patted PJ's shoulder. PJ grinned and placed the order.

By the end of the week, their weight gain soda showed up. PJ signed for the package from a portly delivery guy. PJ smirked at the guy and headed back inside with the box. He opened it, pulled out a couple cans. He tossed one to Max and snapped one open and chugged it down. Max caught the can, snapped it open and chugged as well. Within seconds, PJ was suddenly very hungry. He waddled to the kitchen, grabbed a box of twinkies and ripped a couple open and shoved them in his mouth. He continued this until the whole box was gone. 

"Ah man...we need to get to a buffet!" Max bellowed. PJ nodded, waddled out and headed to the car; Max followed. They ate snack cakes on the way to the buffet. The moaned and grunted like the pigs they were as they ate.

Once at the buffet, they paid, rushed right over to the food and stuffed their faces silly before actually loading up their plates. The two got odd and annoyed looks from people. They looked at eachother and blushed. They loaded food on their plates and found a place to eat right away. They stuffed themselves full of food. Max was shovling in Mac & Cheese, steak, mashed potatoes and all kinds of fatty foods. He groaned as he went on eating. "Can't believe how hungry I am..."

PJ nodded. "I know...this stuff is amazing!" He groaned and went on eating and eating. PJ grinned at Max. "You look so sexy eating like that." He said and patted Max's beginner belly. "Can't wait to see that thing expand." 

Max nodded. "I know, me either." He said and patted PJ's belly as well.

PJ groaned as he ate more and more. Soon they both had cleared their plates and so they went back for more, starting a whole new eating cycle. After five plates of gorging and belly rubs they went onto desert. PJ and Max loaded up on ice cream, cakes, pie and Jello. The two hungry fatboys took turns as they shoved deserts into the other one's mouth. "Ah man..." PJ groaned as Max force fed him cake. Max rubbed PJ's belly as he ate. 

"Such a sexy fatboy..." Max said and he stuffed more and more into PJ's mouth.

PJ smirked and put a bowl of melted ice cream to Max's mouth and made him drink it down. PJ patted Max's belly as it expanded before his eyes. "Getting fat there, Max." He said with a grin. Max groaned as the ice cream went down. The two bloated fatboys started feeling full after they'd gone back for their fourth round of deserts. 

PJ belched as Max rubbed his big gut that now stuck out of his shirt. "Let's go home, Peej." PJ nodded, got up and waddled out with Max who helped him out to their car. PJ drove them back home where Max helped PJ out of his clothes and gave him a belly rub. "Ah man..." PJ moaned with each rub. He was really aroused right now. Max grinned and kept it up. His hands roamed lower. 

"Getting hard fatboy? I gotta weigh you before we fuck. That okay with you?" Max asked with a grin.

"Oh ya...let's weigh in. I gotta know how fat you are now too.

The two got up and went to the bathroom scale. PJ stepped on first. "What's the damage?" He asked with a grin.

Max bent over to look at the numbers. "625lbs now! Wow. You went up and over 600!" Max smirked and rubbed PJ's belly. PJ moaned some and stepped off. Max grinned as he stepped onto the scale. It was PJ's turn to bend over to see Max's weight. "Wow, Max." He said looking back up at Max and patted his belly. "You're 350lbs!"

Max's mouth dropped open. "What? Wow...this soda really works...heh, I think we should do the same thing for dinner."

PJ grinned and nodded. "We should, but man, I wanna fuck you so bad right now." PJ grinned and pushed his belly into Max and heared him towards the bedroom. He pushed Max onto the bed and kissed him passionately. Max rubbed PJ's big belly and slapped it. "You're such a fatso, Peej."

PJ nodded. "I know. I wanna get bigger." Max smirked. "You do? I do too." He said and PJ nodded, leaned in and kissed Max and rubbed his big belly. The two fatboys rubbed their bellies into eachother until the friction got to be too much and they came at the same time.

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