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"Bulk Body" Builders

God I was tired. 10 months of contests and guest posing, product endorsements and muscle magazine interviews. I needed a break...badly. To top things off my training partner was homesick for the east coast and had left a week ago.

Max, the owner of my gym, commented on my fatigued appearance and suggested that I take a week or two off. He offered his place up in the mountains. He had a fireplace, huge kitchen, spa, and a private gym. Another friend was up there already, cooking up a storm, and just keeping up the place for Max, as he had little time to spend there himself lately. The place sounded perfect....I left the next day.

I really needed a break from training too, so I was planning to do nothing but eat, sleep and do absolutely nothing for at least the first week......When I got there after a two hour drive, I was tired but much more mellow....and starved! 10 months of continuous contest dieting had left my body very lean and thin skinned, but the thought of another egg white omelet just turned my stomach.

The place was absolutely gorgeous!.... Large and spread out, it was more like a ranch than the cabin that Max had said it was. There were some wonderful smells coming form the kitchen that set my mouth watering and made me forget the last plain bowl of rice I'd eaten just yesterday. I followed my nose to the kitchen. There I saw a short, cute bearded bear of a man named Louis who was very busy in the kitchen. He looked up startled when I rapped on the door, then smiled broadly. He said that Max had already called to warn of my arrival and that I'd be staying a few weeks. He was also told that I was tired and drained from the last few months of competing and that he was to make sure I ate well and bulked up a bit.

Well, that's all the encouragement I needed, as Louis set the table for me with enough breakfast for five people. When I asked him why he wasn't eating with me he patted his round belly and said he'd been sampling too much of his own cooking. I feigned hurt, and said I always ate better with company. Louis was about 3 inches shorter than my 5'10" but probably weighed in at roughly the same, at 225 pounds. He didn't take much encouragement to join me. Watching him eat made me realize that I was ravenous and I ploughed through that Herculean breakfast in no time. I belched and groaned when I'd eaten everything, which made him grin ear to ear, Louis said he'd have a blast cooking for me and helping me bulk-up, and that he loved cooking for more than his own hearty appetite. Assessing, his chunky fireplug body, I could see he'd been eating well......very well.

Throughout that first week Louis kept me well fed with six or seven full meals a day plus snacks. By the end of that week I was starting to feel much more like myself; and when I stood on the bathroom scale it read 240....up 15 whole pounds. My skin was just slightly less than the paper thin than what it was a week ago.

The next Monday Max came roaring up the driveway. He said he'd taken a couple of days off to rest and see how we were getting along. He commented that I looked more relaxed and less drawn looking than he'd seen me in months. Max commented that it looked like Louis's cooking looked good on me too. I told him I wanted to bulk up some more and use his gym in the back. It was fine, he said. Of course, stay as long as you want. I tried to talk to him about rent but he wouldn't listen, wouldn't hear of it. When I protested more, he stopped and thought for awhile. Max Proposed a solution to our problem. In exchange for the use of his cabin he would take pictures and videos of me bulking up: as a training aid for his prodigies and trainers at his gym in the city. He said that with plenty of hard work and major bulking up, he was going to get me up to a solid 250 pounds for my next competition 12 months down the line. How could I say no? Later that day he took my measurements and the "BEFORE" pictures:

Body Fat7%

He took pictures of me in posing trunks and shorts mostly; and in the kitchen eating, the gym working out, and just some of me relaxing. I insisted on some poses with my new found friend and personal cook, Louis.

2 weeks later found me on the scale absolutely amazed that I'd packed on 45 pounds since coming up here, and feeling better than ever. My strength was up, my mood was happy and stable and I had an incredible tan (without the posing paint!). When Max came up again later that week to take more photos I told him how great I felt, but that I was still 10 pounds short of my highest off season weight. He said that was excellent, but the plan he had in mind was for me to gain at least double what I'd put on so far. I laughed, but the look on his face told me he was serious. When I started to argue he told me to relax; with my metabolism I would have no problems cutting up for the contest and that he'd be on hand to coach me. He felt even when I was over 300 pounds he'd have me in peak condition in 4 months. I couldn't refuse.

Louis continued to cook, and I continued to eat. The bigger I grew the more I ate. I'd even convinced Louis to help me train, and I helped him start out with a weight training course. He was a strong little fucker for some who'd never worked out before! He was making some great progress and we quickly saw the resulting muscles showing through his portly frame. It was hard to tell through all the fur, though after a few months of not shaving I was turning into quite the bear myself. I found that I was gaining somewhere between 10 to 20 pounds a month. 3 months after I'd started on Max's program found me tipping the scales at 287 pounds, a month later 302 pounds, and at the end of 6 months I was well beyond the scale's capacity, and was just starting to show a belly. Louis hadn't kept up pound for pound but he'd packed on at least 60 pounds himself. The added muscle more than compensated for his bigger belly. I surprised myself in finding that I was attracted to his big belly almost as much as I was attracted to him. We'd grown to be much more than friends in the time we'd spent together.

It was now 4 months before the Mr. Gold Coast competition; time to get back to the city to cut down to contest weight. When I hit the gym, the guys in there who hadn't seen me for 6 months were shocked; I was huge. Getting on the scale there proved it: 338 pounds. I couldn't believe it myself. All my lifts were way up though; I was bench pressing nearly double my weight. And now.....it was time for the measurements:

Body Fat26%

Body fat- 26 PERCENT! The look of shock and dismay on my face must have been very apparent because Max had a big DON'T WORRY grin on his face and headed me towards his office to discuss the 'game plan'. I had just a little belly that I could easily suck in, but my skin was very thick as the majority of weight had gone on all over. I looked more like a heavy weight power lifter than a body builder, but Max was confident.

Max was right, on his program and diet the fat just started to melt off and I could see the definition of my muscles improve almost daily. I was back to the boring and bland but nutritious meals again, and by the time the contest rolled around I was going crazy with the memories of Louis's fabulous cooking. I had to see this though.

Finally, it was contest time. I walked on stage a very confident 264 shredded pounds. The audience went wild. There was nothing I could do wrong it seemed. my posing routine was perfect, my body was hard, my veins standing out like ropes. I had a 61" chest, 23" arms, and 32" thighs all in perfect proportions. So, it was no surprise that I'd won the first prize. I was very happy, and Max was ecstatic! His gaining program had worked, and I was living proof! I called Louis that night to tell him, and to say I would be back up the next day to do it again. With Max's approval, I was going to bulk up again even more to see if I could push my contest weight up over 300 pounds.

Max drove us back to the cabin in the mountains. Boy, did I miss it! Louis was waiting outside as we pulled up. I ran out and gave him a great big bear hug, which he returned with gusto. He'd been cooking and eating alone again it seemed while I was gone, but he'd been working out as well. His belly was bigger and rounder than ever but he carried it very well with some very impressive muscles. I gave his gut an appreciative rub as we headed to the kitchen and whispered "I want a belly like yours".

"You got it" he said, but first you gotta show me how much you miss me and my belly. As we were about to excuse ourselves, Max ushered us into the living room and turned on the TV and VCR. He played the tape he'd put together of me bulking up; he had edited it so I appeared to grow right in front of our eyes. He got some of Louis growing too. You could actually see his belly growing outward and downward, growing rounder and fuller. Some of it was obviously gained while I was away, I looked at Louis and then at Max; they just smiled and saw how turned on I was. I couldn't wait to start eating again. I dragged Louis into the bedroom and made wild love to his belly, and he drove me crazy telling me how much weight he was going to make me gain and how much bigger my belly was going to grow.

Over the next 3 weeks I packed on 60 pounds, 25 of which was gained in the first week. Already I was well over 320 pounds. Max suggested that 400 pounds was a good goal being that it was almost as much as of a gain as the last time. It was sort of shocking number to think about but when we broke it down it was OK, it was doable. Louis was certainly willing to helped and was already out in the kitchen cooking for me. Max would be keeping a video record again and we watched the old ones to keep us motivated (and very horny!).

Month after month I grew bigger and stronger. The weight came on all over my body again. I hit 340357372; then I started to get a belly. Max had bought up some weight gaining formulas to augment Louis's extraordinary meals. The weight gain was slowing down and I just wasn't able to hold enough solid food to support packing on that last 30 or so pounds, when the power drinks started, a new spurt of growth began. Thankfully, Max had also bought a heavy duty scale that I couldn't break at this weight. I must have drunk gallons of the shakes in those last few weeks. My gut was finally starting to grow. As my weight shot passed 400 pounds, my belly grew to 50 inches. Louis finally couldn't get his arms all the way around me. I felt stuffed and stretched and huge. I was very strong, still able to bench more than twice my weight, my neck had grown and my forearms were enormous. I just wanted to see how much bigger I could get my belly before Max came back up. It was getting to be time to start hitting the steamed fish, rice and veggies again.

In that final week Louis helped me stuff my gut almost continuously, even waking up 2 or 3 times a night to fill up again. We pushed my weight to 409, then 417428 and the day Max came up I was practically waddling at 435 pounds a gain of 161 pounds in 11 months. This time Max was shocked and impressed.... also a little worried that we had gone too far. Louis had grown impressively too at 350pounds. He was more handsome than ever, and rounder.

The next day we all drove back to the city to help me train down. I had to work harder than ever this time. We figured I should be in shape at about 310 pounds. The guys at the gym guffawed at my size, but they all stood around as Max measured me.

Body Fat32%

WOW!... I had so much work to do. I had to drop 125 pounds to be in shape, and I was going to miss my belly. I enjoyed growing it so much. Luckily, I had given myself 5 months to cut up.

I don't think I'd ever worked harder, but , with Max's help the pounds started melting off again. Louis learned to cook some fat- free recipes which tasted pretty good, but not the fare that I had grown to love. By the last month before the show I was back down to 360 pounds and I was starting to look like I'd be in shape after all. My muscles were hard and ripped, but the belly that was the last part to get really fat was now going to be the last and hardest part to get rid of. With one month to go I had to starve that last 25 pounds off. It was worth it though, the day of the show found me the biggest, hardest competitor in my weight class. I felt I'd won the meet hands down. Between the day and night programs, Max, Louis and I went for a celebratory lunch. We thought I'd have nothing to worry about, so I splurged a little and ordered a few things I just wanted to taste again that definitely weren't on my diet. What a mistake; I just couldn't sample the 8 or 9 things I'd ordered, I had to eat everything. I just couldn't help myself. I was stuffed and bloated when we left the restaurant, and very satisfied. I had to hope that a nap and some vigorous aerobics before the show would minimize the damage of that one great meal. I was disappointed, but not very surprised that night when I only placed second. I was so close, but that one big lunch made my muscles look smoother than they should have. I received special mention though, as the biggest body builder in the history of the competition. That was OK, this would be my last show anyway I was tired of it. I wanted to go home, And eat what I wanted, when I wanted and all I could hold.

Back at the ranch, Louis was cooking up a storm again, I ate till my gut hurt ...6 and 7 times a day. I binged my weight up by 50 pounds the first week back. Louis said he wanted me to grow bigger than ever. He missed my belly too and wouldn't stop cooking till it was huge and round and full. And, since I couldn't resist his cooking I was absolutely helpless to refuse. In a few weeks my skin was growing thicker, my measurements growing larger, my gut ballooned and my weight climbed in leaps and bounds. I was back up to 404 pounds after only 3 months; 439 a month after that and my appetite showed no signs of abating. The bigger I got the more I wanted, the more I ate the hungrier I became and hornier. Louis became almost as enamored with my expanding girth as I was, and made a point of bringing food into our love making. We'd slather pounds of peanut butter, jam, honey or chocolate over each other and eat and lick each other in the hottest sex, ending in being totally satisfied, and stuffed with thousands of delicious calories. Six months later I was topping 500 pounds and feeling wonderful. Max had to go out and buy us both new clothes as we'd been too busy porking out to notice we'd out grown all our duds.

We ended up buying part of Max's acreage and building a restaurant. I thought it was a shame to keep Louis's talents all to myself. We successfully set up a profitable little business.

We have a happy life up here. We're still working out and are stronger than ever. The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays and we spend the whole day and night eating and stuffing each other to orgasms. Every so often, Max sends someone up who needs Louis' help bulking up and my help with training. Mostly they get much bigger and stronger and Max adds the polish for a contest. Sometimes, they come back for more bulk, and sometimes Louis and I get a new playmate and partner. And sometimes, he just loves big belly rubs and wants to join our bulk club.

By the way, my old training partner came back to visit. Now he wants a body as big as mine. We were more than happy to help...and he's busy inflating his body and ballooning belly. At the rate he's eating, he'll grow bigger than me, and soon. Who are we to say no?

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