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"Why?" Part 1
Elliot chewed his lip with worry and nervousness. He could hear his father walking up the stairs this instant. What could he do? He'd already tried to hide in the wardrobe, only to find out he was too big. He'd tried hiding under the bed, but he hadn't fit. Even hiding under the blankets had crossed his mind, and he knew that that wouldn't hide anything.
What to do? Suddenly he thought of simply leaving his bedroom and hiding somewhere that his father wouldn't go. He ran for the door, but then stopped after a few steps, he was just too slow. He'd make it to the door just in time for his father to see him, not something he wanted to happen.
Elliot glanced around the room. He was getting so nervous that he was now chewing his fingernails. But this didn't give him any ideas, in fact, by looking around the room; seeing his twin brother, Toby, sleeping on the floor near his bed, seeing the spilt cups, his mind involuntary ran over the past few months that had lead to this situation in the first place......
It began about four months ago, when the twins headed off to school on a beautiful Monday morning. They caught the bus as usual, but there had been a new kid on the bus as well. The twins noticed the new kid only briefly as they searched for a seat, then forgot about him until class started.
As it happened, the new kid, whose name was Patrick, was put in the same fifth grade class as the twins. Patrick was quite unlike the twins, he was even quite unlike the majority of boys in the school, in fact. How? He was really fat. His clothes looked uncomfortably tight on him, his shirt was so tight that you could see his massive stomach so clearly it looked as though it had been painted on.
The twins, being kind and understanding boys, didn't choose to giggle and snicker when Patrick walked in, but decided to stay mature and be friendly to new boy. So, when recess arrived, the twins introduced themselves, and offered to show Patrick around. This lit up Patrick's' round face, and they became fast friends with him.
Not long passed before the twins discovered that Patrick, whilst so physically different, was a lot like them. Patrick loved Pokémon and Digimon as much as the twins, maybe even more. Patrick was so into that sort of stuff that his bedroom walls couldn't be seen because of all the really cool posters and drawings he had hung up. Patrick had become best friends with the twins. They loved going over to his house after school and begged there parents on a number of times to let them spend the night at Patrick's. Their parents always answered 'no', simply because they were adamant about the twins staying at home on school nights, but also because the family visited relatives every weekend.
However, as Spring Break drew nearer, the twins decided that since there were no school nights for a week, their parents would have let them spent the night. And so they asked, pleaded and begged until they finally allowed. But their parents still didn't agree without an argument.
So, on the Tuesday morning of their first sleep-over at Patrick's, they waited with hardly controlled enthusiasm to be picked up. Their excitement had been sent reeling the night before, when Patrick's mom had insisted on the twins staying for two nights! The twins almost exploded when they saw Patrick's car turn into their street, but instead, they began to jump around the front yard until the car finally stopped and they climbed in.
The day went by quickly. First, the three boys played the Nintendo and Playstation until they were called for lunch, which was delicious. After Patrick had finished three servings, the boys went into Patrick's room and played a couple of games on his computer, after which they went outside and played a fun game of soccer (at Patrick's mom's urging), until Patrick said he was too puffed out to keep playing.
Once inside, Toby and Patrick decided to watch television, while Elliot chose to play on the computer again. After a couple of hours, the boys were called to dinner, which was both far tastier and larger than lunch had been.
It was at the dining table that Elliot noticed something weird about the way Toby and Patrick were acting. Firstly, they kept whispering to each other, after which Toby would stack his plate with more food. And secondly, because Toby was eating all of the food he piled onto his plate, which was far more than he usually eats. Elliot was a little suspicious about this , but when dessert came, he forgot all about it.
After dessert, Elliot returned to the computer while Toby and Patrick once more sat in front of the TV. Elliot continued playing the computer until quite late and decided to stop (mainly because his fingers were starting to get sore). So he wandered into the den to watch the TV for while before he went to bed. When he walked in, though, he was amazed at the number of candy wrappers littering the floor and chairs. What really shocked him, was that Toby's face was covered in chocolate, and that meant Toby had been pigging out on candy even after the huge amount of food he consumed at dinner.
This was extremely weird because to twin's parent's were very health orientated and as such, the twins had developed healthy eating habits. At that time, though, Elliot was mainly upset that he hadn't been offered any of the candy. He tried his best to forget Toby's behavior and sat down next to Patrick, who offered him a candy with his plump hands covered in chocolate. Finally, the three boys went to bed, two of them stuffed full of food, while the other full of confusion at his twin's change in habits.
The next day passed like the first, except that Toby had woken early with Patrick and enjoyed a number of plates of bacon and eggs, even before Elliot woke up. Also, at lunch, Toby ate almost as much Patrick, then when they were shooed outside to play, Toby went inside before the others and parked himself in front of the TV, eating candy.
Dinner that night was a huge pig-out for Toby and Patrick, as was dessert. This was followed by more candy in front of the TV. Elliot found it annoying watching his twin eat so much, not because he wasn't offered nearly as much as Toby, but because he was perplexed at why his twin had suddenly picked up the eating habits of their overweight friend. This made him go to bed early, just so he didn't have to watch the candy pig-out.
Thursday morning, Elliot woke at the same time as the other two. Then after a two person pig-out at breakfast, Elliot noticed that Toby's pyjama shirt was looking rather tight on his once thin body. He was shocked even more when Toby changed into a different shirt, and the fatty bulge of his stomach could be seen easily. Being a mature kid for an eleven year old, Elliot decided to not say anything to Toby about his sudden weight gain until he discovered why he was purposely putting on weight.
As it was the last day of the twins' visit, Patrick's mother decided to take the three boys swimming (the weather was, after all, warming up). The group spent all morning at the pool, but Elliot noticed Toby only stayed in the water for a ten minutes before getting out and sitting in the stands eating candy until they left. Patrick never left the water, as did Elliot, they were content to play with the rubber tube they hired. However, Elliot still cast a suspicious eye on Toby every now and again.
The twins stayed at Patrick's' for lunch, which Elliot had to sit uncomfortably through another pig-out. But then packed their bags and were dropped home, only to find out that their parents were leaving early that afternoon and wouldn't be home until very late. This meant that the twins had to find their own dinner, Toby smiled when they were told this.
The evening slowly drew on, with Toby sitting in front of the TV, eating as much food as he could find. Elliot meanwhile, went into his room, unable to spend another night watching his twin eat. But as it got later, Elliot's curiosity got the better of him, and he went downstairs to confront Toby.
Toby didn't seem to notice when Elliot walked in, but then stood in anger when Elliot switched off the television. Elliot ignored his brother's complaints and simply turned to Toby, "Why are you getting fat?!" he demanded.

Elliot's heart was pounding in his ears. His father's footsteps sounded like they were at the landing, and Elliot knew his father would be at the bedroom door in only about thirty seconds. What could he say to him? He knew his father would hit the roof just looking in the door, let alone knowing the truth.
What to say? Elliot racked his brain for an excuse, but all he could think about was his father's reaction. These thoughts made him begin to shake uncontrollably, his knees would have been violently knocking except they weren't able to touch. Suddenly regret filled Elliot's mind, Why did I do this? he asked himself, Why did I disobey Dad?, because of Toby.
Elliot turned back to his once thin twin brother, Toby. It was all his fault. The memories flooded back, and images from the passed couple of months flashed across Elliot's mind....
"Why are you getting fat?", Elliot demanded. Toby stopped his complaining about the TV and stared hard at Elliot.
"What do you mean?" he asked innocently,
"You know what I mean." Elliot retorted, grabbing a candy wrapper and throwing it at Toby.
"Why should I tell you?" Toby said, sitting down once more.
"Because I want to know!"
"Well I think I should know."
"Because I'm your brother."
"Because its not healthy."
"Tell me!" Elliot cried,
"No." Toby replied simply,
"Fine." Toby finished, before Elliot stormed out of the den and upstairs.
Elliot was furious. He slammed the bedroom door and threw his pillow across the room. Then an idea dawned on him, ring Patrick and find out from him. He grinned and went into his parent's room to use their phone, that way Toby would never know.
After dialing the number, Elliot sat on the bed, smiling broadly as he heard the phone connect and begin to ring. Patrick's voice answered almost straight away (he was most probably sitting on the couch next to the phone.)
"Hi Patrick, its Elliot."
"Hi." Patrick answered, "What's happening?"
"Do you know why Toby's getting fat?" Elliot asked bluntly. Patrick giggled at the question, "Well, do you?"
"Well," Patrick began, "You remember on Tuesday when you went to play the computer, and me and Toby watched TV. "Umm, Toby asked me what its like to be fat. And I told him it was really cool cause your whole body jiggles like jelly, and that feels funny. Then I said the best part was having a big soft belly to play with." Patrick giggled some.
"Yeah...?" Elliot said, desperate for information,
"Well, he told me I was being stupid and I told it was true, but he didn't believe me. So, I lifted up my shirt and told him to touch my belly," Patrick giggled again, "After a while he did, then he did again and again and again. Then he started playing with it."
"That's it?" Elliot was disappointed,
"No." Patrick commented, "After that, he asked if I liked fat people heaps, I said that I do. Then he smiled and said he wanted to be fat too, and asked if I could help him."
"What did you say?"
"Course I'd help him. Its so cool to be fat, if you want to be fat as well, I'll tell how." Patrick sounded excited,
"Maybe." Elliot said, then told Patrick he had to go and hung up.
For a few minutes after, Elliot just sat on the bed thinking over what Patrick had said. Why would Toby want to be fat all of a sudden, especially since Mom and Dad say its bad, Elliot asked himself over and over again. Then his thoughts drifted back to what Patrick had said happened, So what if Patrick liked fat people heaps, Elliot thought. Of course!
For the second time that night, Elliot was in a fury over Toby. This time, though, his stormed downstairs and into the den. "How dare you!" Elliot shouted at a very surprised Toby, "Patrick's my best friend too!" Toby smiled and swallowed the candy bar he was eating,
"He's not your best friend anymore. He's mine." Toby remarked,
"Yeah right, he likes me as much as you." Elliot answered,
"No he doesn't, coz' he likes fat people more than skinny people, and I'm fatter than you." said Toby and lifted up shirt to show chubby belly.
"Well, he's not going to like you better for much longer!" Elliot exclaimed and walked back upstairs into his parents room.
He dialed Patrick's phone number again, as before, Patrick answered right away. Elliot didn't bother greeting Patrick, But simply said that he wanted to get fat too. Patrick giggled and giggled down the phone, and then after commenting on how great it was that his best friends wanted to be fat like him, he proceeded to explain toElliot the best and quickest way to get fat.
And thus began the twin's biggest competition ever.
Not wanting to waste any time, Elliot rushed downstairs as soon as he hung up the phone, and raided the kitchen for as much food he could carry, without letting Toby know. Then he took it all into his bedroom and began to eat.
After consuming the first pile of food, Elliot returned to the kitchen for more. After hauling the next pile of food into his room and eating it, he went downstairs again and again, until he was so full, it was impossible for him to move. He just lay on his bed, rubbing his bloated stomach until he heard the TV switch off downstairs. He knew that Toby would come to bed now, so Elliot crawled under his blankets so that Toby would have no idea about the gain.
The next morning, Elliot still felt full, so he did exactly what Patrick had said to do if you were full. After that, Elliot wandered downstairs to breakfast only to find Toby already shoveling food into his mouth. So, Elliot simply sat down across the table, and began to eat. The twins continued eating plate after plate of breakfast for well over an hour.
After breakfast, both boys continued eating all day, glad their parents had gone to work that day, otherwise the twin's would have been in trouble. At dinner, they had to be cautious, they didn't want their parent's to know, so when they asked for seconds (at the surprise of their parent's) they claimed they hadn't eaten all day and were very hungry. The twins were believed and got seconds, then for dessert, they lied to their parents saying they really loved the dessert and got seconds and thirds.
The twins weren't able to eat for the rest of the night, so they said they'd go to bed early. But when they went to brush their teeth, Toby turned to Elliot and demanded, just as Elliot had done, "Why are you getting fat?"
"Well, you can't have Patrick to yourself you know." Elliot replied cheerfully,
"You just want Patrick to be your best friend." Toby accused,
"He's my best friend too and you can't take him away." Elliot argued,
"You're just jealous coz' Patrick likes me better."
"He does not!"
"Does too, I'm fatter."
"You won't be fatter than me for long." Elliot said and left the bathroom.
Over the next few weeks, Elliot was beginning to have doubts whether he would be able get fatter than his twin. First of all because Toby had a couple of days head start at getting fat. But also because, despite the fact the twins ate exactly the same amount of food each day, Toby was gaining more weight than Elliot. And he couldn't work out how either.
Even after the twin's were visibly larger, Elliot had no clue how Toby was getting fatter. Getting desperate, Elliot asked Patrick at school one day whether he had any idea. Patrick shrugged his shoulders, but then thought for a second or two. He nodded his head and told Elliot two words, 'midnight snacks'. That was the best lead Elliot had, so that night he stayed up. Sure enough, Toby got up at about one and disappeared downstairs for a while. Later, when he came back, he was happily rubbing his belly.
Elliot needed a plan to catch up to Toby. So he decided to start having midnight snacks too. But this only stopped Toby from getting even fatter than Elliot. Finally after a week, Elliot came up with plan. He knew he needed to have a couple of days of just eating to be able to catch up.
The next afternoon, Elliot took all of his money (which was a lot) and spent it all on food. He didn't eat it right away though, he waited until the next day, when he pretended to be sick and had the day off school. At home, by himself, Elliot was able to eat and eat. But even when the day finished, he still had food left over, so he stayed home a second day.
Meanwhile, Toby hadn't the faintest idea that Elliot was faking being sick so he could all day, and only realized on the night of Elliot's second faked day of illness. The twins had gone into the bathroom to brush their teeth when Toby saw that Elliot's pyjama shirt was almost bursting open, due to the increased size of Elliot's gut.
Elliot was pleased when Toby noticed that he was no longer the fattest. Toby gaped at Elliot's even rounder belly. The following month, the competition was fierce, Toby wanted to become the fattest twin again, while Elliot frantically ate to become even fatter. Unfortunately, with their preoccupation with beating each other, they'd become careless, and they weren't the only ones in the house that noticed their big, soft, drooping bellies.

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