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"Why?" Part 2

Their parents were not happy, and decided to punish the twins. So, when the twins came in and saw their angry looking parents both sitting at the table, they realized their carelessness. They stood petrified to the ground, "Sit down." their father ordered sternly. They obeyed without hesitation, "We know what you're doing boys. And we want to know why." The twins tried their best at looking innocent, but it didn't work.

"You know damn well what I mean." their shouted, "Take off your shirts." the twins looked at each other, fear crossing their faces, "Now!" their father cried. Slowly the boys obeyed slowly removed their shirts, trying their hardest to suck in their bulging bellies.

Their father looked at their fat rolls, and said angrily, "Don't bother sucking those guts of yours, I can see how fat you've gotten." he pointed at the stretch marks on their once thin stomachs. "Even without looking at those flabby balloons of flesh you've got, I can see easily that you're gaining weight" The twins looked confused, how could he tell, "You faces are almost as fat as your stomachs, now put your shirts back on and sit down before I throw up." their father ordered.

After they had sat back down, their father launched into a massive about weight gain, and how disappointed he was, that it only ended two hours later. The twins ended up with no money, no tasty foods in the pantry or fridge and a month's grounding. Finally the depressed boys headed upstairs after being called 'oversized lumps of lard', and decided (for the first time in a couple of months) to play the computer together.

So, together they sat, playing computer games and surfing the web, until Toby decided to go to bed. Elliot, however, didn't feel like sleeping, he was too upset. Because he regretted gaining the weight, but also because he loved being fat and he so wanted to keep gaining. All he could think about was how to gain weight without eating, so, in a moment longing, he typed 'how to get fat quick and easy' on a search engine.

What happened after he clicked 'search' was a dream come true to Elliot. He ended up on a website that had the recipe for a formula that would instantly put pounds onto the consumer. Elliot read the ingredients intently, and was suddenly glad his father was a health scientist. After all, his father had all of the chemicals needed for theformula in the basement.

Over-joyed, Elliot quickly printed the 'instant gain' recipe out, and hurried down to the basement as fast as his tubby legs would carry him. Finally, he thought, now I can get real fat, real quick and Toby will never be able to catch up.


Elliot was frozen to the spot, he couldn't make his legs move no matter how hard he tried. He could hear his father's footsteps coming down the hall toward the bedroom. They sounded close, maybe only a few seconds before he got to see how big his oversized lumps of lard for sons had gotten that afternoon. Elliot knew he wouldn't be able to explain why he and his twin had disobeyed their father.

What now? Elliot twiddled his fat fingers in nervousness. He was beginning to feel light-headed as well, and hoped he'd faint before his father had a chance to open the door. His breathing was coming out in short, shallow gasps, not only from his fear, but the sheer amount of weight he now carried on himself.

Toby had been lucky to fall asleep, Elliot thought, he didn't have to worry about his father coming into the room. With his thoughts on Toby for a moment, Elliot wondered how big Toby grow, he did, after all, have a lot more than his twin....

Elliot made it into the basement quicker than he thought he would. The thought of gaining more must have made his body unaware of his weight. After finding the light switch, it took a while for him to orientate himself in his father's personal laboratory.

The place was a mess; papers covered in useless notes littered the floor, beakers and test tubes cluttered up the benches, and safety gloves and goggles hung from anything they could hang on. Elliot had to think hard about where the chemicals were stored, last time he was in here, it wasn't a mess and things could be found easily.

Finally he remembered. His father always kept them in an old broom closet in the corner. Elliot found it and ventured inside. It was cleaner in here, but all the bottles and boxes were scattered about the space. Quickly, he consulted the recipe and searched carefully for the required substances. Before long, he had found each and every ingredient needed, and took them out onto the tidiest bench. Even so, he still needed to clear an area to work on.

When he was set, Elliot searched quickly for a spare beaker to mix the formula in. He found a small one, but decided he didn't need a larger one, and started. He put one chemical in, then another, checking between each chemical addition, the recipe. After about five minutes, he had all but finished, only one more ingredient was needed; a drinkable liquid.

What did it mean, 'drinkable liquid', Elliot thought to himself, before deciding to just give water a go. He took the beaker to the faucet and filled it a quarter of the way. But when the water was mixed in, the formula bubbled and increased its volume to almost overflowing with a creamy type substance.

Slightly confused, Elliot went and checked the directions for the formula. Sure enough, the directions said the final amount of the formula was quadruple the amount of liquid added. With the formula true to the recipe, Elliot drank the creamy substance. It tasted terrible, and he almost retched just from the taste.

After he had totally swallowed the formula, Elliot felt an odd feeling starting in his stomach, then spreading throughout his whole body. It felt like air was being pumped into his body and under his skin. Then he felt himself begin to expand.

When the feeling faded, Elliot wandered over to the mirror hanging on the wall and was amazed at what he saw in his reflection. He was definitely fatter, his face looked much chubbier, and the new, well fitting, pyjama shirt he was wearing was now almost bursting apart because of his expanded belly. The formula worked, and worked well.

Happy at the result, Elliot longed to mix up a new batch and get fatter still. But, he decided to wait until the following afternoon and use a large glass from the kitchen instead of the beaker he used. So, he returned chemicals and cleaned out the beaker. And, taking the recipe, returned upstairs to go to bed. As he walked passed the computer, he noticed he'd left in on, and switched it off.

Without turning the bedroom light on, Elliot hid the recipe under his bed and climbed into bed. Glancing across the room at the other bed, where the lump that was Toby slept, oblivious to Elliot's new weight gain formula.

The following morning, Elliot woke up later than usual and had to rush to get ready for school, not noticing how cheerful Toby seemed after the amount of trouble the boys had been in the previous night. The day passed slowly and Elliot's mind regularly returned to the large amount of the weight gain formula he would have when he got home.

When school finally finished, Toby rushed home, saying he was worried that their father would think they were ignoring their punishment if they late. Elliot didn't care, he was content to walk home at his own pace, cheerful that he was going to get fatter when he arrived. Strolling into the driveway of his house, he laughed, Toby should have known that no-one would be at home that afternoon.

Casually, Elliot went and dropped his bag onto his bed, then read through the recipe, memorizing it, before hiding it a going downstairs. Into the kitchen he went and searched for the biggest glass he could find, before he strolled to the basement. Pausing at the door, enjoying the excitement, he heard movement inside and walked in.

Surprised, he saw that Toby was down there, busy at one of the benches.

Quietly, he tip-toed over to Toby and saw the ingredients for the weight gain formula laid out on the bench. Toby turned and smiled slyly,

"Thought I was going to let you get fatter than me, didn't you."

"But..... How?" Toby asked, dumbstruck,

"When you came down here last night, I printed out my own copy of the recipe." Toby replied and continued mixing the formula into the huge container he had in front of him.

"You're not getting fatter than me!" Elliot said through clenched teeth and began frantically searching for something big to make the formula in.

In the corner sat three buckets, able to hold almost as formula as Toby's container. Without a second thought, Elliot grabbed the buckets and rushed over to the bench, mixing up the formula in each. The look on Toby's face when he saw the buckets was difficult to understand, particularly when he'd end up with a smaller amount of the formula than Elliot.

Not long later, the twins emerged from the basement. Toby carrying his container filled with the creamy formula, and Elliot dragging his buckets full. The twins then trudged upstairs and into their room. Toby slowing to Elliot's pace for some strange reason. Once in their room, Toby walked over to his bed and dragged three more container of the formula from under his bed.

Elliot's jaw dropped. Toby had a lot more of the weight gain formula than he did. As a result, Elliot decided to finish his three buckets quickly, than take some off of his twin. This for certain, Elliot lifted one of the buckets to his lips and began to drink, ignoring the foul taste. Toby followed suit and started to drink his own batch.

Despite the size of the bucket, Elliot still finished rather quickly and grabbed the next bucket. As he lifted the second bucket to his lips, he felt the odd feeling in stomach, then he started to drink again. This bucket took longer to drink, Elliot gathered that his stomach was getting full, but didn't imagine that it was because his arms were getting heavier and making it harder for him to hold the bucket.

Second bucket finished, Elliot reached for the final bucket and was pleased to see Toby had only just started on his second container. Lifting the bucket to his lips was noticeable harder for Elliot, and so he had already started to expand again when he began to drink. This time, the bucket took much longer to drink, but this time, Elliot knew why. He could feel his arms getting heavier by the second as he continued to expand.

Finally the third bucket was empty. Elliot looked over at Toby, who had now started the third container, and watched as his twin got fatter and fatter. So that's what it looks like, Elliot thought, and felt himself begin to expand again. He knew Toby was going to be fatter than him, but at the moment, he was just curious at how big he actually was.

Giggling as he looked down at his growing stomach, Elliot wanted to himself totally, and walked over to the mirror on the wardrobe. Each step he took felt a little funny because he was so much larger than before he was having more difficulty moving his fat legs. He looked into the mirror, he was huge, his clothes had ripped and fallen off without him realizing, and now scraps of the clothes were being held between his fat rolls that covered his body.

Elliot was pleased at how fat he was. His cheeks were so puffy they drooped, his neck was invisible under his multiple chins. His fat arms were at an angle to his body and his fingers were so fat they rubbed when he wiggled them. Just for fun, he jiggled his oversized belly and saw, with pleasure, his whole body jiggle like jelly. Then he tried to see how far round his gut he could reach, and felt a funny feeling in his stomach.

It felt like the weight gaining feeling, except this was stronger and was a little painful. He felt it spread, and before his very eyes, he watched his already expanded body begin to grow again. This was wrong, Elliot knew, he'd stopped expanding for all the formula he had, and he didn't have anymore while he was standing in front of the mirror. Worried, he attempted to rush over and read the recipe again, but could only waddle very slowly, feeling his fat body jiggle with each step.

Finally he reached he bed and bent over to reach his recipe from under the bed, and grunted at the surprising weight of his gut pulling him down. He got the recipe and read it, down the bottom it had a warning he hadn't noticed before. It said, 'Consume only in small amounts, large amounts of the formula will cause the consumer to continuing gaining weight uncontrollably.'

Oh no, Elliot thought and turned to Toby, who had by now had finished all of the formula made, and tell him the problem. Toby was now sitting on a chair behind his bed, cradling his massive paunch so it didn't droop off the edge of the chair. When Elliot told him, he just nodded slowly and said thickly, "I know." and he too started to grow fatter again.

Elliot looked down, which in itself was difficult due to his multiplying chins, and saw his own massive belly balloon to enormous proportions. Then he heard his father come in the front door. Fearful of his father coming to say 'Hi', Elliot slowly moved over to the bedroom door so he could lock it. Each step was harder than the last, finally he made it, only to find his hand and fingers had grown far too fat to be able to twist the lock.

Standing by the door, Elliot continued to fatten rapidly until a crash and a loud thud that caused to room to shake sounded. He spun and saw that Toby had become to heavy for the chair and it had collapsed. Now he had stopped growing fatter, Elliot found that walking, while still extremely difficult, was easier when you weren't gaining massive amounts of weight each second, and headed over to see if Toby was all right. He was, and he'd now fallen asleep.

When Toby broke the chair he was on, Elliot wasn't the only one to hear the mighty thud. His father had heard it too, and shouted, "What was that?" and headed upstairs to investigate. Little did he know, by him coming upstairs, he'd put his son in a very awkward situation as he tried to figure out what to do....

Elliot heard his father at the bedroom door. He saw the knob turn and watched as the door opened. All Elliot could manage was a guilty smile, but his father looked confused. It took a few a moments for the man to take in what he was looking at, he could see a mammoth pile of fat rolls, and then saw his son's guilty smile almost hidden under the fat on his face.

Time seemed to slow, Elliot watched as his father's confused face changed to recognition, to surprise and disgust. Elliot waited for the lecture of a lifetime, but his father asked, his voice shaking with anger and loathing, "Where's Toby?". Not being able to talk well enough due to his fat cheeks filling his mouth, he pointed to Toby's bed. His father didn't need to come any further into the room to see his other son. Because, by now, Toby had grown so fat, his tremendous gut was clearly visible above his bed, and he was still growing.

What will happen now? Will Elliot be grounded for the rest of his fat life, or will Toby get so fat he falls through the floor.

Well...... That's up to you.

The End

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