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Robert loved to eat...he was 21 years old and he weighed 250 lbs...he wished he was fatter but he was afraid to let himself get any heavier because he didn't like the way people made fun of him at the weight he was at now, it would only get worse if he was heavier...until he met Benny that is.. Robert met Benny at a bar in town... Robert wasn't used to being talked to in bars since he was fat and most gay men don't pay attention to anybody that is fat, but not Benny...he walked right up to Robert and introduced himself.. they hit it off really quickly and exchanged phone numbers.

Robert went home and expected not to hear from Benny again. He thought he was being played a joke upon and that Benny didn't really like him...but the phone rang the next day and Benny asked Robert out to dinner. that night Benny told Robert that he was always attracted to fat men and that Robert was cute but Benny wished he was heavier, so Robert told Benny of his desire to be fatter...they decided to fatten Robert up...Robert got home that night and was so excited! he went to bed with visions of himself growing bigger and bigger till he couldn't move out of bed..

the feeding began right away...Benny moved in to Robert's apartment and made sure it was stocked with all sorts of goodies.. he also cooked for Robert when ever he wasn't at work.. all Robert did was watch TV and eat and sleep.. after a month he was up to 300 lbs...after 3 months 400 lbs...one year after starting he was 800 lbs and could barely stand up. When he sat on the heavily reinforced couch his belly which was 3 feet wide, sagged down below his knees almost to the floor...his arms were so thick and flabby they hung out over his sides like the useless limbs they were.. I mean, he could hold things in his chubby hands, but he was so fat he couldn't reach any part of his body or anything because he was so immense...he couldn't even put his hands in his mouth so Benny had to feed him.. he was pretty much immobile on that couch.. he was a fat making machine....at this time Robert was beginning to think that he had made a mistake by letting himself get this big...he couldn't enjoy his fatness because he couldn't even move...he thought it would be a turn on the be able to grab a handful of his fat or to get up and see his morbidly obese body in a a mirror, but he couldn't even stand up...he wanted to be able to put on pants and a shirt that were a size or two too small and to see the buttons almost about to burst and the seams about to split and take delight in that, but he didn't have any clothes to wear because Benny didn't want him dressed....and Benny kept feeding Robert...Robert told him he didn't want to gain any more but Benny refused to stop and there was nothing Robert could do. he was at Benny's will. a few months later, Robert was at his wits end. He was now(at Benny's estimate)over 1,000 lbs.. Benny brought in a full length mirror that was 6 feet wide by 6 feet high and put it across the room in front of Robert ...when he saw himself he was aghast and also turned on....Robert didn't recognize himself.. he was about6 feet wide across the stomach.. actually he didn't have a stomach any more...he had thick, sagging rolls of fat hanging from all over his body.. each of them so heavy that they were all reaching for the floor...his thighs were buried under his paunch which hung down and rested on the floor at his feet.. his love handles(!)were 1 foot thick and started on his back and travelled and blended into his paunch .the only part of his legs you could see were his calves and ankles and his calves were 54" around each! His his chest was a slope that had big meaty breasts that hung to his navel.. he was 66" around the upper arms and his neck was replaced by a humongous double chin that started on the back of his neck and went completely around his entire neck, like a bullfrog.. his face and cheeks were now so fat that he looked as if he had his mouth stuffed with food, even when it wasn't!

he had a 150 inch waist line and Benny had a shirt and pants for him specially made.. it was quite an ordeal to get Robert to be able to stand up so he could dress him, but they did it! Robert sat back down on the couch and saw his reflection in the mirror...all he saw was a extremely fat face and two very fat feet sticking out of the biggest pair of pants and biggest shirt he had ever seen which were almost ready to burst because of all the fat that they had inside them...he was so big that he couldn't even reach one of the buttons on the shirt that had become undone.. he tried to button it, but his fat arm could only come so close.. his belly was5 feet wide and stuck out3 feet from his chest...he had become his secret fantasy.. he was so fat that no one would even recognize him any more.. his facial features were now buried under layers of soft fat...his stomach and paunch were so wide and heavy that his thighs were permanently spread apart to each side.. he could barely breath...but when Benny would caress him late at night, that is when Robert was happiest, because he had the two things he wanted.. he had fulfilled his fantasy of being immobilized by fat and he had someone who loved him........ 

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