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Roid Gut Part 2

2pm Saturday, July 9

I put down my fork and looked at the now empty plate of what had been spaghetti and meatballs. I glanced over at the tall stack of dishes balanced at the far corner of the table. Did I really eat eight orders worth? It only took one quick look down at my belly to get the answer. The huge round ball was noticeably larger. My oversized shirt was no match for my oversized belly, now riding higher up the bloated sphere. I noticed that Chris was staring at the more expansive exposed curve of my stuffed gut.
"I’m beginning to see how your belly got so big so quick," Chris observed, "You eat like a hog! I’ve never seen someone pack in the food like that!" 
With the last comment, Chris gave my ballooned belly a sharp poke. "It’s tight as a drum. If you’ve been eatin’ like this regularly, no wonder you’re so huge!" 
"Brrrrpppp....hey..., take it easy... on the gut," I said to Chris, who quickly removed his finger, "I’m gettin’ close... to maxin’ out!"
Just then the waiter stopped by the table. He looked to be a high school student, with a freckly face and a shock of red hair. 
"Here’s your check. You can pay up front when you’re ready," the thin teenager stated. 
"Uh..., I think I’ll have... brrrppp... one more plate of spaghetti," I said to the waiter, "And another large Coke." 
"Sir, are you sure?" the waiter began to ask, then put his hand on the top of my engorged gut, "You look like you’re about to bust already!" 
"Nah, he always looks like that," Chris noted, "Just bring him another plate and stand back!"
With that, the waiter went back into the kitchen and shortly brought out another plateful of spaghetti. As he set it down in front of me he spoke to Chris, "If you hear any ripping sounds let me know and I’ll try to evacuate the place before he explodes!"
I did manage to eat that last serving of pasta without my stomach popping. I stood up from the table and staggered forward for a moment. Chris reached out to grab my arms and help steady me. 
"Looks like you’re even more front heavy than before," Chris said, "You’re gonna have to get used to this!" 
I leaned back a little further to improve my balance. "There. That’s not... brrrp... so bad," I noted and put my hands on the sides of my now even more swollen gut. "Shit, I’m sure gettin big though!"
Chris chuckled and helped me waddle out of the restaurant and back into the gym. We had just entered the main hallway when Chris turned to me and said that he had to take care of something. 
"You wanna hang out until I get back, or are you gonna head on out?’ he asked. 
"Oh, I think I’ll head on. It’s been great seeing you again." 
"Yeah, me too," Chris replied and put his hand on top of my belly sphere. "You’ve got an amazing gut here buddy; I’d like to get back into workin’ out with you again!" 
"Sure thing man, I can always use a partner. We can do a little liftin’ and then some serious eatin’!" I said with a grin and put my hands on the bowed out sides of my pasta balloon. "And maybe you can get a gut like this someday!" 
Chris smiled even bigger. "I sure hope so but I don’t think that it’s physically possible," he answered then gave my belly one last solid poke. "But I’d sure like to try!" 
Chris then left the main hallway. I began to slowly make my way towards the front entrance of the gym to leave. Of course, I had to carefully watch my balance, arching my back to support the weight of the growing monster gut.
I had only taken a few steps when a couple of guys came around the corner. 
"Hey, T.J. take a look at your boy," the young man said, "Looks like somebody attached an air hose to his belly button and turned it on full blast!"
It was the preppy looking bodybuilder that had come into the room while my oversized belly was being examined. Wasn’t his name Mark? The next figure to come around the corner was the muscular surfer.
T.J. had somewhat of a surprised look on his face, as he walked up and stood directly in front of me.
"How the hell could a belly as big as yours keep growing?" he punched my very protruding gut a couple of times, "You look like you’ve swallowed a barrel!" 
"Oofff...." I responded to his punches, "Hey..., take it easy man; I was at the Pasta Palace and was making sure I got my money’s worth at the all-you-can-eat spaghetti special." 
"You must really be full," Mark commented, than began to thump the side of my very bloated gut, "Your belly sticks out so far yet it’s still solid!" 
"Dude, looks like you need to lie down and rest that fucker; there’s a room over there where you can relax for a minute."
I didn’t expect T.J. to make this kind of offer, but it was getting tiring just carrying the even larger belly around. I wouldn’t mind lying down for a few minutes before I left. So after accepting T.J.’s invitation, I followed him into a large room just down the hall from where we were standing.
This room was what you would expect to find in a gym. There was weight training equipment in one end and several exercise mats in the middle, but no one was around. The other side contained a large counter with a few stools where it appeared juices, energy bars, protein shakes and the like were sold.
Mark and T.J. helped me get down on the dark red mats. I lay flat on my back with my large round belly ball sticking straight up into the air. Both young bodybuilders poked my gut as they stood up then went to the far side of the room.
I could not see what either was doing, as they were behind me. I could, however, here some noises and wondered what they were up to. The two were in the end of the room with the juice bar, but I didn’t know what they were involved with.
There was a slight rumbling noise followed by some grunting. I turned to the side and saw T.J. put down a large metal barrel-looking thing. The container was about the size of a small keg, gray with a bright blue label stating, "Max Gainer 4000".
"So what are you going to do with that?" I asked.
The two bodybuilders were standing close together and replied in unison, "We are going to PUMP," they emphasized this word with a loud CLAP, "YOU UP!!"
I recognized the mimic of the old "Saturday Night Live" skit.
"But... but... I am already pumped," I noted and put my hands on my uniquely oversized belly, "My gut can’t hold much more." 
"I’ve never seen a belly like yours before," T.J. said as he began to attach a hose to the top of the container of weight gain formula, "I’m curious as to how big you could get!"
The thought of these two gorgeous young muscle men pumping my big belly even larger was definitely a turn-on. I realized though that the current size of my belly would not allow for much more growth. It probably wouldn’t hurt anything if they just pumped in a little bit, so I decided not to protest too much. Besides, in my already bloated condition I couldn’t resist too well even with my considerable strength.
T.J. walked the few steps over to where I was lying down and pulled my shirt off then stuck the hose in my mouth. He didn’t stop there though and kept feeding the large tube further down my throat, until it was all the way into my stomach. I looked up at T.J. inquisitively, wondering why he needed to stick the hose in so far for just a few gulps of the gainer liquid. He didn’t notice my puzzled expression and quickly went back over to the barrel.
The handle on the pump was raised then forced downward by T.J.’s powerful arm. This motion sent a shot of the thick liquid into my already stuffed stomach. The pumping had begun. I could watch as T.J.’s hand went down, the top of my belly went up and out slightly. Down. Up. Down. Up. And my oversized gut continued to swell.
"Hey, he’s really gettin’ huge!" Mark noted, then knelt down next to me. He moved his hand closer to my ballooning belly and began to thump it. 
"Fuckin’ awesome, man, its hard as a rock and a lot bigger than one of those Coors Party Balls," he observed. 
T.J. continued to pump, not showing any signs of stopping or even slowing down. 
"Still got some to go, dude" he said, "This poor bastard’s not done yet!" 
"I don’t know, his gut’s so unbelievably swollen... I don’t think he can take much more!"
I raised my head a little and could see the enormous mound in front of me. Even though the hose sticking out of my mouth was partially blocking my view, it was obvious that my poor belly was ridiculously huge. It was difficult to see anything else in the room.
"Just a little bit more," T.J. said, "And we’ll see just how big that fucker can get!" 
"He looks like a pregnant horse," Mark commented, "And check this out; his skin is stretched so tight it’s getting a slight bluish tint around his belly button. This don’t look good man; his gut’s gonna explode!"
I sure could feel the pressure now. The entire spherical mass of my stomach was sore and felt tighter than after the biggest meal I had ever had. Surely he will stop at any minute!
"Hey, it’s getting harder to pump," T.J. said, "Dude, come over here and give me a hand.
Mark walked over to the keg like container and began to help T.J. with the pumping.
"Shit, he’s so full it’s gettin’ hard to stuff more of this in ‘em," Mark noted, "He’s almost at the burstin’..." 
"OMIGOD! What was that? Did he explode!" Mark exclaimed and rushed over to squat down next to me.
Soon as I had heard the loud noise I had put my hands around my belly to see if it was still intact. Mark put one hand on top of my gut and began to feel around with the other.
"Hey, its okay.. another button on his jeans must have given way. I just figured he had busted out of all of those a while back!" Mark said.
T.J. began pumping again, now slowly and with significant effort. I started watching my belly to see if it could stand up to this last bit of stuffing or would the whole thing blow open like a Jiffy Pop container after ten minutes on the stove.
Mark backed away from my now planet sized gut with a worried look on his face. 
"He’s... gonna... EXPLODE!" Mark noted and continued to move back, as if 
afraid the blast might injure him.
With one final mighty push, T.J. had pumped the last bit of weight gain shake into my towering belly. He put the handle down and stepped over to where I lay beached on the floor. Mark also moved back closer and knelt down next to me.
They each began to poke and pat the obscenely large balloon now attached to my very muscular body. T.J. slowly pulled the hose out of my mouth.
"OOOOHHHHHHHH," was all that I could say, as I lifted my head to get a better view of the pumping results. 
I emitted and audible gasp when I saw the size of the mound before me. My poor belly stuck at least three feet into the air. The tan sphere blocked my view of the rest of the room. I could only see the top half of Mark as he was standing near what I assumed were my boots.
I moaned again as T.J. gave my enormous belly a sharp poke.
"Daaaammmmnnnn...this is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen," TJ noted, "It’s so tight yet so fuckin’ huge!" He continued to tap the over inflated ball belly, then stood up and leaned down towards my face, "Hey, blimp boy, lets see if you can get up!"
I tried to stand up in the traditional way, by leaning forward to get into a sitting position. The difficulty began almost immediately when I realized that I was going to have trouble just sitting up. There was simply too much belly to fit between my over developed chest and thighs while in a seated position.
"Hey, I’ve got an idea," T.J. said as he moved towards my right side, and said to Mark, "A little help here okay?"
Mark moved over to where TJ was standing and they knelt down together. I 
wasn’t sure what they were going to do at first, then I understood when they put their hands on my side.
"Just one helluva push and we can roll him up onto his belly," T.J. said, "And then he can get up from there."
I felt the very strong force on my right side which did indeed move me to the left, onto my side and then up onto my belly. However the push had been too strong and I kept going, rolling over onto my other side and then back to a face up position. The size and perfectly spherical shape of my belly had caused me to roll completely over, 360 degrees until I ended up on my back again.
Both men broke into hysterical laughter and started more sharply poking my giant gut.
"Its too big, dude," Mark referred to my belly, "I think you’re gonna have to lie here a while" 
"Yeah, he’s a small planet now, locked into place. We’d better head out before we are drawn in by his gravitational pull and can’t escape."
With one final pat on my obscenely swollen stomach, the two bodybuilders left the room.
Now I had to find a way to get up and out myself. I knew that I couldn’t sit up straight, but maybe I could roll back up onto my belly then push myself up from there. It took a couple of tries, but I did get my muscular body balanced up on top of the enormous ball. My hands just barely reached the floor, but I was able to tip myself forward and push up with my huge forearms. If my legs and arms were not so strong I don’t think I could have made it, but I finally reached a full upright position.
"Whoa," I thought to myself, as I swayed with the hugely heavy belly sticking out so far in front of me. "I need to get a handle on this."
It took a minute or two to steady my unnaturally front heavy build, but if I leaned way back, I could carry the belly forward. I slowly waddled towards the open door, steadying my mega-bloated gut with both hands. I peeked around the door frame and found the hallway empty. I stepped through the opening and began to walk towards the front of the gym. All I had to do was make it down this hall and through the edge of the free weight room and I would be out of here and on my way home.
I tried to move a little faster, but noticed an increase in discomfort when I did. The mild pain did not come from my unbelievably heavy belly sagging down, but from it bouncing upward when I took too quick a step. I had one hand underneath my giant gut to support it, and placed the other on top to get the upward motion to subside. When I reached the end of the hallway, I decided to go a little slower and keep the bouncing to a minimum.
Now came the tricky part. I needed to carefully but quickly move through the far end of the large workout room and get to the front entrance of the gym. I didn’t hear much noise, so it sounded like there were not many guys working out at that moment.
I made my move. Looking straight ahead at the opening at the other side of the room, which led to the main entrance, I walked into the huge free weight area. I was about halfway across when I heard a loud voice.
"HOLY SHIT!," the voice said, "Look at the size of that GUT!"
I turned to see a huge bodybuilder approaching me with a large grin on a 
recognizable face. He was wearing a tight light blue T-shirt and shorts that accentuated his oversized muscles. I realized that it was Greg Titan, a well know professional bodybuilder. 

"Daaammmnnnn," Greg said, still smiling, "What happened to your belly?" He reached out and gave my gigantic gut a sharp poke. "What are you growing in there?"
"Nothing... man," I replied, still reeling from my incredible pumping session, "I’ve.... just been... bulkin’ up... and got a bit... of a ‘roid gut." 
"That can’t be just a ‘roid gut," Greg was still examining the enormous sphere, "It’s so huge...like the stomach of a pregnant hippo or something!"
Greg then motioned to someone else at the other end of the room. "Come here man," he shouted, "Check this out!"
Another huge bodybuilder approached, but this one looked a little different. He had the massive upper body like Greg, but he was wearing a billowy sweatshirt apparently to cover a thickening midsection. I recognized him as Steve Columbo, another popular professional bodybuilder. Steve though was almost as well know for carrying a gut even when in competitions as he was for his incredible size.
"Look Steve," Greg said as he put his hand on top of my ballooned belly, "Its the only bodybuilder in the world with a gut as big as yours!" 
"Fuck, man!" Steve answered as he got closer, "I’m nothing like that. This dude’s about to give birth to a ten year old!" Steve reached out an also began to poke by gut. 
"Be... careful... guys," I said as the pats and pokes got a little harder, "I’m...awfully full" 
Steve had lifted up my belly, let it go and the liquid inside had been heard.
"What the fuck?" Greg exclaimed, then began to more gently poke my gut, "What the hell is in that thing?" 
"Uh... well...," I started to say, "I... uh...drank a whole keg of protein drink... I’m still a little... bloated." 
"Dude, that is unreal," Steve said, as he bent down and more closely examined my super stuffed gut, "You’ve turned your belly into an incredible blimp, just to get a huge upper body. You musta really wanted to get big!" 
"Hell, anyone that would grow a six foot gut just to get huge bi’s and pec’s is okay by me. What say you join us for a workout?" Greg asked.
I smiled big. A couple of professional bodybuilders were impressed enough by my size to invite me to lift with them. It was my dream come true, even if I did have to somehow carry around the world’s largest muscle gut.
"Sure...lets go!"

3pm Saturday, August 12
"AAAHHHH," I said, and put down the now empty pitcher on the counter, "Give me another!"
In order to work out with Greg and Steve regularly, I had joined "The Big Boys Gym", a popular training facility and hang out for professional bodybuilders. I generally lifted in the outdoor free weight area, in order to enjoy the fresh air and maintain my tan.
Today was no different than most. I was outside, wearing only a tight pair of cutoffs which allowed a complete view of my obscenely over developed torso. Twenty-two inch guns, a massive sixty-five inch chest was anchored by my balloon belly, now nearly seventy inches in circumference. I was squeezed into shorts with a forty-four inch waist, giving my belly an even more inflated look.
"Are you sure you want MORE?", the staff member behind the counter asked, "You’re still blowin’ up! What are you up to now" 
"Oh about four and a quarter," I answered, referring to my weight of 425 pounds. "But I can carry it. I need it to keep up my strength!"
He turned back to the machine on the counter and began to fill up another pitcher with a high calorie protein shake. The pitcher was filled again and he brought it back to me just as Greg walked up.
"Your buddy here’s put away about half a dozen pitchers," the staff member said to Greg, "Looks like the poor bastards gut is about to pop!"
Greg grinned and began to gently poke my oversized belly. "Nah, he’s got a long way to go before he busts. I’ve seen a lot more in there than that!’
We exchanged greetings and then I began to chug the pitcher.
"Man, he’s swelling up right in front of us," the staff member noted, as I continued to drink. "That gut’s gotta be six feet around!"
"Ahhhhh," I financed off the last few drops and placed the empty pitcher on the counter. After placing my hands on the bowed out sides of my mammoth belly, I stated, "Now, I’m full and ready to go!"
Greg and I walked over to one of the flat bench press benches. Just as we arrived, 
another bodybuilder walked by.
"Greg; Goodyear; what’s up?" he said, referring to me by one of my nicknames, then continuing, "Greg; where’s Steve? Goodyear, did you eat him?" Our buddy then reached out and poked the side of my bizarrely oversized gut. "Looks like he would fit!"
"He said he’d meet us here," Greg replied, "I haven’t seen him in a long time. Supposedly he’s found a new ’roid and has been working out hard, but I’ll believe it when I see it."
The bodybuilder kept on walking, and soon was out of our area. Another 
bodybuilder started to pass when he reached out and brushed by belly on the way by.
"Hey, T.N.T., how’s it goin’?" he said with a grin, but didn’t stop walking.
I nodded "okay" and Greg asked, "Hey, why’d you call him T.N.T.?"
The bodybuilder turned back as he was still moving away and grinned, "Because he looks like he’s about to explode!"
Greg laughed and I just smiled at this remark. I didn’t mind the jokes about the size of my gut. I knew it was hard for people not to say something or resist the impulse to touch it as they passed.
"Well, enough fartin’ around... let’s get started," Greg stated and turned to load up the bar with weights for our workout to begin.
We heard a familiar voice and both looked around to see if it indeed was Steve. Finally, he showed up!
As I turned to where the voice came from, my eyes focused on the largest bodybuilder I had ever seen, walking towards us wearing only a pair of tight sweatpants. He was dark and so thick, every muscle was grotesquely over developed. His whole body was a series of big spheres, including an incredibly protruding belly.
Greg and I looked at each other with mouths open.
"W-E-L-L... F-U-C-K... M-E!" stammered Greg, "What the hell have you done to yourself!?"
A big smile crossed the thicker but familiar face of our buddy Steve. "Just found a new source for size," he answered, and then went into an impressive double bicep pose, "I’ve been liftin’ like a madman for over a month!"
I grinned back at Steve. "You fucker...You’re on Gorditol!" I yelled, realizing what he was doing, "You want to get bigger than me!"
Greg put his hand on my gigantic belly and said to Steve, "Oh my God, you’re going to get one of these," He continued to pat my ballooned gut. "Hell, you’ll probably get bigger since you had quite a gut goin’ already!"
Steve had continued to walk over to where we were standing and now was right next to us. I reached out and started to pat the big brown ball where his abs had been. He also had the extreme belly button development like I had. His gut looked like an oversized beach ball with a tangerine glued to it.
"Welcome to the club man," I said, and continued to tap the protruding but firm balloon. "You are gonna’ get bigger than me!"
Steve and I were facing each other now, both shirtless, and Greg was in between us but off to the side. His eyes were as big as plates, staring at the two huge mounds before him.
"Dudes... I feel like I’m in a maternity ward at the vet and you’re about to give birth to a calf!" He looked at my giant orb and the one belonging to Steve. "You’re not gonna be able to move soon. What are you gonna do about your gigantic guts?"
"I don’t know about you man," Steve said to me, as he put his hand on his own enormous belly, "But I think I’m gonna have me a protein shake...Goodyear...care to join me?"
I replied in the positive and followed Steve over to the counter. He ordered to "Mega Huge Blasts", one for each of us. The staff member had a stunned look on his face as he created the drinks and handed each of us a thirty-two ounce pitcher. He stared at the two giant balloons attached to the bodybuilders in front of him, but was too dumb founded to even speak.
Steve and I faced each other. Even though we were standing much further apart then two guys talking to each other normally would, our amazingly protruding bellies still nearly touched.
"A toast," Steve said and raised his pitcher, "To gettin’ BIG!" 
I raised my pitcher as well and gently tapped his while up in the air. 
"To gettin’ BIG," I replied with a grin.
Glug... Glug... Glug... 

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