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Side Show
Alonso had worked in Gigli’s Circus for four years, having left home at 16. He had travelled all over Europe with them, working as the stable boy and horse groomer, a position he shared with Cristian, a handsome boy from the north. They both slept in the same caravan, which was fine most of the time, but in the hot and sticky summers, when Cristian would spend more and more time in the nude, Alonso couldn’t help feeling immensely attracted to his tanned and chiselled body. Many nights Alonso longed to crawl into the bed beside him and feel their bodies intwined in the throws of passion. But he would never dare, the circus was too close a community and he had know of knowing if Cristian would accept his advances. He was happy to have such a wonderful friend in Cristian, and it wasn’t work sacrificing that friendship and potentially his job for the sake of a tumble in the sheets.

Mr. Gigli called Alonso into the big top one morning in his fourth year. “I’m giving you a new job Alonso. You’re going to start caring for Giaccomo.” Giaccomo Jumbo was one of the Circus’s performers and side shows. He was alleged to be the fattest man in Italy. “Come feast your eyes on the one tonne man,’ Gigli used to shout at passers by. He wasn’t a tonne, but he was pretty huge, and he needed a full time assistant, who’s job it was to help wash him, assist him in moving about the camp site, and most importantly, prepare the vast quantity of food that he needed to maintain his enormous size. He was one of the more expensive acts to maintain, but he was worth his weight in gold to Mr. Gigli, because everyone who saw him wanted to pay to have their photo taken with him. Alonso suspected he might’t be the latest man in Italy, but he was surely the most photographed. “Giulio is leaving us after this evening’s performance, so he’ll spend today explaining the job to you and you’ll take over tonight.”

Alonso was disappointed. He had to move into Giaccomo’s caravan and leave Cristian. Apparently Giaccomo would wake him in the middle of the night demanding food. Giulio gave him the list of foods that Alonso would be expected to make. Industrial amounts of pasta, pizzas, arancini, gelato, you name it. He also explained how to wash the fat man, how to dry him thoroughly, making sure to wipe all the sweat from the creases under his enormous belly and under his fat chest. He would also have to assist in his performance during the shows, which consisted of eating an enormous quantity of cake with unbelievable speed, before washing it down with a ‘record breaking’ amount of beer. Alonso always quietly judged the audience who were impressed by this ridiculous ‘feat.’ But everyone knew that the popularity of Giaccomo Jumbo helped pay all of their salaries. “He has some… other needs,” said Gulio, a hint of shame on his face. “His fat gets in the way of him satisfying himself… sexually. So sometimes he needs… a hand.” Giulio was clearly embarrassed to be admitting that he had spent the last five years giving hand jobs or going down on the big superchub. Alonso wasn’t daunted though. Superchub or not, a hand job is a hand job, no big deal. If he was in charge of washing down there anyway, what difference does it make if he has to give it a little squeeze?

Giulio had packed his stuff, so he said his goodbyes to the troupe and headed out on the road. Alonso meanwhile moved his meagre belongings into Giaccomo’s caravan. It was much bigger than the one he had shared with Cristian. Although when Giaccomo arrived in, it suddenly felt quite cramped. Alonso set about making the fat man his dinner, 2 pizzas, 2 litres of beer. He watched the fat man eat, like he had done so many times before. He was surprised though when he was told that it hadn’t been enough, so he made a huge pan of pasta grigia. The fat man munched his way through that in no time, and announced after that he felt full. He asked Alonso to join him on the bed and to rub his bloated belly. Alonso put on a smile and did it. Before too long, he asked him to give him a hand job. He was almost apologetic. Alonso didn’t mind. He reached under his big belly, between his huge thighs and reached his fat pad for the buried member. He watched the fat man begin to breathe heavily. His whole mass shock with Alonso’s quick hand movements. Alonso giggled to himself. It was like he was looking at a waterbed. His breathing got heavier as the fat man climaxed, shooting his load right into Alonso’s hand. Alonso helped him onto his feet, made sure he had found his balance before grabbing a cloth to clean him. Giaccomo lay back in the bed, settled in for the night. “Sorry,” he said. “I know it’s not the most glamorous job here.” He looked slightly dejected. Alonso felt sorry for the big guy. It mustn’t be easy living like this. Even if you are the star attraction.

Alonso’s life continued in much the same way for two years. Most of his time was taken up by cooking. He enjoyed that. He felt connected to his southern roots when he was working with food. He became pretty close to Giaccomo, and they often stayed up late talking about their lives before the circus, and what they wanted for the future. He would still go and hang out with Cristian once or twice a week, steaming off into whatever little town they were in. Now that he was regularly wanking off Giaccomo, he felt even less inclined to try anything with Cristian. Not that it mattered, because Cristian had never shown the least bit of interest in him.

It was the end of the summer, and Alonso and Giaccomo were lying on his bed and the last of the golden sunlight peered through the window. A light breeze wafted through the open windows of the caravan keeping Alonso and his superchub ward cool. Alonso was spooning the fat man’s body, easily stroking his chest, running his fingers amongst his folds. He’d become quite accustomed to this kind of intimacy with him. “I’ve something to tell you,’ said Giaccomo, with a nervous kind of energy. “I’m leaving the circus.” Alonso sat bolt up right. “What? Where will you go? Who will look after you?” He was worried, a man of his size couldn’t;t survive outside of a place like this, a place where he was then care of and he could earn a living. What could he possibly do out in the real world? Giaccomo explained the whole thing to him. There was a man that had been following them all summer. He’d been paying in every town to see Giaccomo and have his picture taken with him. Over the months, they had got to chatting, Giaccomo being curious as to why this man appeared every week. The man admitted that he had become infatuated with Giaccomo, that he longed for him to come home with him. Giaccomo had agreed. He would try to lose some weight, become a slightly larger than regular person, and reenter the world. The man was coming the next day to collect him.

Everyone in Gigli’s was shocked to learn that their star attraction would leave them. Many of them came ad say a tearful goodbye to Giaccomo, who had been there longer than most of them. Alonso was also heartbroken to see his big friend leave. He spent the day helping him gather his belongings. It didn’t amount to much, souvenirs he had mostly received as gifts from admirers, memories of the places they had been, a few photographs and the couple of items of clothing they had managed to find that would cover his huge body. The man arrived at the caravan door at 7.30 that evening. Alonso helped the fat man stand up for the last time and got him out of the caravan, to where the man’s van was waiting. He put his arms around Giaccomo’s big belly and gave it a final slap, before he lumbered into the van and off into the sunset.

Mr. Gigli came to Alonso’s caravan at about 8.30, with Cristian in tow. “Alonso, my boy. Six years you’ve been with us now. It’s time for a promotion. As you know, tonight, we’ve lost our star attraction, the man that paid all of our salaries. But not to worry my friends, Old Gigli has the solutions. Alonso, you will replace Giaccomo Jumbo, Cristian you will be his assistant.” Alonso felt a whirl of panic, what was Gigli saying? “Tonight my friends, a new star is born! We will call you ‘Enormous Alonso!’” Alonso sat down, unable to breathe. He would be fattened, till he was the same size as Giaccomo had been. His slender beautiful body would be destroyed so idiots could take photos with a freak. He would rely on some other poor boy to get him off and clean him up. He would need help getting out of bed. He was only 22 and he felt like his whole life was being taken away from him. He looked up, unable to speak. Gigli was clearly delighted with his solution. Crisitan was standing just behind him, smiling form ear to ear. He clearly thought it was hilarious, that he was going to be in charge of ruining his former colleagues body.

Before he managed to gather himself to object, Gigli was gone, having left instructions with Cristian to start looking at once. Alonso would stay in the caravan and eat all day every day, until he was fat enough to start drawing in the crowds. Cristian didn’t waste a moment. He immediately appeared in the caravan with a sack of flour and set about making pasta. Alonso sat on the bed, shaking, trying to regain control over his emotions. He thought about getting up and leaving right away. He had no idea where he would go, he knew no one outside of Gigli’s. He wrestled with this until Cristian sat beside him, with an enormous pan of pasta with a rich cream sauce, the kind of thing he was so used to making for Giaccomo. HE had gotten used to these portions from making them for the last two years, but now faced with eating one, it seemed impossibly huge. He looked at Cristian with tears rolling down his cheeks ‘Cristian… I’m scared. I don’t want to be the fat man.’ Cristian put his arm around his shoulder. ‘Don’t worry about it. I’ll be here with you the whole way. You’re going to be a star.’ With that, Cristian lifted the fork and began feeding him. HE was slow and gentle, letting Alonso take his time ad get used to the feeling of being fed. About half way through he pan, Along felt impossibly full. His belly had grown round and swollen. Alonso pulled him down in the bed and gently rubbed his belly, slowly easing the pressure, before continuing to feed him the rest. By the time he finished, Alonso was paralysed. All he could do was to rub big circles around his bloated gut. He was concentrating so hard on just breathing, the weight of the pasta making it hard to manage, that he failed to notice when Cristian took over massaging his gut. The sallow skinned blonde beauty looked down on his bloated ward with a bright and devilish grin. He leaned in and plated a kiss on Alonso’s rounded stomach, then another, then another working his way down. Alonso felt his heart begin to race as he felt Cristian’s mouth encompass his cock. His forehead hit off the bloated gut as his tongue wan up and down the length of Alonso’s shaft. He began to squeeze his balls. His sucking intensified and sweat began pouring down Alonso’s forehead as he reached down and pushed Cristian’s head. He exploded into his mouth. As he lay recovering, a wave of disappointment came over him, and he began to cry again. Crisitan looked at him, confused. “Why are you crying?”

“I… I’ve liked you for a long time. I’ve wanted to be with you. And now you’re only doing this because Gigli told you to. And soon I’m going to be huge and you’re going to be stuck getting me off, even though I’m huge and disgusting.” Cristian laughed. “I knew you liked me, but you weren’t my type. Soon though…”

After two weeks of constant eating and sex, Cristian’s body had changed. His abs were now hidden behind a big round soft belly. His pecs, well defined from years of physical labour, had become soft and pillowy. His ass was growing, and he had two plump round love handles. Cristian was obsessed. He couldn’t keep his hands off the growing boy. He loved rubbing the bely, jiggling it, squeezing his love handles, grabbing his love handles. He loved feeling the weight of the growing boy on top of him, feeling him lower his hefty weight onto him, exploring the new flesh with his mouth. He loved cooking for Alonso, hand feeding him. Some nights he liked to be sensual, gently placing the food into Alonso’s mouth. Other nights he was more forceful, passionately shoving the for right into his throat.

Within 6 months, Gigli decided that Alonso was fat enough for public consumption. Cristian helped him train for the performances, timing him eating cakes, chugging beer, and supportively massaging his full belly after. The night of his first performance, Alonso helped him stand up and gain his balance, as he had done for Giaccomo so many times before. His belly now stuck way out in front of him, his two bit tits sat lazily on top of it. His face, rounded and fattened like the rest of him, blended into his fat chest, his neck having been completely hidden by his newly formed chins. Gigli met them at the big top. “What a triumph Alonso! Such a skinny and frail little boy, turned into a mountainous blubbery man! You’ve done excellent work young Cristian. Finally the world will get to meet Enormous Alonso!” He went out into the ring and introduced Alonso. The crowd cheered as Alonso shuffled into the ring. He had so lean his whole body from side to side to make his thick legs move forward now. The erupted again as they watched him slap his huge round belly. Alonso was overcome with a sense of pride. He had always been an unassuming, shy young southern boy. But now, as the entire big top watched him display his newly grown body, he felt their love and admiration for him, and it built him up. Crisitian pranced into the ring, beaming as he watched his big fat creation shine on stage. He bought with him the comically large chocolate cake he had prepared earlier. IT was four tiers high, and was about as big as a mall bicycle wheel. It was placed on a table in front of Alonso. Cristian made faces to the crowd as if to say “It’s too big, he’ll never manage it.” Alonso meanwhile, laughed, and bounced his huge belly up and dow. Cristian raised his arms to silence the crowd, and a drum roll started. Alonso dug in, one hand grabbing a slice of cake as the other shovelled. He had learned to not take ay break between swallowing, just shovelling fistful after fistful. The entire thing was demolished and inside Alonso in 45 seconds. The crowd went wild as he paraded around the ring slapping his fat belly, everyone in awe at the athleticism with which he had consumed the cake. Alonso reappeared holding a barrel of beer, and a deep “oooooooooh’ ran through the tent. Alonso and Cristian worked together to lift the barrel t the fat mans mouth. The Drum roll beach, and they turned the barrel upside down. The crowd clapped as Alonso chugged the entire thing. He felt it rushing down his throat and into his belly, which he could feel expanding, becoming impossibly bigger in front of the crowd. Thank god his belly hung so low, he thought to himself, as the sensations and the attention made his cock grow hard. As he finished the last drop and there the barrel to the side, the crowd went mad, leaping to their feet and cheering. Enormous Alonso was a star.

Alonso and Cristian continued their lives like this. Alonso’s confidence grew more and more each time he performed for his adoring crowds. He felt a huge rush each time they entered a new town and he saw a billboard announcing the arrival of Gigli’s Circus, featuring Enormous Alonso, accompanied by a cartoon of him and his enormous body. From the second Cristian had started feeding him, he had lived for the feeling of being kissed and touched by his beautiful northern assistant. But now, more than that, he loved being fat. He loved feeling his weight shift as he moved, he loved feeling his huge belly pushing his thighs apart. He loved eating, he loved being fed. He never would have guessed it, but this life style suited him. Cristian on the other hand loved Alonso more and more every day. He felt huge pride in what he had made, and he enjoyed nothing more than exploring the fat mans body. A year and a half on from the first feeding, Cristian was now so big, that he could no longer read his hands around his belly. They never heard from Giaccomo again, but with the continued feeding, they were pretty sure that Alonso had replaced him as the fattest man in Italy. Cristian looked at the huge blob of a man, so madly in love and dreamed of some day bringing some truth to the posters proclaiming ‘The One Tonne Man.”

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