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Slobbing Up Part 3 Final
I woke up the next day with a FRRRRTTTTTT. I'd gotten used to looking down my hairy belly on the couch. I gave my sweaty balls a good scratch and lit a red without sitting up. The ash got caught in my chest hair, but I had to get rid of the shakes. I heard a FRRRRTTTT from the bathroom. I sat up and saw a cloud of smoke coming from it. Chuck was taking a dump, and then he started grunting. The pig was jacking off on the toilet, and I felt my whities tighten with a slight boner. His total lack of inhibition was... turning me on? I slumped back down on the couch, trying not to think about his grunting or his boner.

Finally, he snorted and let out a long UURRRRPP, meaning he shot his load. He lumbered out of the bathroom, stomped out his red on the floor, and headed to the fridge. He opened the door and started going to to town, loudly. The way he was totally letting himself go got my boner harder. Especially viewing his hairy backside pushing out his whities. I was feeling hungry myself. Normally, I'd get the food from the fridge, but my boner got the best of me.

I put out my red and lumbered to the fridge. I shoved Chuck slightly out of the way, grabbed the ham that caught my eye, and went to town. I chewed loudly and felt the slobber run down my chin, and it felt so good. Chuck tried pushing me out of the way to get better access, but I pushed back. We were grabbing everything we could. Chuck leaned his ass into me and FRRRTTTTTTT onto my belly. Normally, that would've sent me running in disgust. But today, it made me grunt with a boner. I kept eating and felt my belly rumble with a fart coming. Chuck bent down to reach something on the bottom shelf. I don't know what came over me, but I stuck his head into my ass and FRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I ripped a huge one. Chuck backed away from the fridge, coughing.

"You nasty fucker!"

That made me so hard. I took over the fridge and ate even more. Chuck tried to get back in, but I farted at him to claim my territory. I needed my fill.

A few minutes later, I finished filling the tank. I went URRRRPPPPP as I walked back to the couch, plopped down, and started rubbing my belly. Out of nowhere, Chuck stuck his ass in my face and FRRRRTTTTTT. I coughed.

"Fuck kid, that was hot. How'd that feel?"
"I, uh, don't know what came over me."
"You let loose, kid. I'm proud of ya."

He gave me that pig grin, and I felt myself get harder.

"You must be enjoying this too, kid."
"Hard as a rock down there. Why don't ya light up and blow a load?"
"That's disgusting, I don't want to do that."
"Your dick says that you do. Your days of being not disgusting are over, kid. You might as well enjoy the ride."

I was so horny that I figured he was right. I lit a red and started rubbing myself through my whities. Chuck watched me with that pig grin.

"Atta boy, nice and loud. Rub it out."

I started grunting and snorting, getting louder and louder until I shot a big wad into my whities. I leaned back in exhaustion. Chuck sat next to me and rubbed the load into my whities.

"Sounded like a good one, kid. Let's watch some TV."

Chuck turned on the TV to a WWE match. I listened to the commentary at first, but it got hard to focus after a few minutes. I started noticing that the guys were bigger and totally manhandling each other. I started to get another boner. I looked over at Chuck who was nursing his own. He muted the match and looked at me. He motioned to mime his right hand that was all over his bulge. I did and moaned. He laughed, ripped a FRRRTTTT, and turned up the volume.

The next few weeks went a lot like that. My boner begin making me do things I'd never do before: eat more than I normally would (which was a ton), show off burps and farts in humiliatingly gross poses. Chuck would just laugh, and that got me harder. I started jacking off as much and as loudly as he did. It came to the point where when one of started jacking off the other would join in. I never was proud of it still; I was just constantly horny. And I felt my mind dulling. It got harder and harder to focus to what people said on TV, and I eventually lost the ability to even read commercial stuff. I'd concentrate hard, sweat, and then accidentally rip a FFRRRTTTT, which would get me hard and make me jack off. Then Chuck would join me. He said he liked it when I tried to read. Eventually, Chuck's body started turning me on. His belly and ass and hairy body and everything about him. When I'd rip on him, I pushed a little harder on him to feel his blubber shake. I started dreaming about him, his body, his gas, his gluttony. And I'd always wake up with spunk in my whities.

One night, Chuck and I raided the fridge for a massive dinner. We usually eat big, but this was massive. We demolished a freshly stocked fridge. And we ripped FRRRTTTTT and UUUURRRPPPP the whole time. I was so hard, which made me eat even harder. Chuck got his fill and plopped down on the couch while I finished off the jar of mayo I was eating. Licking the jar clean, I heard his lighter click and a huge FRRRRTTTTTTT that made my dick jump. I walked over to the couch and stood over him. He spread his legs wide and was rubbing his belly, red in his mouth. My dick was about to explode, and Chuck noticed. His pig grin was scaring and thrilling me at the same time.

"Like what ya see, kid?"
"Don't be nervous, ya horny fucker. I could see that boner a mile away. Why don't you help me with this?"

Chuck lewdly grabbed his bulge. I wanted to run, but I fell to my knees and stuck my face in it. His belly fat pressed into my face stuck to me with its sweat. I inhaled his sweaty ball smell, and it made my dick jump. I grunted in pleasure.

"Atta boy, I knew you wanted it bad. Get all over it, you pig."

And I did. I licked and tasted all over his belly and bulge. He lifted his ass off the couch to FRRRRTTTT, blasting me in the face. I snorted it in and started rubbing myself through my whities. Chuck laughed

"Fuck that was a wet one. Drink it up kid."

I sucked on his balls through his whities, and they felt so full in my mouth. I eventually made my way up to his boner, sucking on it through the whities. He pushed my face off of him, and fished his dick out of his whities. Looking over me, he slapped my face with it. I stuck my tongue out for it.

"You want it kid?"
"Tell me."
"I want it."

He slapped me in the face.

"You realize you're a pig now, begging for my dick? You gotta let it all hang out. Wanna be a pig? Ask me for my dick like one."

I realized I wasn't fighting this anymore. That I wanted everything my body craved. I wanted the pig in front of me. I didn't wanna think. I wanted to rut. I felt a pig grin creep on my face as my ability to think like I used to just faded...

"Gimme your dick, you fucker."
"You sure kid?"

I fucking jumped on his Johnson like a baby to a tit. Chuck moaned.

"Fuck yeah kid."

Slurping on that thing was the pits. Good and salty like baloney. I got my hand on it and jacked it while I sucked. Then I URRRPPP all over it. Chuck shuddered.

"Fuck you're a natural."

I let out a massive FRRRTTTTT, making Chuck laugh. Then Chuck ripped a massive FRRRTTTTTT in my face. Aw fuck it was awesome, wet and stinky. I snorted and started talking while sucking.

"Fuck, good one Chuck."
"I'm gonna blow kid."
"I'm gonna let it go."
"Gimme your spunk you fucker."

Chuck snorted like a pig, and my mouth filled up with tasty baby batter. I swallowed it down with a big UUURRRRPPPPP.

"Fuck, that's the shit."
"You like dick kid?"
"Fucking awesome, wanna taste?"

I pulled up his whities and jumped him on the couch. My tongue was in his mouth, and he tasted so fucking good. I slobbered all over him and licked it up, and he did the same. I got one hand full of tit and the other full of ass while we made out. I URRRRPPPP in his mouth, and he gave one right back. Hot fucker. I got a whiff of his pit and stuck my face it, licking it up. So hairy and slimy and fucking awesome. I humped his belly while I licked it.

"Aw that's nice kid. Let it all out."

I started grinding harder, letting out a FFRRRRRTTTT. I wanted to blow a fucking load, and I wanted it in his ass. I made him turn over, face down and massive ass facing me. I rubbed it, and Chuck let out a FRRRRTTTTTTT.

"You nasty fuck."
"What can I say kid?"
"Not as nasty as me though hehe."

I made a pig grin while I slobbered up my dick. I lit a red, pulled down both our whities, and pounded him. He started screaming in pain, but after a few thrusts, he was moaning and snorting like me. I was sweating bad, panting and snorting and grunting. Fucker wanted it bad.

"Fill me up kid."
"You want it in your UUURRRPPP guts?"
"Fuck yeah kid. Do it."

I filled him up real good. I pulled out and stuck my face in there.

"Rip some ass, you fucker!"

Chuck gave me an awesome ass blast FRRRTTTTT. I ate that fart spunk right up. Fucking gold. I pulled up our whities and laid next to him, rubbing his bulge.

"Fuck, you're hot Chuck."
"Not so bad yourself kid. You liked that."
"I fucking needed that. Needed to loosen up. Speaking of..."

I looked Chuck right in the eye with a pig grin as I FFFRRRRTTTTTTTT. We both laughed.

"Fuck that was UURRRPPP ripe."
"Atta boy."
"Now come here fucker."

I sucked his face again and didn't stop until we were both snoring and out for the night.

I woke up to a big FRRRRTTTT in my face and a laugh. My dick got hard.

"Morning sexy."
"Gimme another one of those you fucker."

He ripped another FRRRTTTT and I snorted it in.

"Fuck yeah you can rip ass. Hand me a red."

I lit a red and turned onto my gut on the couch. Chuck groped my ass, and I gave him a big FRRRRTTTTT.

"Nice one kid."

His hand on my ass got me real horny. Fuck he's a hot pig.

"Plow me Chuck."
"You sure?"
"Fuck yeah fill me up."

Chuck pulled down my whities and slid himself in. Fuck that hurt but now... Aw fuck that's good stuff. We were both snorting and grunting.

"I'm gonna blow kid."
"Do it you fucker UUUURRRPPP."

Chuck shoved in me hard and grunted his load into me. I squirted into the couch. We stayed there a second when Chuck slid out of me. I pulled my whities up, sat up, and FRRTTTTT put my cream pie right into the couch with a pig grin.

"You're fucking nasty kid."
"Learned from the best."

I stood up and made out with him for a minute, groping his ass that FRRRTTTTT. Then we headed into the kitchen. On the table were two tiny bottles. There were fucking squiggles on it, but I didn't know what they were.

"What's it say kid?"
"I don't fucking know."

I tried again, but I did it too hard and pushed out a massive FRRRRTTTTTT with a pig grin.

"You're not too smart are ya kid?"
"Guess not. We're both dimwits now, huh?"
"Fucking right."
"Fuck yeah."
"I think these bottles change us back, but I can't remember shit anymore. You wanna change back?"

Being skinny again? I guess it was... Fuck I can't remember. I like not thinking and fucking and stuffing my face now. I'm a fucking pig and I love it. I smashed the bottles and looked at Chuck with a big pig grin.

"Guess I don't wanna go back either then. Come here kid."

We fucking made out and URRRPPP and FFFRRRRTTTTTT and hit the fridge. I'm fucking hungry UUURRRPPP.
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