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Snow Storm Part 2

Part 1

When I went back into the diner, there was no sight of Rob. I heard all this clanging coming from the kitchen though. I poked my head through the swinging door and saw Rob in a frenzy. He had bowls all over the place, pots going on the stove, food out all over. I just pulled back into the dining room, a smile creeping onto my face in spite of myself. I headed to my room for a while. I dozed off for about an hour, but soon I woke up to Jason bounding into the room. Sweat had soaked through his shirt in a line down the center of his chest and gut, making the thin white cotton stick to the firm mounds of his worked out pecs and overfed stomach. "Come on man. I’m fucking starved. I haven’t worked out that hard in a while. Smells like Rob has some great chow ready. Let’s head on in.”


I was proud of Rob when I saw the spread he had laid out in the dining room. He couldn’t be following my thoughts any better! There were plates and bowls of food everywhere. Pasta, fried chicken, meat loaf, more pies, potatoes and breads. Enough for dozens. "Holy shit man,” Jason laughed, "who the hell is joining us? Looks like you’re expecting a full house.” He turned to wink at me and added, "Good thing though. I’m starved, having pumped at the gym while my tiny little bro stayed in here cooking up a storm.” Turning back to Rob he said, "one more workout ahead of you kiddo.” Rob’s eyes darkened, but he just handed a loaded plate to Jason and told him to shut up and dig in.


Jason stuffed himself like a pig. Leaning over his plate so that his fork only had to travel a few inches to get to his mouth, he shoveled in mouthful after mouthful of food like he hadn’t eaten for weeks. With all the food in front of him, he seemed to be working to clear it all on his own. He’d refill his plate, leaning across the table so I could see his swelling belly press into the table as he grabbed more food. His bulging stomach seemed to be inching up a bit with each plateful. At this rate, he was going to split his shirt all on his own in no time. But he finally slowed, leaning full upright, which made his packed belly push out to full size. With a huge exhale, he groaned and grabbed both sides of his belly. "Ooooo. Man, I ate like a pig. Rob man, you outdid yourself this time. Really fucking tasty.” As Jason let out a stifled belch, Rob took his opening.


"That’s it big guy? All this bragging about how much bigger you are and that’s all you can eat? Guess that bragging’s a bunch of shit.”

"Wha? Man you know I can kick your ass in the gym and then here at the table. I don’t see you clearing plates like this? Also didn’t see you in that gym hauling ass earlier.”
"Then you oughta be able to polish off a little more there, huh? From all the food left over, it looks to me like your you can’t put you mouth where your claims are big brother.”

I was amazed. For the first time, Jason seemed to be getting mad. Just sputtering a few half protests, he just reached forward and grabbed the one of the remaining bowls of mashed potatoes. With the huge serving spoon, he started cramming giant mounds of gut-stuffing potatoes into his mouth. His face seemed to redden a little, and I swear I could hear his T-shirt creaking as it tightened up with the growing pressure. Then he grabbed anything else in front of us. More pasta. The last few pieces of fried chicken. The entire basket of bread. And finally one last pie. He grabbed it from the bottom of the pan with his big hand, resting it right on his now tightly bloated belly as he shoveled the entire thing into his mouth. He was really slowing by now, but he’d look up with a glare at Rob, scooping up another spoonful and cramming it into his mouth. He had so much pie crammed in his cheeks that he could barely close his mouth to chew. But to my stunned excitement, he got it all down. Slamming the pie plate on the table, he arched his back, pushing his belly out to now near-exploding size, almost hollering and groaning simultaneously. "Fuck! There you go Robbie! No one could top that performance.” He had to be right. Jason’s belly looked like he had a beach ball under his shirt. If it weren’t for the skin showing as his shirt inched further up his tightly packed belly as he inhaled and exhaled, I would have thought he had one hidden under there.


Rob just acted kind of nonchalant. "Yeah, I guess. Seems you still brag more than you show off, but whatever.” He started picking up plates and headed out of the room. Jason shifted as if he was going to leap up after him, but he just fell back into his chair, pinned by his overstuffed ball of a gut. "Fuck, I can’t move. I really gorged too hard here. I feel like a whale. Let him go. I showed him and he knows it.”

"I guess so stud, but I think you’re gonna have to prove it a few more times to convince him.” With that I got up and headed into the kitchen too, looking back to see Jason slowly rubbing what had to be an aching belly. His eyes were half closed. His gut stuck so far out, I knew it’d be hours before the swelling eased.


When I got into the kitchen, Rob had a huge grin on his face. "Man, you’re a genius. That was so damn cool. He ate like a fucking pig. I’m gonna keep feeding him like that until he ends up with this big fucking gut that lets him be the bigger one, but he’ll be this fat-assed guy while I take over. I’m off to the gym man. Thanks.”


He slapped me on the shoulder and bounded out. This was too good to be true.


This competitive routine kept up, as did the snow. The weatherman had definitely not lied. It literally never stopped snowing for the next 4 days. Giant drifts formed against every building, and soon we had to admit we were going to be snow-bound for days. Radio reports told us that as soon as plows could dig something out, it drifted over again. They just gave up until the storm let up. But the restaurant kitchen was fully stocked, and with Jason’s nonstop eating, I was in NO rush to leave. And the two brothers were so engrossed in this competition that they seemed not to care of we ever were dug out.


For the next week, I never saw anyone eat so much in my life! Jason and Rob fell into this fierce goading routine. As Rob cooked up tons of food, Jason would taunt him about how much more he would lift that day. Then Rob would add more and more food to the table and tell Jason he was a wimp when he slowed because his gut was so stuffed. Taking a deep breathe and almost getting into a trance, Jason would gorge nonstop for what seemed like hours until he fell into a food coma. He ate like a sumo in training. I could see his belly inching up with each meal. In a matter of days, his gut had swollen up so much that he just kept his shirts off. He’d sit at the table stuffing himself, grunting and pushing to eat more and more and more until his belly was stretched so tight I feared he would pop. His skin looked pulled to its limit, almost getting shiny as it bulged out bigger and rounder with each helping. He was eating out of control, shoving more food in his mouth as he rubbed his ballooned gut and groaned with each repeated mouthful. He ate and ate and ate, still somehow stuffing in more until he had to take bigger breaths between swallows. Finally he would hit the wall, his belly blown up to wedge firmly into the edge of the table, his eyes glazed over as both his hands fell to rest on the growing ledge at the top of his ball gut. Once he hit that point, Rob would clear the table with a smug look and head into the gym himself for a frenzied work out the rest of the night.


By the end of a week of this, Jason looked like he’d gained 30 pounds at least. Maybe more. His muscles looked pumped, but that gut was eclipsing everything. He looked eleven months pregnant. His pecs were like basketballs. His belly was so bloated that it pushed them up toward his shoulders when he sat down. His gut looked so swollen that I swear his navel would turn inside out with just a few more gut-blasting meals.


And then it happened. At the end of the week as he planted his beefy ass into the chair with a thud, his gut so big by now it already looked fully stuffed, Jason ate only one helping of food and then shoved the plate away from him.


"That’s it Robbie-boy. Fun and games are over. After a week of showing you who’s the bigger man here, I think I’ve proven that old Jason can stay bigger than you, no matter what. I can lift more than you, and I can eat more than you. I weighed in today, and I’ve tipped the scales at 283 pounds. Now that that’s settled, I need to let this gut swell back down. But we again know who’s boss.” It suddenly wasn’t just older brother kidding around anymore. Jason looked fumed, as if he couldn’t believe that Rob had dared to challenge him. But he also looked very self-satisfied. Like there could never be a question that he would beat his brother every time. With that, he hauled his huge body out of the chair and with his gut swaying from side to side, he swaggered out of the room for the gym.


Rob was sputtering. "That can’t be it. This is just starting! I want him so fucking fat that his gut makes him look ridiculous!! There is NO way this is over. NO way!”

I was doing the math as Rob ranted, shocked that Jason managed to pack on 38 pounds in just one week. Before I could even say anything, Rob had a pie in each hand and was racing for the gym. I just followed as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe what he was doing.


Jason was sprawled out on the weight bench, totally unsuspecting of what was about to hit him. Resting after a set, he had his eyes closed, his arms hanging down to each side of the bench, hands close to the floor. Before he could react, Rob had jumped on him. Pinning his full weight on Jason’s chest and dropping his legs around Jason’s dangling arms, Rob lost it on him. "You want to be the bigger brother all the time stud? Then I’m gonna make damn sure you are. I’ll make you so fucking big that no one even recognizes you! This gut of yours is gonna blow up until you can’t see over it!” Jason was almost too stunned to really react, not really believing what he was hearing anyway. He just shouted, "get the fuck off me you little runt! What the hell kind of glllggg, ugh, ooof, ggglgg.” Rob was cramming pie into Jason’s mouth. He had pulled his strong legs tighter around Jason’s arms, squeezing them with all his might against the weight bench, and he was holding the pie plate to Jason’s mouth and stuffing huge globs of pie into his brother’s mouth with his hands. Jason started to thrash his legs, but Rob was so intent on force feeding that he finally out-classed his big brother. As he stuffed the last of the first pie into Jason’s mouth and slid the other one up to his chin before any protest could he uttered, he turned to me and yelled. "Help me out here! This all was your idea!! Help me keep him here. I’m gonna make him eat until he explodes!!”

Shaking out of my engrossed stare at the sight of this, I quickly looked around the room. I grabbed a jump rope, clearly not used for a long time until now. I quickly came around Jason’s head to tie his arms behind him under the bench. He was wrestling with all his might now, his eyes bugging out in disbelief as Rob fed him harder and harder. It took all my strength, but with Rob pressing his legs with all his might, I managed to get Jason firmly tied to the bench.

With the second pie now gone and shoved into Jason’s spherical belly, Rob finally leaned back, shifting onto his brother’s legs to make sure he didn’t kick.

"What the fuck is with you man??” Jason gagged to swallow the last bit of pie. With whipped cream and crust still on his lips, he yelled, "what kind of stupid ass stunt is this, huh? Let me off of here. You’ve had your fun. Cut it the fuck out.”

Rob was now suddenly more calm. "So, how’s it feel to have me wrestle you down big brother? You always said you’d be the bigger one, and now I’m gonna make sure that comes true like you ever thought possible. You think you can eat more, gain more, get bigger? I’m going to help my HUGE brother prove it!”


I have to admit, I NEVER thought this is what would release from Rob. But at the sight of Jason laying back, muscled arms pulled behind him, seeming to make his bloated belly poke up even higher, I was game to help this go as far as it could. The snow was going to keep us here for a while, and I was in for the haul.


Rob let loose with a force feeding regimen bigger than anything I had dared fantasize about. He kept his brother in that gym for weeks. He’d load up trays of food and stuff him brother until his gut looked ready to explode. He was merciless. Cramming more and more and more food into Jason with each feeding, he would rub him brother’s gut when it looked like he’d pass out from the stuffing, taunting him about how ballooned he was getting and how he was going to get him so much fatter yet! Jason had just given in after a while. He tried to fight every feeding at first, but being strapped down and help hostage, he just caved and tried to keep up with the feeding. His belly blew up like an inflating air balloon. Getting fatter and rounder literally by the day with Rob’s relentless feedings, I saw Jason blow up like a human beach ball. His gut inflated in this amazingly perfect round sphere. Kept so tight from the nonstop stuffing, I could see his belly round, growing continually fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter. Soon you couldn’t see past the giant swell of his gut to his head when you entered the room. All you saw was his spread legs and giant belly. I took to feeding him myself when Rob had to head back to the kitchen to make more food. Kept there for weeks, he got so fat that he had to be way over 350# by now. His shirt had ripped up the sides long ago. Soon after that, the waistband of his sweats gave out, ripping wide open with a deafening pop as the tie gave out. This was at the end of about six hours of hard feeding, and when the tie gave way, Jason’s belly seemed to pop up to even bigger size once the last restraint gave. He was massive! I started wondering if his belly was getting as tall as he would be whenever Rob let him stand back up. Actually, he had to be over 400 pounds. His gut was too huge not to be.


And finally, once Jason’s belly looked big beyond belief, Rob eased up. Standing next to Jason, resting his own muscular arm over the bulging top of Jason’s towering belly, Rob rubbed his other hand across the stuffed and round expanse of his brother’s belly. His hand could travel several feet as it traced the arc of his brother’s inhumanly large gut. "Nice work we did here big brother. There’s no one who will question that you’re the biggest one now. You gotta be 3 times my size now. You’re right. There’s no way I can EVER catch up to you now Fatso. In fact, being this blimped up a fat-ass pig now, NO ONE could catch up to this massive belly.” Laughing as he gave Jason’s belly one last slap, Rob started to untie him. "Let’s see what this porker weighs, huh. Help me out.” I came over and helped Rob loosen the knots. So weighed down by his giant gut and so overfed into bloated daze, Jason just kind of groaned as his arms finally came free. Rob reached down and led his brother’s arm up to his gut. "Go ahead big boy. Feel that massive whale of a belly. I bet you never thought you’d live up to that bragging of yours like this huh? Let’s see how much this fat braggart weighs.”


We both groaned, taking each of Jason’s arms and working to haul him up off of the weight bench. Jason grunted deeply. His ballooned belly seemed to be pushed back, bulging out even further in front of him from the pressure of his torso pulled into it. Rob kicked at his legs, sweat forming on his forehead as he told Jason to help out. "Come on fatso! As big as you wanted to be, you better be able to help haul you own fat belly off this bench.” With everyone’s might, we finally got Jason standing. The momentum it took to get him up nearly sent him rolling forward onto the floor. His huge ball belly hit the bench with a thud. Jason fell onto his belly, arms slapping into the sides of it. He looked amazing. We had gotten him so fat that he couldn’t even reach around his belly all the way. He was standing upright, his belly planted on the bench in front of him holding him up. My god! What did he weigh?


With him lumbering along slowly, we led the ballooned Jason to the scale. Before he could even step onto the plate, his belly bumped into the uprights. It was one of those counterweight scales with the metal pole. He was too fat to get close enough to stand on it! "Turn around Fatso.” Rob was loving this. He looked so proud of the feeding job he had done as we turned Jason around, having to move in a circle several feet away from his shoulders to clear his huge gut as he slowly turned. Stepping him onto the scale backwards, I heard the base plate clank heavily as Jason’s full weight slammed down. I shifted and shifted the counterweight. 300#. Nope. No movement. 350#. Still nothing. 400#. A slight tip, but then nothing. Man!! He was way fatter than I dared think. Finally some seesawing at 475#. Not quite there. 490#. Close! 500#. SO CLOSE!!

"My god, he’s 524 pounds!” I leaned around Jason’s shoulder, one hand wrapping around his mammoth belly as I gave the news to Rob.

"What!!” Finally a reaction from the feeding victim. Jason shook out of his food-induced stupor. He looked down at his belly, surely only able to see the top third of its expanse as it stretched out several feet in front of him. "You made me that fucking fat?! I’m gonna kill you, you little runt! Get over here.” Trying to move at Rob, arms reaching for him but actually not able to get past his belly, Jason could only slowly lumber along. Barely able to keep balance, his massive belly swung from side to side as he headed right at Rob. A little smug, Rob just slowly stepped backward toward the wall as Jason’s gut bounced toward him. He had to lean way back to not topple forward, but he kept going at Rob. Finally Rob was up against the wall.

"What are you gonna do Fatso? You said you’d always be the bigger one. I was just trying to help you live up to the promise. And now you’re a giant blimp. Just look at that belly you pig!”

"Yeah and now I have you pinned with this huge gut you grew, wimp boy.”

It was true. Jason had slammed the full force of his gut into Rob. I heard Rob let out a grunt as I saw Jason tip forward will all his newly packed on girth. Rob’s eyes bugged a little at Jason’s belly pushed into him. He leaned forward like a guy trying to shove something with all his might. He had Rob firmly against the wall, his feet lifted off the floor. Jason just rested there and turned to me.

"Get some chow, buddy! It’s time you help me show my little brother just what it’s like to play with the big boys!”


And with that, the tables turned. Despite the clearing snow, I again helped one brother force feed the other until I saw another belly balloon up to inhuman size. I knew I liked this route for a reason.

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