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Subliminal Hypnosis
I don’t know why but recently I have been having these fantasies about big men. You see I work at a Gym with my boyfriend Carl, he’s the manager and I am a trainer, but recently I have been seeing in my dreams sex with a fat man. Being around all these out of shape men I figured was the reason. I see them in all sorts of shape and in all forms of dress so it must be seeping into my mind. But when I cut out for lunch I found myself going to the buffet. Now I know that it is so heavy on carbs, MSG etc. but I head over there and I load up. I have never been so stuffed but when I look at the plate piled with all the stuff I tell people not to eat I get that image of sex with fat men in my mind again.

For weeks this has been going on and I have been noticing a change in my wardrobe. The people I am training are noticing a change and so is Carl. He keeps poking me and says giggle for me pop’n fresh. In my head I get mad but then the fat men pop in my head and I giggle for him.

After a year of this I am well over 300 and it isn’t muscle. I was close to 250 when all this started I was all muscle. But so much of that has turned to fat and I jiggle when I walk. That was when Carl and I sat down and had a talk. He told me that he loves me at any size but that I just was no longer an effective trainer. I had to admit it. He told me he talked to a friend of his in a call center and gave me his number. I didn’t relish the idea of sitting all day but I gave him a call.

There was even more fat at the call center than at the gym. These men looked like they had never worked out in their life. I was the smallest of the bunch but each one gave me a woody. Carl’s friend Mike was a skinny guy. Not like Carl or I had been. Carl was still quite muscled but when I was a trainer he would have been one of those wimpy guys looking to add muscle.

It didn’t take long before I had added another 50.

And by the end of the year I was up to 400.

That was when I was home with a cold and playing on the computer. I found a neat little audio editing program and found my favorite music on it. But as I was looking at the sound waves I was noticing a secondary set of waves and I singled it out.

This is where it all fell into place. There was a subliminal set of commands telling me that I liked being fat. I liked seeing myself fat. I loved eating. That bastard was fattening me up intentionally.

I thought about confronting him but then I found his favorite music and thought about a little revenge.

I set up his music with a few new commands and saved them to a thumb drive. I wasn’t going to leave the files where he could find out what I was doing.

But then I got into his e-mail and found that he and Mike were cooperating and the monitors that we worked at were equipped to flash subliminal messages into our brain while we were working. We had been deceived by our lovers and Mike into getting fat.

I started my plan on Carl.

The next day I went into work and like so many other days a handful of us went to the buffet to eat That was when I told them what I had found out. They didn’t believe me but when I asked them if they had flashes of sexual images with fat men it all started falling into place.

We started spreading the word and each one came back with their partner's favorite music and their wishes for their partner. Some wanted to fatten them up but there were some other ideas. I took another sick day and created some more thumb drives for everyone to use on their partners. Not all of them were gay but I would say 80 to 90 percent were and the stories they told about the effectiveness of the files was incredible.

But Mike was another problem.

I put a little subliminal onto his computer for him to take a month off and tell his partner that he was going on a business meeting.

When he came in and had his coffee the evening he was spose to leave there was a sleeping pill in his coffee and he went out. When he woke he was in a dental chair capable of moving in all sorts of directions but he was strapped down. The lights were out except for video monitors all around flashing images into his head. The headphones he was wearing were stuffing his head with audio commands and after 24 hours he was ready for the feeding tube.

There was someone with him every day of that month and by the time the end of the month came around he was programed fully to continue to get fat and his body was already primed for extensive growth. We had stretched out his stomach and he had put on about 50 pounds. It looked like he was going to gain in the waist giving him a pear shape.

When he woke the next day he thought he had been at a meeting all month long and he felt that he had been eating too much and had put on a few pounds but his partner was surprised by the massive gain he had shown. And the weeks and months showed no slowing down for him. If anything it seemed to pick up. Brian had been Mike's first victim of the weight gain program and was just this side of immobile but then Mike wanted Brian to be able to go out and show off his big body. And Mike was well on his way to being equally as big as Brian.

But Carl didn’t realize that I had changed his life view. He soon quit his management job at the gym and bought into several donut shops in the area.

Being 5’10 and 500 pounds I was a big man but Carl at 6’ was going to be bigger. He spent his days going from one donut shop to the next getting a few samples here and there and getting his staff to come up with new products that he would try.

Every day he would start home with a grocery bag of donuts and by the time he pulled in the driveway two thirds of it would be gone and we would share the rest.

My gain had slowed to an almost stop. I didn’t want to lose weight. I am not sure if that is from the programing or because I always wanted this but I was fine with my size. But Carl was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
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