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Sweet Revenge

Craig had his suspicions that his lover Derek was cheating on him, but as of yet, he was not able to prove it. He and Derek had been inseparable since they met two years ago last May, but something had changed in their relationship.

Derek began to spend more and more of his time at work or at the gym. He had an awesome body, which definitely turned Craig on, but it wasn’t enough. Standing 6’1”, Derek weighed about 180 pounds. All lean, trim muscle. His bulging biceps and thickly muscled thighs drove Craig to distraction.

Craig himself was a very handsome, boy-next-door type. His blonde good looks often attracted alot of attention. It was only in the last few months that Craig had begun to "fill out”, mostly because of his obsession that Derek was fucking around behind his back. Craig seemed to find solace in eating. Because of this his weight climbed to 189 pounds from 175 during the last couple of months, most of it in his smooth belly.

One morning, Craig watched Derek go through his routine of 100 sit-ups before trotting off to the gym. His furry abs were well-defined and rippled. Craig doubted if Derek had any fat on him anymore. Craig could actually feel himself repulsed by Derek’s slim body. He longed for the old Derek, maybe even a bigger Derek.

While Derek was shaving, Craig went through his wallet. He felt guilty about it, but he had to know if Derek was seeing someone else. Sure enough, a slip of paper with a phone number and the name Thom was folded neatly behind Derek’s Visa. Feeling despondent, Craig decided to follow Derek to the gym.

Trying his best to be surreptitious, Craig arrived at Derek’s gym only minutes behind his lover. Sure enough, waiting at the door was a tall, well-built blonde. ‘Must be Thom,Õ Craig thought angrily. The two men entered the gym after exchanging admiring glances at each others bodies.

An hour and a half later, Derek and "Thom” stepped out of the gym. Derek was dressed in his business suit and "Thom” still in his gym clothes. They kissed deeply and Derek patted "Thom’s” tight ass as he left for work.

Craig was fuming! ‘How could he do this to me?’, he thought. After Derek had left the parking lot, Craig decided to go for a long drive to try to cool off. After an hour, Craig realized it wasnÕt working and he was starting to get hungry. He spied a small shop called ÔSweet RevengeÕ on Second Avenue and decided to slip in for a bite to eat. His stomach growled itÕs appreciation.

As soon as Craig entered the shop, strong smells of bakery items wafted to his nose. Involuntarily, Craig actually drooled at the pleasant aroma pervading his senses. The shop was empty of customers, but Craig took a number anyway. Almost as soon as he did, a very large man appeared from the back room carrying a huge tray of cinnamon buns. The smell almost knocked Craig to his knees. Or was it the sight of the hunky proprietor?

"How are you doing this morning?” the man boomed. Craig noticed he was quite heavily muscled, with dark brown hair growing over most of his large frame. Craig guessed him to be of Greek or Italian heritage.

"Fine and you?” Craig managed to say, drinking in the sight of this hulking baker.

"Real good.” he answered, positioning his thick, furry arms on the high counter and leaning forward. "What can I get for you today?” Craig couldn’t believe the size of the guy’s forearms and biceps. He looked down quickly into the display case to avoid the man’s stare.

"Uh,” he stammered, "how about a dozen of those sticky buns you just brought out.” Staring into the display case, Craig realized he could see the rest of the baker’s body through the glass. He gasped audibly and could feel his cock stir in his jeans. The man’s gut was enormous!

At first sight, the man appeared to be a big, football type. Broad, heavily muscled shoulders, big arms and a barrel chest. But looking closer, Craig noted with appreciation that the guy mustÕve weighed in the neighborhood of 400 pounds! His gut jutted away from his waistline a good two feet. It was round and solid. Supporting that huge belly, Craig could see the man’s thighs were also huge. An ample bulge at his groin where his massive upper thighs met his lower belly caused Craig almost to cream his jeans right there.

"Will that be all?Ó the man asked again patiently. Craig snapped out of his musings.

"Sorry. Ah, yeah. That’s it.” Craig paid the man for the sticky buns and he decided to sit down at one of the small tables and try one, just for the opportunity to watch more of this hulking stud.

As the baker worked, Craig ate one of the buns. It was the most awesome taste he had ever had in his mouth. It actually seemed to cause a sexual reaction.

"How are they?” the man smiled at Craig.

"Real good,” Craig said between mouthfuls.

"Great,” he answered, as he began to come around the counter towards Craig.

"Name’s Nicolas,” the baker said, extending his arm towards Craig, who was seated at the table. Craig was afraid that if he made physical contact with this stud, he would definitely explode with sexual energy. In spite of that fear, Craig allowed Nicolas to shake his hand. Craig noted that Nicolas’ hand was warm and strong, and as he squeezed his hand, his thickly muscled forearms seemed to pulsate with energy.

"Nice to meet you,Ó Craig answered between a mouthful of cinnamon and icing.

Craig also notices that Niocolas’ other hand was slowly traveling the expanse of his large gut. "Would you like another dozen to go?” he asked Craig. Craig snapped out of his trance. The entire box of sticky buns was gone!! He had devoured every single one and his stomach was bloated by the experience.

He sat dumbfounded before Nicolas, stuffed to the max. "I could help you get back at Derek if you like.” Nicolas said, reaching down and running his strong hand over CraigÕs full belly. Craig could only nod. He didnÕt know how Nicolas knew about Derek, only that he desired his help. He turned around and went back behind the counter. Craig stood up, his erection straining at his jeans, his belly swollen with food.

"I’ve put a few things on your account, Craig. Go home and prepare a large dinner for Derek. Use this seasoning on all his food. In no time, he’ll forget all about Thom and become the best lover you’ve ever had.” Nicolas said. "Don’t overdo it. A little goes a long way. There’s nothing better than a little "sweet revenge.”

Nicolas grinned heartily at Craig and directed him out the door. Craig, almost trance-like, climbed into the car with his package of "seasoning”. The car was filled to capacity with sweet treats from Nicolas’ bakery. But Craig was no longer hungry, his stomach actually brushed the steering wheel as he got into the car. "Time to get home and fix Derek’s dinner.” Craig said absently to himself.

When Craig returned home, he quickly unloaded the car. There must’ve been enough baked goods to feed an army, he thought. He stuffed everything in the pantry, refrigerator, even in the linen closet. There was simply too much food.

He couldn’t remember much of the day. Craig saw that it was already after 4 and Derek would be home at 5:30. Derek’s routine would be to go for a quick run before dinner at 7:00. Craig started cooking. He planned to serve Derek’s usual evening meal of baked chicken breasts, steamed rice and vegetables. As he was cooking, Craig sprinkled some of Nicolas’ seasoning over the rice and veggies. He then pulled the chicken out of the oven and sprinkled it over the dish. Before he realized it, almost half of the seasoning was used. ÔWhoopsÕ, he thought, Ôwhat did Nicolas say about the seasoning?Õ He couldnÕt remember, so quickly put it away just as Derek arrived home.

Derek slipped in the house. "Something smells good,” he said removing his tie. He came up behind Craig as he was stirring the rice and wrapped his arms around CraigÕs chest. He gave CraigÕs tits a squeeze, then his hands traveled down to Craig’s belly. "Honey, why don’t you join me on my jog?”

"No, thanks,” Craig answered. Derek noticed Craig’s larger love handles and said as diplomatically as possible, "You’ve seemed to have put on a few pounds lately and I think that it might do you some good.”

"We can’t all have fucking washboard abs,” Craig snapped, pushing Derek away roughly. "Go run by yourself,Ó Derek paused, stunned by Craig’s outburst. "Go on! Dinner will be ready when you get back.” Craig turned back to his cooking.

"All right,” Derek gave in, not wanting to fight. "I’ll be back in 45 minutes.”

Derek went into their bedroom and changed into jogging shorts, no shirt and went out the back door.

About an hour later, Derek returned. He was sweaty from a long run and used an old towel to wipe the perspiration from his hairy torso.

"Let me shower and I’ll be right out. Dinner smells great!Ó he told Craig.

Craig smiled, "It’s ready now. Have a seat, you can shower later.”

Derek agreed, his stomach was growling with hunger. He sat down at the kitchen table, holding his knife and fork in each hand. Craig brought a huge plateful of chicken, rice and veggies to Derek. "Honey, that’s way too much food. I can’t possibly eat all that.” he remarked staring at the full plate.

"Do your best, darling,” Craig answered. "I can take care of the leftovers.”

Not sure what Craig meant, Derek cut into the chicken first. He took a big piece of chicken and popped it into his mouth. It was moist and juicy with a slightly sweet taste to it. His taste buds seemed to come alive in his mouth. Craig sat across from Derek watching him eat like a starved man. Craig was getting very turned on by Derek’s gluttonous eating.

Derek was breathing heavily, as if in a marathon. With his mouth stuffed full of food, he breathed mostly through his nose. He kept shoveling the food in at an alarming rate. Bits of chicken and rice landed on DerekÕs heaving, furry chest as his arms flew. Craig noticed his loverÕs stomach. It was still muscled and firm, but appeared to be rounding out and pushing forward over his running shorts.

In a matter of minutes, the plateful of food was devoured. Derek sat panting before Craig, his eyes glazed over with lust. He spoke one word, deep and resonant. "More.” His hands grasped his rippled, furry abs and his fingers ran across them lovingly.

Craig responded with another plateful of food. This time, Derek didnÕt bother with utensils. He literally ÒgrabbedÓ the food and shoved it in his mouth. His slightly stubbled cheeks bulged with the pressure of his overfilled mouth. Craig stared intently at his loverÕs piggishness. Craig shot off in his jeans as he viewed Derek’s rippled abs cover with a nice layer of fat and push over his shorts. Love handles were building at Derek’s sides.

As soon as the last of dinner was stuffed into Derek, Craig began to empty out the pantry and refrigerator of the baked goods Nicolas had given him. "Oh yeah,” Derek moaned, stroking his bloated, furry belly. Craig noticed that Derek’s cock had pushed out down his thickening left thigh and was dripping with pre-cum.

Craig stood behind Derek with a large box of eclairs. He began to stuff them into Derek’s hungry mouth lovingly. His free hand massaged Derek’s shoulders. To his surprise, Derek was still muscular, maybe even bigger across the shoulders. His pecs firm and heavy rested above his expanding paunch. Craig kept feeding Derek more and more, watching over Derek’s shoulder as his belly rose and fell, rose and fell, then rose and rose and rose. Six inches before him, then a foot, then a foot and a half!

Derek was still gorging himself, showing no signs of slowing down. He spread his hairy thighs and they both heard his shorts and underwear rip as his ass spread wider. Derek’s gut pushed forward some more and bumped the kitchen table roughly. It then began to pull down between his legs, unable to defy gravity. Derek was getting huge!

Craig brought more food to Derek and piled it on the table before him. Derek leaned forward and began to force-feed himself the sweet treats. His arms had thickened and his fingers were like sausages now. But he continued to eat and to grow!

Craig knelt down before Derek and glanced up at growing lover. Nude, Derek was eating like an animal. Empty boxes were littering the floor all over the kitchen as he finished each one’s contents and expanded some more. Craig saw DerekÕs nine inch cock pinned to his left thigh by his swollen gut. He quickly leaned into his loverÕs mass and slipped his cock into his mouth.

Derek moaned some more with pleasure. In minutes, he was shooting his load all over Craig, his gut nearly two feet in front of him. Craig rubbed Derek’s come over his muscular, hairy legs, calves that must’ve been 20” around! Even his feet had spread wider to accommodate his growing girth.

Much to Craig’s surprise, Derek began to stand. The chair toppled over into the wreckage of the kitchen. Looking up, Craig viewed the firm, massive belly that hung down over DerekÕs waistline. All Craig could see was that hairy gut on top of two tree trunk sized legs. He was almost the size of Nicolas, Craig thought.

Derek waddled to the linen closet, his pendulous gut leading the way. Craig was amazed at his agility. He must’ve weighed over 300 pounds! Craig noticed that Derek looked like a smaller version of Nicolas. Heavily muscled with a tremendous gut. Derek nearly ripped the pantry door off its hinges to get at the rest of NicolasÕ treats. As he stuffed more into his mouth, DerekÕs gut continued to swell larger.

Soon, all the food was contained in Derek’s gargantuan belly. He waddled into the bedroom as Craig watched and then laid out his huge body on the bed. Because of his size, Derek made the king-sized bed look much smaller. On his back, his gut stretched nearly 3 feet above him. He was unable to get his muscular arms around his new girth.

Craig entered the room with a raging hard-on. It appeared that Derek had ceased growing and was beginning to doze off. He looked to be even bigger than Nicolas now. Maybe 500 pounds, most of it in that tremendously sexy belly of his. For sure, all thoughts of Thom had left DerekÕs dreams. Craig crawled into bed beside his monstrous lover and began to massage his bloated form, running his hands along DerekÕs meaty pecs and biceps, over his rounded, furry belly and down his 38Ó thighs!

Craig couldnÕt wait for Derek to awaken. He wanted to make mad, passionate love to his huge lover, but more importantly, he wanted to use the rest of the seasoning on himself. He couldnÕt wait for the two of them, grown huge on NicolasÕ magic, to show him what they’d grown into.

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