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Taking Advantage

Eddie was a very smooth operator. He knew that with his clean cut face and his light wavy hair -- not to mention the muscles that made his tight clothes so great to look at -- very few men could avoid falling for a seductive smile or a suggestive wink. Then some light talk would follow, with Eddie pouring out some of the considerable charm he had been blessed with. He could easily talk about anything, making the fellow beside him feel like the most desirable and attractive man in the world.

Sure enough, Eddie would soon be in the man's apartment casing the place for what he could take once his trick had fallen asleep. By the next morning the poor fool -- who may have thought that he had finally found the man of his dreams -- would wake up alone and without his cash, electronics or some valuable clothes.

Eddie often made a tidy sum this way, and on some weekday nights when he selected those tired guppie-workaholics, he could even be out of the apartments with the goods in a couple of hours and ready to unload his haul, clean up and hook up with another victim.

Very few of his men ever had the nerve to say anything to the police. After all -- THEY let him in and who KNOWS what he could have done! It was just too much shame and embarrassment for them to even mention it to friends. Most of his former victims just avoided Eddie and sometimes warned their friends in vague terms. Even then, Eddie might walk of with such a "warned" friend who actually seemed fascinated by the "bad-boy" image that was now added to his considerable attraction.

Eddie was a real head-turner the night he encountered Troy. He had poured himself into a pair of designer jeans that he had been delighted to find fit him well as they really were classy. The denim hugged every curve of his legs and thighs and fitted his bubble butt to perfection. A nice cutaway shirt -- his own for once -- let him show off his well shaped arms, full pecs and cleared his beltline enough to reveal an inch or two of washboard ab.

Not that Troy was so bad to look at either. After all, Eddie was picky about whom he would "honor" and Troy, although he sported a bit of a tummy, looked great! Actually, Eddie kind of like a bit of soft middle on his men. It gave him a larger area to aim his fist at if the man had some objections during the night. Additionally, Troy had a mop of curly hair and the sort of snub-nosed face that Eddie thought almost as handsome as his own.

Troy turned and flashed a grin at Eddie...

For a moment Eddie could actually see himself spending a night with a man like that without taking a thing!

Once Eddie got closer, he noted the expensive clothes, the well filled wallet and the gold watch.

HELL! He was going to have this man and take whatever he could get!

Even faster than usual, Eddie found himself in a well-furnished, very large apartment.

"Care for a drink?" Troy asked as he opened a small wall bar.


Soon they both held two ice-filled tumblers. Eddie bolted his drink down and grimaced.

"Tastes funny."

Troy seemed to look at him strangely for a minute, but then he sipped his own drink and made a face as well.

"Must be the ice."

"Never mind stud! We have better things to do..."

Eddie began to loosen the firm-packed fly of his jeans...

"Wake up, Eddie! Wake up!"


Groggily Eddie sat up and squinted at the sun streaming in through the window...

The SUN?

He must have fallen asleep and slept through the night!

Grumpy now at the thought of the wasted night, Eddie scowled at Troy.

"Oh come on Eds, it was great last night! Want to shower and eat something?"

Eddie sulkily walked to the bathroom. Washed and dressed he went to the kitchen where Troy still undressed had set up some coffee, toast, oatmeal and juice...

Eddie's thumb lazily picked at the last crumbs of toast. A light breakfast, but filling.

Absent-mindedly he tugged at his tight belt...

"WHAT SHIT IS THIS?!?!" Eddie shouted as he looked down at himself.

Several additional inches of middle were now visible below his shirt. But it wasn't the trim middle of the night before! His pecs were fine if a bit tender, but lower down, a healthy beginner's pot belly was beginning to replaced the inward curves of his waist.

Troy smiled as he watched the surprised man wiggle uncomfortably in his skintight jeans.

The thighs began to fill out straining the denim like thick overstuffed sausage.

Before Eddie's very eyes he was getting fat!


Eddie tried to rush forward at Troy only to be tripped up by the limited movement of his tightly bound legs.

Troy laughed and kneeling down, patted the twin rounds of Eddie's ass that were already trying to rip the back-seam of the trousers.

"Hm! Very nice, firm but thicker. You'll turn into a very sexy pig of a man."


"Spare me the upper case symbols, Eddie and listen well."

Troy sat Eddie up and coldly began to talk.

"You really ought to be careful who you walk off with Eddie. After all, you aren't the only one who can give a man a nasty morning- after surprise."

"What, what is happening to me?" Eddie groaned, gasping as he struggled to unfasten his tightening belt.

"Your getting fat. That's all."


"That belly doesn't lie!" Troy said as he poked the packed lard already beginning to roll over the still unfastened belt.


"Oh yes! I think you look even sexier like that . Of course, it will be a lot harder to find many men to rip off who might agree with me..."

With a soft ripping noise the denim along the swelling thighs began to split open.

"...but that was the idea," Troy stroked a finger along the soft smooth skin that was exposed by the tearing jeans.

Eddie put his hands on the place that had once been the empty air in front of his middle. His fingertips touched the deep navel that now crowned a full beer-gut.

"Steroid research -- that's what I do," Troy continued in a matter-of-fact tone. "It pays very well and I can often make some of very interesting discoveries. You drank down one of them last night in that funny tasting scotch."

With a shudder Eddie raised his thickening face up and looked up at Troy.

"Only a tiny bit of the stuff was needed to slow down your metabolism. You see, I have had one too many friends ripped off by you and I wanted to stop you without causing too much fuss. I thought you'd sip the drink, be put off by the taste and sleep through the night. Then, of course you would begin to put on weight -- just a pound here and there as every ounce of food you ate gave you a bit more fat than you were used to. In a month or so, you'd have gotten a sexy belly and a cute double chin...," Troy chucked the new fold of fat below Eddie's chin, "...and become too bulky to really make out as a tricking thief. At the same time, I'd have had a good night with you and solved a problem."

Tony absent-mindedly pinched the nipple on one of Eddie's plum tits.

"Well, I hadn't counted on your pouring the whole damned thing down your throat! Now, anything you eat will be turned almost directly into fat! "

A rumble gently shook Eddie's new paunch.

"OK, I guess you've stopped growing for now..."

Eddie staggered back to his feet. His shirt and jeans were in shreds now, destroyed by the bulking up of the body they had covered so well the night before. Eddie still looked handsome but he had gone from swimmer's-build to chubby in less than half an hour!

"I like your looks, fatso! Maybe, I'll keep you. Yeah, I've never had a full-time fat hunk around. It might be fun. Besides the sex is great with you." Troy said as he put his hand under Eddie's belly and touched his cock. "Oh, you ARE hard. Maybe the fat agrees with you..."

Eddie just stood there too stunned to say anything.

Troy went into his room for a moment and came out with a bundle of clothes. As Eddie hurriedly put them on, he tried to ignore the man watching him with sarcasm mixed with lust.

"Here, fat-stuff, these ought to fit. I don't think you will want to hang around for now. But until you come back remember one thing." Pre-come began to shine up the head of Troy's cock as he mentally savored the words he was about to say. "From now on, every ounce you eat, from the heaviest pork-chop to the smallest stick of celery will make you fatter and Fatter and FATTER..." Troy laughed as Eddie rushed out of the apartment, knocking over things in his frantic effort to haul his ungainly ass away. Troy's cock was straining as if every saying of the word fatter was inflaming him sexually. By the time Eddie had found the front door, Troy's cries of "...And FATTER AND FATTER" became more intense. As the gaining con man ran out he could hear the Troy's groan of satisfaction as he finally shot his load...

Eddie stood in the mirror, trying to hold his new gut in, and tried not to look at the round cheeks and double chin that filled out his formerly trim face.

He could still hear the words being shouted at him as he raced out, his jiggling gut bouncing as he ran...


Troy had made him FAT!

It was true, he had tricked with Troy to see what he could rip off and now thanks to an OD of some metabolic steroid stuff, Eddie had gone from sex-pot to pot-belly.

"From now on, every ounce you eat, from the heaviest pork-chop to the smallest stick of celery will make you fatter"

Eddie's dimpled face frowned defiantly as he thought of Troy's saying that with such satisfaction. He turned from the chubby reflection in front of him.

"SHIT! Nothing can do that. I'll lose it!"

Eddie entered the bar and tried to ignore the hunger pangs of his demanding gut. He hadn't taken anything but water since that morning. Anything to slim down faster. In the meantime he had bought the sexiest looking outfit he could find that would hide some of his new flab and hopefully give him some of his old flash.

He still had his looks -- a little fatter perhaps, but he knew he could charm someone.

Sure enough, within a few minutes he had made eye contact with a cute guy. Eddie felt regret as he noted how only ten hours earlier, he had had the same lithe figure.

"Buy you a drink, big man?"

Eddie smiled and nodded yes. He still had IT!

The beers arrived and the two men made small talk. Then they drank and chatted some more.

"Hate to say it, handsome, but you'd better fix your shirt -- though I love that sexy paunch."

Eddie heard those words with dread and felt the tightness he had been trying to ignore since he had those few sips of beer.

Suddenly, a button popped off under the force of the belly that had begun to grow yet again.

With a strangled cry, Eddie rushed out of the bar, feeling the fat growing on him while the small dose of beer did its work on his body.

The young man looked on after Eddie's retreating figure.

"DAMN! Why can't I find ONE big man who can handle a compliment his gut!" He murmured and ordered another beer.

With only a few sips of beer, Eddie stopped fattening up only a few minutes after he ran out. But he had gotten bigger and, in spite of the muscles he had, all the new fat that had piled on Eddie's body that day made it harder and harder for him to keep running. Eddie soon came to a gasping halt, his belly now hanging freely out of his ripped shirt.

"Gotta... Gotta sit..." Eddie wheezed to himself.

Sitting down on a bench, Eddie spread his legs and reached below his blubber belly to rub his inner legs. For the first time that he could ever recall, Eddie had rubbed his thighs raw by simply running. To think that his thighs had never even touched before!

Eddie began to feel the cock that now was wedged under his gut.

That used to be the ONLY large bulge he had ever had in that area!

He knew that he could still attract, but how could he try to con his tricks anymore?

Troy was right.

How can Eddie try to make it when even the smallest drink would fatten him up?

What could he do?

"Get FATTER and FATTER." He said aloud rubbing his cock and recalling how hard Troy had become as he said those words.

The man had actually come!

"Maybe, I'll keep you..."

He winced as he recalled Troy's lightly made offer.

"To become an obese, *&^(*@^#(! love-slave!" Eddie said in disgust and began to waddle off, then stopped.

He had gotten so fat that he was actually WADDLING!

"..until you come back..." Troy had said.

Slowly as if falling into a trance, Eddie turned around and began to head towards Troy's place...

The ice cream glistened in its cone.

"Come on, Troy!"

Troy held it above the eager mouth that was on that still handsome but now downright fat face.

He was stark naked and resting happily upon Eddie's huge figure, his hot, rodlike hard-on pressing into Eddie's soft belly. Eddie was having one hell of an erection himself, now deeply hidden by the giant gut that rubbed it and stroked it all the more when Troy was riding on top and making Eddie fatter. When Eddie sat up his fat now reached the floor in a round fleshy mound. But he really didn't need to sit up too often. Indeed, he hadn't been out of the apartment in months!

All Eddie cared about now was tasting that ice cream cone that his fattener and keeper was holding in his hand.

Troy had welcomed him happily when Eddie, sweating from walking with all that new mass, returned. There was no "I knew you would be back," or any smugness. He had simply sat Eddie down and given him a soda-water -- "...no surprise calories..." -- to cool him off.

Soon they had settled it. It was so unreal, yet Eddie felt a relief when he realized that Troy truly could set him up for an easy life.

Some of their first sessions had been very weird as far as Eddie was concerned. For the sake of conning a trick Eddie had done everything from vanilla to chains. But he had NEVER imagined that he would be satisfying a man by growing fatter. Still, the sex was great and got better as his increasing heft got more sensitive to stimulation -- especially while it was actually getting bigger. Eventually Eddie began to really enjoy the sensation of a man playing with his paunch or rubbing up against his twin-mountain ass. He entered into the spirit of Troy's food games even though he knew that every morsel or drop that entered his mouth would add more and more poundage.

Troy dabbed a glob of it on the huge man's tongue.

Then another.

Then another...

Suddenly a heavy hand pulled Troy down and the two men kissed each other, Troy stroking and pressing himself into the tremendous belly and sack-like pecs that had begun to grow yet again...


Troy grabbed at Eddie's gut with his free hand as he shot in gushing spasms all over the former con man's swelling mass. Then as the fat man beneath Troy shifted with the feelings of his own intense arousal, Troy stuffed the rest of the cone in between the full lips and slid back and down to the end of the huge paunch. Eddie could feel his fattener crawling under the swelling thick belly and in between thigh flesh that surrounded his cock. Troy's mouth worked at the member that now only he could easily reach. Eddie's, tubby fingers played at the large nipples on his enlarging tits.

"Ohhh-OHHH-AOOAOOAO...!!!" Eddie felt the stream of come rushing out onto Troy who was now buried below all the fat and enjoying the orgasm of his large man-mountain.

It would be dishonest to say that the two men will ever rise above the circumstances that now keeps them together. Lust, fascination and resignation are not the best foundations for love to begin from..

Then again, no matter how handsome Eddie remains and how much pleasure and ease he has, he will always miss his trim body as it gets buried further and further under all the fat that Troy finds so desirable.

Still, this is not a tragic story.

After all, men learn how to adjust to the most unusual situations.

Besides, not only is Eddie supplied with all he needs and a man who can satisfy his lusting, ever fattening body...

He hasn't robbed a single person since!

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