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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Gus ate hungrily at Big Joe's huge ass, happily plunged his tongue up Joe's butthole and chewed at his throbbing sphincter. While Gus buried his face between Joe's mammoth butt cheeks, Joe, on all fours buried his face in a giant bucket of turkey stuffing, smacking and growling like a pig. They both ate hungrily for several minutes in Gus' feeding room. Joe, at nearly 550 lbs of pure flab and gaining fast, nearly made Gus look small, who was no light-weight himself, weighing in at 270 lbs of pure muscle. Big Joe was to be Gus's masterpiece. Their goal was for Joe, Gus's fat slave, to reach 800 lbs in another year. Big Joe, locked up in the dungeon for over a year had reverted to an animalistic state, with only two things on his mind: hard-core food and hard-core sex. He received both from his muscle-bound Master, Gus. Nearby, among the various sex-toys and bondage gear, sat an spread of food on a table. Included in the feast was two large roasted turkeys, a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a plate of a dozen fat pork sausages, three pumpkin pies, a peach cobbler and a gallon of ice cream. It was Thanksgiving, and it was time for Joe to feast.

For the moment, however, Gus feasted on Big Joe's fat butt, and Joe feasted on his bucket of turkey dressing. Finally, Gus pulled his bearded face away from Joe's giant crack.

"Now I'm gonna fuck this fucking LARD ASS!!" Gus declared

"NGGGGHHHHH" Joe agreed plunging his face further into the slop.

Gus grabbed his fat throbbing dick and put it up to Big Joe's hole, still wet with Gus's saliva. Joe grunted as Gus pushed his prick up Joe's big round ass.

"Your fat ass feels so fucking good around my cock" Gus said approvingly as he slowly started pushing in and out.

"MMMM... Fuck me harder!" Joe grunted, barely understandable with his mouth full of food. Gus complied, pounding his muscular hips against his round flabby butt, watching the ripples through Joe's bloated body. Gus felt the surge of impending orgasm in his stretched out low-hanging balls, but didn't want to cum yet...He had other things in mind.

Gus pulled his cock out of Big Joe's wet hole and forced Joe up to his knees from his nearly empty bucket. Then Gus shackled Big Joe's pudgy arms above his head so Joe was just out of reach of the Thanksgiving spread. It was time to feast.

"How about some sausages?" Gus asked.

"MMMM" Joe nodded struggling to get closer to the food. Gus picked up a sausage and held it in front of Joe's hungry eyes. Joe opened his mouth.

"Not yet", Gus teased with a slight smile. Gus dipped the sausage into a bowl of vegetable oil and then bent over in front of Joe. Gus reached behind himself and slid the oily sausage up his hairy ass.

"Its your turn now. If you want 'em, you're gonna have to go get them."

Joe's eyes widened excitedly, "Oh yeah. Eat out of your ass!!"

Gus pushed his butt into Joe's fat face and flexed his sphincter to push the sausage out. As he did Joe ate aggressively at Gus's ass. Gus squirmed with pleasure feeling Joe's tongue, teeth and lips chow down on his butt. Almost instantly, Joe finished the sausage. Gus pushed three more dipped sausages up his asshole at once and continued the feeding. As quickly as Joe finished the sausages, Gus replenished the supply. Joe nearly swallowed each sausage whole as Gus pushed them out of his butthole. Sometimes Gus would tease and pull the sausage back in before Joe got hold of it. Gus nearly blew his wad just feeling the beast eat so hungrily at his ass...But soon all the sausages were gone.

"More" Joe begged, "More food"

Gus held up one of the turkeys. "You want this, LARD ASS? You want the turkey don't you?"

"Please!!" Joe grunted, pulling against the shackles, "Give it to me"

Gus held the turkey away from his slave's mouth, open like a baby bird ready for his worm. Then Gus brought the roasted turkey down to his crotch and stuck his throbbing hardon inside of it.

"You want this don't you?" Gus asked slowly sliding his prick in and out of the turkey. Joe merely grunted and salivated. "Here, have a taste." Gus pulled his cock out and let Joe suck on his prick, now covered with the bits of turkey and wet with the juices.

"MMMMM" Joe said, looking up at Gus, "more..."

Gus fucked the turkey some more. This time, faster until he nearly came. He pulled out, beside himself with the need to cum. He let Joe suck his prick some more. Joe easily took Gus's long fat prick and sucked it for the turkey juices. Gus almost lost it and pushed Joe's head away. Then, after a pause, Gus began to fuck the bird again, pounding the turkey against his hips, thrusting harder and harder.

"Oh yeahhh!!" Big Joe cried, "Stuff the turkey with your wad!!!!!"

Gus thrust harder and harder until he exploded mammoth amounts of thick gooey cum inside the roasted turkey. He convulsed with ecstasy as he pulled his prick out of the turkey, now dripping with semen.

"Now the turkey's ready! You've been a GOOD PIG!" Gus announced and started feeding it to Joe, who ate happily and hungrily. Joe spontaneously spurted his sticky goo three times during the Thanksgiving feeding.

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