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The Adventures of Jim-part 3
Jim awoke to something in his mouth. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he had been strapped to a chair; his hands were tied at the back and each leg was strapped to a leg of the chair. He couldn't move.

Someone was cramming a stick of butter dish his throat. Unable to resist, he chewed it down hungrily with some of the contents dribbling down his chin.

Jim's belly now jutted out of his filthy, once white shirt and his jeans no longer could be buttoned. His ass had gotten so fat that he was coming out of his jeans completely but they were so tight that they never fell off his thickened thighs. The only way he could take them off now is if he were torn out of them.

"Finally, you're awake. Don't ever keep me waiting that long again you fat fuck," said a familiar gruff voice.

After Jim had eaten the stick of butter, he had a dirty hand shoved into his mouth to suck off the remains. When Rick stepped back, it gave Jim a chance to take in his surroundings.

He was in a log cabin with dirt floors but he seemed to be in the basement because there were no windows. Jim looked down at his stomach and saw for the first time that while sitting it reached to his knees! He could still see his feet a little but he'd have to reach around that giant ball gut to get to his dick.

Seeing this made Jim mad with lust and hunger. He wanted more. h
He wanted to get fatter. He was almost there.

"Woah!" Rick exclaimed. "Someone's excited!" He then reached down and grabbed Jim's dick through his filthy underwear and started messaging.

Rick had the build of a smaller bodybuilder. He was completely nude except for his tight jeans and green cowboy boots.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Exclaimed Jim, licking the saliva as it spilled from both sides of his mouth.

"You close, you fat piece of shit?!? HUH?!?" Rick slapped Jim's belly to awaken him from his trance.

"Yes sir!"

"Then cum," he commanded, pumping his dick more furiously. Seconds later, cum oozed out of Jim's dick. Most of it shot through his underwear and into Rick's hand. Once he was done, Rick smeared Jim's cum all over Jim's face.

"Now it's my turn," said Rick as he reached behind Jim's chair and emerged with a bottle of chocolate syrup. He then pulled his hard 8inch cock out of his jeans, stood over Jim and poured a large amount of syrup onto his dick.

"Suck," he commanded, shoving his cock into Jim's ready mouth. Rick was so tall that he was able to hump Jim's mouth while still standing. Eventually, Rick began pumping to hard and they both fell over.

Rick didn't stop fucking Jim's face though and nearly fucked his head into the ground.


A stream of cum filled Jim's mouth and he swallowed it all. Once he was seated upright again, He poured the rest of the chocolate syrup into Jim's hungry mouth. Once the bottle was empty, Jim whispered "more" uncontrollably.

"You want more? My,my you are turning into a fat pig!"

He then went away somewhere behind Jim. When he approached, Jim heard him sit a couple of things on the floor and when Rick came around, he was holding the tallest, fattest cake Jim had ever seen.

Rick held it to Jim's face as he feed him handful after handful. Jim ate hungrily, wanting to get fatter.

"There you go you fat fuck! Eat it!"

After he had cleaned the plate, Rick reached down behind him and produced another cake of the same height and width of the last.

He stuffed that down Jim's throat as well.

"Did you like that you fat fuck?" He asked.

Barely able to breath, Jim moaned "yes sir."

"Do you want more?"

Jim started wiggling around in his seat, wanting to grab his dick. Wanting to jerk off. He was so turned on.

"Yes sir!" He moaned like a bitch. "Please give me more sir. I want to be fatter, sir! Please, make me fatter!"

"There you go, bitch. Beg. Plead," said Rick smiling sadistically down at him. "But, you're not going to get any more food until I'm ready for you to.

'The fuckups that you went to before failed you because they weren't strong enough. They gave in to their own appetites and never made you acquire yours.

'I'm going to give you an appetite of a champion hog. I'm going to make you come just by thinking about eating. I'm going to make every bite for you of every meal orgasmic. Isn't that what you want pig?"

"Yes sir! I want it! Give me food please sir. I'm so hungry..."

"No bitch! But I like to see you beg. No more is that cocky slut that turned Chase back into a fat ass. Gone is the boy who turned down Bob and thought that filthy trailer wasn't good enough for him. Here he is! My bitch. My slave! My pig!"

Jim was moaning furiously now. He wanted to cum. He wanted to eat! Every second he felt lighter. He had to get fatter. He was so fat already but he needed more.

"Look at you! Mouth covered with food. Saliva rolling down your chin and you don't even care, do you? Piece of shit!"

Jim had become so overcome with lust that he began to whine and his stretched briefs became soiled with more pre-cum.

"That's right! Keep whining and moaning and squirming. I've got a workout to complete," and without saying anything else, he left the room and went down a dark corridor.

Seconds later, Jim listened as he heard a pair of footsteps ascend a staircase and disappear.

Jim didn't know what to do. He desperately wanted to cum and the thought of Rick being able to control him made him hump the air in his seat.

He had to get fatter. He would do anything Rick told him to do as long as he got fatter.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" Jim exclaimed as he filled his dirty underwear with even more cum. He then blacked out.

When he awoke, he saw that Rick had moved a big plastic swimming pool in the dirt floor in front of him and he was amazed at what Rick was filling it with. It was filled with the largest casserole that Jim had ever seen!

Filled with meat and covered in sauce and the size of a kid's swimming pool! Jim was amazed and salivating, trying to free himself but he couldn't. Rick walked over.

"It's okay, little piggy. I know you're hungry. Here's a special treat for you." He then let Jim loose.

Jim fell into the casserole, eating as if he hadn't eaten in months ( even though it had only been a few hours). Covering his hole body in sauce and meat and keeping his head submerged while he ate. He had to get fatter.

Rick sat down and watched him eat, rubbing his hardon through his jeans and playing with his nipples.

And so, it began. For the first week Rick had Jim, he would only feed him one swimming pool size meal a day. Sometimes it was lasagna, other times it was spaghetti and meatballs. Rick had taken Jim's clothes away so they wouldn't get dirty so Jim gorged in his underwear.

For the rest of the day (during the time Jim wasn't eating) he was kept locked in the basement. Rick forbade Jim from masterbating until feeding time so Jim resisted but was left extremely hard all day.

On the second week, Rick began filling the house and the basement with the smell of delicious foods like cake and cookies and turkeys while he or someone else cooked upstairs. This made Jim salivate even more and drew Jim to the top of the stairs every day, all day, sniffing at the basement door like a hungry dog.

Also on the second week, Rick began feeding him twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. The same swimming pool sized serving and the same heavy foods. Once, he made a pizza the size of a swimming pool but wouldn't let Jim eat it until he had covered it in his own cum. This Jim did gladly.

By the beginning of the third week, Jim noticed that his gut stuck out beautifully and he had large tits! He had to reach around to grab his dick and he was close to not being able to see his feet at all even though he could still see the tips of his toes.

Jim's special diet continued but halfway through the fourth week, he was surprised to have a visitor.

The man formally known as Chase was thrown down in front of Jim one morning as he sat once again constrained to a chair (now groaning under his new weight). Chase had lost all of his muscles and was now a fat, obese slob equipped with huge man boobs, a massive gut, and double chins.

He seemed to be wearing the same white designer dress shirt that Jim had left him in but the buttons had popped a long time ago and his black pants had ripped down his ass as all.

"Where's the food? You said there'd be food?" Asked Chase looking all around him, ignoring Jim.

"Look what you've turned him into,"said Rick. "He's been doing nothing but eating since you left. Ordering the chef to cook all day, non stop. But today, he'll get his fill"

Rick brought down one swimming pool and then another and then another and set them around Chase where he sat, waiting. Then, he brought down two large, keg sized containers and dumped their contents into one pool. It looked like spaghetti but Jim couldn't get a good look because Chase jumped in, gorging himself.

Jim started wiggling in his chair, whining like a little pig, begging for some food. Rick simply ignored him.

Eventually, all three pools were full and Chase was working his way through his first. Jim was incredibly hard and wanted food desperately.

"Yeah, that's right! Squirm! BEG!" Said Rick.

And then, Chase went to the second pool and started eating the spaghetti out of that one but, by the time he had gotten to the third, Rick grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to where Jim was seated.

Still holding Chase by the hair in his left hand, Rick undid James' restraints with his right and grabbed him by the arm, dragging them both to the third pool. He stuck both their faces over the spaghetti

Jim was overcome with the aroma of Italian sausage, big, fat meatballs and spaghetti. He drolled and tried to lick it but Rick snapped his head back.

"First, both of you repeat after me: I am a fat slob"

"I am a fat slob,"said them both.

"I am useless. I was put on this earth to get as fat as possible"

"I am useless. I was put on this earth to get as fat as possible," said them both.

"I want to be as big as a hog and my master will help me get there."

"I want to be as big as a hog and my master will help me get there." Said them both.

"I will do whatever my master tells me to do".

"I will do whatever my master tells me to do," said Jim and Chase.

Rick then held their faces inches above the streaming, hot spaghetti for a few seconds. He then said "EAT!" And they went at it.

Chase was already too full and collapsed in a stupor shortly after beginning, rubbing his belly in dumbfounded ecstasy but Jim continued. His belly was sloshing around the pool's contents as he ate. Once he was done, he was covered in sauce and excess food. He sat up, took each tit in both hand and licked them clean of sauce.

Maybe he was really horny but he could've sworn he tasted milk.

"Well done pigs", said Rick, leaning back in that wooden chair. His hardon showing; a smile on his face. "Chase, come here now!"

Chase waddled over to where Rick sat. Instantly, Rick jumped on him and wrestled him to the ground, tearing his clothes off in the process. Once he had finished, he got on top and whispered in Chase's ear:

"Finally, after all these years, I've got you! In high school, you were always the alpha. Getting any guy you wanted to suck your cock. Everyone got on their hands and knees to worship you. Now who's in charge!"

He then pulled out his dick and stuck it right up Chase's ass, muffling his screams with his hands. Rick started pumping.

"Yeah, you fucking bitch! You're mine now!"

He looked over at Jim.


Jim fell to his knees, took out his leaking cock and stuck it in Chase's mouth who devoured it hungrily. It wasn't long before Chase was drinking Jim's cum, begging for "MORE!" Once he was done.


The end of the month came. Nothing had changed in his diet but Jim spent most of his day watching Rick fuck Chase. Rick rode him like a horse while Chase's belly brushed the ground.

On the last day of the month, Rick uncovered a scale in a dark corner of the room and threw it at Jim before going back to Chase. Jim put the scale on the floor and stood on it.

498 it read.
498? Thought Jim. He looked at himself in a nearby mirror. He was definitely fat. He had a double chin, a round belly that stuck out everywhere and large tits that hung to either side. He turned to his side and strained to see a big, fat ass. His underwear had ripped ages ago; that's why they were still on.

Jim looked at the nearest clock. It had just turned midnight.

Oh well, he thought. He saw his clothes in a pile nearby and went over to them. His shirt only covered his chest and his jeans wouldn't fit at all so he left them on the ground. His jacket covered his arms so he put that on and his boots.

Rick didn't stop him as he ascended the stairs and he went unhindered as he exited the house completely.

When he had gotten to a main road, he heard a familiar ring in his jacket pocket. Another email.

"Stop" it read. So, stop he did.

Within seconds, a truck pulled up. Jim peered inside and saw an old man chewing tobacco.

"Looks like this piggy has lost his way. Alright, little fella, get in the back. Plenty for you to eat til we get home," said the man.

Jim climbed into the truck bed, making the whole truck shake and creek with his weight. There were two large bags of feed back there and when Jim looked inside, he saw ground beef in both of them.

So, he started shoveling it in, first in handfuls then by the mouthful, sticking his whole head into the first bag.

"Good boy," whispered the old man to himself, smiling, and then driving off.

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