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The BellyMaster

Todd Cavanaugh was watching TV. one Sunday morning when an infomercial came on about a new way to lose "unwanted inches and flab", quickly and easily. He perked up immediately and leaned forward to the TV. feeling his bloated belly push between his furry thighs. At 26, Todd had just begun fighting the battle of the bulge. As a computer programmer, his life had become more and more sedentary working in front of a computer all day. Currently, his 6'1" frame carried 230 pounds. Though not technically obese, Todd was definitely chunky. His size 36 jeans were snug and his belly paunched over them a good 4inches. His thighs had thickened and his handsome face was beginning to show a double chin.

Listening intently, the commercial described (and showed) dozens of men and women as they lost all those inches and pounds using a product called "The BellyMaster". "In just a few easy minutes a day,"the ad blared, "you can go from this, (a shot of a good-looking guy with an enormous beer belly hanging over his jeans) to this (the same guy sporting a lean, muscular build)!"

Over and over the ad showed the transformations. Todd was transfixed, as he imagined his own bloated gut reducing to fit into his old size 32 jeans. When the phone number came on the screen, Todd dialed frantically to get his own "BellyMaster".

Once ordered, Todd was anxious to receive the package, which would take 4-5 weeks to deliver. In that time, Todd decided to eat whatever he wanted and as much as he wanted. After all, "The BellyMaster" would help him regain his 18 year old figure when it arrived.

On the day the package arrived, Todd weighed in at 241 pounds. His size 36 jeans were so tight he could barely breathe in them, but he refused to buy a larger size. Todd opened the package like it was a Christmas gift. In it was a small sheet of instructions and a small wrestling-type outfit. In the mirror, Todd held the material before his fat body. "I'll never get my fat ass into these," he barked. "And besides, what can a piece of cloth do to help me lose weight?"

Todd was pissed at his gullibility. Out $49.95, he decided to throw the damn thing away. Before he could, the cloth seemed to pulse. Todd stared at it in disbelief as the cloth wrapped itself magically around his bloated torso. It began to squeeze him tightly. He felt no pain, but he could see his body growing smaller! He quickly ran to the mirror to see what the hell was going on!

Damn!, he thought as he stared at his reflection. His body had reduced considerably and his big gut had virtually disappeared! He stepped on the scale hurriedly. The needle rested at 170 pounds! He had lost over 70 pounds in seconds!! His ran his big, strong hands over his tight, washboard ads. His chest and arms, thighs and butt were all firmer and tight. Even his double chin and shrunk to reveal his chiseled jaw line. Very little body fat remained on his new build. "This is fucking incredible!" Todd said out loud. He looked like an 18 year old high school wrestler!

Without thinking, Todd pulled on an old pair of size 32 jeans shorts over his tunic and ran out the door. He very much wanted to see how people reacted to this new body of his. Todd drove straight to the local park and began strutting his trim body around the track. He noticed that even his size 32 jeans were too big, he guessed he probably had a 30" waist. He couldn't keep his hands off his small waist. He felt invigorated. He received stares from both men and women, as he paraded around the park.

After a few hours, he was feeling hungry. He decided to go to the local ice cream parlor and load up on some fattening calories. With his "BellyMaster", he wouldn't have to worry about what he ate ever again!

After two non-stop hours, Todd finally felt full. He had consumed more than our huge sundaes with the works. The effect on his body, nothing! His belly was still flat and firm. "Where did all this food go?"Todd thought. He realized he didn't care as long as it wasn't on him!

He drove home and felt exhausted after running and gorging himself. His belly was still nowhere to be seen. He slipped off "The BellyMaster" and admired his strong physique in the mirror. His long fingers caressed the furry six-pack he now had for abs. Not an ounce of fat on him. He hopped on the scale. Still 170! Amazing!

He turned on the shower and jumped in feeling the refreshing warm water cascade over his sweaty form. He began lathering up, running his fingers over his hairy torso and reaching down to play with his erect cock. His dick was easy to reach, because his gut was no longer in the way.

He began to feel light-headed and excited. He closed his eyes and imagined himself being ravaged by a hot, hunky guy from the park. He was feeling strange, and heavy! He washed the soap from his face so he could open his eyes. What he saw astonished him! His body was returning back to its former shape! His watched helplessly as his belly surged forward under his grasping hands. His thighs and butt widened. His chest grew flabby again. In seconds, he was back at his previous bulk!

His hands flew to the faucets and turned them off. Reaching for a towel, Todd hoisted his mass from the shower. 'It can't be!' he thought. 'I'm fat again!' He hopped on the scale, but couldn't read the numbers because of his hairy gut. He leaned forward to survey the damage. 252 pounds!! "Fuck," he yelled, "I'm bigger than before!"

Todd looked in the mirror and sure enough his fat body had returned, and then some! "Man, what happened?" Todd thought, running his hands over his plump build. He lifted the tunic in his hand and held it up in front of him. 'How can a guy like me squeeze into this little thing? It's got to be some kinda magic.'

Instantly, when the tunic grazed Todd's hairy chest, it whipped onto his large frame and began to constrict again. He was shrinking! In minutes, the same hunky 170 pound stud was staring at him in the mirror, still dripping wet from the shower.

Todd noticed two things. First, his appetite returned with a vengeance. The second, much more noticeable, his cock stood full erect before him! The change in body size excited him dramatically.

The slender Todd bounded for the kitchen in search of food. He couldn't ever remember being this hungry. He began to empty the contents of the fridge and the cupboards into his hungry body. The entire time, Todd's physique never changed. Still slim and trim. At the end of his feeding session, Todd let out a large belch. Satisfied. For now.

He had to find the instructions on the "BellyMaster" to see what this was all about. He found them on the floor. They were very brief and to the point.

  • Do not wear for a consecutive, extended period of more than 72 hours. Otherwise, "The BellyMaster" may lose its effectiveness.
  • "The BellyMaster" MAY cause an increase in your appetite and your resting size.
  • This product does not reduce fat from the body. It only helps to conceal it.

"What?!?" Todd yelled. This was no guarantee to help him lose weight and could actually cause him to gain more weight!!?!

Todd couldn't believe it! He was so angry, he began tearing the tunic from his body. As soon as the tunic was removed, Todd began to "inflate" again! The effects of his hours-long gorging were settling on his slim body. He leaned on the counter for support as his belly extended out and down. He was getting really fat!! When it had finished, Todd waddled to the scale in the bathroom, feeling his tremendous thighs rub together.

He stepped on the scale and it registered him at 283 pounds!! "I'm huge!" Todd moaned, but instead of being angry, he was becoming more and more aroused. The implications of "The BellyMaster" really intrigued him now! He could eat whatever he wanted and as much as he wanted while wearing the tunic and not look like he gained an ounce. But then, by removing "The BellyMaster", he would grow to an even larger size based on what he had consumed previously.

Hot!! I can't wait to get monstrously fat!! Todd slipped into the tunic quickly and ran for the nearest buffet!!

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