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The Bet - Part 2

Jan 28th

Time was creeping on and my weight was doing the same. Since Dave's gift of a bin of powder and the knowledge that March 18th was just around the corner I ate like a beast.
I had realised that I was now far fatter than most guys I saw in the street and started taking pride in the fact I was far fatter than the contestants on the Biggest Loser. I had turned into a prize hog!
With me working from home I didn't really see any of my circle of friends and having blown them off more than a few times the invites to go for a drink or meal starting to drift off. I liked it that way as I felt that if I had friends in my ear giving me their opinions about my weight gain I would start to doubt myself.
The next time I saw the Fed Ex delivery boy was when he brought my new scales. I figured that since I was nearing 400lb I would treat myself to a heavy duty model.
When I opened the door to him, he actually gasped! 'Wow man, I only saw you a month ago, have you been hooked up to a hose or something?' He was genuinely shocked!
'No, I've just been using my weight gain powder and eating anything I can get my hands on.' I rubbed my expanse of belly, a task that was taking longer to do the bigger I got.
'Sort of suits you bud, it looks right on you, if that makes sense.' he blushed as he said it.
'Thanks, I appreciate it. Never thought I would like being massive but I honestly love it.' I said with a smile.
'So what's in the package this time? Can't be more powder, it's too small for that.' He handed me the package which I signed for. Looking down at my hands I smiled, I had real shovels with huge fat sausages fingers now. It seemed every part of my body was just blowing up.
'It's a new scale, as you can guess I out grew my last one.'
'No shit!' he laughed. Blushing again he said 'Mind if I see you weigh in?'
'No, not at all.' It quite excited me that someone was actually giving me positive attention for my weight.
I tore the package open and set the scales on the ground. Actually bending down to place them on the kitchen floor was an ordeal in itself. Man, I was getting out of control!
Bending was hard, I had huge loaf sized fat rolls either side of me and bending made them compress and get solid. My gut folded in on itself like a huge soft pillow, my tits sat on top of my gut. The weight of all that fat weighing down my front was intense.
I shook off my shoes and stood on the large base plate. I waited for the beep to tell me my weight was counted and looked at the Fed Ex guy for the news.
His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. 'Am I right in saying last month you were 375lb?' he asked. I nodded and was getting excited to hear the news.
'You are now, 475lb! How the hell are you doing this? You are a whale man, a total fat making machine!'
My eyes lit up and I grabbed my gut with both hands and shook it with all my might. I was 475lb! What the hell! I couldn't wait to tell Dave!
I found out my Fex Ed guy was called Tom and he liked to cook, that was something worth remembering! He said he better get back to his route and asked if he could call around again, I said yes.

I arranged to call at Dave's home later that day. I didn't tell him how fat I had become and I gave him the impression that my gaining had stalled and I was a bit down about it, I know it was silly but I just wanted to see his face when he saw me waddle into his apartment, and waddle I did! I could not believe that I was now so fat that my thighs rubbed together as I walked and I had a pronounced waddle. My gut swayed as I walked and it felt so damn good!
I decided to drive to Dave's and encountered a major problem, I couldn't fit behind the wheel of my car! I literally could not haul my fat ass into the seat, what the hell was I going to do? I laughed to myself because the way things were going in less than 2 months I would be the proud owner of Mikes Jeep. Surely I would be able to fit into that! It hadn't really crossed my mind for the longest time how Mike was doing. I am sure there was no way he would have ballooned like me.
He might have gained 50lb but not the 193lb of chub I was carrying around.193lb! That is mind blowing! No one is going to recognise me from my old life. Then a wicked thought crossed my mind. Down the block was my local bar.
I hadn't been there since the bet was placed. I could waddle a block and not be too winded. I lumbered down the street, wow this was actually harder than I thought. I was a man mountain and more than once I bumped into people because I just didn't realise the space I now take up. 'Watch it fat ass!' one guy snarled at me as I knocked him out the way with my girth. Fat ass? Wow, I am actually officially a fat ass! Why did this make me happy? Why was I getting such a kick out of the stares and the comments? I was loving every minute of the abuse. If they think I am a fat ass now, just wait until March!

As I waddled up to the door of CJ's Tavern a familiar face was just leaving. I had known Ted from High School and we had chatted many times over a pint. 'Hey Ted, hold the door.' I shouted. He held the door for me but you could see he had no clue who I was.
This was amazing! 'No problem big fella.' He replied. Again I smiled, I was a new man, I could reinvent myself as this hugely obese guy with no past.
I went to the bar and tried to sit at my usual stool. Really? I honestly thought that I could sit on a bar stool? I would need 4! Looking around it became clear that my choice of seating was now extremely limited. I couldn't use a booth as I would never get out of it.
Luckily CJ's had had couch's installed for a more laid back atmosphere. I centred myself and sat down with a bang. A part of me was glad that I didn't break it and a part of me, my darker side, wished something had of happened so guys would stare at me.
I thought the best thing to do was call Dave and get him to meet me here. My cell was in my pocket and it took quite a while for me to find it under the rolls of fat that now covered my lap. When I finally got it I had a hard task actually using it as my fingers were now so fat
and my cell looked tiny in my huge hands. Dave agreed to come down as soon as he could so I took the opportunity to order a pitcher of beer and some food. This was really the first time I had left my apartment since seeing Dave in November.
I was going to order my usual Hot Wings but my stomach started to growl so I basically ordered enough food to feed 5 men. The waitress didn't seem to care, I think she thought that I was such a fat ass that I would need that amount of food to keep me happy.
2 Hours later Dave walked in to the bar. He looked around for me and it wasn't until I shouted his name that he realised that the huge guy filling the couch was me! He laughed out loud and bounded over.
'Man, I cannot believe this! What the hell! Look at you!' he was in total shock and awe at my gains! 'I would never, EVER had thought you would blow up like this, I am in shock!' He could not keep his eyes off my gut.
'Well you don't look too bad yourself.' I replied. Dave has filled out another 20lb or so making a very hefty 422lb.
'Let's see if I can squeeze onto this couch along side of you.' I tried to move over but found it near impossible, I was just so full from 2 hours of gorging bar food.
'No worries big guy, I'll just try to use a chair. Dave grabbed a near by chair and perched himself onto it, I could tell he wasn't at all comfortable but there was nothing we could really do.
'So is this just from eating and drinking my powder?' 'It sure is. I just can't seem to stop. The bet doesn't really seem to matter anymore, I just seem to be addicted to growing fatter. I just love getting up every day and lumbering down the stairs to stand on the scales and see
the damage. I'm like a man possessed!'
'You look breathtaking. I would never have guessed that when we started this you would balloon.' 'Hey, I'm not finished yet,I have till the middle of March to see where this takes me.' I added with a grin.
'Dear Lord, we will need a crane to lift you by then!' he said laughing.
Hmmm, the thought of that made me as horny as all hell. I hadn't thought about what it would be like to get even fatter than this but the idea sounded so enticing.
Dave and I chatted for a good few hours and shared 8 pitches of beer and another mass of food. It took my 15 minutes to get off the couch. I had to sway backwards and forwards to get even momentum to raise myself. Even then Dave had to help me. I had more than a few comments from the people in the bar. The disgusted looks actually excited me! By the time I waddled out of that place I was sweating, bloated and drunk. I was a site to see staggering along the sidewalk. I felt so full, so fat and so damn happy!

March 17th

One day to go! Tom had become a regular visitor to my place and every time he came around he either brought takeout or cooked for me. It was a strange friendship as it was never sexual, he just liked to care for me and took pride in seeing me finish plate upon plate of his cooking. He gave me belly rubs and massaged my aching back and tired feet but that was all. And seemed perfectly happy. I was in hog heaven, literally! I saw no one but Tom since my visit to CJs. Dave kept in touch with me my phone but said he wanted to be shocked at the final weigh in. The bin of powder was nearing its end as I was now drinking shakes almost constantly. I had turned into a total temple to gluttony. It was all I thought about and all I wanted to do. As I sat on my couch, literally filling it side to side, I wondered why I was doing this. It started with a silly bet and I am sure if I had gotten to 300lb I would have won so why have I now become a man mountain? Why am I now happier than I have ever been and why did I still want more? I figured I would never really know other than the fact it just felt right.
Tom came around at 10am and told me that today was the day that I wouldn't stop eating until I went to sleep. He brought in case after case after case of food. He said I would not move off the couch and it was his job to fill me to the brim. He was true to his word.
That day I was a total glutton. My jaw ached for all the chewing I did and on the hour every hour he gave me 3 pints of shake. By 11pm I was flagging but I had visiblely grown fatter, my t shirt which was massive by any one's standards had ridden up over the expanse of my belly and all you could see was a huge hairy sagging mass of flesh. What had I done to myself? I could never live a normal life again. I was a temple of size, a living ball of dough and it was perfect!

March 18th ...............................to be continued!

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