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The Bet - Part 3 - Conclusion

March 18th

Well the big, in every sense of the word, day had finally arrived! Tom had slept over to get me ready for the day ahead. I had really come to rely on him and his words of support, cooking and general 'being there' had really helped me. I had come to realise that now I was a mammoth size that I would need help from here on in. I couldn't get dressed without him and I needed his help to me wash too. There were places on my ever expanding body that I simply couldn't reach!
'Tom, here's a thought, do you want to move in?' I asked matter of factly.
His face lit up. 'Yeah, I would love that!' He bounded over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then he blushed.
'Sorry, I didn't mean anything by that, I just had to, I got over excited!'
I laughed and said it was all cool. 'So help me get dressed and let's see if I can win that Jeep.
'Something tells me you won't have a problem. Well you will, the problem being how will you fit in it!' We both laughed but he had a point. There was no way I was going to fit behind the wheel of any vehicle any more. If I win, I will give it Tom as a gift for helping me grow so huge.
I stood in front of my bedroom mirror naked. What looked back at me was a monument to size. Even I didn't recognise myself! There, staring back at me was a huge guy, my face had filled out, I had piggy eyes and big bulging cheeks. My neck was just so wide, there was barely a difference now between it and my head! My moods were immense and sagged down, reaching right under my arms in pools of soft fat. My gut, man my gut! What could I say? It was beyond huge. My love handles must have been at least 15 inches melting into a gut that didn't seem to want to stop. It was beautiful. Huge soft, round and sagging like a mass of dough. My navel was a deep cavern and the sprinkling of hair just topped it off to perfection. My genitals were covered now by the sagging of my gut but I knew I had an immense fat pad that made my cock almost none existent but I honestly didn't mind. Since growing so massive I never really worried about not reaching my cock any more as my whole body had become an erotic playground that I never ceased to enjoy playing with. My legs were just so wide around, two huge tree trunks supporting all this weight. Every part of me was fat, from my fingers to my toes. I was truly a sight to see. Then something strange happened, I shed a tear! I stood looking at the man I had become and was so overcome with joy that I cried. I had never had an issue with my body before, I never gave it a second thought but now, looking at this hugely obese man, it made me so so happy.
It took Tom and I an hour to get me dressed. Tom had cut off all the labels from my clothes as he didn't want me to see what size I was. All he would tell me is that even the Big and Tall shop didn't have much choice for someone my size and we would have to start ordering them in advance. One thing I told him was that today of all days I wanted to look smart and well dressed. And that I did.
I was all ready to go and called Dave but it went straight to voice mail. This was getting to be a habit because I had lost count of the times this had happened. I know we left on good terms at the bar and I know he said he wanted to be shocked when he saw me at the final weigh in but I couldn't for the life of me think why he wouldn't answer my calls. I just hope he would be there to see what his gainer shake had done to me.
'Are you excited for the final weigh in?' Tom asked me.
'Totally, it has killed me not knowing how much I weigh but I am glad you took the scales away. I want this to be a total surprise.'
'Do you want to hazard a guess?' he asked with a cheeky smile.
'I don't have a clue, all I know is I am a damn sight fatter than I was when we last weighed me.'
'I should say so, you look like a whale in a suit!' We both laughed because he had a point!

Tom had hired a truck to take me to the weigh in. I thought this was a little excessive but I think he was getting off on the drama of the situation. I didn't say anything and let him have his moment. Although I did love the fact that I would never be able to ride in a car again. I got myself comfortable, which took a good 20 minutes and we drove to the bar where John had arranged the weigh in.
When I got there John was waiting for us and he nearly died of shock when he saw what I had become!
'No fucking way! No fucking way!' he said over and over again. I think the shock had thrown him in a loop!
'Dennis, is that you? No fucking way!' he came over to me and started feeling my fat body.
'You think it's a fat suit, right?' I said with a smile.
'Well yeah, I honestly did. I thought you were making a joke. This is real isn't it? I, I, I, I am lost for words. I'm in total shock!'
For a Lawyer he certainly had lost the power of speech!
'Hey, you helped with the bet, I was just honouring it.' I replied.
'I know but I thought you would add about 50lb if that, I didn't think you would mainline grease!' He was actually in total shock. I can't blame him, it isn't everyday you see a lifelong friend go from 182lb to, well, whatever I was now.
He got his composure back and ushered us into the outside area of the bar where he had set up a little stage area with a curtain separating the two halves. Tom helped me up the stairs and I waddled into my position.
A few of the bar patrons had gathered to see what all the fuss was about and I heard so many comments.
'Look at the size of that guy, he is enormous!'
'He did it for a bet. Why would you let yourself go like that?'
'That stage is gonna fold in two, what a fat ass!'
I heard it all and took in none of it. If they only knew that I had found my purpose and total happiness.
John came outside again and said that Mike was here and that I should put on my blindfold so he could get into place. I wish I could have seen his face when he saw me but afterwards I was told he was wearing a blindfold too.
He was going to freak out when he saw me. At most he would have gotten to 250lb, I knew Mike to well and he never saw anything through. The Jeep was as good as mine!
Then it started!

'Ladies and Gents, on the 18th of September my two friends standing here before you placed a drunken bet that I Notarized. This bet was to take place over a 6 month period. Whomever would gain the most weight would win a prized possession of the other person.
Mike Jackson started this bet at 180lb and bet his Jeep Cherokee. Dennis Wagner weighed in at 182lb and bet his Chriscraft Speedboat. Today is the final day of the bet and so we are here to weigh these guys in! Do I hear a cheer?'
Wow, John was really going for this! The crowd were actually into it and started to cheer and shout.
'We will weigh each guy in one at a time and reveal their weights. We will decide who will weigh in first by a coin toss. Mike, heads or tails?'
'Tails.' I couldn't tell if Mike's voice sounded any fatter, I know mine had changed. He sounded the same so I was pretty confident that I was miles bigger than he was.
John tossed the coin and when it landing he yelled 'Heads! Dennis goes first!'
Everyone cheered and I heard Tom's voice above it all.
'Won't ask either of you to try to pick the coin up!' Everyone laughed. Was that a clue? Was Mike fat enough not to bend over like me? Should I be nervous? No, of course not, I was a man mountain!
'Before Dennis gets on the scale I would like to introduce a special guest to read out the weights!'
A special guest? This was getting more and more over the top. If John had a camera crew here I would squash him! And at my size, that was not an ideal threat!
'Ladies and Gents...' I know that voice It was Dave!
'I met Dennis 6 months ago whilst he was in the supermarket trying to figure out how he was going to pork up. We got to talking and as you can see, he chose the right person to help him!' Again everyone laughed. Dave was well over 400lb when we last met, maybe he blew up more to!
'We became good friends and I gave him all the tools he needed to become the man you see here today.'
'Well you can hardly miss him!' some smart ass shouted!
'Dave, I cannot believe the change in you and would be proud to be the person to read out your final weight. Please, let me guide you to the scales!'
Dave came over to me and took me by the arm. He whispered in my ear 'Oh man, have I got a surprise for you!'
He did, I bet he is as big as me!
He led me to the scale and I stood there with my heart pounding. The last 6 months of gorging had all come down to this moment.
John had hooked a camera up to point at the read out. It was showing on a TV screen behind me.
I stood and then heard a gasp from the crowd.

'Dennis Wagner in 6 months you have gained 483lb! You now weigh an earth shattering 665lb!!'
The crowd went nuts! I ripped off the blind fold and looked around to see the screen for myself. 665lb? 665lb! What the hell? I could not believe what I was seeing. I know I had ballooned but nothing had prepared me for this.
Dave came to me and hugged me as much as two fat guys can hug. He looked at me square in the eyes and said 'I am so proud of you. You look amazing!'
Hold up though, Dave looked the same as he did when I saw him last. He was fat sure but nothing like the level of obesity that I was now. What was the surprise?
Tom ran on stage and hugged me, he was crying and I could see he was just so proud of what I, what we, had achieved.
'Ok, ok everyone, calm down!' John shouted. 'We still have Mike to weigh in.'
Oh yeah Mike, poor Mike, I bet he feels so foolish standing up here with me, a human whale knowing full well he has lost his Jeep.
'I'll hand you back over to Dave.'
Dave, why Dave, he didn't know Mike.
'The day after I met Dennis in the supermarket I felt like I was in Groundhog Day as there was another guy looking lost in the ice cream isle. He told me his story and I took him under my wing.'
I gasped.
'That's right Dennis, you and Mike have one thing in common, me! Where did you think I was for the last few weeks? I knew now you had Tom helping you out that Mike would need a hand!'
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
'And before we weigh him in, I would like to show you....Mike!'

Dave pulled back the curtain and standing there was the mirror image of myself! Mike was huge, massive, immense. He was ME!
Mike smiled and started to laugh. I looked at my friend standing there taking up a whole lot of space and started to laugh too! Dave had been playing us both. He knew it from the start and knew that in order to get results we both had to have his special powder and both had to grow to huge proportions!
'You son of a Bitch!' I said to him and waddled over to him and gave him the fattest hug he would ever have!
'Well I want to see what I weigh or have you forgotten I am here!' Mike yelled!
'Oh right, sorry Mike, this is your day too, you big fat bastard!' I laughed.
Mike waddled to the scales and stood waiting just as I did.
'Can I read it out?' I asked
'Sure, why not, you deserve it.' Dennis said and John nodded.
'Mike Jackson, in 6 months you have gained 483lb and are now, you've got to be kidding me! 663lb!!!'
We had gained the same amount of weigh to the lb! Who would have believed it?
Mike got off the scales with a tear in his eye and we both waddled to meet each other. We stood face to face looking like hugely fat twins! Just to see someone as immense as I was was mind blowing! Did I really look like that? Was a really that fat?
Everyone clapped and cheered and some said what a disgusting thing it was and walked off but we didn't care at all.
'It's a draw!' John yelled.
We all laughed and Mike and I hugged, well we tried at least!
'Are you mad?' I asked.
'Are you kidding? I love this! I cannot believe getting so huge would be so amazing. I have always wanted to be fat and never had the guts to go for it. That's why I came up with the bet. I thought it would give me an excuse to pile on the lbs. I thought I could get to about 350lb if I really tried but thanks to bumping into Dave it went to a whole new level. I am living the dream baby!'
I had never seen Mike look so happy.
'Well, I never even thought about being fat in all honesty but now that I am I want more! I am in love with being obese! I just love every role, every fold and crease and the waddle when I walk! Man, I am in hog heaven!' I said.
'I am so pleased. The last thing I wanted so to drag you into this silly bet and ruin your life and I couldn't be happier that we are both now just huge beyond anything I ever imagined!'
'What about the Jeep and the boat?' John asked.
'Why don't we give them to Tom and Dave as thank you gifts?'
'Yeah, I like that and it's not as if we will ever use them!'
'Too right, fat ass!' we both laughed and as we did both of our massive guts jiggled in unison. It would actually be great having someone as obese as me in my life.
'Dave, come here!' I yelled. He and Tom came over. 'So what do you have to say for yourself? Because of you 2 men have gained 966lb!'
'What do I have to say for myself?' Dave asked. 'Want to make it another 500lb between you?' he said with a glint in his eye.
'Another 250lb each?' Mike said.
'Why not!' I said with a smile.
'Got any more powder Dave?' Tom asked.
'Oh yeah, plenty more!' he said.
'It'll only take me 2 months.' Mike said with a grin.
'2 months? Wanna bet on it!' John said and we all laughed!

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