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The big bus
'Not again! I don't believe this!' Just another ordinary start to a working day for Andi Parkes as he leaped out of bed. Ever since Andi had gotten the flu he had over slept. His boss, not the most tolerant of men, had told him that once more and he was out. Why he worried he didn't know, he hated his job and the people he worked with but it put food on the table and helped him pay the bills. 

Andi stood in front of the mirror in his bathroom and stuck out his tongue. If not for the flu which made him look like the living dead, he was a handsome guy. Not the guy he wanted to be, but handsome none the less. Standing topless as he cleaned his teeth, his free hand caressed his chest and stomach. 'Your not there yet buddy' he said as he patted his stubbornly flat stomach. All his life he had wanted to gain, he had seen the web sites, the bears, the ex-jocks but could he join them, could he heck! 

Once he was dressed he grabbed a slice of toast and ran to the door. He knew he should stay and eat a hearty breakfast but he valued his job at the moment over his rumbling stomach. Running was difficult with the flu, every joint ached but he had to catch the 7.30 bus or risk Mr.Fox's wrath. His eyes streaming and his nose running didn't stop him from seeing his bus pull off as he was about 100 metres away! 'Shit! Why me! Damn it! Well there goes my job!' Andi yelled out load. Like the bus was going to reverse because someone was throwing a fit on the sidewalk. Thanks to the yelling he now had a coughing fit. Not the best start to a day in anyones books. 

He fumbled in his briefcase for his phone to let Mr.Fox know that he would be late. Just as he had phone in his hand he heard the sound of a buses engine coming towards him. And sure enough, when he looked up, there was a bus 50 metres away. 'Yes, thank you God!' Andi held out his hand and the bus pulled to a stop. 

'Do you go to town?' Andi asked, sniffing. 'I certainly do my friend, jump aboard.' came his answer. A friendly bus driver, where was he, the movies! Andi paid his fare and whilst the driver was getting his change Andi couldn't help but look at his gut!! He had never seen anything like it. So round, so full, so perfect! Yes, he'd seen the pictures on Bellybuilders but nothing prepared him for this. Even the mighty Sfgutmuscl would have been impressed! 

'There you go son, theres your change. Do you like what you see?' Andi grinned slightly and bolted for a seat. The driver laughed a hearty laugh and started to pull away. 

As Andi walked down the isle it occurred to him that he had never seen a bus of this quality before. The seats were really wide with plush upholstery, the windows were tinted silver black, the whole place was spotless. And the other strange thing, where were the women? 

Andi made his way to the back of the bus, smiling at his fellow passengers in-between coughing. He found a seat at the very back of the bus. As he sat down he looked over to the men to his right. 'Nice,' Andi thought to himself. Sitting only a few feet away from him was a very handsome man indeed. His strong jawline led up to a perfectly trimmed goatee. His eyes were ice blue and his head was topped with short cropped brown hair. 'Hi fella, you ok?' The stranger asked Andi 'Yes fine thanks, I'm just thick with the flu at the moment, would love to have time off but you know what its like!' 'Tell me about it, I had flu last week and my boss wouldn't even let me see my Doctor.' he replied 'The names Chris, by the way.' 'Andi,' Andi held out his hand and Chris shook it. 'Nice firm handshake' Andi thought. 'Nice firm everything!' 

Andi looked Chris up and down. Under Chris' T-shirt Andi could see two firm pecs. A sprinkling of hair played at the top of Chris' crisp white T-shirt. Chris' body was definitely gym toned, Andi's second favourite type of man! Andi always liked to picture toned guys as they would be if they porked out. He could see Chris in his minds eye with thick wide pecs resting over a huge barrel belly, a thick hairy, firm balloon of a gut. To accommodate this girth Chris would have solid tree trunk legs and a perfectly framed package just visible under his beautiful belly. 

'You look flushed guy, are you sure you're OK?' 

'Yes fine' Andi answered, trying to stop blushing. The sight of a big Ol' fantasy bear sitting next to him had given him a hot flush! 'I've some flu tablets in my bag if you want them? Heck I've got enough pills and potions in there to start my own pharmacy!!!' Chris grinned. To match everything else, Chris had a perfect white smile. 'I'll be fine thanks' 

After about five minutes of idle chat both men settled down for the rest of the journey. It was pleasant to listen to music from the buses stereo whilst they sat. 'I've never been on a bus like this before.' Andi broke the silence. 'No, me neither. It makes a nice change doesn't it. Even the air freshener helps you relax.' 'I can't smell a thing with this flu' Andi replied and started on his tenth coughing fit of the journey. 'It smells like musk, its a very manly adore. Strange but nice. Very relaxing' Chris' voice began to drift. 'Sorry buddy, I'm so blocked up I couldn't smell a dead fish if I wore it on my head!' Andi chuckled. Chris did not respond. Andi knew his jokes were bad but Chris could have laughed out of politeness at least. Andi looked over to Chris and did a double take. Did Chris have a little belly when he boarded the bus? 

Andi turned away in case Chris thought he was being rude. Curiosity got the better of him and he took a quick glance at Chris again. Chris' little belly now had the makings of a beer gut! 'What the .......' As Andi stared at Chris, he slowly began to inflate! Was this his imagination running away with him or was the hunk in the corner swelling up like a water balloon! 

Chris' eyes were shut and he did not answer when Andi called him. Was he in a trance? Chris' face had started to fill out. He still had a strong jawline but it was framed by pounds of fat. He had a double chin forming too. Andi looked down from Chris' still handsome face and watched his pecs start to swell. Andi so wanted to put his hand on one of his inflating pecs. They were becoming massive and on each one sat a large erect nipple poking through his ever stretching T-shirt. Andi looked to Chris' gut and nearly choked with shock! Chris' T-shirt has ridden up to reveal an immense round hairy gut. A perfect solid ball of manliness. As Andi watched, the gut began to inflate, with every breath it was getting bigger, harder and hairier. He had seen the fantasy pictures which accompanied stories on bellybuilders but here, now, at his side, was a living breathing picture come to life! 

'I cant get over this.' Andi said out loud. Everything that Andi had day dreamed Chris would become had become real. 

Chris was now filling the back seat. His stomach was touching the seat in front and his huge legs were stretching apart to accommodate this monster of a gut. Andi so wanted to feel Chris' belly, to rub it and feel just how hard it had become. Chris had been a handsome 180lb man but now he was a 500lb mass of perfection! Andi couldn't take it any longer and leaned over and placed his hand on Chris' gut. Andi shivered as he felt the hairs between his fingers. He had waited his whole life for this moment. He couldn't get over how solid Chris' belly was. He played around his navel which was still quite small and very cute. And patted the newly formed growth and grinned. 

'If only I wasn't on this bus' he thought to himself. All the other passengers were quite and he was sitting on the back seat so who would see him? And leaned over Chris' mountainous belly and planted a kiss on his lips. Chris' eyes started to flutter. 

'Wow, just like sleeping beauty' Andi grinned. 

'What happened? Wow this bus is so comfy I must have dropped off, I've never done that befo......................' he trailed off as he looked down.'What the .......' 'I know, its amazing isn't it!' Andi butted in, not thinking that Chris may not like the giant he had become. 

'I'm huge. I'm massive. I'm a bleeding bear!' Chris' eyes were nearly as big as his belly! 

'Cool isn't it? Well I think so'Andi replied 'sorry but I do. I've always wanted to be this close to a huge bear of a man and now, well....' 'I cant get over this, It's so, so ,so hot!' Chris smiled. 

'I'm glad you said that,' And answered grinning 'Can I continue with the belly rub?' 

'What about the other passengers?' Chris asked, not realising that as he spoke he was rubbing his beachball gut himself! 

'Its funny actually, everyone seems to be very quite.' And stood up and looked down the bus. 

'I don't believe this!' He shouted. Everywhere he looked were immensly fat men. The bus was full of huge bears! All seemed to be slowly waking up from their growth sleep. As Andi looked to the bottom of the bus he spotted the driver. He was the same as when Andi had boarded, still cute. He winked at Andi and nodded to a man on the front seat. The man was still swelling! He completely filled the seat. He was well over 800lb! 

'He's mine' the driver added with a smile. 

'How did this happen?' Chris asked still feeling his new grown girth. 

'I have no idea. Its happened to everyone on the bus, except the driver' 'And you!' Chris interrupted 

'Yeah, why not! I'm the one person who'd give anything to be a bear and I stay the same' Andi was genuinely upset 'There you are the hottest bear I've ever seen and I'm stuck the way I am' His ranting was interrupted by another coughing fit. 

'That's it' Chris yelled 'That's the problem! Your flu.The last thing I remember was smelling the musk and then I drifted off. It must be the something in the air conditioning that changes men into monsters!' 

'Your right but I dont have anything to relieve my blocked up nose, so I guess I'm stuck' 

'Not really, remember I told you about my bag. Well I have a nasal spray in there, get that and you might not be too late to pork up!' 

Andi looked at Chris and grinned the biggest grin a man can. He leaned across and planted a kiss on Chris' lips and cupped one of his huge pecs in his hand. As he felt Chris' nipple get hard he knew he had to find that spray and become a monster bear too. 

'The only trouble is' Chris said ' you've got to find it, under there.' Chris pointed under his bulk. 'It was by my feet when I sat down, now its under a whole lot of me!' 'No problem, I think I'll have fun finding it!' Andi replied. 

Andi knelt on the floor and moved over to Chris. He started by rubbing Chris' enormous belly. 'Now you know the spray isn't there!' Chris laughed. 'I know, but I'm just adding to the excitement!' 

After giving Chris a belly rub Andi slowly moved down his body. When he got to Chris' crotch he looked up and grinned. 'Dont even think about it, wait until I've got a bear to play with and then we'll talk' Chris winked to him. 

Andi had to squeeze below Chris gut and rummage though his legs. The feeling of Chris' immense bulk resting out the back of his neck as he searched the floor was nearly to much for him to bare. He had to find the spray soon or go back and play with Chris some more. 

'Found it!' Andi yelled 'Yes!' 

The bag had spilled its contents over the floor. Andi grabbed the thin green tube and resurfaced! Not before giving Chris' gut a kiss! 

Andi sat back down and looked across at Chris. 'Well, this is it' he said grinning 'Once I sniff this and smell that musk, theres no going back' 'What are you waiting for, don't you want to grow like me!' Chris smiled lifting his huge belly with both hands and giving it a jiggle. 'You tease!' Andi placed the tube up his nose and sniffed a long deep sniff. Followed by a long hard cough! 'Wow, powerful stuff!. I cant smell anything yet though.' 'Give it another couple of goes' Andi tried again and after each sniff he breathed deep desperate to smell musk. 

'Anything?' Chris asked 

'Nothing, I smell nothing, this is a waste of time....wait a second, yes! Musk, I smell musk!' Andi looked at Chris, his eyes full of hope. 

'I think you need to look down' Chris said smiling a perfect smile. 

Andi looked to his stomach and there underneath his work shirt was a baby gut! A perfect little bear gut. He breathed in again and the gut began to grow. He could feel the fabric of his shirt begin to grow tight. His stomach hair was poking though the gaps between his buttons. He breathed in again and with a pop, the middle button of hid shirt flew off. 

'Promise me one thing Chris before I sleep.' 

'What is it?' 

'Dont wake me up until I am twice the bear you are!' He winked at Chris and began to drift. 

'Believe me fella, I gonna have myself the biggest bear on this bus!' Chris replied, already knowing Andi was now on his way to being the ultimate monster bear. He leant over and rested his hand on Andi's stomach and felt it swell. The bigger it got the more Chris wanted. 

Andi was swelling at a frightening pace. Because the other men have woken up, he was the only one going through the change. Every particle of growth musk was entering Andi's body and making him grow beyond belief. His stomach was now twice the size of Chris'. His arms were massively thick, his hands and fingers were huge. He had a beautiful moon face. His good looks had not faded. His had grown out of his clothes. There on the back seat was a huge beast of a man. His gut was round and solid with a dusting of hair. His amazing pecs rested on his gut each bigger than Andi's head. 

Chris wanted Andi to keep growing but knew he better wake him up, after all he must be over 1000lbs by now. A 1000lbs of the most beautiful looking man on the earth. 

Planting a kiss on Andi's lips was harder than Chris had thought. After all they were both huge men and it took Chris quite a time to roll over Andi's gut to reach his face. Because it took him so long, Andi had gained another 100lbs. 

'I love you, big guy' Chris said as he kissed Andi. 

Andi's eyes fluttered and slowly opened. 'Hiya, big bear!' Chris grinned at him and kissed him again. 

'Did it work?' Andi said looking down ' Oh my good lord! I'm king of all the bears! Look at my gut, thats not a beachball thats a beached whale!' 

'Do you like it?' Chris asked. 

'If I could get up I would give you the biggest kiss of your life' 

Andi looked at himself and shed a tear. His wish had come true, he was a true bellybuilder. He thought of the fun he and Chris would have when he got off the bus.....The bus, if it wasn't for the bus this would not have happened. 'Thank you driver!' Andi yelled down to the old man at the wheel. 

'Anytime my friend. Now lets get you all home!' The driver answered back. 

'Yeah, lets go home and have some real bear lovin'!' Andi said, looking at his new love. 'Yes lets, I feel the need for a belly rub!' 

Judging by the look in the mens eyes and the girth of their guts,I think that belly rubs are not the only thing that these bears will be doing! 

The bus pulled off into the distance to take the passengers home and start a new journey tomorrow!

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