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The Caretakers
There were great ships hanging in the sky.

There was a delegation sent to meet these aliens from every nation in the world.

There was no press at this meeting because of the fear that the public would need some time to adjust to the fact that they were not the only beings in the universe.

Slowly the rest of us were introduced to the aliens, first by personal introduction and eventually by media. It was difficult for the aliens to remain hidden with all the technology today but for weeks not an image was allowed out.

At first they were introduced to members of the respective governments. Then to some of the elite in various countries. And then there was no stopping it. Everyone was introduced to the caretakers.

Many would see them as slaves but they enjoyed taking care of the people in their charge. They cooked, they cleaned, they chauffeured people around.

It took a little getting use to these aliens. They were the image of the grey’s that had shown up years before to people in rural areas. They were never believed but not there was evidence that they truly existed and all they people were vindicated.

It was not readily apparent because the people that first had contact with the aliens were the wealthy and they tended to be larger so the added weight never really made an impression on public at large but soon everyone was showing a marked increase in weight.

With the lack of exercise and the advances the caretakers had in health, farming and food preparation it was no wonder that everyone was getting fat.

Some of us realized what was happening and we began to resist. Eventually forming a union to fight against the caretakers but it was too late for the world. There was no one under 350 pounds. The largest were in the one thousand to fifteen hundred pound range and in wonderful health. They couldn’t move on their own but they were well taken care of.

The women were bred with the men. It was all clinical. The semen was taken from the men and inserted into the women.

Those of us that were still relatively small began fighting against the aliens and although we never really won they found it amazing that we didn’t want this life.

It was never their intention to impose their will upon us. They were truly a benevolent species but the damage had been done. Our bodies had been permanently, genetically altered to accept this weight as natural and healthy.

The government officials and the wealthy were the fattest because they had more time with the aliens but the rest of us were absolutely rotund.

We were left to our own world and the caretakers moved on to their next world but every once in awhile someone would report a sighting of an alien that sounded suspiciously like a caretaker. I maintain that they were the caretakers checking in on us to see how we were doing and to see if we needed their help but as long as I lived they never returned.

More and more of us were getting into that one ton range and becoming immobile so I wonder if the caretakers ever returned to care for their pets. But that is someone elses story.

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