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The curse

He had it all; a rich lifestyle, big house, money... but what he earned it all form was his appearance. A strong, tanned built body, blue eyes and jet black short hair. And a little scruff every now and then. He had looks that would go on the fornt of magazines, ones women, and men, would faint over. 

His name was Colt Jennings, CJ for most people. He was a famous model who did a little singing and acting on the side. He was the icon for California, a target for everyone. Well, one target was about to hit bullseye. 

One night, CJ decided to have a party. He invited many people, some of which he did not know. He was a popular man, everyone knew him, he didn't have to know everyone is how he saw it. He held the party at one of his mansions, where he had waiters and butlers around every corner.  

A butler came around CJ with a single glass of wine on his tray. "Mr. Jennings, here is your drink." he said, CJ grabbing the wine off the tray. "Ah, very nice, thank you." CJ drank down the glass of wine in no time, attending to the rest of his party. 

The night went on and soon the part ended. The guest left, CJ shaking their hands on their way out. The only people left were the butlers and maids cleaning up after the party. CJ went up the several flights of stairs to get to his room, where he was about to change into his swimwear for a late night dip.He looked out his large window to see the moon, turning back to his nightstand to eat a peice of chocolate that was in a dish. Suddenly after, he felt ill. 

He ran to the bathroom after taking off his suite and tie, feeling as if he would vomit. He rubbed his abs, and out came a loud belch. "Mmph... just gass..." he said, feeling a little releaved after the belch. Right before he left the bathroom, he felt sick again, and let out another large belch. "Wff, too much wine I guess..." All of a sudden, his white button down felt really tight. He looked down to see a large ball forming underneath his shirt. "what the-" suddenly he belched once more, the buldge growing as well. Soon, a button popped off, and CJ went running to a mirror. 

"What going on....?" he asked himself. His abs were no more, and his muscles started to soften. Love handlels could be seen through the tight white shirt, resting ontop of his pants. Off came another button, his gut growing more. He let out another burp, the rest of his buttons flying off with it. Now a large naked tan gut was infront of him, and it was getting bigger. 

He placed his hands on it, trying to push it back down. He only felt it growing bigger and rounder with every belch that he let out. His pecs had turned into small moobs as well, and his butt was bubbling out. soon, a tear could be heard from his back side, as he continued to swell up. His defined chin became soft and round. His thighs started to tear through his pants, and off came the button. He moaned and groaned, standing there helpless as he grew. 

Finally, he let out one last might belch, and he stopped growing. He stared at himself. "What is this?" he asked, grabbing his new mass and jiggling it. "This is a dream... that's all..." He looked like an off season football player. His gut stuck out far from his soft body. Fleshy thighs and arms fit his new fat frame, and a small double chin finished the picture. He waddled his way to bed, the rest of his pants tearing off with every step. He layed down, gut faced up. He couldn't see past it it was so large. "Just a dream..." he said, closing his eyes and drifting to sleep. 

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